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[05:43:56] <Pepelka> [wiki] pst_quests - [Alley of Lingering Sighs] succesfully managed to create three way banter with walls http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=pst_quests&rev=1389418870&do=diff
[06:02:45] <chiv> That's it, to the best of my knowledge I have uncovered all the problems that break the main quest path now
[06:10:09] <chiv> now someone just has to do magic and we have a playable game :)
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[10:53:35] <Beholder> hi
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[10:57:45] <lynxlynxlynx> gmornin
[11:25:34] <wjp> hi
[11:25:59] <wjp> Beholder: I tried your GL renderer last night, and it's running very nicely here. Great work!
[11:26:29] <Beholder> thank you, but not a true
[11:26:48] <Beholder> i have one very bad issue
[11:27:16] <Beholder> and i do not know how to fix it
[11:27:54] <Beholder> i used pointer to palette in part of key in palettemanager
[11:28:13] <Beholder> if palette is been deleted that causes a corruption of memory
[11:28:42] <Beholder> because the key is const in std::map and can't be modified
[11:29:39] <Beholder> but renderer knows nothing about palette deletions
[11:30:03] <Beholder> and can't properly modify map
[11:30:39] <lynxlynxlynx> you could use a multimap with another field to mark validity, but i'm sure there's a better way
[11:32:39] <wjp> hm, we could do either notifications, or have the palette manager keep a lock on the palettes too and delete the ones with refcount 1 regularly
[11:37:01] <fuzzie> that was my suggestion
[11:37:08] <fuzzie> we have a comvenient IsShared function, even
[11:37:14] <fuzzie> (on train)
[11:37:50] <wjp> indeed
[11:38:07] <wjp> so when inserting it into the map do an acquire() on the palette so it can't be deleted
[11:38:37] <wjp> and then regularly check all palettes, and release() the ones with !IsShared()
[11:42:15] <fuzzie> ou do have to keep a separate vector, or const_cast the ptr
[11:44:23] <fuzzie> or just leak them I guess :)
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[12:05:31] <Pepelka> [wiki] pst_quests - [Buried Village] http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=pst_quests&rev=1389441601&do=diff
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[13:23:12] <Beholder> thats all, my patience has ended
[14:10:11] <Beholder> which function may create sprite not with current video driver?
[14:12:21] <Beholder> i mean FogSprites[i]
[14:12:46] <Beholder> FogSprites is a not a GLSprites
[14:13:01] <Pepelka> [wiki] pst_bugs - [Inventory] two down http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=pst_bugs&rev=1389449418&do=diff
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[14:15:25] <wjp> hm, those are created in Interface::LoadSprites()
[14:15:59] <wjp> with some settings they may be created by CreateAlpha()
[14:17:34] <Beholder> LoadSprites do not use GreateSprite8 from driver?
[14:18:00] <wjp> they're BAM sprites, or MirrorSpriteVertical/Horizontal copies of that
[14:18:09] <wjp> or created by CreateSprite() via CreateAlpha()
[14:23:27] <Beholder> oh
[14:23:39] <Beholder> i forget the copy constructor
[14:24:12] <Beholder> it was a mine
[15:18:40] <fuzzie> if you get stuck, you can always ask one of us to fix something
[15:18:59] <fuzzie> but we're slow, and it's your code :)
[15:47:06] <Beholder> how to save screenshot to file?
[15:47:27] <Beholder> is gemrb already have method?
[15:48:06] <fuzzie> isn't there a cheat key?
[15:48:13] <fuzzie> I am on phone, can'tmlook
[15:55:13] <lynxlynxlynx> we don't have a method to save it yet
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[15:56:49] <lynxlynxlynx> i guess BMPWriter::PutImage is the way to go, since png support is optional
[16:09:00] <Beholder> i have a problem with save preview
[16:09:08] <Beholder> it comes black
[16:09:19] <Beholder> but pixels that i get is valid
[16:09:29] <Beholder> tried to save it to bmp file
[16:10:50] <lynxlynxlynx> does the scaling work?
