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[00:28:23] <gembot> build #94 of nmake-msvc++10 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B10/builds/94
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[00:42:23] <scriptedfate> Good evening, all (est)
[00:43:06] <scriptedfate> tomprince, I did some more investigation on the std:: vs :: discrepancy, but am still coming up empty
[00:43:24] <tomprince> Hello.
[00:43:59] <scriptedfate> The qnx libc and c++ implementations include the c headers directly
[00:44:12] <scriptedfate> So the symbols should be present in global
[00:44:21] <scriptedfate> I can't see how they aren't
[00:45:50] <tomprince> Does it do something like 'namespace std { extern "C" { #include <blah.h> } }'?
[00:46:54] <scriptedfate> In cmath, yes
[00:48:08] <tomprince> That woud explain why they are in ::
[00:48:29] <tomprince> How big would the patch be to use std:: everywhere?
[00:48:30] <scriptedfate> why they should be
[00:49:20] <scriptedfate> A moment, let me compile through the whole project
[00:49:54] <tomprince> they *aren't* in ::
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[00:50:07] <scriptedfate> ?
[00:50:38] <scriptedfate> Alrighty, final num errors: 2037. That may or may not relate to the number of instances of changes that would be needed to fix it
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[02:19:14] <scriptedfate> 93 files modified and counting...
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[02:37:04] <scriptedfate> 107 files modified and counting...
[02:44:38] <scriptedfate> 114 files modified, and I'm done
[02:44:41] <scriptedfate> Well, mostly
[02:45:17] <scriptedfate> Because of the rather monolithic project structure I have setup, I still have build errors for a lack of SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, and Vorbis support
[02:45:45] <scriptedfate> I've also not gotten QNX's Python port brought down to be brought into the fold, either
[02:45:59] <scriptedfate> The one last std-like thing that'd need adjusting is strndup
[02:46:54] <scriptedfate> Which is present on 'nix, but isn't present on QNX. we'll need to pull an implementation from someplace or handroll one using malloc and strncpy
[02:49:54] <scriptedfate> Oh blast, my ide went and changed a bunch of unrelated lines due to character encoding
[02:52:45] <tomprince> scriptedfate: post a patch?
[02:54:50] <scriptedfate> Once I dance around the changes I didn't mean to make to unpacker.cpp's russian comments
[02:59:54] <scriptedfate> tomprince, Alrighty, I have a patch.
[03:00:04] <scriptedfate> send over IRC?
[03:00:12] <scriptedfate> post to a bugtracker?
[03:00:24] <tomprince> How about forking fuzzie repo, pushing, and posting a link here.
[03:00:30] * scriptedfate is so new he squeaks
[03:00:39] <scriptedfate> on sf.net?
[03:00:59] <tomprince> github.com/fuzzie/gemrb
[03:01:22] <tomprince> That isn't offical, but is the defacto root of gemrb forks on github.
[03:02:35] <scriptedfate> Hey...! I'm a fan of github. This pleases me
[03:03:44] <tomprince> The main repo is on sf, but me and brad_a have github repos where we post wip.
[03:12:45] <scriptedfate> I like it
[03:13:02] <scriptedfate> Linky: https://github.com/scriptedfate/gemrb/commit/037704eb88bb384ecc8f23bacff89f14b84681ed
[03:15:03] <scriptedfate> It's long, and it's late (I'm a parent. 9pm local is late) so I'm gonna sign off. If you have any feedback, please comment against the commit!
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[09:20:20] <edheldil> tomprince: why do you want to make ieResRef a struct? To parse avatar names?
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[10:57:29] <fuzzie> and i imagine NACK on the std:: patch unless msvc6 ignores using directives with targets that don't exist, but i guess it can be buildbotted and #defined as needed
[10:58:51] <wjp> edheldil: likely to make it easier to compare and copy them
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[11:38:07] <edheldil> wjp: aah, making them two dwords or long long for performance reasons
[11:39:46] <edheldil> but then, there are pesky issues like letter case or strcat (if we use it for resrefs)
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[11:56:55] <tomprince> edheldil wjp: Yes, for copying/comparing. And in particular, to make it easy to put into a vector.
