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[13:03:09] <SharpTooth> Hello. <bow>
[13:03:43] <Colourless> hi
[13:03:54] <SharpTooth> Hmm... any idea if the tips of the 'leaves' of the cattails are ment to colour cycle? Because some of them are doing it. <grin>
[13:04:18] <Colourless> no idea
[13:05:28] <SharpTooth> It looks just like a palette collision or something. Because depending upon what's on screen it occasionally does it, or doesn't do it. I just got a bit distracted searching for the exact location of the 'key' to the hoe of distruction that everybody keeps asking for.
[13:05:56] <Colourless> no palette collisions
[13:07:03] <SharpTooth> Weird. And it doesn't want to do it when it's storming either. Just when it's a completely clear sky.
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[13:08:16] <Fingolfin> hi
[13:08:21] <SharpTooth> Hello.
[13:08:22] <Colourless> hi
[13:09:01] <SharpTooth> Purple blood as well. Although I suspect that was in the original. <grin>
[13:10:49] <Fingolfin> ar you talking about ST VI or what? :)
[13:11:31] <Colourless> :-)
[13:12:57] <SharpTooth> <grin> Nope just U7. I was searching around the edges of that lake looking for that key to the hoe of distruction everyone keeps asking about in the forums, and I noticed what looked like on the cattails was a couple of pixels colour cycling. So I'm continuing to wander around the lake to see if I can duplicate it, and I noticed a purple splotch that tells me it's 'blood'. <grin> Thus the comment.
[13:14:59] <Fingolfin> he
[13:17:28] <SharpTooth> As you might guess, my first though was a palette bug, but it's consistantly purple using multiple shades, so I guess it's 'correct'. <grin> No matter how 'odd' it looks.
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[13:23:16] <Nadir> hi
[13:23:20] <Fingolfin> lo
[13:23:32] <SharpTooth> Hi. <bow>
[13:24:34] <Colourless> hi
[13:28:40] <Fingolfin> SharpTooth: I wonder what are you always doing with that bow? Is that meant to scare us? Will you needle us with arrows if we misbehave? 8-)
[13:31:05] <Colourless> :-)
[13:31:41] <SharpTooth> <grin> Some of the roleplaying characters I've played on irc are, of the more formal type. The ones who doff hat and bow in greatings, so as a result I have a tendancy to use such things automatically. <innocentlop>
[13:32:09] * SharpTooth sighs and expects he'll have to explain _that_ emote as well. <grin>
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[13:45:01] <wjp> hi
[13:45:16] <Colourless> hi
[13:45:57] <Fingolfin> hi
[13:45:59] <Nadir> hi
[13:46:05] <Nadir> near-full-house
[13:46:12] <wjp> yeah
[13:46:34] <Nadir> I tried summoning Jeff on the forum, by mentioning usecode, but obviously it hasn't worked :)
[13:46:45] <Colourless> no, not really. we are missing jeff, dominus, kirben
[13:46:49] <wjp> it's kind of early there :-)
[13:46:56] <wjp> must be about 6am where Jeff is :-)
[13:47:12] <Nadir> I thought DrCode never slept
[13:47:33] * Nadir shouts USECODE !!!
[13:47:57] * SharpTooth bows in the general direction of wjp, "Hi."
[13:48:07] <wjp> re. compressed savegames: Nadir, do you have the 'minizip' contrib. to zlib installed?
[13:48:18] <wjp> (or any other .zip library?)
[13:49:03] <Nadir> what do you mean. I have zlib and zlib-devel packages installed on my RedHat 7.2 system
[13:49:46] <Colourless> just a note that minizip isn't an actual part of the zlib library
[13:50:19] * wjp nods
[13:50:21] <Fingolfin> what is "minizip" ?
[13:50:24] * Nadir maybe is missing something of this conversation so he's now reading the logs
[13:50:37] <Fingolfin> Nadir: same for me :)
[13:50:50] <wjp> it's in the 'contrib/minizip' dir of the zlib soures
[13:50:53] <wjp> s/soures/sources/
[13:50:56] <Nadir> nope. no mention of minizip. why ?
[13:50:57] <Colourless> it uses zlib to create/read zip files
[13:51:09] <Nadir> and ?
[13:51:15] <Colourless> we need it :-)
[13:51:21] <wjp> just wondering if you had it installed by default :-)
[13:51:53] <Nadir> I thought we were just wrapping the zlib calls
[13:52:07] <Colourless> ve minizip that comes with the zlib source
[13:52:12] <Colourless> via i mean
[13:52:34] <wjp> (http://www.zlib.org/zlib.tar.gz, if you're looking for it)
[13:53:38] <Colourless> thing is, zip.c had a problem for me and I had to modify it to get it to function properly.