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[17:34:47] <Beholder> committed a new version
[17:34:58] <Beholder> more more clean and stable
[17:35:24] <Beholder> and we have a bug in actor generation
[17:36:40] <Beholder> Spellbook.cpp line 414
[17:38:21] <Beholder> to reproduce: new game -> import mage ->set all instead name -> click cancel
[17:44:23] <brada> i assume this is BG1
[17:47:29] <Beholder> yeah
[17:50:05] <brada> i dont have any mages to import perhaps you can just report the error
[17:50:10] <Beholder> import mage, than cancel
[17:50:19] <Beholder> no other needed
[17:50:20] <brada> i dont have any
[17:50:26] <Beholder> hm
[17:50:49] <brada> lynx would ill bet :D
[17:52:13] <Beholder> http://i-fotki.info/16/b227988137e2c9ff1715622e31812101bc8616172122772.jpg.html
[17:52:14] <Pepelka> Ifotki.info - бесплатный хостинг фотографий для форумов, дневников, гостевых книг
[17:52:15] <Pepelka> »Ресурс для публикации фотографий на форумах, дневника, личных страницах«
[17:52:26] <brada> ah
[17:52:27] <brada> thanks
[17:52:30] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll check
[17:52:42] <brada> another iterator error
[17:53:01] <brada> ++ms?
[17:53:45] <Beholder> ms-- :)
[17:53:49] <Beholder> line 414
[17:54:00] <brada> i know im talking about the loop part
[17:54:25] <brada> its odd to have a loop that both increments and decrements
[17:54:53] <Beholder> right
[17:55:58] <lynxlynxlynx> not really, vectors get reordered
[17:59:56] <lynxlynxlynx> ouch, the bg1 import textarea is hardly working
[18:01:13] <brada> anyway just add a check for sm->memorized_spells.end()
[18:01:28] <brada> er
[18:01:31] <brada> beginning
[18:01:35] <brada> rend
[18:09:59] <brada> it looks like RemoveSpell may have the same error
[18:12:39] <brada> isnt this typically what remove_if is for?
[18:12:54] <brada> or something similar
[18:15:59] <brada> i guess we cant do something taht simple because we have to delete the pointer
[18:43:14] <Pepelka> [wiki] todo - [Shared] http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=todo&rev=1389465592&do=diff
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[18:57:22] <Beholder> let's try my latest version, i need response :)
[18:58:28] <lynxlynxlynx> brada: did you notice that keypad 2 4 6 and 8 don't work anymore? They're treated like numlock is always off
[18:58:45] <brada> i dont have a keypad so no :(
[18:58:52] <lynxlynxlynx> Beholder: anything in particular you want tested?
[18:59:00] <lynxlynxlynx> ... and this is sdl1
[19:01:53] <lynxlynxlynx> Morale: -100 current morale:-100 :D
[19:03:43] <Beholder> lynx: textareas, it was buggy. I need to info about palette manager too, stability, and palettes integrity (previous version loses palettes sometimes0,00)
[19:06:08] <Beholder> now i checked for "IsShared" for attached palettes, and deletes palettes that not shared
[19:06:25] <Beholder> not palettes, textures of cource
[19:06:40] <lynxlynxlynx> SDL20GLVideo.cpp:716:17: error: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Werror=sign-compare]
[19:06:40] <lynxlynxlynx> for(int i=0; i<h; i++)
[19:07:46] <lynxlynxlynx> + the palette manager is missing an include - complains about missing memcpy
[19:08:16] <Beholder> different compiler = different errors
[19:08:35] <lynxlynxlynx> #include <string.h> does it
[19:08:44] <lynxlynxlynx> then it builds fine
[19:08:50] <brada> comparison between signed and unsigned integer is not compiler specific :p
[19:10:17] <lynxlynxlynx> ~ 90M more memory used, 4% more proc
[19:10:54] <lynxlynxlynx> ok more, proc was stable at 7-8 before, now it's 14-15
[19:11:12] <lynxlynxlynx> but to actual bugs: items on the ground are highlighted by default
[19:11:34] <lynxlynxlynx> and indeed the scrolling is not perfect in the save window - perpixel instead of per slot
[19:12:01] <Beholder> memory more than sdl1.2 ver?
