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[07:59:20] <D_T_G> re:HoW worldmap: ar9700, the castle from TotL quest is in Anauroch far away from Icewind Dale, and it has not an icon on the HoW worldmap but still the map from HoW is shown in window
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[08:37:11] <D_T_G> this time i could move from lonelywood (ar9100) to kuldahar (ar2100) in gemrb
[08:37:18] <D_T_G> [WorldMap]: CalculateDistances for invalid Area: ar9100
[08:37:18] <D_T_G> Gathering path information for: ar2100
[08:37:18] <D_T_G> Adding path to 2
[08:37:18] <D_T_G> Walkpath size is: 1
[08:37:18] <D_T_G> Gathering path information for: ar2100
[08:37:19] <D_T_G> Adding path to 2
[08:37:21] <D_T_G> Walkpath size is: 1
[08:37:23] <D_T_G> CloseWorldMapWindow found Mapwindow = None
[08:37:25] <D_T_G> [GameScript]: MoveBetweenAreas: Nabir the Fist to ar2100 [274.2119] face: 12
[08:38:16] <D_T_G> easthaven -> kuldahar -> directly to hjollder -> directly to map edge -> return to kuldahar
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[08:48:32] <D_T_G_> but when in lonelywood anyone will give me the location of barbarian camp (and the message 'you world map has been update' appears) than i can no more return to kuldahar from edge
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[09:03:31] <D_T_G> hello
[09:03:49] <D_T_G> lynxlynxlynx, you there?
[09:04:45] <lynxlynxlynx> no
[09:04:59] <D_T_G> ok
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[09:19:11] <fuzzie> Oh.
[09:20:03] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: I didn't mean to suggest that it does combine the damage messages, because I don't know; just that you can't trust the messages, in general.
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[11:07:21] <D_T_G> http://wklej.org/id/173728/txt - fix playing intro videos in iwd/how
[11:09:17] <fuzzie> what is GameIsHOW?
[11:09:46] <fuzzie> it's a function, so 'not GameIsHOW' is always false, you need 'GameIsHOW()' there
[11:09:59] <D_T_G> oh, right
[11:10:04] <lynxlynxlynx> and reverse the check for prettyness
[11:10:29] <lynxlynxlynx> the double negation just makes it less readable
[11:10:40] <D_T_G> ok'
[11:11:57] <lynxlynxlynx> are the movies played somewhere else too? I don't see why you need that extra 1 parameter
[11:12:34] <D_T_G> because without that parameter BISLOGO and INTRO movie didn't play for me
[11:12:50] <D_T_G> i took a look at bg2's start.py and there it is as such and works
[11:12:57] <D_T_G> http://wklej.org/id/173734/txt
[11:13:00] <fuzzie> that's a really weird parameter, why would we ever not want to play a movie?
[11:13:34] <D_T_G> does the INTRO movie play for you in current iwd start.py?
[11:13:46] <D_T_G> maybe it was something with my installation
[11:13:48] <lynxlynxlynx> and the docs suggest it should do the opposite
[11:13:53] <fuzzie> D_T_G: it depends on the contents of icewind.ini
[11:14:27] <fuzzie> the PlayMovie code only guarantees playing if flag==1, so i guess docs are bad
[11:14:36] <D_T_G> [Movies]
[11:14:37] <D_T_G> BISLOGO=1
[11:14:37] <D_T_G> WOTC=1
[11:14:37] <D_T_G> INTRO=1
[11:14:37] <D_T_G> AVALANCH=1
[11:14:37] <D_T_G> HOWSEER=1
[11:14:38] <fuzzie> or, well, code is bad :)
[11:14:48] <fuzzie> but i don't understand why the flag is there at all
[11:15:43] <fuzzie> when do we only want to play a movie once, ever, in the whole install of a game?
[11:15:58] <D_T_G> i don't too, but that is set in bg2's Start.py :P
[11:17:24] <fuzzie> it comes from, r3159? and flag behaviour changed in r3611?
