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[08:29:03] <edheldil> Morning, all!
[09:03:11] <wjp> morning
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[17:51:24] <Avenger> hi
[17:52:01] <fuzzie> hello
[17:57:05] <Avenger> i'm looking at the cheat/hotkeys code
[17:57:56] <fuzzie> i saw your forum post
[17:58:06] <fuzzie> for ToB only?
[18:01:46] <Avenger> well, i started with tob
[18:15:16] <fuzzie> well, i doubt there is much interesting in the other games
[18:18:56] <Avenger> i don't know until i check :)
[18:19:18] <Avenger> do you know if autosave happens on rest?
[18:19:34] <Avenger> i see code for it, but i don't remember this happened
[18:21:33] <fuzzie> i thought it was an option
[18:22:42] <fuzzie> hm, i'd forgotten bgconfig was written in Delphi :)
[18:23:26] <fuzzie> or, well, i guess C++ Builder, but same thing
[18:24:02] <Avenger> option?
[18:25:59] <Avenger> ahh i see now
[18:26:08] <Avenger> it is an unused internal feature
[18:26:26] <Avenger> RestPlayer is never called with bAutoSave=1 :)
[18:32:56] <fuzzie> hmph, i can't work out what i'm remembering
[18:33:20] <lynxlynxlynx> i don't remember any such feature
[18:34:04] <lynxlynxlynx> it would be useful for interactive dream sequences, but there are none
[18:35:35] <fuzzie> does anything except bg2 have dreams beyond text?
[18:36:27] <fuzzie> i figured it would be in iwd2, but no, it has nothing along those lines
[18:37:48] <fuzzie> iwd2 is rather a lot useful than i thought it would be, though
[18:39:40] <fuzzie> "CGameEffectIgnoreDialogPause game effect not supported in Icewind II (-rjf)" makes me suspicious they fiddled with dialog a lot, which would explain a lot
[18:40:13] <fuzzie> "IcewindCGameEffectSummonPomabs unsupported in icewind II (-rjf)" <- uh huh
[18:40:48] <lynxlynxlynx> it's a wierd effect only used once in iwd1
[18:41:35] <fuzzie> yes :)
[18:41:38] <fuzzie> we had fun debugging the scene
[18:41:50] <fuzzie> there's some really weird-sounding stuff i've never heard of though, effect-wise
[18:42:26] <fuzzie> "IcewindCGameEffectSnillocsSnowballSwarmDamage", "Zombie Lord Aura", "Oil of the Serpent's Scales"
[18:43:07] <Avenger> snilloc is working in iwd/how
[18:43:18] <Avenger> zombie lord aura, i think doesn't work in any game
[18:43:25] <fuzzie> this is iwd2's list of things they don't support
[18:43:27] <fuzzie> from the exe
[18:43:31] <Avenger> oil of serpent scales is a simple AC bonus :P
[18:43:42] <Avenger> yes i know
[18:43:48] <fuzzie> nothing new, i am just amused
[18:44:15] <fuzzie> they have a "Trying to start a cut scene while in a dialog." error though, i see
[18:44:36] <Avenger> iwd has a lot of crappy hardcoded on the fly effects, that iwd2 generalized
[18:44:40] <fuzzie> oh, in iwd too
[18:45:14] <Avenger> they still didn't catch the bug in hjollder :P
[18:45:32] <fuzzie> it's very helpful how they left these debug strings in, and just stubbed out the output function
[18:45:58] <Avenger> i guess the script writers notoriously screw it up, until the programmer lost patience and disabled the cutscene in dialog :)
[18:46:11] <fuzzie> the "FYI" messages in the pst animation code meant it wasn't exactly too much work to look at the anim stuff, especially with your very helpful marking of vtab_actor :)
[18:46:45] <Avenger> i'm glad you could use it, to be honest, pst is very poorly marked
[18:46:53] <fuzzie> a bit of comparing with ToBEx and guesswork and i have half the vtable marked up
[18:47:40] <fuzzie> it took me a bit of time to work out how the jump tables worked for actions, but now it is pretty nice for looking things up
[18:48:33] <fuzzie> but i am scared of the big function with all the hardcoded checks for variables and entrances and etc. i tried getting a view of it from wingraph and, well, it is scary.