[19:12:49] <brada> lynx: we need a way to differentiate the scrolling behaviors
[19:12:58] <lynxlynxlynx> it's leaking about 1M/s
[19:13:08] <Beholder> in game?
[19:13:09] <brada> actually we may have that
[19:13:12] <lynxlynxlynx> in game
[19:13:17] <Beholder> hm
[19:13:22] <lynxlynxlynx> brada: it's fine in sdl1
[19:13:39] <brada> because SDL2 doesnt support perpixel scrolling
[19:13:41] <brada> er
[19:13:43] <brada> sdl1
[19:14:03] <brada> if it did you would have the same "problem"
[19:14:11] <brada> and dragging the scrollbars will show you
[19:14:15] <brada> but i think i have an idea
[19:14:47] <brada> we can jsut check the ta variable i think
[19:14:51] <lynxlynxlynx> actor feet circles aren't drawn
[19:15:00] <brada> if its non-null then scroll per-pixel
[19:15:05] <brada> otherwise scroll by value
[19:15:40] <Beholder> no memory leaks for me in bg1
[19:15:59] <lynxlynxlynx> i can valgrind it if you want
[19:17:59] <Beholder> it may helps
[19:18:06] <brada> anyway i think i can "fix" the scrollbars easily, including the drag behavior.
[19:22:08] <lynxlynxlynx> ok
[19:25:38] <Pepelka> [wiki] todo - portrait icons + obsolete fr http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=todo&rev=1389468181&do=diff
[19:25:44] <Beholder> get leaks too
[19:27:27] <lynxlynxlynx> http://sprunge.us/NHBR
[19:30:10] <brada> lynx: scrollbars fixed
[19:31:06] <lynxlynxlynx> seems my log is pretty useless
[19:31:14] <lynxlynxlynx> all that tlk stuff would happen anyway
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[19:31:22] <lynxlynxlynx> it's a mod save without the mod present
[19:31:41] <lynxlynxlynx> and the sdl event warnings are the same as with sdl1
[19:32:06] <Beholder> and a dont see anything about renderer
[19:34:02] <lynxlynxlynx> it's leaking in a normal save too, just a bit slower
[19:34:14] <lynxlynxlynx> and the loot and feet circle bug remain
[19:35:57] <brada> beholder im sure hasnt yet implemented drawing ellipses.
[19:36:00] <Beholder> i get leaks after any dialog
[19:36:15] <brada> does master leak too?
[19:36:26] <brada> i know there are minor leaks, but nothing like you report
[19:36:52] <lynxlynxlynx> didn't try dialog
[19:37:01] <lynxlynxlynx> anyway, if you haven't already http://sprunge.us/LaZV
[19:38:48] <Beholder> brada: i can't test master
[19:39:02] <brada> well you arent seeing leaks anyway
[19:39:14] <brada> so i was more asking lynx
[19:39:20] <Beholder> it is difficult to build it on windows
[19:39:25] <brada> oh?
[19:39:31] <lynxlynxlynx> both are seeing leaks
[19:39:42] <brada> dont you just run cmake like on other desktop platforms
[19:40:30] <Beholder> i need to download install it, download sdl 1.2 and more more other
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[19:41:04] <Beholder> but dialogs causes leaks for me
[19:41:12] <brada> im not suprise
[19:41:19] <brada> i think one of the known leaks is with strings
[19:41:40] <brada> lynx: i dont get any leaks just standing in game
[19:41:50] <brada> do you have to do some action to get a leak
[19:42:28] <lynxlynxlynx> Beholder: you can use sdl2 just like in your branch
[19:42:44] <brada> ^ that too
[19:43:41] <lynxlynxlynx> it's fine in sdl1
[19:44:10] <Beholder> may be anyone can build master for windows?