[13:53:42] <SharpTooth> Colourless: Perhaps if it's non-standard (and only a file or two), it'd be best to include that into cvs just for paranoia's sake? (And just require the devs to have access to zlib itself of course.)
[13:54:01] <Colourless> SharpTooth, yes i agree
[13:54:07] <wjp> yes, that's what I was thinking too
[13:54:24] <Nadir> ok, including the files that make up minizip in our CVS is a good idea. zlib, though, should stay out
[13:54:32] <wjp> Nadir: yes
[13:54:40] <Colourless> it's only 4 files (zip.h/c unzip.h/c
[13:54:42] <SharpTooth> Nadir: <nodnod> Certainly.
[13:55:24] <SharpTooth> Colourless: Perhaps drop them into a zip/ directory off the main source tree?
[13:55:30] <Fingolfin> sounds right
[13:55:35] <Colourless> i put them in files/zip
[13:55:39] <Fingolfin> question only is: what license is on that file?
[13:55:42] <Colourless> file i mean
[13:55:54] <Colourless> files :-)
[13:56:08] <wjp> Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
[13:56:08] <wjp> including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it
[13:56:08] <wjp> freely, subject to the following restrictions:
[13:56:09] <Nadir> Fingolfin: no worry. same as zlib
[13:56:43] <Fingolfin> Nadir: fine, but then we need to make sure the license is on that file, if we include it with out GPL code :)
[13:56:48] <Fingolfin> fine fine
[13:56:55] <wjp> (restrictions: don't claim you wrote it yourself; clearly mark if source changed; don't remove this notice)
[13:57:09] <Nadir> it is already in there
[13:57:38] <Nadir> i.e. the license is at the top of each file
[13:58:41] <SharpTooth> Perhaps also make a note that it's not the standard one in the zlib tree it's been modified slightly. (To fix a bug or something right?) Maybe mail the authors the diffs?
[13:59:06] <Colourless> the modification is a hack :-)
[13:59:42] * Nadir is away: I'm busy
[13:59:51] <SharpTooth> Colourless: <grin> It which case it should probably be noted in 10foot high flaming letters then.
[14:00:33] <Colourless> fopen(name, "ab") wasn't working properly so i hacked around it by reading the existing file with "rb", closing it, then opening it again as "wb" and writing was already there
[14:01:26] <Colourless> more specifically, it looked like fseek() wasn't behaving properly
[14:01:51] <SharpTooth> <nod> What system was this under. I seem to remember encountering this error before as well.
[14:02:03] <Colourless> WindowsXP for me
[14:02:21] * SharpTooth notes he seems to have a problem remembering to replace '.' with a '?' at the end of his questions. <sigh>
[14:02:56] * Colourless notes he seems to have a problem constructing sentences that are grammatically correct
[14:03:24] <SharpTooth> <nod> I think I was having this problem with cygwin before. However I haven't used cygwin in 8 or so months, so I can't check.
[14:03:58] <Colourless> could be a windows problem then
[14:04:39] <SharpTooth> Did you try 'a+'?
[14:06:00] <Colourless> no I haven't
[14:06:47] <SharpTooth> Erk. "a+b" that is. It opens it for reading as well. <shrug> It might help, it might not, but it might explain the weirdness with fseek if it can't 'read' the file.
[14:07:55] <SharpTooth> OTOP, it could just be that cygwin's library is broken in that reguard under WinXP/WinNT (I was having that problem under Win2k).
[14:10:27] <Colourless> i'm not using cygwin, i'm using mvc
[14:10:27] <Colourless> msvc
[14:10:27] <Colourless> nope, didn't help. the zipfile was corrupted
[14:10:37] <SharpTooth> Fair enough. <grin> I tend to avoid MSVC like the plague. I'm not really sure it could be a bug in window's libc though... but it _is_ a Microsoft product. <sigh>
[14:11:45] <Colourless> seeking backwards doesn't seem to work is the problem
[14:12:22] <Colourless> that is if i do fseek(file, location, SEEK_SET); it will not seek to a spot earlier in the file
[14:12:51] <Colourless> at least it wont allow for writing there
[14:13:15] <SharpTooth> What return value are you getting from fseek?
[14:16:37] <Colourless> 0
[14:17:33] <SharpTooth> <boggle> Which means it thinks it 'worked'.
[14:17:46] <SharpTooth> <sigh> This is just bizarre.
