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[16:39:05] <psch> brada: the touch input scaling seems to work well
[16:39:11] <brada> super
[16:39:31] <brada> not sure how best to sommit it tho
[16:39:48] <brada> commit
[16:41:33] <psch> something else seems kinda broken though, not sure where this comes from or if it's already fixed and i built against a wonky head
[16:41:36] <psch> http://imgur.com/0iTatdD,EouKnZe,u8CnU6Y,mElESM7,ULKeukG
[16:41:37] <Seniorita> imgur: the simple image sharer
[16:42:04] <psch> ill just try a new build against the latest git
[16:49:12] <psch> ooh i think i know where it from
[16:49:26] <psch> this is what i get for not copying override etc. before every build
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[16:53:06] <psch> ok, apparently not
[16:55:05] <psch> wrong gametype it was!
[16:57:28] <psch> this is touch coordinate log output for 640x480, in case it matters http://nopaste.info/5e3da4cef3.html
[16:57:30] <Seniorita> Nopaste - powered by project-mindstorm IT Services
[16:57:44] <psch> those coords are the corner of the screen clockwise
[17:04:00] <brada> im not sure what that is supposed to mean to me
[17:04:08] <brada> you said it works right?
[17:04:35] <psch> yeah, the touches are where the buttons are
[17:04:48] <psch> or rather, the buttons react when i touch where they are rendered
[17:05:17] <brada> cool
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[18:02:47] <remlwc> Hi
[18:04:37] <remlwc> I'm tyying to get GemRB running on my Win7 computer and using the pre-built binnaries i get a complaint about MSVCP100.dll is missing. I've looked through all the downloads and cannot find this file.
[18:08:03] <brada> that is not a gemrb library
[18:08:46] <brada> psch: i have merged a touch scaling patch into git
[18:10:21] <brada> tomprince: do you manage the windows binaries?
[18:10:35] <tomprince> ?
[18:10:38] <remlwc> Thanks. Yes that is a microsoft file. The files that come with the download are the 70 version.
[18:11:05] <remlwc> I've downloaded the 100 versions and extracted them to the GemRB folder.
[18:11:29] <remlwc> Now it is not complaining about those files but does not start
[18:11:55] <remlwc> and does not give any feedback
[18:12:02] <brada> im confused at how gemrb is requiring a dll that is not part of standard windows install
[18:12:09] <brada> is it some debugging lib?
[18:12:18] <tomprince> That the c runtime.
[18:12:24] <brada> remlwe: it does give feedback
[18:12:26] <brada> check the log
[18:12:44] <brada> tomprince: shouldnt that be available to all windows computers?
[18:12:54] <tomprince> It isn't like glibc.
[18:12:56] <remlwc> don't be. the files that we are talking about are part of the Visual Studio libraries and are a redistributable set of files
[18:13:10] <brada> ok
[18:13:40] <remlwc> they just aren't installed on EVERY installation of windows because they are not part of the OS
[18:15:32] <remlwc> so i've just run gemrb.exe from a command prompt instead of through the GUI to see if any info is provided there . . . but nothing
[18:15:54] <remlwc> gets to loading script then nothing
[18:16:23] <remlwc> i'm sure it must be something i've not done yet
[18:17:00] <brada> if it stops at loading scripts then probably your guiscripts path is wrong
[18:17:34] <remlwc> ok how do i configure that? an INI file or something ... let me have a looksee
[18:18:21] <remlwc> is there a particular folder that this wants to be ran from?
[18:20:22] <remlwc> Ah I think i'm starting to get the picture. There are .cfg files and I'm studying the .sample version now
[18:22:42] <remlwc> how does this want me to install BG?
[18:23:38] <brada> has to be a full install
[18:23:44] <brada> should say so in the instructions
[18:25:58] <remlwc> OK. Thanks for the help. How well does this run on Linux? and how easy/difficult to install on Linux? Ubuntu OK to run on?
[18:27:02] <remlwc> The installation instructions for GemRB on Windows are pretty much non-existant as far as I been able to find (within the files as distributed).