[19:44:34] <brada> ok i lied i do get leak just standing around
[19:44:53] <brada> maybe its the message window
[19:45:19] <brada> i can run through an actuall profiler in a min instead of just looking at mem use
[19:45:30] <Beholder> likely
[19:45:48] <brada> anyway clang reports a possible leak in Variables::SetAtCopy(
[19:46:38] <lynxlynxlynx> valgrind too
[19:47:22] <lynxlynxlynx> Beholder: what did you do, so that your repo builds and ours doesn't for you?
[19:47:54] <Beholder> for my repo i create 30+ projects in VS
[19:48:06] <Beholder> for each plugin
[19:48:07] <lynxlynxlynx> heh
[19:48:23] <lynxlynxlynx> well that can be reused for master
[19:48:39] <lynxlynxlynx> only the video plugin would need more complication
[19:48:49] <Beholder> i need to edit all paths(
[19:48:57] <brada> Leaked Object # Address Size Responsible Library Responsible Frame
[19:48:58] <brada> Malloc 112 Bytes 5 < multiple > 560 Bytes GUIScript.so GemRB_AddNewArea(_object*, _object*)
[19:48:58] <Beholder> oh right
[19:49:06] <Beholder> i replace only video
[19:49:18] <lynxlynxlynx> on that matter, once you're happy enough with the code, we can merge it in our master and you can work forward there
[19:50:38] <brada> so the slow increase in memory im seeing isnt leaked, maybe a retain cycle?
[19:50:43] <brada> or just really the message window
[19:50:55] <brada> but it doesnt seem like it should be adding that much...
[19:51:01] <Beholder> heh
[19:51:10] <Beholder> i'm on old driver
[19:51:22] <Beholder> SDL20 not gl
[19:51:34] <Beholder> all highlighted too
[19:51:42] <Beholder> not a my issue
[19:52:36] <lynxlynxlynx> :)
[19:52:58] <brada> probably an input issue
[19:53:14] <brada> SDL2 was never meant/used on anything but touchscreens before
[19:53:36] <Beholder> no leaks in dialog
[19:54:01] <Beholder> small memory usage
[19:54:31] <Beholder> 32 bit textures eats too many memory
[19:55:27] <Beholder> textareas is a mine for me
[19:55:34] <Beholder> attached palettes
[19:57:10] <Beholder> and i dont know how to fix it
[19:59:16] <brada> Leaked Object # Address Size Responsible Library Responsible Frame
[19:59:17] <brada> Malloc 32 Bytes 1 0x10247e1b0 32 Bytes OpenAL OALSource::AddPlaybackMessage(unsigned int, OALBuffer*, unsigned int)
[19:59:30] <brada> Beholder: please dont worry about problems with text right now
[20:01:31] <brada> that openal leak happens when changing areas too
[20:03:17] <brada> heh looks like its a problem with Apple's openal implementation
[20:10:56] <Beholder> it's a simple avoid leaks in textareas: delete texture after blitting. but this kill performance)
[20:13:49] <fuzzie> did you try checkingnthe refcounts every frame?
[20:14:09] <fuzzie> but as brada said, therenis no point worrying about text
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[20:45:49] <Beholder> seems i don't fix it now, textarea generates many new palettes
[20:48:16] <brada> we keep telling you that :p
[20:48:41] <brada> there is no point in you wasting time writing code that will be thrown out later
[21:11:42] <edheldil_> heh, my daughter attended a chess competition today... I am not a chess player, but I will have nightmares from what I have seen there :)
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[22:13:13] <Beholder> maybe we make pixels not const and private and add virtual GetPixels() method in Sprite2D?
[22:13:31] <Beholder> i do not need pixels after creating texture
[22:13:45] <Beholder> but pixels eats my memory
[22:18:42] <fuzzie> what happens if you lose the textures, though?
[22:19:20] <fuzzie> e.g. if someone gets a phone call and gemrb loses focus
[22:22:54] <Beholder> why lose textures, i know i may lose context, but not textures
[22:23:11] <fuzzie> if you lose the context, how would you get the textures back?