[14:18:12] <Colourless> i'll do ftell to see where it is
[14:20:50] <SharpTooth> <nod> Sounds like a good idea. Umm... if you're feeling particularly masochistic, you can try reimplementing it using fgetpos and fsetpos. <grin>
[14:26:50] <Colourless> well, it seems that it just wont let me fseek to an ealier part of the file then write there. it only lets me write to the end of the file
[14:29:03] <wjp> with mode=a?
[14:29:09] <Colourless> yeah
[14:29:26] <wjp> I suppose 'a' does mean append, but it's still kind of strange
[14:29:42] <Colourless> from looking around, i think that's actually the proper behaviour :-(
[14:30:20] <Colourless> Append yes The file can be written, but it is
[14:30:21] <Colourless> automatically positioned to the current
[14:30:21] <Colourless> end-of-file before each write operation. This
[14:30:21] <Colourless> mode prevents existing data from being
[14:30:21] <Colourless> changed.
[14:30:24] <SharpTooth> How about fopen(... "r+b"); fseek(..., 0, SEEK_END); as a replacement for the fopen(... "ab"); should do what you want.
[14:30:34] <wjp> yeah, right
[14:31:05] <Colourless> i'll try it. r+ should work
[14:31:23] <Colourless> but w+ would be betther
[14:31:30] <SharpTooth> That way you can seek back and modify. And the file isn't truncated like it would be with w+.
[14:31:48] <Colourless> yeah...
[14:32:17] <SharpTooth> So you want it to automatically truncate? In which case w+ is what you want. Or maybe even w would be ok.
[14:32:18] <Colourless> but I need it created.... perhaps just an if can get around ther
[14:32:20] <Colourless> that
[14:33:13] <Colourless> if r+b fails i'll just try wb
[14:33:14] <SharpTooth> Hmm... r+ should automatically create it. At least there isn't an error code for the condition where it doesn't exist.
[14:33:44] * SharpTooth thwaps his forehead. Thinko. FILE * will be NULL in that condition.
[14:38:09] <Colourless> yes, that worked :-)
[14:38:33] <Colourless> no hack needed now :-)
[14:39:37] <SharpTooth> Yay! <happybounce> One less crufty piece of code in the world. My life is enriched by this knowledge. <grin>
[14:39:56] <Colourless> will be faster now
[14:41:03] <SharpTooth> <nod> Another good point. <grin> All we have to do now, is to make sure the behaviour we are relying upon is actually according to spec, not according to Microsoft.
[14:42:00] <Colourless> well, it appears that it was behaving to spec, but when this file was written (1998) whatever compiler was used, wasn't behaving to spec
[14:42:59] * Colourless wonders what the usefulness of the 'a' behaviour is
[14:44:26] <SharpTooth> Log files I'm guessing. That, at least is what I've used it for. It allows multiple programs to be appending to the end of a log file to work as intended without overwriting each other.
[14:45:05] <SharpTooth> Since the writes are line buffered, that is.
[14:48:47] <SharpTooth> And the lines aren't greater then 2048 characters (the buffer size IIRC). There are probably a few other exceptions as well, that I don't remember at the moment. <grin>
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[14:51:17] <Fingolfin> tsk tsk
[14:51:29] <Fingolfin> wjp: you really shouldn't do this!
[14:51:52] <SharpTooth> <grin> That was an interesting netsplit.
[14:51:53] <Fingolfin> all these netsplits, tsk tsk
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[15:02:24] <wjp> I have to go
[15:02:25] <wjp> bye
[15:02:31] <SharpTooth> Bye.
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[15:12:48] * Colourless has made some changes that will not allow a version of exult that doesn't support zipped savegames to even attempt to load it (and cause a crash)
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[15:23:52] <SharpTooth> So if you commit and people start making save games with a snapshot that includes zipping. If they go back and try to use alpha5 to load their save files it'll crash?
[15:24:44] <Colourless> yeah
[15:24:54] <Colourless> i'm in the field of breaking backwards compatibility ;-)
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[16:18:29] <Dominus> hi
[16:18:36] <Colourless> hi
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[16:21:53] * Cless sighs
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[16:22:08] <Dominus> he he
[16:22:40] <SharpTooth> Hi. <grin> Colourless has been dropping all night.
[16:23:01] <Dominus> heīs been dropping endlessly since a few days IMO
[16:23:37] <Colourless> yeah, i'm not sure why it's happening
[16:24:05] <Dominus> oh, the wonders of the didgital age :-)
[16:24:34] <Colourless> indeed. comes with a few problems, but I can handle them :-)
[16:24:40] <SharpTooth> Sounds like his net connection is a bit sick. I don't suppose your isp has been doing any fiddling with it's network? optus@home was doing the same thing to me for a few days, a week or two ago.
