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[12:27:04] <ratpor> Quick question: In PST, does GemRB preset the cleric spells for Faa-From-Grace ? Messing about a bit with the classes, and doesn't seem I can get anyone else to gain cleric spells.
[12:33:12] <fuzzie> I imagine her cleric spells are already present in her CRE file.
[12:34:07] <ratpor> Figures, that would explain alot. Wouldn't make sense in any of the other games, but PST only have one cleric.
[12:36:24] <fuzzie> Well, gemrb's PS:T support is pretty bad; I doubt the spell gains even work properly for Fall-From-Grace.
[12:36:36] <ratpor> Hahaha
[12:36:46] <ratpor> Good point
[12:37:59] <ratpor> I wanted to give PST a shot to see how far it come along, engine runs nicelly and all.
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[12:38:45] <ratpor> But had hoped to be able to tweak classes alittlebit so NO could be a multiclass F/M/T instead of the duallclass (just for a change of pace). Looks like that was a bit optimistic.
[12:41:24] <fuzzie> gemrb's PS:T multiclass script code goes along the lines of "which multi-class is this? if Fighter/Mage, must be Dak'kon. otherwise it must be Annah!" :)
[12:42:41] <ratpor> Noticed! Well rather after looking through the 2da files, it seems only FT and FM works. Which makes sense as those are the only two used. But at the same time strange as the original game supported all the normal multiclasses of the base 4 classes.
[12:43:07] <ratpor> The original crashed though if you tried to use any of the 4 non standard classes (ranger, bard, paladin, druid)
[12:44:04] <ratpor> Was pondering whether it was worth trying to "add" classes to GemRB yet, but probablly a bit early yet (at least for pst).
[12:44:25] <fuzzie> With the work from the PS:T Fixpack it would probably be possible to work out exactly how the original PS:T differs from the normal multiclassing.
[12:45:27] <fuzzie> The code is mostly shared between bg1, bg2 and iwd now, and it doesn't *seem* like there's much difference between bg1 and pst for classes, other than the hard-coded TNO bits.
[12:46:35] <ratpor> From what i experienced with trying to goof around with the classes in PST, I'd say that the differences are a bit more noticable. Largelly the 4 non base classes was simply obmitted entirelly.
[12:47:16] <ratpor> Save that, only the weapon proficiency system was really changed, from top of my head.
[12:48:06] <ratpor> And well, no turn undead for cleric/ffg, and GUI representation of thief skills was different.
[12:50:08] <fuzzie> scient has some further notes somewhere on the PS:T Fixpack forums, I think.
[12:51:08] <ratpor> pocketplane forums ? Can't recal that one from G3.
[12:51:38] <ratpor> spellhold, gotcha
[12:56:10] <fuzzie> Whenever I find some time (after catching up on patch-merging), must at least fix the PS:T death animations. Not sure when they broke.
[12:58:51] <ratpor> Hmm, annother forum to register to heh.
[12:59:49] <ratpor> Well, I must say I'm impressed by how well the game runs so far! I haven't tried going very far yet, just goofing around with options and see what options are available.
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[13:03:18] <fuzzie> it's amazing how much work people put into it all :)
[13:07:33] <ratpor> I understood that BG1 was at least alot more complete than PST was as of yet, perhaps I should try tweaking around with that first. Seeing alot of the old hardcoded class features is now put out in 2da files, it just might be possible to tweak up some new multiclass combinations and such.
[13:10:42] <Enverex> ratpor, I thought it was the other way around, BG2 seems more complete. For example levelling doesn't work in BG1 (last time I checked)
[13:11:12] <ratpor> Ah well, in that case i'll just have to give it a shot and see how it works.
[13:15:34] <fuzzie> I think lynx and Avenger made bg1 levelup work pretty well now.
[13:15:58] <Enverex> Do you guys need any help with the website? What exactly is the problem with it?
[13:19:11] <Lightkey> http://log.usecode.org/gemrblog.php?log=12Mar2010 what lynxlynxlynx said
[13:22:47] <Enverex> Lightkey, I'd dropped by that point (for some reason). Glad to see it's ok. It was more an offer of getting it fixed than a redesign :P
[13:24:08] <Lightkey> it was the machine, not the website
[13:25:03] <fuzzie> the redirect can be pretty slow, maybe someone should take the "difficulties" text away..
[13:25:27] <Enverex> Lightkey, I'd guessed that much
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[15:21:00] <megaboz> is gemrb compatible with pst's widescreen patch?
[15:22:48] <megaboz> ok, just saw the answer in a changelog, let's try
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[16:09:38] <megaboz> wow, this is very painful to setup
[16:13:51] <fuzzie> the widescreen patch?
[16:14:07] <megaboz> gemrb, and now the widescreen patch on linux
[16:14:47] <fuzzie> weidu is .. not so friendly
[16:16:22] <megaboz> http://paste.factorcode.org/paste?id=1577
[16:16:29] <megaboz> any idea about what this means?
[16:16:34] <megaboz> i'm trying to patch pst
[16:19:19] <fuzzie> i guess the fix for pst never got applied; the end of the 'core.tpa' file in the widescreen patch should copy 'guiworld.chu' for pst, not 'guiw10.chu'
[16:21:05] <fuzzie> in fact that is probably my fault..
[16:22:02] <megaboz> that was useful information
[16:22:03] <megaboz> SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED for GemRB
[16:22:06] <megaboz> thanks!
[16:23:24] <megaboz> sigh, now gemrb is crashing
[16:25:04] <fuzzie> you changed the gemrb.cfg to match the same resolution? it seems to work here, i just forgot to get anyone to apply the fix
[16:25:28] <megaboz> yup, i've changed it
[16:28:39] <megaboz> seems like a case sensitivity problem again
[16:28:50] <megaboz> i had to lower the file names to apply the widescreen patch
[16:49:28] <megaboz> got it to work, thanks fuzzie
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[17:32:12] <megaboz> why aren't most shortcuts bound to any key? i'm not able to add anything through pst options screen.
[17:38:56] <ratpor> Noticed the same, I guess it is just not priorities yet.
[18:16:35] <Enverex> Hrm, I'm seeing duplicated "Attacked by" messages on BG1 in different colours
[18:23:41] <Lightkey> too much booze?
[18:26:22] <ratpor> If only that qualified as a bug :p
[18:28:00] <Lightkey> it's a feature!
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[23:46:56] <Genrazn> hello
[23:47:03] <Genrazn> as a note
[23:47:11] <Genrazn> the link on the main website to clickage on here
[23:47:17] <Genrazn> presents itself as ##GemRB
[23:50:33] <fuzzie> hm, which one? the "Join #GemRB using your irc client of choice" one seems ok
[23:50:50] <Genrazn> Join irc://irc.freenode.net/#GemRB using your irc client of choice (archive)
[23:51:18] <Genrazn> Could have just been me though?
[23:52:02] <Genrazn> curious how has work been with GemRB going?
[23:55:28] <fuzzie> you have some client which parses 'irc://irc.freenode.net/#GemRB' by adding another #? i guess there's no harm removing it
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[23:56:40] <fuzzie> and it has been very quiet for months now, hopefully not for much longer.
[23:57:17] * Genrazn nods.
[23:57:27] <Genrazn> One thing that is irratating me greatly in BG2 or BGT
[23:57:31] <Genrazn> Is that
[23:57:41] <Genrazn> If you dual wield you can put a ranged weapon on
[23:58:05] <Genrazn> along with unable to put on a shield if you put on a 2 handed ranged weapon
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