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[04:31:50] <Gekz> Compile string references into a new UTF8 encoded format
[04:31:52] <Gekz> kekekeke
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[09:15:38] <edheldil> Gekz: you can switch between Katakana and Hiragana in the Japanese version of PST
[09:15:56] <Gekz> oh what
[09:16:01] <Gekz> so if you're 13 or 17 you can read it
[09:16:14] <edheldil> ?
[09:16:14] <Gekz> honestly, I still dont understand the reason for having those two character sets
[09:16:40] <Gekz> the 13/17 was a joke about when they learn katakana :P
[09:16:47] <edheldil> like having thejm at all in the japanese language?
[09:16:54] <edheldil> ah
[09:18:11] <Gekz> so
[09:18:19] <Gekz> I think it would be fun to have it in utf 8 :P
[09:18:29] <Gekz> it would allow arbitrary modern translations
[09:18:30] <Gekz> like arabic
[09:18:33] <edheldil> yes
[09:19:25] <edheldil> I think that a version of TLK with unicode encoding would be nice, as it would allow to mix various scripts in a single strref
[09:19:47] <Gekz> I will probably get back into gemrb next year
[09:19:54] <Gekz> so if there's a gsoc to do that, I'll probablyt do it ;P
[09:19:58] <edheldil> arabic and hebrew have right-to-left text, though, which complicates things
[09:19:58] <Gekz> fuzzie: do gsoc next year!
[09:20:23] <Gekz> edheldil: s/complicates things/makes things interesting/
[09:20:34] <fuzzie> the original fonts are all using codepage ordering of course
[09:20:57] <edheldil> yes, but that could be taken care of with translation tables
[09:21:27] <fuzzie> well, for your unicode encoding i guess you'd only be able to use ttf anyway
[09:22:05] <edheldil> not if you mapped BAMs to the unicode blocks you would be interested in
[09:22:32] <fuzzie> i don't think they're the same sizes
[09:22:53] <fuzzie> i guess it would be possible but it would look very odd :-)
[09:23:04] <edheldil> but could be (in theory at least)
[09:24:45] <edheldil> anyway, these are cloud castles atm
[09:25:08] <fuzzie> well, i would like to integrate the chinese support since there is a patch which we haven't merged
[09:25:35] <Gekz> I am unnaturally interested in enforcing Unicode everywhere I go
[09:26:15] <fuzzie> my unicode experience mostly involves tearing my hair out because everyone assumes ucs2
[09:26:27] <Gekz> yes
[09:26:40] <fuzzie> but should not be a problem for gemrb :)
[09:26:41] <Gekz> but i am too used to using Python's PY_UNICODE in C now
[09:27:04] <Gekz> PyUnicode_FromString("BLAH")
[09:28:01] <fuzzie> well, python 3.3 actually manages ucs4 in that API
[09:28:07] <Gekz> oh nice
[09:28:13] <Gekz> but not really that useful in practice
[09:28:20] <fuzzie> and anything else is marked as deprecated and pls stop that at once
[09:28:37] <Gekz> stop what?
[09:28:46] <fuzzie> stop using Py_UNICODE for example :)
[09:28:55] <Gekz> why
[09:29:01] <Gekz> srs question.
[09:29:04] <fuzzie> it's all "Deprecated since version 3.3, will be removed in version 4.0: Part of the old-style Py_UNICODE API"
[09:29:11] <Gekz> oh
[09:29:27] <Gekz> so is it just pystring now
[09:29:37] <fuzzie> Py_UCS4!
[09:29:44] <Gekz> oh right
[09:29:49] <Gekz> shut up shut up I get it
[09:29:50] <Gekz> I'm ired
[09:29:53] <Gekz> tired* haha
[09:30:13] <fuzzie> but i'm pretty sure all the infinity engine data maps quite nicely to ucs2 anyway
[09:30:31] <Gekz> map meaning?
[09:30:41] <Gekz> like, 0x40 == 0x40 in ucs2? :P
[09:30:57] <fuzzie> like, 0xf97c --> 0x9d7f in ucs2
[09:31:08] <fuzzie> (to pick cp936 as an example)
[09:32:16] <Gekz> so has an equivalent mapping, that's what I thought
[09:32:21] <Gekz> but that could be said for ... well
[09:32:22] <Gekz> any codepage
[09:34:12] <fuzzie> the modern chinese stuff is not mappable to ucs2 for example
[09:34:23] <Gekz> oh
[09:34:30] <Gekz> but is in utf-8
[09:34:34] <Gekz> isn't it?