[16:24:58] <Colourless> eh, might have been
[16:27:05] <Dominus> ISP- fun: my German ISP through which I have access back in Germany and which I constantly use for my Email (@tesionmail.de) mailed me today about a problem with my mailbox.
[16:27:18] <Dominus> Fun thing was, I asked them about it three weeks ago :-)
[16:28:24] <SharpTooth> <snicker> I'd probably be faster if their responce was sent by snailmail. <grin>
[16:28:53] <Dominus> :-)
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[16:31:56] <SharpTooth> Colourless: If you can deal with ssh and using bitchx as an irc client, I'll create an account on my linux web-gateway for you to use for a bit. <grin> It might stop you from dropping every 10 minutes.
[16:32:55] <Colourless> i somehow do think that will work :-)
[16:33:04] <Colourless> don't
[16:35:33] <SharpTooth> Colourless: Any particular reason? You're dropping from ping timeouts and irc.openprojects.net will be pinging my box. Unless your net connection is dropping completely during that time, things hopefully will continue as 'normal'. <grin>
[16:36:00] * SharpTooth considers that it's still for extremely abnormal values of normal...
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[16:37:50] <Colourless> my entire connection drops
[16:38:18] <SharpTooth> Ahh. My sympathies. Not much I can do to help then. ;)
[16:41:11] <SharpTooth> Good luck with your connection stability. I must disappear for the human fraility known as 'sleep'. <grin> Good 'night'.
[16:41:33] <Dominus> sleep well
[16:41:41] <SharpTooth> Will do.
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[17:37:16] <Dominus> nice comment to the mailing list :-)
[17:37:28] <Colourless> :-)
[17:38:37] <Dominus> well, then Iīd say give it to us :-)
[17:40:46] <Colourless> as is the case, i'm not quite ready yet
[17:41:42] <Dominus> itīs coming fast enough allready as it is, granted :-)
[19:17:15] <Colourless> only a few minutes to go now :-)
[19:17:47] <Dominus> yeah
[19:18:19] <Dominus> so what do I need to compile it?
[19:18:29] <Colourless> just doing one last compile (with Mingw32) before I commit.... which will take some time
[19:25:20] <Colourless> ok, everything is ok to go :-)
[19:26:19] <Dominus> whoohoo
[19:27:40] <Colourless> ok done :-)
[19:33:06] <Dominus> ok, what libraries do I need and where to get them?
[19:33:49] <Colourless> http://www.gzip.org/zlib/
[19:34:40] <Colourless> don't think there is a precompiled version for mingw32/cygwin
[19:36:06] <Colourless> just download the source. go into the zlib-1.1.3 dir and type "make -f nt\Makefile.gcc"
[19:36:20] <Dominus> ok
[19:36:30] <Colourless> the makefiles are setup to automatically look for zlib in "exult/zlib-1.1.3"
[19:50:24] <Dominus> Sorry, now I donīt really get how to make it compile...
[19:50:42] <Colourless> what's thet problem?
[19:51:35] <Dominus> so, I compiled the zlib and basicly get minigzip.exe right?
[19:51:54] <Colourless> you'll get a libz.a file as well
[19:52:07] <Dominus> yep
[19:52:14] <Colourless> that's the import library that's needed by exult
[19:52:37] <Dominus> ah, ok where does it have to be? in files/zip?
[19:53:47] <Colourless> no, in a directory called "zlib-1.1.3" that in the exult source dir... if that makes sense
[19:54:27] <Colourless> the headers are required to be there as well.
[19:54:48] <Dominus> along with zlib source or does that need in the files/zip dir?
[19:55:54] <Dominus> or what do I need of the source there?
[19:56:12] <Colourless> you need the headers
[19:56:25] <Colourless> .h files to be in the zlib-1.1.3 dir
[19:57:16] <Colourless> all you really needed to do was decompress the zlib source archive into your exult dir and the directories should have been correctly reproduced
[19:57:19] <Dominus> ok, trying again
[20:00:07] <Dominus> ah, that was the problem as the normal zip hasnīt got the zlib-1.1.3 home dir, only the tared one does.
[20:00:20] <Colourless> oh
[20:00:31] <Colourless> that's annoying :-)
[20:00:37] <Dominus> it is
[20:01:02] <Colourless> as you can tell i downloaded thet tar (because it was smaller)
[20:02:06] <Dominus> allthough I donīt have problems with tars I tend to download zips and thatīs where I stumbled
[20:04:03] <Dominus> what did you do to the win_midiout.cc (just for interest sake)?