[12:02:40] <tomprince> fuzzie: Does msvc6 not have std:: for the C stdlib? That'd be a good reason why we don't have it in our code.
[12:03:21] <tomprince> Anyway, I had been imagining prefixing things with std::, rather than a bunch of using defs, which seem like a silly maintenence issue.
[12:04:44] <fuzzie> It doesn't have std:: for everything.
[12:05:04] <fuzzie> I remember size_t being a problem. I don't remember in general.
[12:06:09] <tomprince> fuzzie: Did you see the discussion about QNX C++ lib?
[12:13:11] <fuzzie> Have seen it now; I would just use the C headers for simplicity, I think.
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[12:58:52] <Baldurer> bg2 on android: is it supposed to be possible to highlight all containers? Am I just not using the right key (tried alt and tab), or is it a bug or missing feature?
[13:02:29] <tomprince> Baldurer: Propbably best to ask on the forum (g3)
[13:02:50] <tomprince> Our android dev isn't generally on IRC.
[13:03:28] <Baldurer> ok
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[13:54:31] <che> heyyas
[13:55:27] <che> just built gemrb (latest release) with the following cmake options: http://fpaste.org/UpZH/
[13:55:42] <che> but the libs seem to end up in /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib64
[14:00:23] <fuzzie> well you can just override our LIB_DIR i guess, but we don't obey any of the other paths either
[14:03:32] <che> the other paths are fine as far as i have seen
[14:03:32] <che> i will check it out. thanks!
[14:03:54] <che> cant wait to load some of the old classic assets later on.
[14:03:58] <che> :D
[14:16:39] <DrMcCoy> Is there actually a consensus on where 64bit and 32bit libraries should go?
[14:17:00] <DrMcCoy> Because Debian does it the other way round, 64bit libraries into /usr/lib/, 32bit ones into /usr/lib32/
[14:17:50] <DrMcCoy> Or at least my Debian here does it, and that went to two other places for 32bit libraries, IIRC
[14:18:03] <DrMcCoy> went through*
[14:21:42] <fuzzie> well, clearly they belong in /usr/lib/archhere
[14:22:39] <fuzzie> and sid seems to be doing well on that front
[14:24:29] <DrMcCoy> Maybe if you install it new from scratch
[14:25:00] <fuzzie> no /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu in DrMcCoy land?
[14:25:17] <DrMcCoy> There is. Some libraries are there
[14:25:19] <DrMcCoy> Some are in /usr/lib/
[14:25:24] <fuzzie> ah
[14:25:36] <fuzzie> well, yes, multiarch isn't quite there yet , but it is the future!
[14:25:37] <fuzzie> maybe.
[14:25:41] <DrMcCoy> 32bit libraries are all in /usr/lib32/
[14:26:16] <fuzzie> i think the theory is that there shouldn't be any 32-bit library packages for amd64
[14:26:40] <DrMcCoy> Maybe a clean sid reinstall even has a way to install 32bit libraries cleanly
[14:27:00] <fuzzie> but rather that, at some point, the normal x86 ones should be installable on an amd64 system, since with multiarch they're different paths to the amd64 ones
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[14:27:12] <fuzzie> plus you gain support for other archs for e.g. cross-compiles
[14:27:21] <fuzzie> honestly i'm not sure of the status though...