[18:48:50] <Avenger> haha, the pst vtab list is very barren
[18:50:07] <Avenger> where is it?
[18:50:56] <fuzzie> the one in ObjCreatureAI.cpp
[18:51:23] <fuzzie> 'MAZE1' is a random unique string referenced by it
[18:51:29] <fuzzie> don't have ida here
[18:52:53] <fuzzie> has references to all kinds of junk, i guess you might have a better idea of what it *is*
[18:53:18] <Avenger> maze1.txt ?
[18:53:23] <fuzzie> no
[18:53:39] <Avenger> ah no, ok i found it
[18:53:43] <fuzzie> that's used by the maze generation message i guess :)
[18:53:56] <Avenger> heh, i didn't know it can output the maze into a file
[18:54:08] <Avenger> i guess, it is disabled like all cheats
[18:55:56] <Avenger> fuzzie, that code you mentioned is a simple action?
[18:56:29] <fuzzie> i don't know, i couldn't trace it
[18:56:42] <fuzzie> i was hoping it was LeaveAreaName :P
[18:57:09] <Avenger> btw, i got a handy little program that needs a few offsets and values from the exe. The action and trigger ids, and it creates a nice listing of action/trigger offsets :)
[18:57:13] <fuzzie> it took me a while just to work out how the two different action execution functions worked
[18:57:28] <fuzzie> i thought the living one would have all the actions
[18:57:35] <fuzzie> so i was wondering where half the actions were
[18:57:46] <Avenger> performlivingactions has the actions that livings can execute
[18:58:10] <Avenger> the last entry in the jumptable conveniently jumps to the generic action code :)
[18:58:14] <fuzzie> yes
[18:58:23] <fuzzie> but, that is not obvious :P
[18:58:28] <fuzzie> well, i guess i was being slow
[18:58:32] <Avenger> but it is marked as performAction :)
[18:58:39] <fuzzie> yes, and you also marked 'noaction'
[18:58:47] <fuzzie> so it was obvious it was indeed the jump table
[18:58:56] <fuzzie> so once i worked that out, all was good
[18:59:10] <Avenger> yep, you need my little handy program or just its output :)
[18:59:51] <Avenger> i haven't run it on pst yet
[18:59:51] <fuzzie> well, i did the ones i cared about manually, just labelling them in ida
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[19:00:19] <Avenger> heh, the translation table before the jumptable always confused me
[19:00:45] <fuzzie> you can make it an array, and then make IDA put 10 array entries on each line
[19:00:59] <Avenger> i do that
[19:01:07] <fuzzie> then you can just count to the one you want
[19:01:21] <fuzzie> it is not as good as an automatic script but it's not too slow to just look at one action :)
[19:01:25] <Avenger> well, i do that only with the translation table
[19:01:36] <Avenger> the jumptable will get names soon
[19:01:48] <fuzzie> but if that code i was looking at was an action, which action is it? :)
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[19:07:15] <Avenger> yeah, i got the whole action table now ;)
[19:07:34] <fuzzie> in ida?
[19:07:59] <fuzzie> i guess it is trivial to script labelling in ida
[19:08:28] <Avenger> and you were right, it is leaveareaname
[19:08:43] <fuzzie> yay!
[19:08:44] <Avenger> no, in textfile
[19:08:47] * fuzzie dances
[19:08:56] <fuzzie> because that is where i am putting it all :P
[19:09:19] <Avenger> http://pastebin.com/0fnzFSqX
[19:09:31] <fuzzie> i couldn't make it work right before, because running a script didn't work very well with our previous hack
[19:09:55] <fuzzie> but LeaveAreaName is a perfect place for a script to do stuff
[19:10:35] <Avenger> this reminds me about the buggy area transitions
[19:10:47] <fuzzie> there are buggy area transitions?
[19:10:53] <fuzzie> or you just mean, using travel regions?