[20:04:30] <Colourless> not much really. nothing to the code actually
[20:04:38] <Dominus> ah
[20:05:09] <Colourless> i actually completely forgot about it. i just added some #defines to exclude parts of mmsystem.h that we don't need to be included
[20:05:39] <Dominus> ok
[20:06:04] <Dominus> just noticed that you modified it as well, but didnīt comment it
[20:09:00] <Dominus> nice, zip works fine
[20:10:06] <Colourless> yeah
[20:10:42] <Dominus> you noticed that while the message "Saving Game" the screen goes black/white/gray for a second?
[20:10:45] <Colourless> really, it's nothing overly special :-)
[20:10:54] <Dominus> it is
[20:10:59] <Dominus> great work
[20:11:05] <Colourless> yeah, i did that intentionally
[20:11:24] <Dominus> okey dokey
[20:11:52] <Colourless> saving zips can take some time so I decided to change the screen to indicate that game was being saved
[20:12:03] <Dominus> makes sense
[20:13:21] <Colourless> press ctrl-s :-)
[20:13:59] <Dominus> :-)
[20:14:15] <Colourless> i think it's kind of cool :-)
[20:14:27] <Colourless> of course someone called colourless would, wouldn't they :-)
[20:14:45] <Dominus> LOL
[20:16:25] <Dominus> what is really not needed but would probably come in handy is to show the name of the savegame in the savescreen as well
[20:16:45] <Dominus> I mean the name on the disk
[20:17:26] <Colourless> it's possible to add that pretty easily
[20:17:46] <Dominus> I guessed so
[20:18:01] <Colourless> of course with the zipped games, the save game name is put into the zip comment, so any zip program should tell you the name
[20:18:42] <Colourless> if all else fails, the name is also placed in the first 80 chars of the savegame and you can just load it in a text editor to see it's name
[20:19:46] <Dominus> Thatīs what I did up to now and I think itīd be easier to tell people which savegame to post to the tracker
[20:20:39] <Dominus> I donīt have a problem finding out which savegame it was, also just by sorting by date but I imagine mr.donītknowjack could have problems
[20:21:16] <Colourless> should be real easy to change
[20:21:45] <Dominus> there is still room in the status screen
[20:21:51] <Colourless> yeah I know
[20:23:52] <Dominus> take a look at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=479827&group_id=2335&atid=102335 - should I close it if it works for me?
[20:24:05] <Dominus> Also that guy has savegames up to almost 200 now
[20:24:07] <Dominus> :-)
[20:24:32] <Colourless> gees. must take forever to load the save gump :-)
[20:25:48] <Colourless> i'll look at that game
[20:25:54] <Dominus> yeah it takes a bit on my game with about 70 savegames
[20:25:55] <Colourless> don't close it
[20:26:07] <Dominus> k
[20:31:54] <Dominus> hm, the only thing I noticed was that the avatar didnīt hack at at the tree but it still behaved as if he had
[20:41:14] <Colourless> ok, that should be it
[20:44:31] <Dominus> ?
[20:44:47] <Colourless> the savegump... filename... :-)
[20:44:54] <Dominus> ah, cool
[20:54:28] <Colourless> committed
[20:54:35] <Dominus> drool
[20:54:54] <Colourless> I also made a note of the win32_midiout.cc change as well ;-)
[20:55:33] <Colourless> stop drooling, it's not becomming of you
[20:55:57] <Colourless> eh, i even got the filename wrong :-)
[20:56:03] <Dominus> he
[20:57:05] <Colourless> my connection now hasn't dropped for 4 hours! Yay!
[20:57:15] <Dominus> true
[20:57:17] <Dominus> :-)
[20:58:16] <Colourless> i'm pretty sure the problem were actually lan related. maybe a cable problem
[20:59:08] <Dominus> the filename shows fine. thanks for adding it
[20:59:24] <Colourless> not a problem
[20:59:38] <Dominus> Now when do we do a beta release? :-)
[21:00:09] <Dominus> Iīm pretty sure the release will be next week between Wednesday and sunday!
[21:00:22] <Colourless> Real Soon Now (TM)
[21:00:37] <Dominus> Thatīs when Iīm not at home and Iīve not been at home while the last few releases were done
[21:01:16] <Colourless> well, Jeff has only been here for 1 of the last 3 releases IIRC
[21:01:19] <Dominus> Jeff has to be gone as well (as he normaly isnīt for a release) :-)
[21:01:33] <Dominus> aeh, isnīt at home, I meant
[21:01:58] <Colourless> :-)
[21:16:52] --> wjp has joined #exult
[21:16:56] <wjp> hi again
[21:17:03] <Dominus> hi
[21:17:19] * wjp does a cvs update
[21:17:30] <Colourless> hi
[21:19:11] * wjp does some autoconf/automake stuff
[21:19:25] <Colourless> :-)
[21:27:37] <wjp> is it required or optional, btw? (through a #define)
[21:27:48] <Colourless> optional
[21:28:06] <Colourless> define is HAVE_ZIP_SUPPORT
[21:28:36] * wjp nods
[21:28:39] <Colourless> zip.c/h and unzip.c/h also need HAVE_ZIP_SUPPORT to compile
[21:29:07] <wjp> good :-)
[21:30:15] <wjp> hey, nice. Emacs 21 has an autoconf major mode
[21:42:00] <wjp> compiling...