[18:31:15] <brada> the instructions should be the same for windows as linux
[18:31:23] <brada> im not aware of any special considerations
[18:40:30] <remlwc> If I want to run this on Ubuntu will I have to "Build" it? or are the RPMs available?
[18:44:18] <brada> i have no idea. you would want to build it anyway imo
[18:44:38] <brada> rpms are likely several hundred commits behind
[18:47:10] <remlwc> OK. no problem - except that most of the time when you try to build from source with most projects on Linux you run into a bunch of dependency/lib issues.
[18:47:59] <remlwc> I'd be WAY impressed if that weren't the case with this. I look forward to having a go at it though.
[18:48:31] <brada> i cant testify to linux, but i imagine most of our dependancies are standard components
[18:48:39] <brada> tho you will need the devel packages
[18:49:12] <remlwc> What OS are you running if not Windoze or Linux?
[18:49:18] <brada> mac
[18:49:23] <remlwc> ah
[18:49:32] <brada> i only need one dependancy the rest come standard
[18:49:40] <remlwc> A more refined version of Linux
[18:49:54] <remlwc> I mean uniz
[18:49:57] <remlwc> unix
[18:50:56] <remlwc> <sp>
[18:51:21] <fuzzie> brada: 'standard
[18:51:22] <fuzzie> :P
[18:51:34] <brada> ?
[18:51:41] <fuzzie> would like to see you do with only one dependency if I give you a new OS X install. :)
[18:52:02] <brada> it would only require SDL
[18:52:07] <fuzzie> and a compiler :P
[18:52:17] <brada> ah :p
[18:52:19] <brada> got me there
[18:52:30] <brada> i assume most people that want to build would in fact have that
[18:52:32] <brada> ;)
[18:52:49] <fuzzie> sure, but I think most people who want to build will also in fact have all the deps :)
[18:53:17] <fuzzie> we're not exactly dependency-heavy, although python-dev seems to confuse people a bit
[18:53:23] <brada> yes
[18:54:12] <fuzzie> i assume for ubuntu we still have an apt-get line on the wiki which will install any needed build deps, including compiler etc
[18:55:58] <remlwc> thx for info
[18:58:44] <remlwc> where is the wiki? i know just google it.
[18:59:31] <remlwc> Oh. already looking at it. just doesn't look or feel like a wiki
[19:01:36] <brada> its not MediaWiki :p
[19:02:37] <remlwc> clearly
[19:02:59] <fuzzie> many would argue that mediawiki doesn't look or feel like a wiki :p
[19:04:19] <fuzzie> but if you can't find the page then do say
[19:06:01] <remlwc> No, I found the page in a jiffy and as I said I was already pointing to it - just didn't realize it. thanks
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[21:58:23] <brada> fuzzie: does this seem sane: http://paste.debian.net/241315/
[21:58:26] <Seniorita> debian Pastezone
[22:04:21] <fuzzie> well the careful use of strlcpy in CopyHomePath is maybe a bit defeated by PathAppend at the end
[22:04:36] <fuzzie> and I don't know how those windows env vars work
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[22:06:07] <fuzzie> aren't you breaking your iPhone code there?
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[22:06:25] <brada> no that hasnt been relevant in a long time
[22:06:32] <fuzzie> also I guess the "" at the end of "."PACKAGE"" is unnecessary
[22:06:34] <brada> iphone wrapper passes in cfg on argv
[22:06:38] <fuzzie> it looks fine at a glance I just can't predict if it'll work :)
[22:08:50] <brada> strlcpy is in a case that returns right after
[22:08:59] <brada> oh in the windows one
[22:09:44] <brada> im a bit confused at what the problem is there tho
[22:10:03] <fuzzie> you shouldn't pay attention to the "it looks fine at a glance"
[22:10:32] <fuzzie> i mean
[22:10:37] <fuzzie> you should only pay attention to that
[22:10:41] <fuzzie> and I am too tired to type things apparently.
[22:10:48] <brada> its quite alright
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