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[20:48:17] <maximAL> good Evening :-)
[20:51:41] <maximAL> i'm new to gemrb and just build it from git on linux. I want to play BG1 with TOSC. But so far it does not seem very playable :-(
[20:52:22] <maximAL> The current state of GemRB is a little unclear - its beta, yes, but people also claim to be actually playing the games with it...
[20:53:12] <fuzzie> it doesn't compete with wine, if that's what you mean
[20:54:09] <maximAL> i have not tried wine, as i am mostly looking for a higher resolution. Wine would mean using widescreen mod and that already failed on Windows...
[20:54:19] <maximAL> but so far, not much seems to be working
[20:54:29] <fuzzie> ah. gemrb also requires widescreen mod.
[20:54:39] <maximAL> but maybe there are just some severe bugs in the current git version?
[20:54:45] <maximAL> really?
[20:54:49] <maximAL> hmm
[20:55:01] <maximAL> i just entered a higher resolution in the config
[20:55:16] <maximAL> but that might explain the messed up menu
[20:55:21] <fuzzie> ah. and now the game GUI doesn't work? yes, that is it.
[20:55:58] <maximAL> with standard resolution, the GUI looks OK, but still wont work
[20:56:17] <fuzzie> maybe someone here could help you make the widescreen mod work, if you can provide the errors - then you could just run original
[20:56:19] <maximAL> gemrb always reports about python errors in the background
[20:56:44] <fuzzie> but most gemrb usage is on mobile 'phones/tablets, or for development/modding
[20:57:05] <maximAL> i (and someone else) posted the problems with the widescreen mod ages ago, no one reacted
[20:57:38] <fuzzie> if you get ignored in the widescreen mod forums, it usually means you didn't follow the instructions
[20:58:03] <maximAL> aha...
[20:58:48] <maximAL> so, what are the instructions if the game just crashes on entering the jovial juggler? ;-)
[21:00:51] <fuzzie> only with widescreen mod?
[21:01:36] <maximAL> well...i didn't find the time to restart the whole game and go there again to find out if it does not without the mod ;-)
[21:01:49] <maximAL> but uninstalling won't help either
[21:02:04] <maximAL> so, yes, it could be some other problem
[21:02:49] <fuzzie> sure, i just thought that was usually problem with another mod, but i see the widescreen thread
[21:03:25] <fuzzie> hm, that is annoying
[21:04:19] <fuzzie> for tracking that down, you might try loading a savegame in gemrb, going into the jovial juggler, and see if it complains loudly somewhere in the console output
[21:05:00] <maximAL> well, i could try that
[21:05:24] <maximAL> but nevertheless the whole menu and everything is broken in GemRB anyways
[21:05:38] <maximAL> (even with standard resolution)
[21:05:48] <fuzzie> well, if you are using the right resolution (the one your game data is modded to use), it should work, so that is also weird
[21:06:27] <maximAL> using the right resolution, the GUI looks ok, but is not functional
[21:06:58] <maximAL> i continiously get python errors that look interface-related
[21:07:18] <fuzzie> but looking back at what you said, if you get python errors then gemrb is unhappy about something, if you put those on pastebin.com then we could have a look
[21:07:22] <maximAL> AttributeError: SetupControls(...) and such
[21:08:22] <maximAL> but the manual on installing BG in the wiki is incomplete and partly wrong, too, so i might have made some mistake there, too
[21:09:55] <maximAL> (copying gemrb output...)
[21:11:40] <maximAL> http://pastebin.com/hpHAQELU
[21:12:03] <maximAL> i noticed there are some complaints when initializing, too
[21:14:31] <brad_a> those start errors look benign to me
[21:14:44] <brad_a> that syntax error in the guiscript looks like the real issue
[21:15:08] <brad_a> are you trying to play BG1?
[21:15:16] <brad_a> yes
[21:15:18] <maximAL> with TOSC, yes
[21:15:50] <brad_a> i guess i mean really BG1 and not BG1 inside BG2 engine
[21:16:32] <maximAL> yeah, BG1
[21:17:19] <brad_a> do you know python?
[21:17:29] <maximAL> not really
[21:17:49] <brad_a> you can open up those scripts it is complaining about and see what is wrong with them
[21:18:03] <brad_a> its probably a minor typo
[21:18:21] <maximAL> well, i guess python might not so much be the problem as understanding the code as a whole ;-)
[21:18:51] <brad_a> well it says its a syntax error
[21:19:00] <brad_a> so you wouldnt really need to know the logic so much
[21:19:06] <brad_a> i dont know python at all tho
[21:19:20] <brad_a> what version of python do you have?