[11:17:48] <fuzzie> r3159 is "guiscript: PlayMovie optionally skips video if it was played already"
[11:18:08] <fuzzie> and r3611 is "fixed PlayMovie i broke earlier, PlayMovie(Movie, 1) should always play movie"
[11:18:18] <D_T_G> GemRB.PlayMovie("INTRO") does not play the movie for me at all
[11:18:28] <D_T_G> nor does GemRB.PlayMovie('INTRO')
[11:18:35] <D_T_G> only GemRB.PlayMovie("INTRO", 1), so
[11:19:16] <fuzzie> r3159 only changes the function, no clues as to why the parameter exists :(
[11:20:43] <D_T_G> i better don't touch PlayMovie core function, i just made a simple gui fix, didn't i :)
[11:21:16] <fuzzie> well, it seems that the core is misguided here
[11:21:25] <D_T_G> in bg1 it is also used with parameter 1
[11:21:34] <fuzzie> i think this was an attempt to do skip_movies in the core
[11:21:58] <fuzzie> but it makes no sense, r3157 added the bg1 movie playback and it checks skip_videos and passes the '1' parameter
[11:22:50] <D_T_G> does pst play intro movies now?
[11:23:12] <fuzzie> yes, but i guess only if they are not in .ini
[11:23:26] <D_T_G> oh
[11:24:23] <D_T_G> i think that if the movie has 1 in ini it is only for the list in main menu not for playing intro movies at all
[11:24:24] <D_T_G> in exe
[11:24:40] <D_T_G> look at HOWSEER, AVALANCH from icewind.ini
[11:24:47] <fuzzie> no
[11:24:57] <fuzzie> you've been playing this install with the .exe, i assume
[11:25:01] <fuzzie> a normal icewind.ini has no movies in it
[11:25:55] <fuzzie> when the .exe plays a movie, it adds the name to the icewind.ini
[11:26:22] <fuzzie> this is for the "play movies" button in the menu, so you can only play movies that you already saw in-game
[11:26:29] <D_T_G> yes
[11:26:38] <fuzzie> oh, i guess that's what you meant
[11:26:52] <fuzzie> sorry!
[11:26:54] <fuzzie> not enough coffee
[11:27:12] <fuzzie> can you think of a reason why PlayMovie needs the flag?
[11:27:24] <D_T_G> not really
[11:27:40] <fuzzie> ok, well, i go and get coffee so i don't say more stupid things
[11:27:45] <fuzzie> maybe lynxlynxlynx has an idea
[11:28:00] <lynxlynxlynx> i agree that it looks like a bad skipintromovies attempt
[11:28:23] <fuzzie> it's weird because the skipintromovies was already there before it was added :)
[11:29:15] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe it was different or forgotten
[11:29:35] <lynxlynxlynx> half the revision history ago is a lot
[11:32:29] <fuzzie> D_T_G: you have a new patch?
[11:34:08] <D_T_G> http://wklej.org/id/173734/txt
[11:34:17] <fuzzie> raevol: if you or someone else would like to test Erik (bg1) then we could take that off bg1_playthrough_bugs
[11:34:50] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: you think that should be applied now, or we should fix core?
[11:36:07] <lynxlynxlynx> both can be done
[11:41:59] <D_T_G> i found some drawing issues in GUIOPT of iwd
[11:42:29] <D_T_G> setmodal make the middle of the screen black
[11:42:43] <fuzzie> where the portrait should be?
[11:43:01] <D_T_G> no, in between
[11:43:18] <D_T_G> game options->video options
[11:43:42] <fuzzie> hm, something calling SetVisible(0)?
[11:44:07] <D_T_G> maybe, i don't know yet what's wrong there
[11:44:27] <lynxlynxlynx> diff it to the bg2 one
[11:44:39] <D_T_G> sounds smart
[11:44:40] <fuzzie> yes, it unloads the GameOptionsWindow
[11:44:50] <D_T_G> i will investigate it later the day
[11:44:54] <D_T_G> now must go, bye
[11:44:56] <fuzzie> so it can't render underneath, it got unloaded..