[21:42:13] <Colourless> k
[21:46:48] <wjp> oops... recompiling :-)
[21:47:19] <wjp> I'm a bit out of practice on editing configure.in :-)
[21:48:25] <wjp> hmm, we wanted to link against it statically
[21:48:25] <Colourless> what did/didn't you do?
[21:48:37] <wjp> oh, just a stupid bug
[21:48:49] <wjp> not worth mentioning :-)
[21:50:59] <wjp> hmm, where did the background of the forum go?
[21:51:19] <Dominus> hmm, itīs there
[21:51:35] <wjp> must be a galeon glitch then
[21:54:16] <wjp> ...still recompiling...
[21:54:26] <wjp> (just finished the subdirs)
[21:55:57] --> freedman has joined #exult
[21:56:07] <freedman> Hi. Someone mention usecode?
[21:56:13] <wjp> no :-)
[21:56:15] <wjp> hi
[21:56:16] <Colourless> hi
[21:56:21] <Dominus> hehe
[21:56:25] <Colourless> not anytime recently :-)
[21:56:29] <wjp> well Nadir mentioned usecode 8 hours ago
[21:56:33] <freedman> Well, Nadir did, but it was 6am here.
[21:56:47] * wjp wonders how long it takes for sound to travel from Italy to NW USA
[21:56:51] <wjp> :-)
[21:57:16] <freedman> :-) Computer people vary a lot, but one thing most have in common is a desire to sleep late.
[21:57:32] <Dominus> but stay up till dawn
[21:57:43] <freedman> ... playing games.
[21:57:43] * Dominus thinks Colourless is a pro there
[21:57:51] <Colourless> [8:31] * Dominus thinks Colourless is a pro there
[21:58:09] <freedman> wjp: Did you find some Black Gate bugs? I was reading yesterdays logs.
[21:58:21] <wjp> yes, I guess I did
[21:58:29] <wjp> can't remember them, though :-)
[21:58:41] <Dominus> ?logs
[21:58:41] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/exultlog.php3
[21:58:52] <Dominus> :-)
[21:59:24] <wjp> oh, another one: if you shoot yourself with an explosion spell, and get unconscious because of that, the 'unconscious' frame is immediately replace by the spellcasting animation
[21:59:51] <wjp> hey, it finished compiling! woohoo :-)
[22:00:01] <Colourless> no problems?
[22:00:05] <wjp> so, what do I do to enable it?
[22:00:07] <freedman> Looks like the Gaye bug is still a mystery.
[22:00:15] <Dominus> so, freedman, when are you going to be away for a couple of days (just want to know when beta1 will be out)?
[22:00:21] <wjp> (or is it already in the docs? ;-) )
[22:00:25] <Colourless> nothing really. it should be automatically enabled provided it compiled properly
[22:00:30] <Dominus> no, but in the changelog
[22:00:41] <wjp> ok, it set compression level to 1 in .exult.cfg
[22:00:46] <Colourless> should just find that the savegames are less than half their original size
[22:00:47] <freedman> Dom: I might be around for this one.
[22:00:53] <Colourless> wjp: that's the default level anyway
[22:01:14] <freedman> Guess I should look at the sphere and cube generators. They used to work...
[22:01:25] <wjp> is the greying out of the savegump while saving new?
[22:01:34] <Colourless> yeah
[22:01:35] <wjp> freedman: they still do (for me anyway)
[22:01:37] <Colourless> i just put it in
[22:01:51] * Dominus points to the logs again :-)
[22:01:57] <freedman> wjp: I thought you had problems, like being able to walk off the platforms.
[22:02:00] <Dominus> I asked the same a while ago
[22:02:12] <wjp> oh, right, now I remember :-)
[22:02:19] <wjp> ugh
[22:02:25] * wjp needs coffee
[22:02:28] <freedman> ... or is that just in one user's savegame?
[22:02:36] <wjp> no, that was from a fresh game
[22:02:47] <wjp> ok, savegame is now 192K
[22:02:48] <freedman> Maybe I'll try teleporting there.
[22:02:53] <freedman> Nice!
[22:03:06] * wjp tries to load it...
