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[00:35:13] <brad_a> chiv: any progress on your interface stuff?
[00:36:20] <chiv> nah not really, been trying to work out how gemrb manages ground piles
[00:37:30] <chiv> I want to build a feature where you can search a specific area rather than fiddle with a million piles
[00:39:16] <brad_a> i thought gemrb had "auto loot"
[00:39:27] <chiv> well, its a cheat key
[00:39:39] <brad_a> an indispensible one :)
[00:39:49] <brad_a> how exactly is it implemented tho?
[00:39:54] <brad_a> jsut pick up everything?
[00:39:54] <chiv> now that I know its there, cant imagine playing without it
[00:40:00] <chiv> yeah, off the whole map
[00:40:04] <brad_a> or does it just get gold and magic items?
[00:40:10] <brad_a> oh whole map?
[00:40:19] <chiv> nah it just mashes all the piles together
[00:40:19] <brad_a> thats disappointing
[00:40:24] <chiv> then you can look at it as one
[00:40:38] <brad_a> oh i see. thats neat but not what i thought
[00:41:21] <chiv> how would you implement it if you were going to? I havent really decided yet
[00:42:29] <brad_a> well not like a cheat so just go though ground piles and autogather gold and auto stash gems and scrolls into bags and then just magic items
[00:42:36] <brad_a> and quest items
[00:44:06] <chiv> thats more or less what I was thinking, but have some sort of menu of all the items nearby and pick what you want
[00:44:28] <brad_a> that would probably be easier
[00:44:33] <brad_a> and maybe better
[00:44:49] <brad_a> you should sort it to have magic items first tho if you can
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[00:46:18] <chiv> I just need to find out how to search the area around a char without picking up impossible to see/reach stuff
[00:46:45] <brad_a> yeah thats the real trick
[00:47:20] <chiv> and i dont know enough about the guts yet
[00:48:24] <brad_a> when you hold alt do chests outside of view highlight?
[00:48:33] <brad_a> if not then maybe they would yield a clue
[00:49:14] <chiv> nah, they highlight in fog as well
[00:49:16] <brad_a> well probably test with a pile instead of a chest. maybe they already know when they are visible
[00:49:20] <chiv> not sure about original game
[00:50:56] <brad_a> i think there is a method of getting a path to a point form an actor
[00:51:14] <chiv> although, the actual interface building itself wont be hard, its just pointless without the features i want :)
[00:51:32] <brad_a> htat would robably help for getting the distance
[00:51:51] <brad_a> and it should curve if there is anything in the way
[00:52:44] <chiv> that could work
[00:55:20] <brad_a> probalby should look at how the fog of war works
[00:56:08] <brad_a> id say grab anything not obscured by that should be available for auto picking
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[01:00:15] <chiv> heh, im not even sure where the fog is at this moment
[01:02:05] <brad_a> chiv: area->IsVisible( point ) or something
[01:02:24] <brad_a> so what you need already exists i think
[01:02:28] <chiv> ah, that is useful
[01:04:02] <chiv> everytime I go browsing through the code I have a sense of awe at how far it has had to come
[01:04:24] <brad_a> yes i felt that way at first, but you will geet a feel for it
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[05:52:07] <Beh0lder> hi all
[05:52:12] <brad_a> hello
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[08:31:21] <edheldil> Morning
[08:32:21] <fuzzie> morning!
[08:42:04] <lynxlynxlynx> moo
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[19:11:55] <Beholder> fuzzie: gemrb may run on all android devices with version>1.6. But i don't test it on tablets. alx3apps has SGTab, seems
[19:13:00] <brad_a> fuzzie: can i just skip everything in "modules" when compiling pythin then?
[19:13:25] <lynxlynxlynx> just try
[19:13:33] <fuzzie> Beholder: well, building against an SDK above 10 disables all compatibility features
[19:13:35] <brad_a> will do
[19:13:37] <lynxlynxlynx> you have at least one very dedicated tester
[19:13:44] <brad_a> true
[19:14:26] <brad_a> wish he would come in IRC since the forums are down and i want to get this build ironed out so i can move on to other tasks
[19:16:34] <fuzzie> but i guess i should try latest gemrb build again
[19:17:08] <fuzzie> and see if 3.x is issue compared to 2.3.x
[19:17:21] <fuzzie> do we have any news on forum this time?