[19:10:56] <Avenger> yes
[19:10:59] <Avenger> travel regions
[19:11:01] <fuzzie> the travel region problems are the reason i wrote this stuff, obviously
[19:11:14] <fuzzie> i got rid of all the travel region hacks in my local copy, but it's still not working well enough
[19:11:24] <fuzzie> i get distracted
[19:11:57] <fuzzie> but it's definitely the right solution, fixes all the annoying spots
[19:12:33] <Avenger> lots of nasty variable hacks, i see
[19:12:59] <Avenger> this kind of stuff belongs to the global script :)
[19:13:06] <fuzzie> pst doesn't have one
[19:13:10] <Avenger> you know gemrb supports global script for pst
[19:13:16] <fuzzie> as i discussed a long time ago, what i did for now is make a different script
[19:13:17] <Avenger> i already added stuff into it :)
[19:13:23] <fuzzie> which is run by LeaveAreaName
[19:13:32] <fuzzie> and then add the necessary triggers for stuff to work properly
[19:13:52] <Avenger> well, that is a good solution, though rather 'unusual'
[19:14:06] <Avenger> it is definitely more stable than a global script
[19:14:21] <fuzzie> well, i don't know if it works for everything
[19:14:43] <Avenger> i think we already did some of these hacks
[19:14:46] <fuzzie> but it solved the problems i had so far
[19:14:54] <Avenger> some are playing movies on area transition, i guess
[19:15:00] <Avenger> we did them
[19:15:06] <fuzzie> yes
[19:15:21] <fuzzie> i think we could do everything in the global script, but we would have to do worse things with triggers/actions
[19:15:49] <fuzzie> oh, i have to merge this gemrb-specific triggers patch, too
[19:16:08] <fuzzie> i fixed GenerateAction for gemrb-specific actions at some point, but it looks like i merged that already
[19:16:43] <fuzzie> some of those pst actions seem odd
[19:16:50] <fuzzie> i wonder what SetNoOneOnTrigger does? just blanks the trigger list?
[19:16:51] <Avenger> btw, if you decided to work on pst, there is a huge feature we lack :)
[19:17:10] <Avenger> no idea
[19:17:20] <fuzzie> well, the floating text turns out to be really annoying to do properly
[19:17:23] <Avenger> probably clears the 'entered' trigger of the region
[19:17:41] <fuzzie> i got the animations mostly working, which helps a lot
[19:17:49] <Avenger> fuzzie: i thought of the maze :)
[19:17:53] <fuzzie> but the maze is optional :)
[19:17:55] <Avenger> nordom is my favourite char
[19:19:11] <fuzzie> i have honestly never played it
[19:19:41] <Avenger> he is funny
[19:20:16] <fuzzie> i played with Nordom a bit from edheldil's savegames
[19:21:20] <Avenger> grace and nordom get along well, i usually play the team without ignus and vhailor.
[19:23:43] <Avenger> well, i guess, they don't have much difficulty. ignus needs some weird item, but i think we already support item dialogs in pst too
[19:23:49] <fuzzie> yep
[19:23:50] <Avenger> and vhailor has a weird animation
[19:24:45] <Avenger> dakkon's sword needs some more work. I think it doesn't even work in the original :)
[19:24:46] <fuzzie> honestly, pst is not that bad
[19:24:57] <fuzzie> the fixpack is a problem though
[19:25:02] <fuzzie> since it rewrites some core stuff
[19:25:15] <Avenger> it fixes some core stuff too
[19:25:25] <Avenger> we could probably fix some cure bugs silently
[19:25:30] <Avenger> cure->core
[19:25:34] <fuzzie> some of it is going to need GF_, though
[19:25:40] <Avenger> yep, maybe
[19:25:42] <fuzzie> and some of it is stupid :)
[19:26:31] <Avenger> i think they did something about dakkon's sword, i managed to alter dakkon's morale
[19:26:33] <fuzzie> but there's a bunch of stuff in pst which we don't implement and i'm going to need to look at
[19:26:45] <fuzzie> well, they replaced the morale system with different stats
[19:27:34] <Avenger> in the original i couldn't do anything about him, he was always midway
[19:27:59] <fuzzie> yes
[19:28:10] <fuzzie> the 'morale reset' function actually reset the morale to midway, every 8 hours
[19:28:47] <fuzzie> so, they patch the exe to add 'maximum morale', which is the morale as adjusted by scripts
[19:28:54] <fuzzie> and then when the morale is reset, it resets to the max
[19:29:16] <Avenger> and how would that fix dakkon
[19:29:29] <Avenger> that would just make him all happy, no?