[21:20:06] <maximAL> 2.7
[21:20:10] <brad_a> whatever the problem is im sure it will be fixed by next release. in a couple of weeks
[21:20:16] <fuzzie> well..
[21:20:23] <maximAL> yeah *g*
[21:20:31] <fuzzie> hadn't realised you were using git build, honestly
[21:20:48] <fuzzie> i think lynx was playing with that, but he's off for the weekend
[21:20:49] <maximAL> well, seemed the most straight forward on linux
[21:21:22] <brad_a> well with the git build you will also get negative side effects from things that are WIP
[21:21:49] <brad_a> if youu really want to play and not develop with it its probably best to stick with release builds
[21:21:52] <fuzzie> i can't look at it right now, no bg1 right here
[21:22:00] <brad_a> me neither
[21:22:19] <brad_a> i would use git to checkout 0.6.6
[21:23:08] <maximAL> how that? there don't seem to be any branches
[21:23:53] <brad_a> im not a git expert but cant you checkout using tags?
[21:24:29] <brad_a> so like git checkout v0.6.6
[21:24:40] <maximAL> ah, there are tags indeed
[21:26:42] <fuzzie> that python error is weird though
[21:27:25] <fuzzie> are you sure you didn't install this version on top of an older version?
[21:27:41] <brad_a> good question
[21:27:42] <fuzzie> it looks like you have very outdated scripts
[21:28:03] <brad_a> im guessing the line numbers in the error dont follow the files?
[21:28:11] <fuzzie> the files don't exist any more :p
[21:28:14] <brad_a> ha
[21:28:22] <maximAL> well, i built gemrb a while ago, now update from git, called make uninstall, and built and installed again
[21:28:29] <brad_a> lynx did jsut consolidate a bunch
[21:28:43] <maximAL> ok, it might be make unstall missed something that was not overwritten by the next make install
[21:29:06] <brad_a> yes try completely removing manually
[21:29:12] <maximAL> hmm, ok
[21:29:13] <fuzzie> might be worth wiping the /usr/local/share/gemrb and reinstalling
[21:30:05] <fuzzie> cmake seems to use the list of files from the last time it installed, though
[21:31:49] <brad_a> fuzzie: does cmake just merge the contents of the directory maybe?
[21:31:59] <brad_a> i guess even if it did that probably wouldnt cause this
[21:35:38] <fuzzie> no idea
[21:35:45] <maximAL> oh, goody
[21:36:19] <maximAL> switched to tag of 0.6.6, removed everything manuall etc and now the menu seems to work :-)
[21:36:46] <fuzzie> i would still highly recommend finding the cause of your original engine crash though
[21:36:54] <fuzzie> if you are happy using original engine in general
[21:37:06] <maximAL> yeah, i will try the old savegame
[21:37:27] <maximAL> not being able to enter the jovial juggler is a show stopper, after all
[21:37:51] <fuzzie> (and beware that gemrb savegames are not necessarily usable in the original engine, i don't know what the status there is for bg1)
[21:39:07] <maximAL> as i have never played BG2 (yet) i didn't really care for playing BG1 with that engine ;-)
[21:39:17] <maximAL> just wanted a more usable resolution
[21:39:55] <Yoshimo> i'll ask avenger about the savegame incompatibility when i see him around
[21:40:14] <Yoshimo> unless someone else wants to
[21:40:44] <maximAL> its not much of a problem when the savegame won't work with the original engine anymore. it's already broken there now...
[21:40:58] <fuzzie> right, but then you might get very annoyed later when gemrb is buggy :)
[21:41:15] <fuzzie> so i still recommend you try the jovial juggler and see if gemrb complains about problems
[21:41:57] <maximAL> as long, as i cant enter the jovial juggler in the original anymore, i have not much of a choice anyway
[21:42:15] <fuzzie> (since maybe then they are problems that someone can fix)
[21:45:56] <maximAL> hmm-hmm...i actually can enter the jovial juggler in my old savegams in GemRB :-)
[21:46:11] <maximAL> although it's still set on higher resolution
[21:46:44] <Yoshimo> "Same problem for BGT and IWD-in-BG2 mods which should override GemRB clskills.2da file. ", does this mean, current editions of the allinone bigworld install with bgt is relying on wrong data?
[21:47:16] <fuzzie> Yoshimo: you knew that already, right?
[21:47:32] <fuzzie> clskills.2da contains starting XP
[21:50:09] <Yoshimo> well im not familiar with all the files and what they are being used for yet
[21:50:30] <fuzzie> ok. i thought you were the one who modified it to test.
