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[07:29:06] <edheldil> Hi all
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[12:45:59] <pupnik> morningk edheldil
[12:47:26] <edheldil> what's new?
[12:48:09] <pupnik> dreaming about a 'Dungeon Keeper' done with gemrb engine
[12:48:41] <pupnik> seems like most everything one would need is there
[12:50:21] <edheldil> is not dungeon keeper about *digging* your dungeon?
[12:51:29] <pupnik> oh good point
[12:53:32] <edheldil> on the other hand, Dating sims would be a snap with GemRB :-D
[12:53:36] <edheldil> har, har :)
[12:53:40] <pupnik> eww
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[17:46:08] <Avenger> hello
[17:46:27] <Avenger> fuzzie, once you asked me if all triggers are sent via message?
[17:47:46] <Avenger> well, now i can tell, almost all, except: oncreation, timerexpired and partyrested
[17:48:06] <fuzzie> don't suppose you know how they expire, yet? :)
[17:48:37] <Avenger> i already said that, they are cleared every ai cycle, except that some are recreated
[17:49:04] <Avenger> oh, and these triggers i listed are 'non living triggers'
[17:49:28] <fuzzie> well, sure, but i think last time i asked you, 'some' included triggers which expire :)
[17:49:31] <Avenger> actors may have more that are notsent via message
[17:49:42] <Avenger> included?
[17:49:44] <fuzzie> but i guess there is probably code all over the place
[17:50:02] <fuzzie> i thought it included things like AttackedBy
[17:50:04] <Avenger> oh, the triggers that are recreated are the object triggers
[17:50:14] <Avenger> that got an object in the scriptables
[17:50:48] <Avenger> those go away only when the object changes or the trigger evaluated
[17:50:50] <fuzzie> but maybe i misremember
[17:51:14] <fuzzie> i remember that LastAttacker stays valid for a long time, if not forever
[17:51:23] <Avenger> right
[17:51:26] <fuzzie> and i thought the code you saw recreated the AttackedBy trigger if LastAttacker was set, or something
[17:51:33] <fuzzie> but maybe i am misremembering and i should go read the logs
[17:51:41] <Avenger> yes
[17:51:45] <Avenger> that's what i said
[17:51:55] <Avenger> but that happens for all of those Lastxxx objects
[17:52:27] <Avenger> wanna me list them?
[17:52:52] <Avenger> basically they are the object triggers, the bit triggers are alive for an ai cycle
[17:53:36] <Avenger> that means we can remove the bittrigger stuff from gemrb
[17:54:49] <Avenger> though, i think they are good sometimes
[17:55:00] <Avenger> for example, Died is a bit trigger
[17:55:29] <Avenger> so, it is true only once after death, maybe this causes that sometimes the IE doesn't detect death
[17:55:41] <Avenger> if a blocker action was performed during death, i guess
[17:58:19] <fuzzie> i think bg2 has some way to make sure it works out
[17:58:35] <fuzzie> but, i mean, LastAttacker is true after AttackedBy stops being true
[17:58:44] <Avenger> ok, livings don't have a separate SendTrigger, it is not a virtual function
[17:58:57] <fuzzie> so i don't really understand
[17:59:16] <Avenger> there is an object copy for this
[17:59:31] <Avenger> LastAttacker / LastAttacker2
[17:59:41] <fuzzie> ah
[17:59:50] <Avenger> each Lastxxx object has a copy
[17:59:54] <Avenger> see your tobex source :)
[18:00:17] <Avenger> though they are unknowns :) there... let me see
[18:01:16] <fuzzie> yes, i thought tobex only had one copy
[18:02:05] <fuzzie> thanks
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