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[05:09:58] <johndh> Howdy, folks!
[05:10:09] <johndh> I just installed GemRB from git, and I understand there's supposed to be a sort of demo suite already included, but I'm not sure how to use it. Any help?
[05:30:30] <Lightkey> suite is a bit of a stretch, it's just an empty room, last I heard
[05:33:22] <johndh> Lightkey: better than an empty command line
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[09:33:48] <quazgar> Hi, is sourceforge the correct place to report bugs?
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[11:14:58] <Begginer> Good afternoon.
[11:15:19] <Begginer> Can someone give me a hint regarding GemRB 0.8.4 for Android
[11:15:52] <Begginer> Where is the gemrb.cfg located? I can't seem to find where it should be.
[11:16:19] <Begginer> I also don't know how I should title my icewind dale installation, it is a PL version with heart of winter addon.
[11:19:06] <Begginer> Also, frequently the 0.8.4 is starting, with black screen and closing after few seconds. I presume there is something missing.
[11:19:27] <Begginer> On the other hand, earlier versions do work for a while until they turn off aswell.
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[11:20:00] <Begginer> Ahoy Duke
[11:35:21] <johndh> Begginer: http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=fap
[11:35:23] <Pepelka> fap [GemRB wiki]
[11:35:37] <johndh> Not sure if this is what you're asking, but "if you're using IWD:Heart of Winter, set the GameType to how not iwd"
[11:38:52] <Begginer> I should name the game catalogue "how not iwd" ?
[11:39:30] <johndh> Begginer: I believe it means that "how" is what you should use for Heart of Winter, as opposed to "iwd" for regular Icewind Dale.
[11:39:55] <Begginer> Ah ok, I get it now
[11:43:16] <Begginer> Main catalogue of the game should be in net.sourceforge.gemrb in appdata in android devices, right?
[11:45:58] <johndh> I'm afraid I know basically nothing. I'm still trying to figure out how to get anything to load in the engine.
[11:46:41] <johndh> There's not a "how to get started" page somewhere, is there?
[11:48:18] <Begginer> Well there are a lot of reviews or videos how to do first steps but there seems to be always some kind of troubles on the way.
[11:48:32] <Begginer> I used to run infinity engine games back in 2012/2013
[11:48:36] <Begginer> without any problems
[11:48:54] <Begginer> feels like the software got a bit more complicated since then
[11:50:28] <johndh> well I've got the BG2 demo installed on Wine, and I compiled the git version of GemRB. I just don't know where goes what or how to get the two to work together.
[11:50:53] <johndh> I hadn't thought to look up videos for how to do it. That just sounds bizarre to me, but I'll give it a try.
[11:58:22] <Begginer> You might not find a step by step tutorial for it but at least you might find something to guide you through the proccess which gives trouble
[11:58:58] <Begginer> So far I have the biggest trouble with stability of the newest android versions
[12:01:24] <Begginer> But except reading logs which are a bit peculiar for me to understand I can't find a good solution.
[12:01:31] <Begginer> Might be a problem with my tablet either.
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[12:12:34] <edheldil> Hi all
[12:12:50] <edheldil> johndh: do yu need a help?
[12:14:54] <johndh> edheldil: I'm making progress, I think. I'm currently working on the "[ResourceManager/WARNING]: 'worldm25.wmp' not found..." issue.
[12:28:22] <johndh> Okay, I've got it running. Not perfectly, but it's enough for today. :)
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[12:37:46] <edheldil> not perfectly?
[13:01:06] <johndh> edheldil: various little things, e.g. the spell selection gives errors and doesn't work properly when trying to create a mage
[13:01:36] <johndh> and trying to open up the character biography disables everything on the screen
[13:01:47] <johndh> I'm taking notes for bug reports, naturally. :)
[13:06:44] <edheldil> ah :)
[13:09:07] <johndh> edheldil: is sourceforge the best place for bugs, or somewhere else?
[13:09:54] <edheldil> best is pestering lynx directly, these days :)
[13:10:37] <edheldil> but you can use the SF bugtracker as well
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[15:06:02] <lynxlynxlynx> i'm here
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[23:13:02] <Lightkey> Exult is now on GitHub, awaiting your pull requests :-)
[23:15:15] <Lightkey> hm.. looks like #xoreos has more people now
[23:17:01] <Lightkey> though still a long way from #openmw with over eighty