[21:51:04] <brad_a> the important thing to remember is if a mod does a binary modification then to use it with gemrb you will need to modify one or more gemrb files
[21:55:56] <Yoshimo> im just a person that is new to the game and your engine and hopefully can help to make them more enjoyable. I just hope i dont ask to much stupid questions doing so
[22:14:01] <maximAL> of course, now iäm struggeling with installing widescreen mod under linux *sigh*
[22:15:49] <Yoshimo> shsforum members were talking about converting the install procedures of mods to linux scripts on the fly, but im not sure if they will finish this task
[22:16:23] <fuzzie> not relevant for widescreen mod
[22:16:27] <fuzzie> should just work if you have linux weidu
[22:17:47] <maximAL> well, i downloaded weidu and called tolower. after asking me if i want to generate the linux.ini from baldur.ini and answering with Y, it crashes: "Fatal error: exception Not_found"
[22:18:27] <maximAL> calling WeInstall widescreen afterwards does not seem to do much
[22:18:54] <maximAL> to be clear, i do not actually have to call the windows widescreen setup using wine or sth?
[22:19:07] <maximAL> the whole WeiDu things seems a bit unclear to me
[22:20:22] <Yoshimo> the original windows exe is just a renamed copy of the windows weidu
[22:20:40] <maximAL> ok
[22:20:56] <maximAL> but i should get the usual prompt for resolution etc?
[22:25:31] <maximAL> whats acutally the purpose of the linux.ini?
[23:16:01] <tomprince> I think it it is to record the paths to the data in linux.
[23:17:28] <maximAL> jup, i figured that out meanwhile. unfortunately, WeInstall widescreen does not work under linux. someone posted the problem but did not seem to get a real answer
[23:17:58] <tomprince> What is the error?
[23:19:34] <maximAL> well, first it complains that not weidu.log is found. well, where shoul the file magically come from, when weidu won't create it by hisself? after creating it by hand, it runs a litte further, but actually does not convert any files or anything and finished without an error
[23:20:36] <maximAL> http://pastebin.com/pDWd7eGm thats whats in setup-widescreen.debug afterwards
[23:20:44] <maximAL> thats the only file created
[23:22:03] <tomprince> Do any of those tp2 files exists?
[23:22:10] <maximAL> nope
[23:22:34] <maximAL> again: where should they come from? the manual seems to be lacking some steps...
[23:22:49] <tomprince> They should come with the widescreen mod.
[23:22:53] <tomprince> Well, one of them.
[23:23:06] <maximAL> well, the linux manual just says to download weidu
[23:23:18] <tomprince> Well, you also need the mod itself.
[23:24:06] <tomprince> I think the manual is assuming that you have downloaded the mod, and are reading the copy of the manual there.
[23:24:43] <maximAL> well, it says for Windows i have to download the widescreen installer, thats pretty straight forward
[23:24:54] <maximAL> for linux nothing alike is mentioned
[23:25:18] <maximAL> and i asked about that here maybe 1-2 hours ago...
[23:26:48] <tomprince> Well, I have been proctoring an exam for the past 5h .... IRC tends to be high latenct.
[23:27:29] <maximAL> when you say "mod itself" you mean the extracted widerscrene.exe?
[23:28:37] <tomprince> I don't know. there should at least be a *widescreen*.tp2 file.
[23:28:56] <maximAL> hmm...
[23:29:32] <tomprince> It may be that widescreen.exe is a self extracting archive: either rar or zip, containing that.
[23:29:50] <tomprince> Which you can just use unrar or unzip to extract on linux.
[23:30:10] <maximAL> well, my windows attempt with the widescreen mod contains those files
[23:31:30] <tomprince> Does it create a widescreen directory with tp2? You should be able to just use that directory.
[23:32:45] <maximAL> it does not create anything besides the setup-widescreen.debug file
[23:32:51] <maximAL> not even the weidu.log
[23:35:27] <tomprince> maximAL: grab this: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?app=downloads&module=display§ion=download&do=confirm_download&id=869 and extract it .....
[23:36:03] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * rea0a43b62e2f 10gemrb/gemrb/core/IniSpawn.cpp: IniSpawn:implemented detail_level/do_not_spawn
[23:36:36] <maximAL> tombrince: OSX? now thats intuitive...
[23:37:12] <tomprince> I have nothing to do weidu.
[23:37:16] <tomprince> Or any mods.
[23:37:30] <maximAL> i know
[23:37:34] <maximAL> not blaming you ;-)
[23:37:43] <tomprince> Like I said, the windows.exe can also be extracted as a rar, I would guess.
[23:45:07] <maximAL> thanks tomprince, its making some progress now...