[14:28:09] <DrMcCoy> Frankly, I had it up to here with Debian trying out how to do it. I went through several of their tries, each one leaving my system crippled the changed it again
[14:28:21] <DrMcCoy> when they*
[14:28:35] <fuzzie> but i see that development ubuntu's ia32-libs package is now just a dependency on a whole bunch of multiarch libraries, so ubuntu must be doing it
[14:28:54] <fuzzie> ah well I just get other people to fix my system for me :-p
[14:29:01] <DrMcCoy> lol
[14:30:24] <che> on rh based distros it is /usr/lib for 32bit
[14:30:28] <che> and /usr/lib64 for 64bit
[14:30:40] <fuzzie> right now the keyboard for my debian box is sitting in pieces after i spilt a glass of water in it, so
[14:30:48] <fuzzie> and the gemrb libs should install into /usr/lib/gemrb anyway so the library path should be irrelevant? unless I am forgetting
[14:31:03] <fuzzie> but i imagine we don't have any voluntary RH-based distro users here
[14:31:03] <che> its not irrelevant then either
[14:31:53] <che> id step up for helping but i am quite new and dont have too much time within the next week atleast
[14:32:02] <che> gotta travel alot
[14:40:35] <tomprince> che: How about in the next year? We aren't in any hurry here. :)
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[14:41:43] <che> tomprince, :D
[15:17:53] <Baldurerrr> is there anywhere one can browse the android source code?
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[15:23:52] <fuzzie> which source?
[15:25:35] <Baldurerrr> gemrb android port
[15:26:51] <tomprince> I think at least some of the code is in pelya's SDL tree.
[15:28:56] <fuzzie> yes, the android builds are just the gemrb tree built against peyla's SDL to the best of my knowledge
[15:29:33] <edheldil> Baldurer: maybe it's controlled by the accelerometer - you have to throw your device at least 1meter high or drop it for the same distance :)))
[15:30:32] <Baldurerrr> to highlight containers? :P
[15:31:47] <Baldurerrr> fuzzie: ok =) could you please provide a link?
[15:33:08] <fuzzie> to which?
[15:33:39] <Baldurerrr> peyla's repo, I can't find it through the website
[15:33:51] <fuzzie> https://github.com/pelya/commandergenius
[15:35:48] <Baldurerrr> thx
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[15:41:07] <edheldil> Baldurer: or maybe just turning the device face down is enough ;-)
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[15:46:38] <Baldurerrr> preferable = )
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[17:17:55] <Baldurerrr> I'm trying to run the windows version of gemrb, and I get the following error message: "Load
[17:17:55] <Baldurerrr> StartWindow = GemRB.LoadWindow(7)
[17:17:55] <Baldurerrr> RuntimeError: Can't find window #7!"
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[17:18:42] <Baldurerrr> bg2 that is
[17:19:42] <tomprince> Baldurerrr: pastebin the log.
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[17:26:56] <Baldurerrr> http://pastebin.com/QeJNpKJ6
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[17:50:24] <tomprince> Baldurerrr: Nothing jumps out at me there.
[17:51:58] <fuzzie> the 'import site' failure is harmless?
[17:54:57] <tomprince> I think so. We don't import anything not builtin.
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[17:56:50] <edheldil> Baldurerrr: could it be wrong GmeType?
[17:58:46] <Baldurerrr> game type is correct
[18:00:10] <Baldurerrr> I had to change every single path in the config file to have it run, but I don't suppose that would make it crash as long as the paths are correct
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[18:17:35] <Baldurerrr> my config file: http://pastebin.com/HT0xgqL1
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[18:57:37] <brad_a> tomprince: im not so sure about import site failure being benign. While its true that the site module is not required IIRC i had to explicitly set Py_NoSiteFlag=1 on iOS for it to run
[18:58:01] <brad_a> i suppose i could quickly test
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[19:01:00] <brad_a> yup gemrb fails at the gui script engine initialization without that.
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[19:01:40] <fuzzie> but log gets past that, right??
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[19:01:42] <fuzzie> ugh
[19:01:45] <brad_a> no
[19:01:50] <brad_a> not on ios anyway
[19:01:55] <fuzzie> sorry, not having good day, poured water in my keyboard
[19:02:06] <fuzzie> so forgive typing :p
[19:02:07] <brad_a> :O
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[19:02:53] <fuzzie> but i meant in the log in backscroll, and it does seem ok, so it's weird but maybe related
[19:03:24] <brad_a> hmmm gemrb aborts for me when there is no site module
[19:03:36] <brad_a> i think its related to version of python maybe
[19:03:55] <brad_a> im using 2.7
[19:04:56] <brad_a> well if he has no site module it surely wont hurt to compile with Py_NoSiteFlag=1
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[19:07:46] <brad_a> holy crap its friday :-P
[19:07:58] <brad_a> feels like wednesday...
