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[00:34:17] --> sneezy has joined #Exult
[00:35:31] <Kefka> No! more lightning
[00:35:52] <Kefka> btw, hi fingolfin and sneezy
[00:37:04] <fingolfin> hi
[00:37:06] <fingolfin> lightning?
[00:37:12] <sneezy> hey kefka
[00:37:28] <Kefka> yeah
[00:37:33] <Kefka> thunderstorm over here
[00:38:29] <sneezy> anyone have any idea on where one would go to get the u7 3.0->3.4 updater?
[00:38:46] <fingolfin> I had no idea there was such an updater to be honest
[00:39:04] <fingolfin> before you said it
[00:39:47] <sneezy> there *was* but noone seems to have it anymore. found several dead links to it and i need to update my original floppy version of u7 to get it to run under windoze
[00:43:55] <Kefka> sneezy: you should think about buying the Ultima Collection CD.. akalabeth+U1-U8 for 9.99
[00:44:02] <Kefka> its a VERY good deal
[00:44:32] <Kefka> it would save you the trouble of having to update as well
[00:44:43] <Kefka> plus its on CD, rather than floppies
[00:44:54] <fingolfin> yeah, sounds good
[00:45:10] <fingolfin> I paid $15 long ago for my U7 collection CD :=) that was when U8 was still current
[00:45:11] <sneezy> yeah i know... what can i say? i'm cheap ;-)
[00:45:23] <fingolfin> sneezy: you are cheap and lame then :)
[00:45:23] <Kefka> fingolfin: i have the u7 collection cd too :)
[00:46:02] <sneezy> can't argue the point fingolfin
[00:50:35] <fingolfin> I better go to bed now
[00:50:36] <fingolfin> cya
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[05:04:49] <Lobe> I'm curious if there is any documentation on the structure of the exult source - if anyone is awake...
[05:10:02] --> PoorCNewb has joined #exult
[05:11:06] <PoorCNewb> Hi
[05:21:49] <Lobe> Hi PoorCNewb
[05:22:22] <PoorCNewb> Not much happenin' tonight
[05:22:28] <Lobe> Pretty quiet
[05:22:40] <Lobe> I think you and I are the only ones awake in here
[05:23:02] <PoorCNewb> Yep, and they don't even bother to put -Asleep next to their names
[05:25:29] --- PoorCNewb is now known as CNewb
[05:25:36] <CNewb> Yay
[05:25:40] <Lobe> No -Asleep needed on my name - I'm out of here. Take care.
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[05:25:53] <CNewb> Cya
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[11:58:46] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[11:59:14] <Colourless> hello
[12:03:36] --> fingolfin has joined #exult
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[12:33:10] <wjp> hi
[12:33:13] <Colourless> hi
[12:40:46] <fingolfin> ji
[12:50:16] <wjp> wow, somebody actually thought that it was a bug that using the arrow keys showed the map
[12:50:41] <Colourless> yeah, i was going to make a sarcastic reply about it :)
[12:50:55] <wjp> I can delete my reply if you want :-)
[12:51:04] <Colourless> i decided not to though :)
[12:51:40] * Colourless goes and has a look
[12:53:56] <Colourless> i would have expected more :)
[12:54:16] <wjp> as I said, I can delete it :-)
[12:54:22] <Colourless> na
[12:55:28] <fingolfin> where?
[12:56:03] <Colourless> our forum :)
[12:57:03] <fingolfin> already found i
[12:57:04] <fingolfin> it
[12:57:15] <fingolfin> sigh, Michael T. - AOL says it all =)
[12:57:27] <Colourless> hehe
[12:58:45] <fingolfin> "Exult Online Option" - <sigh, again>. well nadir already replied there ;)
[12:59:46] <Colourless> yeah
[15:47:09] <Kefka> http://www.actsofgord.com
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[16:15:43] <Colourless> bbl
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[19:57:45] <wjp> http://corot.ecs.soton.ac.uk/iip/ultima/
[19:57:48] <wjp> take a look :-)
[19:57:50] <wjp> (needs Java)
[19:57:59] <Fingolfin> java????
[19:58:01] <Fingolfin> ok, second
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[20:01:59] <Fingolfin> hm
[20:02:35] <Fingolfin> nice!
[20:02:50] <wjp> yeah :-)
[20:04:02] <Fingolfin> put it into the link section? :) where did you learn about it?
[20:04:09] <wjp> it's on the forum
[20:04:17] <Fingolfin> oh cool, need to read up there I guess :)
[20:08:26] <Fingolfin> now if there was a roofless switch... :)
[20:08:42] <wjp> :-)
[20:11:18] <wjp> if you strip the "ultima/" part from the URL you get a background of the technology used, btw
[20:13:31] <Kefka> ugh.. Hi wjp, fingolfin
[20:13:36] <Kefka> i am having a problem
[20:13:42] <wjp> hi Kefka
[20:13:59] <Kefka> What does these lamer lizardman want as proof of Ossika
[20:14:11] <Kefka> i thought it was his bones
[20:14:27] <wjp> yeah, it is
[20:14:40] <wjp> hmm, or maybe it was the note
[20:14:43] <Kefka> note?
[20:14:55] <Kefka> isn't he found on that island?
[20:15:09] <wjp> there should be something to identify him, right?
[20:15:15] <wjp> can't really remember, though
[20:15:18] <Kefka> yeah
[20:15:20] <Kefka> hmm
[20:15:36] <Kefka> is his body behind the waterfall?
[20:15:47] <Kefka> cause i found a wand there.. but i don't think thats where he is
[20:16:14] <wjp> no, I don't think he was behind the waterfall
[20:16:26] <wjp> I seem to remember just following the river
[20:16:39] <wjp> maybe a small platform next to the river?
[20:16:44] <Kefka> there is a spot with a battle axe
[20:16:48] <Kefka> and plate mail armor
[20:17:00] <Kefka> i am kinda thinking that was him
[20:17:18] <wjp> what level are the lizardmen on again?
[20:17:29] <Kefka> 3
[20:18:31] <wjp> hmm, I don't appear to have marked his location on my map of level 3
[20:19:16] <Kefka> ok.. i saved my game
[20:19:21] <Kefka> threw out all i had
[20:19:31] <Kefka> picked up EVERYTHING in the vicinity of the entire river
[20:19:39] <Kefka> and i am gonna see what it is..
[20:20:14] <Kefka> gah!
[20:20:27] <wjp> there should be a scroll
[20:21:03] <Kefka> does it read "TRIED THIS LEVER! MANY R..." ? :)
[20:21:15] <wjp> don't think so :-)
[20:21:18] <Kefka> lol
[20:23:19] <Kefka> that is in the upper right of the map right?
[20:24:02] <wjp> dunno
[20:36:14] <Kefka> still looking
[20:36:39] <wjp> I just checked a walkthrough, btw. There really is a note there
[20:36:50] <Kefka> where in the level?
[20:36:52] <Kefka> is the note?
[20:36:59] <wjp> it doesn't say
[20:40:23] <Kefka> found it
[21:28:35] <wjp> I have to go... classes start again tomorrow :/
[21:28:44] <wjp> bye
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[23:50:55] --> PoorCNewb has joined #exult
[23:51:16] <PoorCNewb> Hi
[23:52:47] <PoorCNewb> :) Goodbye
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