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[08:31:26] <edheldil> brada: what about biography editor? Is not it an editable textarea?
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[13:53:05] <brada> edheldil: I meant in the original. it seems that we inject a TextArea in place of a TextEdit. our implementation is at least a little broken tho because the cursor never gets set to anything.
[13:54:07] <fuzzie> oh, well, we don't have a TextEdit, right?
[13:54:28] <fuzzie> but a editable textarea <-> a TextEdit
[13:55:28] <brada> no we have a text edit
[13:55:47] <edheldil> I admit I don't see the problem
[13:55:53] <brada> its not a problem
[13:56:08] <brada> other than the broken implementation :p
[13:56:53] <brada> the real reason i poped in yesterday was for help figuring out how to deal with the message window
[14:00:41] <brada> so far the only solution i can see not involving a ton of extra work is to turn the “convertEdit” functio into a more general proxy replacement and use that to substitute the already existing MTA for the new one
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[14:14:43] <fuzzie> oh.
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[14:49:46] <brada> also, not that it matters because it never happens, but the way things are with my brach, if you were to edit a TA with a drop cap and delete the cap it would be lost forever. thats why I was asking about that yesterday. i suppose I am wondering why we replace a TE with a TA, but I dont really care :p
[14:50:56] <fuzzie> yes, I'm just so confused
[14:51:07] <fuzzie> our 'TextEdit' is some single-line thing
[14:53:01] <fuzzie> and I don't see where we do any injection..
[14:53:36] <fuzzie> I see the ConvertEdit thing
[14:53:51] <brada> does that not do what i thought then?
[14:54:02] <fuzzie> but we don't use that for the biography editor, right?
[14:54:08] <brada> are we not taking a TE there and substituting a TA for it?
[14:54:13] <brada> i thought
[14:54:51] <brada> i mean that specific thing is largely irrelevant, just a curiosity.
[14:54:54] <fuzzie> sure
[14:55:04] <fuzzie> just, you can do whatever you want there
[14:55:13] <fuzzie> but the original engine is probably way more crazy
[14:55:36] <fuzzie> basically it's all hard-coded and it just pulls data out of the CHUs
[14:55:49] <brada> sometimes its hard for me to tell if it was original crazy or gemrb introduced crazy…
[14:55:54] <fuzzie> so it doesn't really care what control type is set in the CHU
[14:56:05] <brada> ah
[14:56:07] <fuzzie> because the controls are already created in hard-coded C++
[14:56:24] <fuzzie> it's just they have to be the right type because otherwise the properties aren't available
[14:56:29] <brada> sure
[14:57:21] <brada> so i guess you are saying you dont have any better ideas for dealing with the MTA?
[14:58:15] <edheldil> MTA == mail transport agent :)
[14:58:50] <fuzzie> no
[14:59:19] <fuzzie> well
[14:59:31] <fuzzie> I would just add something that swaps out the underlying contents between the old and new controls if possible
[14:59:36] <edheldil> I think that if making textarea is too complex now, just use old textarea for it
[14:59:36] <fuzzie> but I haven't loked at the detaisl recently
[14:59:58] <edheldil> sorry, making TA editable
[15:02:09] <brada> fuzzie: so you prefer the current master method?
[15:02:41] <brada> tho IIRC the current master way could also be acomplished by just doing what im doing now since it keeps its format strings
[15:03:18] <brada> that is to say newTA->AppendText(oldTA->QueryText())
[15:04:34] <brada> since i parse out the format strings the only way that would work is if i “unparse” them in QueryText()
[15:09:33] <fuzzie> I meant, do it in a smarter way
[15:09:38] <fuzzie> newTA->SwapContentsWith(oldTA);
[15:09:40] <fuzzie> but I do't know
[15:09:45] <fuzzie> you know much better than I do, right?
[15:11:20] <brada> ha ha im not so sure. this has sat untouched for a couple of months until recently
[15:11:38] <brada> shame too, cuz this is pretty much the last hurdle
[15:12:22] <brada> but yes ill figure it out
[15:14:55] <brada> anyway, i must be getting back to work. it was nice speaking with you again fuzzie :)
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