[19:29:50] <fuzzie> it means that when you increase dakkon's maximum morale via scripted events, or dialog, or etc, then dakkon actually stays that way
[19:29:59] <Avenger> ah i see
[19:30:02] <fuzzie> so you don't have to do all of dakkon's morale increases within 8 hours of in-game time :P
[19:30:14] <Avenger> which is impossible :)
[19:30:27] <fuzzie> it is clever, but it requires core changes. i think that doesn't need a GF_ flag, but it needs you to decide
[19:30:46] <Avenger> i'm all in for this change, if it doesn't alter the other games
[19:30:56] <Avenger> if it does, then we need some 2da, for example
[19:31:10] <Avenger> that lists the npcs (specific or scriptname) which behave this way
[19:31:33] <fuzzie> well, the fixpack just changes them all, SetMorale is used quite widely
[19:31:44] <fuzzie> but we'll need a GF_ for pst's weird stats anyway
[19:32:02] <fuzzie> > Adds a check to SetGlobal() so if faction globals change (JOIN_FACTION_ID) it will now remove any items that become unequippable (red) with
[19:32:02] <Avenger> as many as you want now :)
[19:32:09] <fuzzie> > new faction
[19:32:22] <Avenger> though i think we still need to consider if something really needs a gf :)
[19:32:38] <fuzzie> > Patching PickPockets() fail to use trigger id PickPocketFailed(0x5D)
[19:32:47] <fuzzie> (that one is more important in pst..)
[19:32:50] <Avenger> we already got that gf!
[19:33:11] <fuzzie> > Fixes flee state for Horror/Ignus' Terror. Spells work like morale break now.
[19:33:26] <fuzzie> > Add a check for secret doors to see if it is "ar403d22" and if so check if "KNOW_TIRESIAS" global has been set to 2
[19:33:34] <Avenger> huh
[19:33:38] <Avenger> that is some hardcode?
[19:33:44] <fuzzie> that is them *adding* hardcode
[19:34:07] <Avenger> omg :)
[19:34:17] <Avenger> that is definitely the ugliest thing
[19:34:28] <Avenger> unless it is a clear bugfix
[19:34:31] <fuzzie> i wonder if we can add a better way to do that
[19:34:41] <fuzzie> it is a "designer fix": the original scripters couldn't work out how to do it properly
[19:35:01] <Avenger> well, we'll have some own script for that anyway?
[19:35:09] <fuzzie> well, there's no way to do that, right now
[19:35:20] <fuzzie> but we can surely add an action for setting whether a door can be detected?
[19:35:33] <fuzzie> anyway, i think those are the interesting sample
[19:35:38] <fuzzie> most of the rest of the exe fixes are bugfixes which we'd do anyway
[19:35:39] <Avenger> hmm, wait
[19:35:57] <Avenger> this is a door that should be enabled only if know_tiresias = 2?
[19:36:00] <fuzzie> yes
[19:36:08] <Avenger> that could be easily done by script
[19:36:22] <fuzzie> there's no original action which can do it, that's all
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[19:37:38] <Avenger> bg2 has a similar secret door
[19:37:52] <Avenger> which becomes visible on condition
[19:38:47] <fuzzie> well, it has a DetectSecretDoor action
[19:39:06] <fuzzie> which is cheating :P
[19:39:20] <fuzzie> but sure, i guess we can just put that in our own actions file
[19:39:33] <Avenger> yes, damn pst stops at opcode #193
[19:39:53] <Avenger> up to opcode #193 they implement all that bg1 has
[19:40:35] <Avenger> and #201 is setglobaltint so we cannot easily enable it
[19:40:37] <Avenger> damn
[19:40:44] <fuzzie> we can't?