[11:45:07] <D_T_G> oh
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[11:46:03] <fuzzie> you don't see the bug in bg2 because the graphics dialog covers the whole display
[11:46:23] <fuzzie> or, well, it does at 1024x768, which is as big as this screen goes
[11:46:31] <fuzzie> i guess you'd see it at higher resolutions
[11:51:07] <fuzzie> oh, actually, i guess not, higher resolutions just add more border in bg2..
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[15:31:15] <Avenger> hi
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[15:38:32] <Avenger> hi
[15:38:44] <D_T_G> hi
[15:38:45] <Avenger> anyone interested in dragon age?
[15:38:56] <D_T_G> does it run in wine?
[15:39:04] <Avenger> in less than 30 minutes, the character generator will be available for free download
[15:39:22] <Avenger> well, you can test that :)
[15:39:47] <D_T_G> hmm, i could check appdb
[15:39:51] <Avenger> lol
[15:40:05] <Avenger> it is not available yet, so no chance it made to appdb
[15:40:07] <D_T_G> i thought you have linux too and already tested it
[15:40:11] <D_T_G> oh
[15:43:10] <lynxlynxlynx> it needs 20gb of space besides the other silly highend hardware requirements
[15:44:16] <fuzzie> Avenger: why does PlayMovie have a second parameter?
[15:44:35] <Avenger> to play it despite it is on the list?
[15:44:54] <fuzzie> why wouldn't we play it, even if it's on the list?
[15:45:08] <Avenger> because it is boring, or whatever
[15:45:18] <fuzzie> isn't that skip_video's job?
[15:46:06] <Avenger> well, this may give more flexibility, i don't think skip video existed back then
[15:46:15] <Avenger> don't you have to set that manually?
[15:47:00] <fuzzie> yes, but this PlayMovie thing just silently doesn't play movies, and you can't fix it
[15:47:14] <fuzzie> well, you can hard-code '1' in the guiscript, which is what all the guiscripts do, but then the parameter is worthless..
[15:49:31] <Avenger> if you don't want to skip any videos, then yeah, it is :)
[15:52:31] <fuzzie> so i wonder what to do about it
[15:52:43] <D_T_G> i managed to fix background window issues in GUIOPT.py
[15:52:47] <fuzzie> i would change it so that it matches the documentation, and then remove the '1' parameter everywhere
[15:52:59] <fuzzie> D_T_G: did removing the unload help, or was it something else?
[15:53:12] <D_T_G> let me post patch
[15:55:08] <D_T_G> http://wklej.org/id/173971/txt
[15:55:27] <D_T_G> pretty invasive
[15:56:22] <D_T_G> but the cleanest i could achieve
[15:56:36] <fuzzie> the added SetVisible calls are needed?
[15:56:56] <D_T_G> weird things were happening without that
[15:57:06] <fuzzie> it looks fine at a glance, i don't think you could make it less invasive
[15:57:36] <fuzzie> i had a look at bg2, and it works there because the option dialogs cover the whole background
[15:57:54] <D_T_G> yeah, i saw that too
[15:58:26] <D_T_G> wait, indeed removing setvisible(1) at this point does not harm anything
[15:58:44] <D_T_G> i will clear it
[15:59:30] <D_T_G> there was an other bug when closing character sounds window
[15:59:45] <D_T_G> - OpenGameplayOptionsWindow ()
[15:59:45] <D_T_G> + OpenAudioOptionsWindow ()
[16:00:04] <fuzzie> that fixes it?
[16:00:12] <D_T_G> yes
[16:00:39] <fuzzie> hehe, i see the bug when i try it with svn :) good catch
[16:00:46] <D_T_G> before it was options->audio options -> character sounds -> close -> game play options....
[16:03:35] <D_T_G> http://wklej.org/id/173978/txt
[16:03:38] <D_T_G> cleaner
[16:03:59] <fuzzie> ok
[16:05:30] <D_T_G> bg1 is good there
[16:06:04] <D_T_G> also needs background
[16:06:42] <D_T_G> maybe syncing its guiopt.py would be better for cross clearity of implementations, or how you call it :)
[16:08:06] <fuzzie> well, your current patch seems to work fine for me, but if you want to sync that might be better..