[09:34:36] <fuzzie> sure
[09:34:44] <Gekz> I mainly use utf-8 in my day to day work
[09:34:48] <Gekz> I rarely use any other encoding
[09:35:09] <fuzzie> well, that is a nice theory :p
[09:35:24] <Gekz> what is? :P
[09:35:33] <fuzzie> but people tend to not actually do that
[09:35:46] <fuzzie> they say "oh, sure, i loaded this into python and did decode('utf-8')", and then i club them
[09:35:46] <Gekz> oh I know, I mean the files we parse at utf8
[09:35:51] <Gekz> in memory, they're not haha
[09:36:12] <Gekz> so what happens if I decode('utf-8') modern chinese?
[09:36:19] <Gekz> buffer overflow in ucs2?
[09:36:22] <fuzzie> it depends on how your python was built!
[09:36:34] <Gekz> assuming python 3.1
[09:36:36] <Gekz> or python 2.6
[09:36:38] <fuzzie> still :)
[09:36:57] <Gekz> assuming int is 4 bits :P
[09:37:00] <fuzzie> in ucs2 mode you get surrogate characters
[09:37:21] <fuzzie> but linux distributions pretty universally build in ucs4 mode!
[09:38:34] <Gekz> I did know that
[09:38:40] <Gekz> actually
[09:38:41] <Gekz> haha
[09:38:46] <Gekz> I read it only last week
[09:38:53] <Gekz> I've just never suffered the surrogate issue
[09:39:05] <fuzzie> it only happens for fairly limited stuff
[09:39:13] <edheldil> modern chinese does not fit into ucs2? Oh, well ..
[09:39:27] <edheldil> s/modern/simplified/
[09:39:28] <fuzzie> some more obscure chinese characters (the PRC have a habit of scattering them around because they mandate support for the full set)
[09:39:59] <fuzzie> and unicode-standard emoji, which is why it is a nightmare for me recently
[09:40:14] <edheldil> hmm?
[09:40:23] <Gekz> is there a reason gemrb cant use ucs4?
[09:40:27] <edheldil> ehat's emoji? Esperanto for emoticons? :)
[09:40:39] <fuzzie> emoji are the little icons in japanese SMSes
[09:41:13] <fuzzie> they're encoded at SMS level using a carrier-specific encoding in the private use area
[09:41:27] <edheldil> i.e. you mean that japanese emoticons are not in the basic unicode plane, rrriiight?
[09:41:45] <fuzzie> and now, yes, they are indeed standardised outside the basic unicode plane :)
[09:42:27] <fuzzie> Gekz: i think it doesn't matter anyway :)
[09:42:34] <Gekz> I think it does
[09:44:15] <edheldil> well, here in CZ we had to use about at least 4 encodings before windows marginalized the other ones :(
[09:44:45] <edheldil> i.e. in DOS days
[09:44:46] <fuzzie> but now unicode makes everything better!
[09:45:34] <edheldil> actually I think Unicode is a good think
[09:45:39] <edheldil> thing
[09:47:10] <edheldil> the only flies in ointment are the encodings ... as before :-D
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[16:47:33] <salsaman> hi
[16:47:55] <salsaman> im having problems trying to play bg2
[16:50:31] <tomprince> salsaman: you'll need to provide more information
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[16:54:00] <salsaman> ok
[16:54:11] <salsaman> genrb 0.6.6
[16:54:25] <salsaman> ubuntu 64bit
[16:54:41] <salsaman> did a full install of bg2 soa using wine
[16:55:02] <salsaman> then applied the bioware patch, then th bg2 fixpack and bg2 tweaks
[16:55:22] <salsaman> ok, so it starts up ok with gemrb, goes all through character generation
[16:55:40] <salsaman> then it goes through the first cutscene
[16:56:02] <salsaman> the woman imoen (?) starts speaking
[16:56:11] <salsaman> i can reply with "who are you"
[16:56:18] <salsaman> but then it just gets stuck
[16:56:31] <salsaman> i can click around, but its like its stuck in dialog mode or something
[16:56:41] <salsaman> if i try to save the game it says cannot save in dialog mode
[16:57:32] <salsaman> i can switch to inventory, journal, etc
[16:57:51] <salsaman> but i just cant move around or speak
[16:58:39] <salsaman> then on the bottom part of the screen where the dialog is, the cursor is like a hand
[16:58:55] <salsaman> on the top part of the screen its like a no-entry sign
[16:59:18] <salsaman> i tried pressing all keys but nothing happens
[16:59:43] <salsaman> so any ideas ?