[19:41:00] <Avenger> well, not in a global gemact.ids
[19:41:12] <fuzzie> we can just pick a high number and duplicate the action
[19:41:26] <Avenger> yep, that's the only way
[19:41:32] <fuzzie> i already did this for StartDialogOverride
[19:42:27] <fuzzie> and, no disaster so far, i hope
[19:42:50] <Avenger> i'm not sure, why did you need that
[19:43:15] <fuzzie> well
[19:43:27] <fuzzie> you used it in bg2 guiscripts, to fix actor dialog being overwritten when you talked to items
[19:43:33] <Avenger> i think, we don't use the same action for dialogs as the IE
[19:43:50] <fuzzie> and i got fed up with actor dialog being overwritten in the other games, so i made the same fix and made the action global
[19:44:00] <Avenger> PlayerDialog is used, i think
[19:44:52] <fuzzie> well, i guess we could extend PlayerDialog to take a string also, but doesn't seem any more useful
[19:44:59] <fuzzie> either way we have to add a global action
[19:45:23] <fuzzie> but i just added it to fix a bug, if you have a better solution go ahead and change it :)
[19:45:50] <Avenger> no, i'm happy you took over the scripting part
[19:45:53] <fuzzie> it's just the only other thing i could think of was adding another function to GUIScript, and that seems such a mess
[19:46:16] <Avenger> i will just try to do RE about scripting to help you ;)
[19:46:16] <fuzzie> oh, i should add position setting to the sound handles and fix projectiles.
[19:46:58] <fuzzie> the todo says 'set to looping', but i couldn't work out where we would need that
[19:46:59] <Avenger> projectiles can also benefit from sound handles
[19:47:13] <Avenger> when they go away, they can stop the sound, etc
[19:48:27] <Avenger> what about looping? projectiles/vvc has a flag for sound that makes it looping until the projectile/vvc exist
[19:48:46] <fuzzie> but do you need to turn it on/off?
[19:49:01] <Avenger> i don't think you need to ever turn it on
[19:49:06] <Avenger> just off
[19:49:14] <fuzzie> ok
[19:49:24] <fuzzie> so you turn it off, and it finishes the current loop, and is done?
[19:49:38] <Avenger> for example: the hold person/stun anim makes a vvc that hangs over you. I think it stops immediately
[19:49:54] <fuzzie> we already have a plain Stop()
[19:50:17] <Avenger> that's enough, but do we have looping?
[19:50:36] <fuzzie> maybe not, but that takes a few seconds
[19:50:49] <fuzzie> what in projectile needs a sound handle? only the main travel SoundRes1 sound?
[19:51:13] <fuzzie> or also the end travel SoundRes2 one?
[19:52:12] <fuzzie> well, i guess you can work it out
[19:56:00] <fuzzie> any idea which flag i should check for looping?
[19:56:23] <fuzzie> oh, PSF_LOOPING
[19:56:40] <Avenger> yes
[19:57:31] <fuzzie> any idea of where i might find an example in bg2?
[19:58:37] <Avenger> looping projectile? lemme see
[19:59:39] <Avenger> trapskul?
[20:01:22] <fuzzie> hmph
[20:01:35] <fuzzie> well, that loops in P_TRIGGER, i think
[20:01:48] <fuzzie> which means it is SoundRes2
[20:02:46] <fuzzie> which brings me back to the question about what PSF_LOOPING should apply to
[20:03:34] <fuzzie> i guess we need a PSF_LOOPING2, 8?
[20:03:56] <Avenger> trapskul has sound resource 1
[20:04:02] <Avenger> EFF_M36A
[20:04:20] <fuzzie> but does it have a sound resource 2?
[20:04:33] <Avenger> no, it has sound res 3 in the area section
[20:04:43] <Avenger> that is a separate thing
[20:04:47] <fuzzie> oh, we don't even handle that yet
[20:04:52] <Avenger> eff_m36a plays when it is flying
[20:04:57] <Avenger> it is a short sample
[20:05:21] <fuzzie> ok
[20:05:29] <Avenger> and its range/flying speed makes it possible to run out faster than the flying time
[20:05:29] <fuzzie> but we do also need to handle the other looping flag i guess :)
[20:05:54] <Avenger> yes, but i don't really know of any projectile that uses that
[20:06:09] <fuzzie> does skull trap not?
[20:06:12] <Avenger> no
[20:06:14] <fuzzie> it certainly makes a racket when hovering, here
[20:06:28] <fuzzie> maybe i have something patched
[20:06:28] <Avenger> that is EFF_M35
[20:06:43] <Avenger> hmm wait, no that is a set off sound
[20:07:01] <Avenger> ok, looks like sound res 1 is used for that too
[20:07:14] <Avenger> so it is the same flag for flying and for hovering
[20:07:20] <Avenger> same flag and same sound resref
[20:07:55] <fuzzie> ok. but i won't add that with ths.
