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[09:07:00] <edheldil> good morning, gals and guys
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[17:52:51] <CIA-28> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r88a841e82416 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Actor.cpp: Still call initbuttons without force flag for iwd2 (needed for new characters)
[18:20:17] <lynxlynxlynx> hehe
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[19:57:07] <alx3apps> brad_a: I'm tried SDL2.0 without success. Fixed some compilation issues, but finally gave up on this:
[19:57:08] <alx3apps> brad_a: /tmp/ccS8e7w8.s: Assembler messages:
[19:57:08] <alx3apps> brad_a: /tmp/ccS8e7w8.s:37: Error: selected processor does not support `swp r3,r2,[r0]'
[19:57:08] <alx3apps> brad_a: make: *** [obj/local/armeabi/objs-debug/sdl-2.0/src/atomic/SDL_spinlock.o] Error 1
[19:57:08] <alx3apps> brad_a: make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
[19:57:26] <brad_a> o_O
[19:57:41] <brad_a> so it compiles but doesnt run?
[19:58:13] <brad_a> also are you compiling SDLVideo with the SDL20Video.cpp and leaving out SDL12Video.cpp?
[19:59:16] <brad_a> oh i see you fixed some complie issue but still doesnt compile
[19:59:24] <brad_a> i need to learn to read better :)
[19:59:52] <alx3apps> no, I have compilation errors on SDL2.0 itself after successful gemrb compilation
[19:59:52] <alx3apps> Yes, also commented out unsupported android keyboard usage in SDL20Video.cpp
[20:00:13] <brad_a> well we should fix it instead :)
[20:00:21] <brad_a> probably needs extern "C"
[20:00:32] <brad_a> like the iphone part
[20:01:11] <brad_a> have you tried pleyas SDL 1.3/2.0?
[20:04:15] <alx3apps> there are not 2.0 in pelyas repo, tried 1.3 about a month ago, it works with minor mouse related patches. I think it was before SDL20Video. Should I try 1.3 with SDL20Video? It encounter incompatible API with 1.3 <-> 2.0 with helloworld pelyas projects (ballfield and glxgears)
[20:06:14] <alx3apps> I add some pelya's andoid specifix files to SDL2.0 while fixing compile issues, but on error in SDL_spinlock finally decided that it's out of my current knowledge
[20:06:44] <brad_a> the 1.3 api and 2.0 api are identical
[20:07:01] <brad_a> they only changed the version and took out the compatibility api in the 1.3->2.0 move
[20:07:33] <brad_a> so in theory if you can build against sdl 1.3 that should work
[20:07:48] <brad_a> just make sure you build sdl20video.cpp instead of sdl12video
[20:09:56] <alx3apps> no they are not. https://github.com/pelya/commandergenius/blob/sdl_android/project/jni/application/ballfield/ballfield.cpp#L148 it works with 1.3 but won't compile with 2.0
[20:10:51] <fuzzie> yes
[20:10:56] <fuzzie> that is a 1.2 call
[20:11:00] <alx3apps> according to this http://wiki.libsdl.org/moin.cgi/MigrationGuide i changed SDL_SetAlpha to SDL_SetSurfaceAlphaMod , but didn't no what to do with SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha
[20:11:11] <fuzzie> but what brad means is, if you use his 2.0 code, it should work fine with 1.3
[20:11:27] <alx3apps> under SDL1.3 I mean pelya's existing SDL1.3
[20:11:29] <fuzzie> obviously you can't use 1.2 calls in 2.0, but that is why he wrote the 2.0 code..
[20:13:11] <alx3apps> maybe this SDL https://github.com/pelya/commandergenius/tree/sdl_android/project/jni/sdl-1.3 is very old or heavily patched, but ballfield works fine with it
[20:13:24] <fuzzie> yes, 1.3 is too old
[20:13:45] <brad_a> fuzzie is 100% correct
[20:13:54] <fuzzie> I mean, there's SDL 1.2 (old), SDL 1.3 (old version of 2.0 which had backwards-compatibility for most of the 1.2 API) and SDL 2.0 (new).
[20:14:14] <brad_a> much better explaination than mine :)
[20:15:02] <alx3apps> > which had backwards-compatibility for most of the 1.2 API
[20:15:02] <alx3apps> it explains
[20:16:17] <alx3apps> > just make sure you build sdl20video.cpp instead of sdl12video
[20:16:17] <alx3apps> yes, I'm sure, I finally got GemRB compiled, but futher SDL2.0 itself wasn't compiled
[20:17:34] <alx3apps> If Beholder won't appear and fix it, I'm going to return to this in a month or two
[20:18:05] <brad_a> :(
[20:18:26] <brad_a> there isnt a version of SDL 1.3 that will compile?