[16:08:08] <D_T_G> though close*window is now very similar to from my fix
[16:08:27] <D_T_G> syncing would be more invasive
[16:09:31] <D_T_G> i can sync it in the next patch
[16:11:22] <fuzzie> ok.
[16:11:54] <CIA-66> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r7419 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/GUIScripts/iwd/GUIOPT.py: some iwd GUIOPT fixes from nugrud
[16:12:25] <fuzzie> i guess we might as well apply the PlayMovie thing with the extra param for now, too
[16:13:33] <CIA-66> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r7420 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/GUIScripts/iwd/Start.py: fix iwd/how intro movies (patch by Nugrud)
[16:13:39] <D_T_G> first snow here, good time to work more on Icewind Dale :)
[16:13:42] <fuzzie> is there anything else waiting that I forgot about?
[16:13:52] <D_T_G> not from me
[16:14:29] <D_T_G> the snow is yet mixed with rain, but still snow
[16:14:42] <fuzzie> :)
[16:16:21] <Avenger> i'm going to play with the chargen :)
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[16:17:00] <lynxlynxlynx> D_T_G: we're going hiking tommorow night to greet the fresh snow at the tops :)
[16:17:48] <D_T_G> be careful
[16:18:07] <D_T_G> also first death cause be winter was here
[16:18:17] <D_T_G> *caused by
[16:18:19] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: sounds nice :)
[16:19:34] <lynxlynxlynx> well, not enough of it for skiing yet, but should be fun
[16:20:07] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe it'll be enough for some good touring "shovel" sliding
[16:37:50] <D_T_G> what's the name in english of the window that summarizes PC?
[16:38:47] <lynxlynxlynx> records
[16:39:43] <D_T_G> a frew similar background drawing issues there
[16:39:47] <D_T_G> *few
[16:40:49] <D_T_G> in bg1 too
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[16:41:00] <D_T_G> good, i will have todo :)
[16:44:41] <D_T_G> interesting, have you noticed that movie subtitles work best in 640x480 but in higher resolutions they append line by line?
[16:44:55] <D_T_G> and become unreadable
[16:45:16] <fuzzie> in gemrb, or in original?
[16:45:21] <D_T_G> in gemrb
[16:45:23] <fuzzie> gemrb's subtitles are kind of broken
[16:45:31] <fuzzie> wrong font, wrong size, wrong place, no display clearing
[16:45:39] <fuzzie> it shouldn't be hard to fix, i guess..
[16:46:04] <D_T_G> i'm saying the clearing of display DO WORK in 640x480 but not in higher for me
[16:46:32] <fuzzie> for me and HoW, it doesn't work for me
[16:46:44] <D_T_G> did you set 640x480 in cfg?
[16:47:03] <fuzzie> well, i have 1024x480 i think
[16:47:16] <D_T_G> than try 640x480 and compare :)
[16:47:17] <fuzzie> but the subtitles draw over the video
[16:47:45] <D_T_G> the movies are 640x480 too, so that's the same like in exe
[16:47:49] <fuzzie> and that's the only reason it works for me at that resolution
[16:47:53] <D_T_G> i mean subtitle on the video
[16:47:55] <fuzzie> no clearing happens, it's just that the video gets redrawn
[16:48:18] <D_T_G> the subtitles too
[16:48:30] <D_T_G> oh, i got it
[16:48:57] <D_T_G> subtitles got refreshed because withing movie res
[16:49:02] <fuzzie> yes :)
[16:49:33] <fuzzie> maybe my fault..
[16:50:32] <D_T_G> they are not antialiased, but that's patented i guess
[16:50:36] <D_T_G> *font
[16:51:01] <fuzzie> they are bitmap fonts, we just simply didn't write the code for that, i think
[16:54:33] <fuzzie> http://fuzzie.org/howsubtitles.png
[16:55:04] <D_T_G> from exe?