[19:17:30] <lynxlynxlynx> working on it
[19:18:02] <lynxlynxlynx> when it went down the last time ace said the fixing may involve it being inaccessible again
[19:18:11] <fuzzie> yes, i saw
[19:18:51] <brad_a> inaccessable sure, but i wouldnt think the site suspended thing would be part of it
[19:19:14] <Beholder> fuzzie: you trying to build gemrb for android?
[19:19:59] <fuzzie> Beholder: it would be nice, if you have a hint
[19:21:10] <lynxlynxlynx> it would be nice to have this info on the wiki
[19:21:34] <lynxlynxlynx> i was wise the days before and migrated some of the stickies there :)
[19:21:45] <fuzzie> well, the libsdl android port is just one huge git repository with everything in it, including the games
[19:22:02] <fuzzie> so no idea if instructions would remain stable
[19:22:16] <lynxlynxlynx> even if it is just that pointer
[19:22:48] <lynxlynxlynx> the wiki is our central knowledge base, so it should have everything possible
[19:22:54] <Beholder> I'll look my build options tomorrow. It on another pc.
[19:23:17] <fuzzie> i have no time to do real builds!
[19:23:23] <fuzzie> but would be nice for experimenting sometimes
[19:24:32] <lynxlynxlynx> how about experimenting with irenicus? ;(
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[19:25:21] <Beh0lder> http://www.crystax.net/ru/android/ndk
[19:25:45] <Beh0lder> http://www.crystax.net/en/android/ndk
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[19:53:51] <Yoshimo> at which point should gemrb think about creating its own forum? ;)
[19:54:04] <fuzzie> they're v.annoying to maintain
[19:56:14] <Yoshimo> i bet its not easy keeping them free of spam
[19:56:50] <brad_a> i dont understand why people span forums. just to be annoying? i cant imagine it being lucrative.
[19:57:27] <Yoshimo> spam in itself is stupidly cheap, and if only a few people buy this shit,they made profit
[19:57:28] <Beh0lder> e-mail activating and captcha will help
[19:57:52] <brad_a> no guest posting either
[19:58:04] <Beh0lder> of course
[19:58:58] <brad_a> wow. my libPython.a is still 10.5 mb
[19:59:55] <Beh0lder> I have my own forum few years
[19:59:59] <Beh0lder> strip it
[20:00:28] <Beh0lder> ops, a, why not so?
[20:00:41] <Beh0lder> you build it as static?
[20:00:47] <brad_a> yes
[20:02:19] <fuzzie> then the size is meaningless
[20:02:31] <fuzzie> but strip should still work fine on .a, right?
[20:03:34] <Beh0lder> .a no needs to strip
[20:03:57] <Beh0lder> it linked statically
[20:04:03] <fuzzie> if brad_a wants to see the true size, it should be stripped, though
[20:04:16] <Beh0lder> )
[20:04:20] <Beh0lder> right
[20:08:00] <chiv> doh, I was trying to work out the searching for visible ground piles, then i realised the cheat key already does the IsVisible check - and it still gets piles from the whole map
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[20:08:49] <brad_a> realle?
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[20:09:11] <brad_a> maybe thats not intended then
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[20:11:24] <chiv> well, its a bit cryptic for me to work out anyway
[20:12:08] <chiv> the description implies it should only return true if currently visible
[20:12:45] <brad_a> well there are 2 isVisible methods
[20:12:55] <brad_a> and 1 tkes flags as a secon paramenter
[20:13:06] <brad_a> also i cannot spell today
[20:13:53] <fuzzie> 'currently visible' in that context means 'not covered by unexplored fog-of-war'
[20:14:39] <brad_a> so the cheat key intends to get from the whole explored map then?