[17:00:59] <tomprince> Not off the top of my head, but what hacking I do tends to be lower level.
[17:01:08] <lynxlynxlynx> i think someone had a similar problem, but unfortunately it wasn't me
[17:01:30] <brad_a> the person that had that issue was on iOS and it was due to my custom mouse code
[17:01:52] <brad_a> i HOPE and dont think any of that got merged into master
[17:02:00] <salsaman> whats the normal way to close the dialog ?
[17:02:09] <tomprince> But somebody(such as lynxlynxlynx will evetually show up, and since you have included a description now, they can answer, whether or not you are at the keyboard.
[17:02:11] <lynxlynxlynx> talk through it
[17:02:21] <salsaman> ok, so its only giving me one prompt
[17:02:41] <salsaman> she says i have come to rescue you or something
[17:02:45] <lynxlynxlynx> so you ask her, then she doesn't reply?
[17:02:47] <salsaman> then i click on who are you
[17:02:57] <salsaman> she says we used to live near each other
[17:03:01] <salsaman> then thats it
[17:03:17] <brad_a> anything in the console?
[17:03:40] <salsaman> maybe this
[17:03:44] <salsaman> [ResourceManager]: Searching for chfw1.2da...[ERROR]
[17:03:49] <fuzzie> not sure if anyone has actually tested soa (not tob) recently
[17:04:06] <salsaman> if i install tob can i still play soa ?
[17:04:18] <salsaman> or does it change the game ?
[17:04:55] <fuzzie> it adds some new stuff at higher levels, but otherwise it's just a much-improved patch
[17:05:04] <Maighstir> when starting the game you get the choice of soa or tob, when choosing soa, you play through that story first, then switch over to top with the same party
[17:05:05] <salsaman> oh ok
[17:05:10] <salsaman> cool
[17:05:20] <Maighstir> s/top/tob/
[17:05:24] <salsaman> ill try a fresh install with tob installed then
[17:05:31] <lynxlynxlynx> it worked for me when it was reported
[17:06:08] <salsaman> ok let me try again
[17:06:42] <salsaman> i 'll try it in stages, first with a clean install, then with the fixpack, then with tweaks
[17:09:43] <Yoshimo> fun part is: dltcep shows more issues with fixpacks installed than without them :P
[17:13:45] <salsaman> heh
[17:18:45] <Yoshimo> i still believe somethings gone wrong there, but i have no intention to redo my install. Takes to long, requires all security measures to be turned off ...
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[17:51:54] <salsaman> thats very strange
[17:52:05] <salsaman> i installed just the bioware stuff
[17:52:13] <salsaman> soa and tob with patches
[17:52:18] <salsaman> the bug is still happening
[17:52:48] <salsaman> then i tried it again, in windowed mode, this time imoen just doesnt appear
[17:53:51] <Yoshimo> you mean the first meeting with her in candle keep or after the dead of your father?
[17:54:04] <salsaman> ah wait a moment
[17:54:17] <salsaman> i did a full install, but
[17:54:35] <salsaman> i didnt actually copy any of the files from cd2, cd3, etc
[17:54:41] <Maighstir> the option called "full install" isn't a full install
[17:54:52] <salsaman> do i need to copy the cds also ?
[17:54:53] <Maighstir> you need to choose "custom install" and select everything
[17:55:13] <salsaman> ah right
[17:55:18] <salsaman> maybe thats the problem then
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[17:55:47] <Maighstir> perhaps, I believe gameoncd was quite broken, wasn't it?
[17:56:00] <brad_a> thats what i hear yes
[17:56:06] <salsaman> i have gameoncd set to 0
[17:56:17] <salsaman> but i didnt create the directories cd2, cd3 etc
[17:56:19] <brad_a> and in fact didnt tomprince remove it? or was going to anyway
[17:56:45] <salsaman> ok so i will try a custom install then
[18:00:34] <salsaman> wait there isnt a custom install
[18:00:51] <salsaman> there is only: full, compact, and recommended
[18:01:04] <Yoshimo> bg1 and bg2 are diffrent imho
[18:01:50] <salsaman> ok, so i will do a full install
[18:01:57] <salsaman> then copy cd2, cd3, etc
[18:02:10] <salsaman> if it still doesnt work i will give up
[18:02:14] <Maighstir> that's what it sounds like, yes.