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[22:25:47] <Beholder> i think, I think there is a better solution than keeping pixels
[22:26:15] <Beholder> gemrb eats too many memory now
[22:26:34] <Beholder> with gl driver
[22:26:34] <fuzzie> how much?
[22:26:37] <fuzzie> I mean, how much really
[22:26:56] <Beholder> >100Mb in BG1 first area
[22:27:01] <fuzzie> of sprite memory?
[22:27:34] <Beholder> 1.2 version eats half of that
[22:28:00] <Beholder> without textures
[22:30:14] <fuzzie> here, gemrb allocates ~72mb there with GL
[22:31:09] <Beholder> on startup, because i create textures only in blitSprite
[22:31:21] <Beholder> try move actor
[22:31:23] <fuzzie> oh, you don't delete the textures?
[22:31:28] <Beholder> or scroll map
[22:31:38] <Beholder> only in destructor
[22:31:41] <fuzzie> but, well
[22:31:47] <fuzzie> if you have a better idea than keeping pixels..
[22:32:05] <Beholder> may be compress it?
[22:32:29] <fuzzie> I wanted an on-demand system
[22:32:36] <fuzzie> but that's not easy to do
[22:32:48] <fuzzie> and in any case you'd still have to delete textures
[22:33:42] <Beholder> at what time?
[22:33:49] <fuzzie> when they haven't been rendered recently
[22:34:26] <fuzzie> after some time in bg1 first area, gemrb has allocated 82mb
[22:34:51] <Beholder> you move your actor?
[22:34:59] <fuzzie> yes
[22:35:04] <fuzzie> 20mb of that is pixels for tiles
[22:35:40] <Beholder> try bg2
[22:36:03] <fuzzie> 12mb is caused by CreatePalettedSprite, 18mb is opengl driver, 7mb is BAM pixels
[22:36:25] <fuzzie> 3.7mb is MOS pixels which you can make 1/4th by using paletted tiles instead..
[22:37:34] <Beholder> 18 mb driver, interesting what is it
[22:38:11] <Beholder> i get more than 100mb on bg1
[22:38:19] <Beholder> 80 on startup
[22:38:21] <fuzzie> this is real memory allocation
[22:38:34] <brada> you probably shouldnt worry about it ATM.
[22:38:37] <fuzzie> process will use more
[22:38:43] <fuzzie> due to OS overhead
[22:42:10] <Beholder> i walked around a castle and get 173MB!
[22:42:34] <Beholder> in SDL1.2 it 85 mb maximum
[22:43:12] <fuzzie> you're leaking, then
[22:43:17] <Beholder> no
[22:43:40] <fuzzie> no?
[22:43:47] <Beholder> if i staying in one place memory usage is stable
[22:43:50] <fuzzie> I will try with your latest build
[22:44:26] <Beholder> i added a hack to avoid "textarea leaking"
[22:44:36] <fuzzie> but, yes, if you don't free your textures then you will use a lot of memory over time..
[22:44:38] <Beholder> that kill performance
[22:45:01] <Beholder> i freead all attached textures
[22:45:06] <Beholder> freed
[22:45:21] <Beholder> palettes i mean
[22:45:46] <fuzzie> you mean, locally, or on github?
[22:45:56] <Beholder> locally
[22:46:02] <Beholder> i can commit
[22:46:15] <Beholder> but this fix causes very low fps
[22:46:30] <Beholder> if any textareas on screen
[22:47:03] <brada> again, quit worrying about text
[22:47:17] <fuzzie> the code currently on github doesn't use any more memory afaict
[22:48:18] <Beholder> done
[22:48:22] <fuzzie> it does indeed leak all the palettes though
[22:49:16] <Beholder> to many memory usage for mobile devices
[22:49:25] <fuzzie> yes, you have to free the textures :)
[22:50:08] <fuzzie> your latest branch is fine too, still ~82mb peak
[22:51:07] <fuzzie> biggest consumer by far is tiles, probably you can stream those a bit
[22:52:22] <fuzzie> but what is your target memory usage amount?
[22:52:46] <brada> the new text system will help here too right?
[22:52:56] <fuzzie> no, it'll make it worse
[22:53:40] <brada> how so?