[19:08:16] <fuzzie> yes, that is the good news
[19:09:56] <brad_a> of course now i feel even more behind in my homework
[19:10:26] <fuzzie> thankfully it is just exams for me, and they kindly don't schedule those on weekends!
[19:13:04] <brad_a> really? in USA we can take exams on saturday
[19:14:10] <brad_a> but we often dont have one sigle day for exams rather exams are scheduled for about a week and you take them in a separate building from where classes are held
[19:14:31] <brad_a> you just have to take it at some point during that week
[19:14:57] <fuzzie> here, exams are held in holiday periods
[19:15:47] <brad_a> thats nice to not have to stress both class and exam :)
[19:16:00] <fuzzie> my last lecture last year was 16th dec, first scheduled exam was 22nd dec, last scheduled exam is 3rd feb, first lecture this year is 6th feb
[19:17:15] <fuzzie> which i like a lot more, but it means you can't go and have a multi-week holiday, you have to be around
[19:17:57] <brad_a> sounds ike more of a holiday than i get
[19:18:10] <brad_a> but i take classes during the summer
[19:18:37] <fuzzie> in summer you always get july off, and then august only has retakes
[19:19:14] <brad_a> very interesting
[19:19:35] <brad_a> is the winder in europe being as crazy as the winter in north americ? ie no snow whatsoever
[19:19:42] <fuzzie> yes, very boring
[19:19:43] <brad_a> winter
[19:19:48] <fuzzie> but nice and non-disruptive
[19:19:57] <brad_a> you would think i spilled the water on my keyboard :-P
[19:20:31] <fuzzie> :-)
[19:20:57] <fuzzie> but, yes, my exams are spread over >4 weeks, so i guess that's very odd compared to .us
[19:21:03] <brad_a> very
[19:21:40] <fuzzie> while from my perspective all I hear about US exams are weird things about grading on curves or something
[19:22:11] <brad_a> yes its a lousy way to make people feel more intelligent than they actually are
[19:23:18] <fuzzie> but of course for math/CS it's pretty easy to have a transparent grading system, for my exam today the %s were right there on the paper
[19:23:31] <fuzzie> so is there anything for gemrb I should be prodding at?
[19:24:05] <brad_a> not sure. is lynx on holiday?
[19:25:44] <fuzzie> keldorn's reaction bonus seems to be 106927946, i note
[19:25:58] <brad_a> o_O
[19:32:23] <fuzzie> mm, yes, that seems universally broken
[19:32:56] <fuzzie> only in original saves
[19:34:19] <fuzzie> not sure what's up there..
[19:40:19] <fuzzie> everything seems to work nicely though. i am still enjoying the scrollbars..
[19:40:26] <fuzzie> and the nice capitals
[19:43:32] <brad_a> thank you. i enjoyesd working on them
[19:46:04] <fuzzie> well, thankyou again :)
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[19:51:06] <brad_a> im trying to apply an old patch i did forever ago and all git says is patch does not apply...
[19:51:41] <-- Drakkar has left IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[19:53:28] <brad_a> a success
[19:53:36] <brad_a> verbose help :-P
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[20:56:01] <brad_a> fuzzie: sanity check on this old patch i just cleaned up: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/cursors.patch
[20:56:08] <brad_a> tomprince: same?
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[21:04:03] <tomprince> brad_a: enum?
[21:05:41] <brad_a> for the cursors idicies?
[21:05:53] <brad_a> yes
[21:06:29] <brad_a> one of those things if i had written it today it would have already been done :-P
[21:06:43] --> PixelScum has joined #gemrb
[21:06:44] <brad_a> this patch is about 6 months old
[21:07:27] <tomprince> Also, why the assert(...<MOUSE_DISABLED) ?