[16:55:08] <fuzzie> yes
[16:55:23] <D_T_G> i follow the problem
[16:55:23] <fuzzie> at higher resolution than 640x480, but you can see that
[16:56:11] <fuzzie> i can fix the clearing, but then the font is still bad
[16:57:48] <D_T_G> i remember other problems with font in gemrb :)
[17:03:06] <D_T_G> back from 2004 or 2005 that i posted on the old forum http://web.archive.org/web/20050426230249/forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showforum=91 :)
[17:03:32] <D_T_G> there were no polish signs :o
[17:03:57] <D_T_G> glad it was fixed since then :)
[17:05:38] <D_T_G> hm, it's a mirrored g3 forum, no old forum archived :/
[17:06:21] <D_T_G> i better finish, bye!
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[19:01:01] <raevol> lynxlynxlynx: erik is indeed fixed, and should i remove the portrait off by one report too?
[19:01:15] <lynxlynxlynx> anything that is fixed, yes
[19:01:50] <raevol> i just got an odd bug though, i was in my inventory in combat, and someone talked to me, and then i the gameplay screenw ouldn't draw properly, it always had whatever screen i was on previously drawn over it
[19:02:03] <raevol> this is using a higher resolution pack, not sure if that's the culprit
[19:02:43] <fuzzie> that is known bug, the 'start dialog' routine should really force back to main screen - we already keep a function around in a global variable for that, i think
[19:02:55] <raevol> ok
[19:16:07] <fuzzie> i guess some screens, like options, are meant to pause when open?
[19:17:42] <lynxlynxlynx> most pause
[19:18:01] <lynxlynxlynx> in bg1 inventory deliberatly didn't and in bg2 and later the map window deliberately didn't
[19:19:49] <fuzzie> yes, i keep switching to the map window in bg1 and despairing as my little actors don't actually go anywhere :(
[19:20:00] <fuzzie> that might be a nice thing to keep in gemrb
[19:20:14] <raevol> really? mine doesn't pause in the map if i wasn't paused in the game...
[19:20:32] <raevol> or is that in the original game?
[19:20:35] <fuzzie> the original :)
[19:21:09] <fuzzie> i've been playing with the original bg1 quite a bit recently, trying to pin down some bugs
[19:21:18] <raevol> i see ok
[19:21:19] <fuzzie> like that Erik thing
[19:22:26] <fuzzie> i think Erik still goes wrong once he runs out of arrows, but you don't notice that so much :)
[19:22:35] <raevol> haha yea
[19:22:35] <lynxlynxlynx> btw, aren't the random spawned fixed too?
[19:22:44] <lynxlynxlynx> spawns
[19:23:16] <fuzzie> not well enough to remove it from the list
[19:23:36] <lynxlynxlynx> what part was fixed?
[19:23:46] <fuzzie> the scheduling (time-of-day)
[19:24:04] <lynxlynxlynx> so you don't get all of them asap?
[19:24:11] <fuzzie> yes :)
[19:24:20] <fuzzie> but it still ignores difficulty.
[19:24:21] <lynxlynxlynx> cool
[19:29:31] <fuzzie> hm
[19:29:38] <fuzzie> the random encounter maps don't actually use difficulty
[19:29:55] <fuzzie> there are a bunch of unknowns set on them, maybe those are meaningful though, someone would have to compare games
[19:31:44] <lynxlynxlynx> in bg2 they just follow a count
[19:31:55] <fuzzie> these don't use spawns at all
[19:32:01] <lynxlynxlynx> always the same thugs for the same encounters, no matter where they happen
[19:32:05] <lynxlynxlynx> yeah
[19:32:26] <fuzzie> but i think 'random encounters' there means 'random encounters from a spawn'
[19:32:29] <lynxlynxlynx> there are random encounter maps in other games?
[19:33:08] <fuzzie> ie, as a level 1 char in bg1 you can easily encounter too-difficult monsters on the first map
[19:33:55] <lynxlynxlynx> yes, but that's the difficulty issue
[19:35:18] <fuzzie> mmhm
[19:37:35] <fuzzie> no random encounters in pst, iwd, how or iwd2
[19:38:28] <fuzzie> so i hope it's as simple as just fixing difficulty for the spawns
[19:40:41] <lynxlynxlynx> that's what it looks like
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