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[13:35:59] <alexander__b> hi. I'm trying to start bg2, without luck. here's the output: http://pastebin.com/fe8jZyue
[13:36:27] <alexander__b> I'm trying to run it with gemrb GemRB.cfg, which I copied from the sample and edited it to have the correct paths.
[13:36:30] <fuzzie> so what *is* ./cache?
[13:36:34] <alexander__b> nothing
[13:36:49] <fuzzie> and you can mkdir it?
[13:37:01] <alexander__b> yes. but [Core]: Cache path ./cache doesn't exist, not a folder or contains alien files!
[13:37:07] <alexander__b> does still pop up.
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[13:38:46] <alexander__b> if you posted anything after me, I didn't catch it. had to restart irssi. sorry.
[13:39:06] <fuzzie> oh, I guess the **contains another dir** means that it must be able to open the directory
[13:39:15] <alexander__b> so yeah, the output is exactly the same after mkdir .cache.
[13:39:29] <alexander__b> does it matter that it's ntfs?
[13:39:32] <fuzzie> maybe
[13:39:55] <alexander__b> I'm trying to run it on a windows partition install.
[13:40:05] <fuzzie> well, you can point the cache directory wherever you like
[13:40:50] <fuzzie> gemrb will just refuse to use one which acts strangely, because it destroys the contents sometimes
[13:41:02] <alexander__b> [Core]: Cache path /home/alexander/.cache doesn't exist, not a folder or contains alien files!
[13:41:09] <alexander__b> mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/alexander/.cache': File exists
[13:41:50] <alexander__b> ahah.
[13:42:02] <alexander__b> made a gemrb dir inside of ~/.cach. it's working.
[13:42:13] <fuzzie> weird.
[13:43:12] <alexander__b> OMG
[13:43:18] <alexander__b> it works with tutu??
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[13:43:41] <wjp> ~/.cache is a "standard" dir nowadays
[13:43:56] <wjp> filled with random stuff from random programs
[13:44:02] <fuzzie> no idea about tutu :)
[13:44:04] <alexander__b> wjp: ya that's what I realised
[13:44:32] <alexander__b> fuzzie: looks to work with tute and widescreen mod, which is amazing
[13:47:24] <alexander__b> ok not work very well lol
[13:47:52] <alexander__b> dialogue window is useless. everything is... weird.
[13:48:49] <edheldil> hmm?
[13:48:58] <edheldil> define useles and weird
[13:50:16] <alexander__b> dialogue window is flickering. the panels are placed wrong and flickering. it's in 1440x900 as per the widescreen mod, but it looks like the UI doesn't workee. I'll screenshot it.
[13:51:03] <edheldil> have you made the save with WSM?
[13:51:22] <alexander__b> what save? what's WSM?
[13:51:39] <edheldil> WSM==widescreen mod
[13:51:50] <alexander__b> no save. new game.
[13:52:15] <edheldil> and you configured w & h in gemrb.cfg?
[13:52:25] <edheldil> Width and Height
[13:52:27] <alexander__b> but my config file says fullscreen 0 and 1280x1024. why isn't that respected?
[13:52:28] <alexander__b> yes
[13:52:47] <alexander__b> I can't do a screenshot either, since the game runs in fullscreen, heh.
[13:53:09] <alexander__b> there we go. that was changeable from within the game.
[13:53:39] <fuzzie> if you applied the widescreen mod in non-gemrb mode, then it overwrites the GUI data
[13:53:51] <alexander__b> ah
[13:57:54] <alexander__b> reapplied it via wine! works FANTASTIC! this project made my day. thanks guys.
[13:57:57] <alexander__b> do you have a bug list?
[14:00:01] <alexander__b> also anyone know how to work bg1 with tutu?
[14:06:43] <alexander__b> hm. g2g. will research this when I get home.
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[17:16:05] <Avenger> hello!
[17:16:31] <fuzzie> hi
[17:16:50] <Avenger> fuzzie or anyone, please help me! I don't know what have I make wrong with this: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=24293
[17:17:07] <Avenger> prevstats is assigned to the local array 'previous'
[17:17:14] <Avenger> in the very same function
[17:17:15] <fuzzie> ouch
[17:17:23] <Avenger> and it is used before i null it again
[17:18:53] <Avenger> i could use the local array itself, that's true. But i want to understand what's wrong
[17:19:14] <fuzzie> probably there is a nested RefreshEffects call
[17:19:15] <fuzzie> ?
[17:20:01] <Avenger> nested maybe, but not concurrent
[17:20:14] <Avenger> it should survive a nested call
[17:20:22] <fuzzie> no
[17:20:28] <Avenger> oh, hmm...
[17:20:30] <fuzzie> because the nested call will set PrevStats to NULL before returning
[17:20:43] <Avenger> oki, so i use the local var
[17:20:45] <Avenger> thanx
[17:20:53] <fuzzie> well, it is just a guess.. but I remember something like this before :)
[17:21:16] <Avenger> i knew i shall ask you
[17:21:41] <Avenger> i don't know what is the exact code path to have it nested, but it is something with copyself
[17:21:51] <Avenger> it is definitely something rare
[17:23:55] <CIA-28> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r2d229b153b02 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Actor.cpp: fixed the prevstats crasher
[17:25:34] <wjp> isn't it still rather fragile this way?
[17:25:47] <wjp> (not in this particular location, but the behaviour of PrevStats in general)
[17:26:08] <fuzzie> we shouldn't be using it anywhere directly
[17:26:48] <fuzzie> there are a number of immediate thoughts which come to mind, including restoring the previous value of PrevStats after overwriting it
[17:26:56] <wjp> right
[17:27:07] <wjp> or not overwriting it when it's already set, depending on the desired behaviour
[17:29:16] <Avenger> the problem is, this code is in a frequently running part of gemrb
[17:29:29] <Avenger> so it needs to be efficient
[17:29:59] <fuzzie> well, we could also make the existing function more efficient in various ways :p
[17:30:09] <fuzzie> but, it doesn't show up in the profiler, so really it is not to worry about
[17:30:14] <Avenger> if you can do that without breaking it :)
[17:30:48] <Avenger> hmm, if it isn't in profiler then either it is super efficient, or it isn't that frequently running :)
[17:31:17] <wjp> but a simple pointer check or assignment won't make too big an impact on this function
[17:31:33] <fuzzie> The profiler is my friend.
[17:31:35] <Avenger> well, i thought you want to save/restore the whole stat array
[17:32:25] <Avenger> i'm still doing this whole business with 2 stat arrays less per creature than the original :D
[17:33:02] <fuzzie> the original is just broken
[17:33:12] <Avenger> ours too, just differently, hehe
[17:46:54] <Avenger> what is your favorite rpg (like) game of 2011/12 ? If there is no favorite, which is the closest
[17:47:40] <Avenger> mine are skyrim and amalur, i wouldn't call them favs. But they are so-so.
[17:50:19] <fuzzie> it would be nice if I had time to play them.. :-)
[18:08:13] <fuzzie> There's a copy of Arcanum on my desk, it seems. And also Nox.
[18:08:22] <fuzzie> So judging by that I am a trifle behind.
[18:09:22] <lynxlynxlynx> i bought the witcher 2 last year
[18:09:54] <lynxlynxlynx> still haven't played it, but it seems i'll finally have time now, so it's great that they're putting EE out these days
[18:15:11] <tomprince> I've been enjoying avadon recently.
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[18:44:10] <Avenger> thanks, tomprince's suggestion might be helpful :D
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