[22:53:47] <Beholder> a 150-200mb maximum, i think we dont eat more
[22:54:05] <fuzzie> brada: your new text system will guzzle memory, right? :)
[22:54:40] <Beholder> ipads has 512mb-1gb
[22:54:42] <fuzzie> if I start Candy Crush Saga on my phone, it is using 90mb right away
[22:54:57] <Beholder> and half of that are used by system
[22:55:02] <fuzzie> and it is a trivial 2D puzzle game which does nothing
[22:55:29] <Beholder> old gemrb with 1.2 eats 150 mb at maximum
[22:55:33] <fuzzie> it doesn't keep textures in memory though
[22:55:35] <Beholder> on android
[22:55:39] <fuzzie> which is really annoying
[22:55:42] <fuzzie> it's so sloooow
[22:55:46] --> tomprince has joined #gemrb
[22:55:50] <Beholder> slow?
[22:55:52] <fuzzie> yes
[22:55:57] <Beholder> heh
[22:55:59] <brada> unbearably :)
[22:56:03] <fuzzie> I mean, candy crush, not gemrb :P
[22:56:08] <Beholder> 2.0 you mean?
[22:56:24] <fuzzie> it annoys me to hell, you get a phone call and it reloads all the textures from the apk, takes like 20 seconds, really stupid
[22:57:08] <fuzzie> so my bias is, I would prefer gemrb be fast, please :)
[22:57:17] <Beholder> with pelya SDL old gemrb gets stable 30 fps on my old phone
[22:57:28] <fuzzie> what res? :)
[22:57:34] <Beholder> 800x480
[22:57:42] <fuzzie> even at 1280x800 it's unusable
[22:57:58] <Beholder> i'll try, my new phone is fullhd
[22:58:04] <brada> does it suffer the same problem i reported about ios?
[22:58:06] <fuzzie> at 1920x1080 it's *really* bad :p
[22:58:11] <brada> the SDL_Delay thing
[22:58:17] <fuzzie> not afaik but who knows?
[22:58:26] <brada> well you could try it :p
[22:58:33] <fuzzie> yes but how would I tell?
[22:59:06] <brada> take out the SDL_delay and see if you can get more than 10 fps :p ?
[22:59:11] <fuzzie> then I'd have to build it
[22:59:15] <brada> ah :)
[22:59:20] <fuzzie> which is basically impossible
[22:59:34] <fuzzie> android devs *really* enjoy making their software annoying to build afaict
[23:01:20] <brada> i can reduce the memory the new text system will use for textareas, but other than that not so much :(
[23:01:25] <Beholder> but what about compressing pixels?
[23:01:41] <fuzzie> well sure
[23:01:48] <brada> RLE
[23:01:56] <fuzzie> but it won't help enough
[23:02:01] <fuzzie> like I said, largest consumer is tiles
[23:02:29] <fuzzie> so we could stream tiles but then that has performance consequences
[23:02:52] <fuzzie> so not something to do right now before the opengl code is stable
[23:02:59] <Beholder> on scroll
[23:03:27] <brada> yes, get the shaders all implemented and working.
[23:03:47] <lynxlynxlynx> which are missing?
[23:03:57] <brada> i dont know
[23:04:13] <fuzzie> are the circles working?
[23:04:20] <brada> yeah elipse drawing
[23:04:21] <fuzzie> or do we want to do those as textures?
[23:05:05] <brada> i dont think he finished the screenshot implementation either
[23:05:27] <fuzzie> the problem with doing tile loading on-scroll is, it's slow
[23:05:34] <fuzzie> so you want to preemptively load them
[23:05:53] <fuzzie> but if you're trying to save *texture* memory, you also have to add another layer
[23:06:09] <fuzzie> where you can make sprites 'inactive' and drop the texture
[23:06:22] <brada> yes
[23:06:29] <brada> not so easy
[23:06:40] <fuzzie> and that's much easier to implement initially, we can simply drop the textures for all tiles which are more than a tile or so off-screen
[23:07:10] <brada> but then dont you create/destroy tiles frequently?