[20:08:06] <Avenger> now let me find some projectile that uses resref2 and also looping
[20:09:04] <Avenger> cloud
[20:09:49] <Avenger> i'm unsure what is the difference between resref2 and resref3 (which is in the area section)
[20:10:18] <Avenger> maybe one of them is played only once, regardless of explosion counts
[20:11:03] <fuzzie> skull trap is too short for me to tell if this works
[20:11:18] <fuzzie> also the casting sound plays, which is unhelpful :P
[20:11:34] <Avenger> make the skull fly slower
[20:11:37] <Avenger> edit the projectile
[20:11:39] <Avenger> :)
[20:11:57] <fuzzie> sure, you ported DLTCEP to linux now right? :)
[20:12:04] <Avenger> no wine?
[20:12:11] <fuzzie> no
[20:12:16] <fuzzie> i'll just commit this and if it sucks, itcan be reverted?
[20:12:29] <Avenger> ok
[20:12:55] <Avenger> wait a moment...
[20:13:08] <Avenger> i told you resref1 is played when it hovers too
[20:13:24] <fuzzie> yes, but i didn't implement that
[20:13:35] <Avenger> it is the same looping flag ;)
[20:13:50] <Avenger> just don't turn it off when it explodes
[20:13:54] <fuzzie> but we don't play resref1 yet
[20:14:00] <Avenger> eh?
[20:14:00] <fuzzie> well, ok
[20:14:09] <Avenger> it is the flying sound
[20:14:45] <Avenger> you just have implement looping, and turn the sound off when the projectile is removed
[20:14:49] <fuzzie> so what is soundres2?
[20:14:51] <Avenger> that will solve everything
[20:15:03] <fuzzie> explosion sound?
[20:15:03] <Avenger> resref2 and resref3 both fire at explosion
[20:15:18] <Avenger> <Avenger> i'm unsure what is the difference between resref2 and resref3 (which is in the area section)
[20:18:29] <fuzzie> hmph
[20:19:11] <Avenger> i have yet to see a projectile that uses both fields
[20:20:30] <Avenger> oh, maybe i confused you, i just noticed there are 3 sounds in the travel projectile, and one more in the area extension :)
[20:21:12] <Avenger> i don't have ANY idea what does the3rd resref in the travel projectile
[20:21:30] <fuzzie> i'm still trying to make the looping work
[20:21:55] <Avenger> isn't it a flag that just needs to be passed to openal?
[20:22:09] <fuzzie> sure, that bit is trivial
[20:22:24] <Avenger> then you just .stop the sound on destruction of the projectile :)
[20:23:05] <fuzzie> so, you would think it would be simple, but now i tried four times and made stupid mistakes :P
[20:23:29] <Avenger> well, that happens :)
[20:23:32] <Avenger> be right back
[20:23:33] <-- Avenger has left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630])
[20:24:01] <fuzzie> crud, segfault
[20:24:45] --> barraAway has joined #GemRb
[20:25:36] --> Avenger has joined #GemRb
[20:25:36] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Avenger
[20:32:22] <CIA-28> GemRB: 03fuzzie * rab6d5c312450 10gemrb/gemrb/ (core/Audio.h plugins/OpenALAudio/OpenALAudio.cpp): add GEM_SND_LOOPING flag and handle it in OpenALAudio
[20:32:33] <CIA-28> GemRB: 03fuzzie * rbdf3fe66753f 10gemrb/gemrb/core/ (Projectile.cpp Projectile.h): try adding sound handles for looping projectiles, try fixing hover sound too
[20:32:36] <fuzzie> Avenger: maybe you can fix that. it doesn't like me.
[20:32:40] <fuzzie> well, maybe it works
[20:33:08] <fuzzie> but really simple patch and i can't seem to get the hang of it, so i'll go do something else for a bit
[20:35:32] <Avenger> as far as i see, you killed it in at least 3 places?
[20:35:44] <Avenger> you don't have to stop it only in the destructor
[20:37:17] <Avenger> this holder thing doesn't need any initial setup in the constructor, right?