[20:15:29] <chiv> i suppose it wouldnt be much of a cheat if it didnt
[20:16:14] <brad_a> well explored map != entire map as we had supposed
[20:17:42] <chiv> I'm wondering if it is as easy to get piles from the visible (ie pc occupied) part of the map as I hoped
[20:17:51] <brad_a> i think so
[20:18:02] <fuzzie> CopyGroundPiles is primarily for scripts
[20:18:04] <brad_a> you probably just need a flag
[20:18:28] <fuzzie> oh, i guess only for scripts
[20:18:45] <fuzzie> well fine, ignore me :-P
[20:19:51] <chiv> well, you can get just the piles that are currently visible after all
[20:20:21] <chiv> and now I have just realised, some piles are intentionally situated on top of lots of traps
[20:23:23] <chiv> I think this is going in the 'I cant be bothered to figure it out right now' pile
[20:23:30] <brad_a> :(
[20:26:47] <chiv> Its to good a feature not to have, but I want it to be right, and to do that I need more time to figure gemrb out
[20:35:10] <chiv> eg, you have to move the char to the particular pile an item is in, but for that to not be annoying, there has to be some visual connection between the buton and the pile or you will end up with a character wandering about setting traps off willy nilly
[20:37:32] <brad_a> maybe that should be the price we pay for using it :)
[20:37:54] <brad_a> in order for it not to be cheat like
[20:39:38] <chiv> I dont think it would be fair, its like punishing the player for using some innocuous feature
[20:41:28] <chiv> now if the actors werent stupid enough to walk over detected traps, then it would be alright
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[20:44:35] <chiv> 'oh look, a spike pit/crusher/acid cloud/ sticky web is between me and my target, maybe if I pretend it isnt there it wont hurt me'
[20:47:03] <chiv> nah, the risk of monitor defenestration is just too high
[20:51:35] <brad_a> speaking of detected traps it would be nice if actors avoided them
[20:51:53] <fuzzie> it's annoying to do :P
[20:52:07] <brad_a> i cant count the number of times i have tried to disarm a trap and accidently set it off cuz the stupid actor walks on it
[20:52:20] <brad_a> thats a shame
[20:52:34] <fuzzie> original engine solves it by just disabling trap scripts if the actor is currently running a disarm task
[20:53:04] <brad_a> interesting
[20:53:25] <brad_a> i would prefer the "just dont walk here" route tho
[20:54:04] <fuzzie> it's annoying, i hate polygons
[21:01:33] <chiv> hah, lazy bioware
[21:02:06] <Yoshimo> well easy solution, does what it should ;)
[21:02:37] <fuzzie> well it's annoying that if you interrupt the movement to a disarm, it can set off the trap
[21:02:44] <fuzzie> but there aren't too many big enough traps for it to matter
[21:04:04] <chiv> what does the pathfinding code use anyway? not polygons?
[21:04:20] <fuzzie> it's all tiles :P
[21:05:00] <chiv> ah
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[21:45:30] <lynxlynxlynx> chiv: i did the pile thing that way so it is less cheesy
[21:45:49] <lynxlynxlynx> it also decreases the chance of getting stuff from behind traps
[21:46:19] <chiv> hmm, but as it is, it actually does get piles from the whole explored area
[21:46:36] <lynxlynxlynx> yes
[21:46:42] <lynxlynxlynx> but not the whole map
[21:47:09] <lynxlynxlynx> i can think of only a few pre-existing piles
[21:47:26] <lynxlynxlynx> most stuff is in containers
[21:47:38] <chiv> but changing it to isvisible(blah, false) means it only gets on screen items (or at least near a character)
[21:48:46] <lynxlynxlynx> sure, but that's not what i intended (i did it for myself)
[21:49:14] <lynxlynxlynx> this way is handy when you clear whole areas
[21:49:30] <chiv> I have an idea of how to work it into a general feature, but it gets complex
[21:53:40] <chiv> and looking at pst, i am wondering if I should worry more about fixing things that are broken
[21:54:59] <brad_a> that or perhaps implement things that are missing :)
[21:55:18] <brad_a> can we travel with familiars yet?
[21:55:48] <chiv> as it is, you cant even do the first room of the mortuary properly :(
[21:57:55] <brad_a> probably scripting issues
[21:58:13] <brad_a> not sure thats for you or I
[22:00:51] <lynxlynxlynx> other parts are easier to start in, but fuzzie can offer excellent guidance on scripting stuff
[22:01:49] <lynxlynxlynx> re familiars: i don't think so; avenger fixed something wrt to that semirecently, but iirc i rechecked and it didn't work
[22:01:59] <lynxlynxlynx> (of course they can travel in your inventory)
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