[23:07:13] <fuzzie> and for anim frames which aren't either (a) in an active anim or (b) the first frame of an anim
[23:07:22] <fuzzie> yes, but it doesn't matter so much if it's just textures
[23:07:40] <brada> ok :)
[23:07:46] <fuzzie> I mean, if you're *really* pushed for vram
[23:08:23] <fuzzie> and that kind of active/inactive split would be pretty easy to implement
[23:08:40] <fuzzie> you could also make the opengl code BAM-aware
[23:08:42] <Beholder> how to check that tile goes off screen?
[23:08:45] <brada> sure, but it sounded like it wasnt VRAM that Beholder is complaining about
[23:08:49] <fuzzie> Beholder: not in the video code P
[23:08:50] <fuzzie> :P
[23:08:58] <fuzzie> video code should *not* know game state, so
[23:08:58] <brada> yes, not something for you to worry about
[23:09:19] <fuzzie> but if you can implement a function which drops the texture, we can look into using it, if it helps you
[23:10:05] <fuzzie> and I guess we can easily build a proxy BAM sprite which decompresses on-the-fly
[23:10:16] <brada> sure
[23:10:30] <Beholder> ok, i'll add support for ellipses and other effects and wait for textarea fixes
[23:11:22] <Beholder> function tht drops a texture is a five lines of code
[23:11:39] <fuzzie> yes, that's why I suggest it
[23:12:19] <Beholder> ok
[23:13:14] --> Canageek has joined #gemrb
[23:14:03] <Beholder> i'll add method (virtual) with does nothing in SDLVideo too
[23:18:04] <brada> wouldnt it be better on the sprite class?
[23:22:09] <Beholder> or right
[23:22:20] <Beholder> i mistakes
[23:23:05] <fuzzie> brada: am assuming sensible platforms where vram/ram equivalent :)
[23:23:38] <fuzzie> not the case on my phone which has it hardcoded as kernel param :-/
[23:23:45] <brada> hmm
[23:23:49] <fuzzie> but I think it's largely true on the kind of devices where you can play gemrb
[23:23:52] <brada> yes
[23:24:31] <brada> on devices where the difference between 80 and 100 MB is significant :)
[23:24:46] <brada> on my laptop with 16GB of ram i care not :p
[23:27:33] <Beholder> haha, on my laptop RAM=VRAM and maximum RAM available as VRAM is 384mb
[23:28:13] <Beholder> and small 12'' display
[23:28:56] <Beholder> p a i n f u l
[23:30:26] <fuzzie> brada: your legacy laptop!
[23:30:52] <brada> well it is over a year old! time to upgrade ;)
[23:31:05] <fuzzie> remember, if it doesn't have at least 10 hours of battery life, put it in the bin.
[23:31:18] <Beholder> 4 hours approx
[23:31:35] <Beholder> and beautiful ips display
[23:31:51] <Beholder> but only small(
[23:31:56] <fuzzie> yes, IPS display also mandatory
[23:32:19] <fuzzie> also reasonable resolution please, none of this 1366x768 nonsense :(
[23:34:28] <fuzzie> but I think maximum RAM you get in such a device is about 2gb, very annoying
[23:34:33] <Beholder> I myself installed this LCD on laptop instead ugly TN one
[23:34:44] <Beholder> 4Gb of ram 1280x800 res
[23:34:52] <fuzzie> so, really low res :)
[23:34:58] <Beholder> 12''
[23:36:00] <fuzzie> not excuse :p
[23:36:09] <Beholder> added MakeUnused() method that kills all textures
[23:37:05] <Beholder> and now go to sleep
[23:37:12] <fuzzie> tempted by the tf701t right now, 2560x1600 10" display, >15 hours battery, but .. 2gb RAM :(
[23:37:25] <fuzzie> thanks, sleep well!
[23:38:32] <Beholder> i think this res not needed for 10'' as well as fullhd on my phone
[23:38:34] <Beholder> bye
[23:38:45] <-- Beholder has left IRC (Quit: Leaving)