[20:37:20] <fuzzie> yes, it sounds silly now
[20:37:24] <fuzzie> and no, it is magic
[20:37:32] <fuzzie> i mean
[20:37:37] <fuzzie> it sounds silly if you don't stop it at explosion time
[20:37:42] <fuzzie> i don't know why
[20:38:00] <fuzzie> but i assumed that the projectile stayed around while exploding
[20:38:16] <fuzzie> and so the sound needs to die when the explosion happens
[20:39:05] --- barraAway is now known as barra_home
[20:39:59] <Avenger> not for the skull trap
[20:40:07] <fuzzie> no :)
[20:40:21] <fuzzie> well, i don't know, i didn't even try it
[20:42:26] <fuzzie> maybe i messed up something in the openal, even
[20:43:08] <Avenger> works perfectly in the destructor
[20:43:13] <Avenger> wanna me commit it back?
[20:44:12] <fuzzie> it was already in the destructor, right?
[20:44:24] <Avenger> yes, i just pulled two extra .stops
[20:44:27] <fuzzie> but i meant it about it sounding really silly otherwise
[20:44:45] <fuzzie> not with projectiles that hover, but with projectiles that don't
[20:45:18] <fuzzie> there has surely got to be some place to put it, where it stops when the projectile explodes
[20:45:32] <fuzzie> but you can do whatever you want if you're happy with it :)
[20:46:17] <Avenger> well, if (phase==P_EXPLODING1) {
[20:46:29] <Avenger> add it before playing the explosion sound
[20:47:09] <fuzzie> that doesn't work, because P_EXLODING1 is set with extension_delay for the sull trap
[20:47:12] <fuzzie> skull trap
[20:47:56] <fuzzie> but you're right, inside DrawExplosion would be great
[20:48:24] <Avenger> see this: //this sound is not played for projectiles waiting for trigger
[20:48:32] <fuzzie> i wrote that comment just now :P
[20:48:44] <fuzzie> before, it was "this sound is played for projectiles waiting for trigger"
[20:48:52] <Avenger> so, the sound handle killing before that was wrong
[20:49:04] <fuzzie> so i added the 'return;'
[20:49:22] <fuzzie> so that is maybe wrong
[20:49:37] <Avenger> hmm
[20:50:08] <fuzzie> i just thought, if i commit it, you'll work it out
[20:50:59] <Avenger> i just don't know what was the problem, i tested only the skull trap which was fine
[20:51:17] <fuzzie> i just loaded some random savegames, i have no idea what any of the projectiles are
[20:51:54] <fuzzie> you can change it or not change it however you want :)
[20:54:20] <Avenger> ok, so it wasn't the skull trap what was wrong?
[20:54:28] <fuzzie> no. something in bg2.
[20:54:42] <fuzzie> it got scrolled off my screen by the silly messages about actionoverride
[20:56:27] <Avenger> you could be more specific on what was the problem
[20:56:52] <Avenger> like, did the looping sound play when it shouldn't
[20:56:52] <fuzzie> sorry
[20:56:54] <Avenger> or what
[20:56:57] <fuzzie> a looped travel sound played fine
[20:57:06] <fuzzie> but then at the end, when an explosion animatin happened, it kept playing
[20:57:33] <Avenger> was it an one time explosion? because then it isn't a big deal
[20:57:34] <fuzzie> so, this is why i tried adding all these other Stop() calls
[20:57:58] <fuzzie> yes, but it took a second or so and it sounded pretty bad with multiple at once
[20:58:14] <fuzzie> but, i also have problems with the casting sounds
[20:58:24] <fuzzie> which is weird if it works for others now
[21:02:43] <lynxlynxlynx> it's not perfect, but veryvery close
[21:03:02] <Avenger> strange....
[21:03:23] <Avenger> two squirrels died when i load the game ...
[21:03:38] <Avenger> i guess it was some con bonus problem ;)
[21:03:39] <Lightkey> :-(
[21:04:14] * Lightkey is calling PETA
[21:04:15] <Avenger> and the romance talks are annoying
[21:04:34] <Avenger> you can call amnesty international too, i'm going to ctrl-y aerie and jaheira
[21:06:47] <Avenger> fuzzie: can you make ambient sounds use the ambient volume?
[21:10:39] <CIA-28> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r907b6876f6de 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Projectile.cpp: projectile: looping sound fix
[21:13:03] <-- Avenger has left IRC (Quit: bye!)
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[21:38:28] <pupnik> greetings :)
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[22:58:15] <pupnik> ebnin
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