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[15:35:30] <arankin> hello, is this IRC active?
[15:36:52] <arankin> well, if someone checks this later, is there a listing of all the global flags in SI? I've been browsing the source but I can't seem to find them
[15:38:53] <arankin> correction, found si_glfags.uc, exploring now
[15:40:00] <arankin> hmm, well I've lost the lodestone of <green> from the temple of emotion, and I was wondering if I could set a global flag to make the water be water of emotion
[15:40:08] <arankin> or, could I use exult studio to simply create myself a bucket of emotion water?
[15:54:26] <RadoS> arankin, it's active, but sleepy.
[15:54:41] <arankin> fair enough, I'm just cruising through all the .uc files now
[15:54:55] <arankin> trying to find some sort of reference to a flag that turns regular water into emotion water
[15:56:16] <Dominus> look through content/sifixes
[15:56:39] <Dominus> there is a cure for cantra, fromn there you can perhaps figure things out
[16:03:03] <arankin> hehe
[16:03:06] <arankin> from usecode.uc
[16:03:08] <arankin> const int CURED_CANTRA = 0x47; // Flag when Cantra is cured.
[16:03:10] <arankin> well, I know one flag now!
[16:05:54] <Dominus> Marzo is the man to speak to :)
[16:07:17] <arankin> cool, thanks
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