[22:03:12] <wjp> works :-)
[22:03:20] <Colourless> :-)
[22:03:22] <freedman> :-)!!
[22:03:28] <Dominus> :-)
[22:03:33] <wjp> wow, I have a 900K savegame here
[22:03:51] <Dominus> yeah, they tend to grow really big with time
[22:04:05] <wjp> 'unzip exult23bg.sav' works properly too
[22:04:15] <wjp> woohoo :-)
[22:04:25] <Dominus> my endgame savegame for SI was 702k big
[22:04:49] <Dominus> but my starting one was 300k big
[22:04:58] <Dominus> 380 actually
[22:05:33] * wjp wonders how to link against libz statically
[22:05:54] <wjp> isn't there a -static option for gcc?
[22:06:06] <Dominus> so the recent changes make it a lot easier to point people to their correct savegame and they donīt even have to zip it - thanks Colourless
[22:06:53] <Dominus> I like that itīs in before the beta
[22:06:57] <freedman> wjp: I think so. Or maybe it's -Bstatic.
[22:07:11] <wjp> ugh... this isn't working really flawlessly yet. Somehow the final link line contains one -lz for each subdir
[22:07:58] <freedman> I'm hoping that Beta will provide a vacation from most Exult work:-)
[22:09:42] <Dominus> how is planescape going? :-)
[22:10:32] <Colourless> you know something, the compressed savegames also have crc checking in them
[22:10:36] <freedman> Well, it installed. That's a major accomplishment on my Win95 machine.
[22:10:50] <Dominus> :-)
[22:10:56] <freedman> I've only played a few minutes. Looks good, but I'm still getting used to the interface.
[22:11:16] <freedman> Meanwhile, I'm playing Privateer for the 3rd time.
[22:11:23] <wjp> planescape? oooh, so I guess you'll be, umm, 'busy', for a while? :-)
[22:11:24] <Dominus> he he
[22:11:50] <freedman> Yea. First new game I've played since Gabriel Knight3.
[22:12:22] <freedman> Is this a long game like Ultimas?
[22:12:29] <wjp> yeah :-)
[22:12:36] <Dominus> I heard itīs really big
[22:12:42] <freedman> Uh oh...
[22:12:53] <Dominus> all praise from the dragons newsgroup
[22:12:58] <Dominus> different endings
[22:13:02] <wjp> I really liked it
[22:13:15] <freedman> Cool.
[22:13:20] <wjp> different endings? really? hmm, maybe I should play it again then :-)
[22:13:55] <wjp> although I don't really have any time left between Avernum 2, Exult and college ;-)
[22:13:56] <Dominus> I only read this in the newsgroup but I never read closely, after all I want to play that game at sometime
[22:14:39] <freedman> Anyone else played the original Privateer? It's sort of an RPG space sim.
[22:14:56] <wjp> I only played Privateer 2
[22:15:04] <wjp> , which was ok, but hardly great
[22:15:05] <Dominus> another game I always wanted to play but never got around to
[22:15:27] <freedman> Blech. Privateer 2 (IMO) was really awful, although the plot was okay.
[22:15:37] <freedman> ...and it wasn't a true sequel at all.
[22:15:59] <Colourless> so, what happened to origins latest sequals
[22:16:11] <Colourless> they all seemed pretty terrible
[22:16:20] * Dominus hopes that in the beta cycle the Studio will pick up and will be running on Win32 - after all I want to do some work on the sourceforge island
[22:16:24] <freedman> Like U9? I didn't think it was >that< bad.
[22:16:40] <Dominus> U9 - the old argument
[22:16:42] <Dominus> :-)
[22:16:44] <freedman> Dom: Yes. That's when I'll start working on it again.
[22:16:44] <Colourless> it was still a crappy sequal
[22:17:02] <Dominus> a crappy sequel but okay on its own
[22:17:09] <freedman> The downside of Privateer1 is that it's a DOS game like U7.
[22:17:56] <Dominus> I want to check at some time if Privateer 1 can be played with sound on XP
[22:18:17] <freedman> Er, I tried running it in Win95 and it crashed the machine.
[22:18:28] <Dominus> but lately Iīve been busy finishing Legend of Zelda:Majoraīs mask
[22:18:48] <wjp> Zelda? isn't that on a console?
[22:18:58] <freedman> You need to boot to plain DOS. It's like U7, but it requires emm386, while U7 prohibits it.
[22:19:20] <Dominus> wjp: Nintendo 64 but I play it on an emulator
[22:19:29] <wjp> ah, I see
[22:19:38] <Dominus> freedman. Iīm still going to try, it might work actually
[22:19:41] <freedman> There's an N64 emulator?