[21:08:23] <brad_a> because you shouldnt set disabled flags in the config
[21:08:32] <brad_a> otherwise you would have a disabled mouse :-P
[21:09:39] <-- Drakkar has left IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:09:50] <brad_a> i guess can easily work around that issue without an assert
[21:11:35] <brad_a> i could jsut truncate to the 2 good bits
[21:12:14] <tomprince> That is better than asserting.
[21:12:21] <brad_a> then i shall do that
[21:13:26] <tomprince> I'd also be tempted to do 'const int, rather than define, for that bitfield.
[21:13:54] <brad_a> im not sure i understand
[21:14:42] <tomprince> 'const int MOUSE_VISIBLE = ...' instead of #define MOUSE_VISIBLE = ...'
[21:16:05] <brad_a> oh. pardon my ignorance but what is the functional difference?
[21:17:03] <tomprince> One involves the preprocessor, the other doesn't and is properly scoped.
[21:17:16] <tomprince> (not that we really do that anywhere in gemrb, but we should.
[21:17:36] <brad_a> well i have no problem doing that
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[21:23:24] <tomprince> (const didn't used to exist in C so define was used instead.
[21:32:14] <brad_a> anything else? the premise of moving that stuff around is sound etc?
[21:34:13] <tomprince> brad_a: Yes, modulo the fact that I don't know the gfx part well.
[21:37:51] <fuzzie> it's a little difficult to read since there are multiple changes in there
[21:38:31] <fuzzie> so let me try focusing
[21:40:11] <fuzzie> maybe i should just ask stupid questions per-patch
[21:40:24] <fuzzie> looking at the first one: where does the drag cursor get hidden/shown now?
[21:40:54] <tomprince> fuzzie: You asking "stupid" questions is always a good thing. :)
[21:43:30] <fuzzie> am really not seeing what updates CursorIndex at all in there
[21:44:52] <fuzzie> and if MouseFeedback is user-specified then it shouldn't be checked with an assert, but I see now you already covered that in backscroll
[21:46:28] <fuzzie> the 'MouseFlags < MOUSE_DISABLED' is a bit ugly too, especially since there's no big warning in the header saying you can't add new flags at the end
[21:48:03] <fuzzie> all looks fine otherwise - although referencing MOUSE_TOOLTIPS in a commit before it exists is perhaps a little silly. but doesn't matter at all!
[21:52:16] <brad_a> you mean before it is used?
[21:53:06] <fuzzie> yes, sorry, that
[21:53:15] <fuzzie> but forget that, where does the drag cursor get hidden/shown now? :P
[21:53:16] <brad_a> there are some remaining changes in sdlvideo for hiding/showing cursors but they are in the touch code only
[21:53:59] <brad_a> other than that it should get show/hidden where it is getting shown/hidden now
[21:54:08] <fuzzie> but it isn't, because you removed the code
[21:54:18] <brad_a> let me search
[21:54:27] <brad_a> sorry this was written forever ago
[21:54:29] <fuzzie> (the CursorIndex changes in SetDragCursor)
[21:54:44] <fuzzie> now CursorIndex is only changed on mouseup/down, so it can never become 2 for drag? unless I am missing something
[21:55:14] <brad_a> well i hope you are :) but i need to figure this out myself
[21:55:19] <fuzzie> sure
[21:55:24] <brad_a> because i do not recall
[21:55:34] <fuzzie> well no hurry of course :)
[21:56:38] <brad_a> doing jsut a search for it i see its being set by game controll and interface
[21:57:21] <fuzzie> the CursorIndex?
[21:57:44] <brad_a> oh im lost. i see what you are saying
[22:02:43] <brad_a> simple matter of putting that back in the new setcursor() i assume
[22:03:19] <fuzzie> yes, just checking NULL or not in the DRAG case looks like it should suffice
[22:03:27] <brad_a> indeed
[23:32:41] <Baldurer> When I load a certain save file in the original BG2 that I have been playing on gemrb with earlier, one of my items disappear. Is this expected? Is the behaviour when switching between gemrb and the original in that way undefined?
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[23:53:05] <tomprince> Baldurer: we'd like to be compatible, but it is low priority. I think there are a number of known issues.