[20:19:01] <brad_a> how did you compile gemrb wihout a working libSDL?
[20:19:21] <alx3apps> > but what brad means is, if you use his 2.0 code, it should work fine with 1.3
[20:19:21] <alx3apps> mm, I get it, so I'll try sdl1.3 with sdl20video.cpp now
[20:19:44] <alx3apps> half an hour I think
[20:19:56] <brad_a> yes :)
[20:19:58] <brad_a> that is correct
[20:33:06] <alx3apps> I found, that beholder's 1.3 build not uses MultiABI (compiled for only one ARM arch), maybe it was SDL_spinlock problem that forced Beholder to do it. Still trying
[20:47:36] <alx3apps> for now I've got error: 'struct SDL_TouchFingerEvent' has no member named 'timestamp'
[20:47:45] <alx3apps> has it ? http://wiki.libsdl.org/moin.cgi/SDL_TouchFingerEvent?highlight=%28\bCategoryStruct\b%29|%28CategoryEvents%29|%28SGStructures%29
[20:48:06] <alx3apps> SDL20Video.cpp:335
[20:49:08] <brad_a> interesting
[20:49:19] <brad_a> i can reprogram to avoid that
[20:49:30] <brad_a> i may have been using a private member ithout realizing i guess
[20:49:43] <alx3apps> commented, compilation continues
[20:49:45] <brad_a> any other errors?
[20:49:56] <brad_a> yeah but without that touch input will be borked
[20:50:04] <brad_a> so ill need ot use soemthing else
[21:01:04] <brad_a> alx3apps: any other errors?
[21:05:58] <alx3apps> compiles, but crashes on touch of game menu, no mouse cursor also, full patch for 894fbf1 https://gist.github.com/2024670 , part of log https://gist.github.com/2024672
[21:06:17] <fuzzie> nice that you got it compiled though
[21:06:21] <fuzzie> good step
[21:06:34] <alx3apps> game menu - I mean IWD first screen
[21:07:57] <alx3apps> maybe there are exist better way to include this header, than "#include SDL/../src/video/SDL_sysvideo.h" ?
[21:09:06] <alx3apps> brad_a: also, about GemRB.cpp changes - they are from your previous patch, are they needed?
[21:09:34] <brad_a> alx3aps: mouse cursors are completely unimplemented in the 2.0 dripver
[21:09:46] <brad_a> there is a list on the ios page on the wiki
[21:09:54] <brad_a> about what is lacking in 2.0
[21:10:56] <brad_a> i forget what is is SDL_sysvideo.h do we even need it?
[21:11:31] <brad_a> about the GemRB.cpp stuff
[21:11:49] <brad_a> I just was trying to move all that android sdl garbage out of there and into the sdl files
[21:12:24] <brad_a> both sdl 1.2 and 2.0 have event handlers for when the application is minimized to do what is being done in gemrb.cpp
[21:12:30] <alx3apps> I got SDL_Window forward declaration error without that header
[21:12:46] <brad_a> oh that should jusst be needed for iphone
[21:13:16] <brad_a> i needed to hack the window restore event to make it useable when minimized then restored
[21:13:22] <brad_a> i probably dont need it anymore
[21:13:27] <brad_a> now that im suing 2.0
[21:14:48] <brad_a> we can replace the window->x/y with the x/y given in createDisplay
[21:25:46] <alx3apps> brad_a: should I stick to 1.3 when trying your changes or 2.0 is preferred?
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[21:26:54] <brad_a> well the latest SDL that you can get to work is preferred, but it shouldnt matter. I can replace the window and timestamp things and you shouldnt need sysvideo.h after that
[21:27:07] <brad_a> now i still dont know if the touch input will work :)
[21:27:16] <brad_a> that is up to SDL i guess
[21:27:28] <brad_a> how old is that libSDL?
[21:27:59] <fuzzie> 3 months, I thought?
[21:28:36] <alx3apps> I think this is 1.3.0
[21:28:42] <alx3apps> https://github.com/pelya/commandergenius/blob/sdl_android/project/jni/sdl-1.3/WhatsNew
[21:32:48] <brad_a> hmm thats pretty old
[21:34:12] <brad_a> hopefully he will update it soon
[21:34:23] <brad_a> to 2.0 preferably
[21:34:34] <alx3apps> as I wrote, in two months I'm going to try to compile SDL2.0 harder
[21:35:27] <brad_a> sure. lets see if we can get touch input to work with this 1.3 first
[21:38:32] <alx3apps> Ok, I'll be ready to try it
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