[22:19:51] <wjp> ../exult/gamedat.cc:1062:6: warning: no newline at end of file
[22:19:54] <wjp> who did that? :-)
[22:20:20] <freedman> ?? If me, it was a long time ago?
[22:20:31] <Dominus> freedman: where do have you been living the last three years? There are a couple of N64 emulators but I think all of them are Win32 only
[22:20:32] <Colourless> it most obviously was me :-)
[22:20:38] --- wjp is now known as wjp|away
[22:20:44] <wjp|away> back in ~1 hour
[22:21:03] <wjp|away> (I'll finish the libz stuff then if you can wait that long :-) )
[22:21:16] * Dominus wonders where wjp|away is going to at that time?
[22:21:59] <wjp|away> tv :-)
[22:22:07] <Dominus> he he
[22:22:18] <Colourless> tv come before exult?!?!?!
[22:22:27] <wjp|away> well, yes ;-)
[22:22:29] <Dominus> how dare you?
[22:22:34] <Dominus> !
[22:22:35] <Colourless> s/come/comes/
[22:23:38] <Colourless> really, i think it's about time I left :-)
[22:23:47] <freedman> See ya.
[22:23:51] <Colourless> bye
[22:23:54] <Dominus> bye
[22:24:35] <Dominus> freedman: I guess the Studio FAQ portion is quite out of date already, right?
[22:24:43] <-- Colourless has left IRC (if i broke anything... you can fix it. :-))
[22:24:52] <Dominus> nice sign off :-)
[22:24:54] <freedman> Um... on the phone. But yes, I think so.
[22:25:02] <Dominus> :-)
[22:25:58] <Dominus> hmm, hate to say this once freedman is actually here in the chat, but I have to go as well :-(
[22:27:21] <Dominus> so, see you next time around :-)
[22:27:28] <freedman> No problem. I should get back to work anyway:-)
[22:27:28] <Dominus> bye
[22:27:30] <freedman> Bye
[22:27:37] <-- Dominus has left IRC (got to play Exult now)
[22:27:43] <-- freedman has left IRC (Leaving)
[22:32:17] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[23:06:03] --- wjp|away is now known as wjp
[23:06:06] <wjp> hi Travis
[23:07:48] <Kirben> Hi
[23:08:35] <Kirben> hmm why is zutil.h required by new zip support ?
[23:08:46] <wjp> you need zlib
[23:08:51] <Kirben> isn't part of default zlib install
[23:09:04] <wjp> hmm, I do have it
[23:10:06] <wjp> where did you get zlib?
[23:10:40] <Kirben> odd
[23:11:09] <Kirben> I'm currently using binary at https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=7382&release_id=31429
[23:11:26] <Kirben> That is dynamic though so I always tried my own zlib compile
[23:11:32] <Kirben> always=also
[23:11:48] <Kirben> default install is:
[23:11:49] <Kirben> $ make install
[23:11:49] <Kirben> cp zlib.h zconf.h /usr/local/include
[23:11:49] <Kirben> chmod 644 /usr/local/include/zlib.h /usr/local/include/zconf.h
[23:11:49] <Kirben> cp libz.a /usr/local/lib
[23:11:49] <Kirben> cd /usr/local/lib; chmod 755 libz.a
[23:11:51] <Kirben> cd /usr/local/lib; if test -f libz.so.1.1.3; then \
[23:11:53] <Kirben> rm -f libz.so libz.so.1; \
[23:11:55] <Kirben> ln -s libz.so.1.1.3 libz.so; \
[23:11:57] <Kirben> ln -s libz.so.1.1.3 libz.so.1; \
[23:11:59] <Kirben> (ldconfig || true) >/dev/null 2>&1; \
[23:12:01] <Kirben> fi
[23:14:00] <Kirben> I can copy zutil.h over form zlib source code and get exult to compile but doesn't seem like a good idea to need that file.
[23:14:54] <wjp> Ryan made a comment for the #include "zutil.h":
[23:15:04] <wjp> /* Added by Ryan Nunn to overcome DEF_MEM_LEVEL being undeclared */
[23:16:42] <Kirben> so zlib bug ?
[23:17:00] <wjp> this was in the 'minizip' code
[23:19:15] <wjp> funny, the zlib source I downloaded also doesn't install zutil.h by default
[23:20:09] <wjp> redhat did add it to the zlib .rpm, though
[23:20:22] <wjp> I'd say it's safe to copy it from the source dir
[23:20:43] <Kirben> ok
[23:21:26] <wjp> did Ryan update the makefiles, btw?
[23:25:15] <Kirben> yes missing one change though
[23:25:25] <Kirben> just about to fix that
[23:57:17] <Kirben> seems to work fine