[18:03:43] <Maighstir> (I haven't done a BG2 install from discs in years, so that's my excuse for accidentally giving BG1 advice)
[18:13:25] <tomprince> GameOnCD has been renamed SlowBIFs, along with dropping the ability to run without some of the data availbable.
[18:14:12] <tomprince> It is now just a hint to copy the BIFs from the data directory to the cache, under the assumption that the former is slow, and the latter (relatively) fast.
[18:14:24] <tomprince> I don't know how well it works, it practice.
[18:20:21] <lynxlynxlynx> it's all to fishy
[18:20:31] <lynxlynxlynx> a full output log would be handy
[18:32:25] <salsaman> lynxlynxlynx, http://pastebin.com/hWGsP8KW
[18:46:56] <lynxlynxlynx> ok
[18:49:31] <lynxlynxlynx> nothing interesting
[18:50:33] <lynxlynxlynx> when she speaks last, do you have a continue button below? are there any graphical glitches?
[19:01:30] <salsaman> no there is no continue button
[19:01:48] <salsaman> no other graphical glitches as far as i can tell
[19:01:55] <salsaman> but ive never played it before
[19:04:38] <brad_a> what resolution did you put in the config?
[19:07:14] <lynxlynxlynx> does just pressing enter help?
[19:17:16] <salsaman> nothing works
[19:17:21] <salsaman> i tried another install
[19:17:28] <salsaman> now the woman never appears
[19:17:38] <salsaman> and there is no cursor at ll
[19:17:40] <salsaman> all
[19:18:07] <salsaman> its weird though
[19:18:36] <salsaman> when the game starts it looks different.....there is kind of a border around the center with buttons
[19:18:53] <salsaman> then that disappears and the cut scene starts and it never comes back
[19:19:15] <salsaman> before when the woman was appearing there were buttons on the left, and a character portrait on the right
[19:19:37] <salsaman> um yes i put it in 1024x768 fullscreen
[19:19:50] <salsaman> i have now tried 800x600 too, fullscreen and windowed
[19:19:55] <salsaman> pretty much the same
[19:23:34] <brad_a> um there isnt supposed to be a cursor etc during that time.
[19:23:53] <salsaman> yeah but the cutscene never finishes
[19:29:03] <salsaman> i give up
[19:29:21] <salsaman> i 'll try again in a year or so when gemrb is more mature
[19:32:11] <lynxlynxlynx> pfft
[19:32:43] <lynxlynxlynx> this cutscene has been working for years
[19:35:49] <lynxlynxlynx> you can kill it though
[19:35:56] <lynxlynxlynx> just press ctrl-space
[19:36:04] <lynxlynxlynx> EndCutSceneMode()
[19:36:52] <Yoshimo> all things that went wrong so far here are either mine or biowares fault, not gemrbs ^^
[19:37:02] <lynxlynxlynx> still works fine here, just like before the release
[19:37:49] <lynxlynxlynx> Yoshimo: you should complain about more obvious stuff :)
[19:39:06] <Yoshimo> i suck at playing the game , very obvious ;)
[19:45:22] <salsaman> ok that endcutscenemode works !
[19:45:47] <salsaman> but now i am stuck in the cage
[19:45:56] <salsaman> the woman still hasnt appeared
[19:46:30] <salsaman> i guess she is supposed to come and unlock the door for me
[19:54:52] <brad_a> it sounds like there is a scripting issue???
[19:55:37] <brad_a> shouldnt that show in the logs tho?
[19:56:20] <lynxlynxlynx> not so likely, but worth a check
[20:01:30] <salsaman> [ResourceManager]: Searching for nshd.2da...[ERROR]
[20:01:38] <salsaman> thats the only thing that looks likely
[20:02:50] <salsaman> maybe i will try an install again
[20:02:59] <lynxlynxlynx> that one is irrelevant
[20:12:28] <salsaman> hmm now i cant install
[20:12:39] <salsaman> something broke in my wine setup
[20:12:49] <salsaman> im gonna try again later
[20:20:10] <salsaman> after my next reboot
[20:20:20] <salsaman> tahnks for the help !
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[20:20:43] <Yoshimo> we should promote that bug, so it gets closed:https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+bug/148427 ;)
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[20:30:59] <lynxlynxlynx> everyone seems to be getting it through playdeb
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