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[00:22:42] <Avenger> bye!
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[03:28:14] <chiv> http://pastebin.ca/2293713 <-- -this should be stable enough to share, patches the weapon bar to be more iwd2 style. but better. dont forget to test right click on weapons too...
[03:35:47] <chiv> oh yeah, you have to add 64 to guienhancements, its setup to be optionable
[03:40:35] <chiv> next on my list is to make the scroll cases more than just a portable shopkeeper...
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[08:49:58] <avenger> fizzet: test the token stuff, i think i fixed it
[08:57:13] <fizzet> avenger: 'k
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[09:18:13] <fizzet> I'm deep in the renderer right now
[09:18:22] <fizzet> I think I'd appreciate some help
[09:18:25] <fizzet> http://nopaste.me/paste/192645498650cc40288a701
[09:21:55] <avenger> huh that is interesting
[09:22:09] <avenger> is that sdl2 or the old sdl plugin
[09:22:31] <fizzet> how do I know what's being used?
[09:22:33] <avenger> ahh it is hte old
[09:22:45] <avenger> --> /gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/
[09:23:08] <avenger> wjp could see more
[09:23:47] <avenger> you could check if opal is 0?
[09:24:04] <avenger> print opal
[09:24:23] <avenger> and print buf too
[09:24:30] <avenger> but i think it is more likely the palette is 0
[09:24:46] <fizzet> both are non-null
[09:25:30] <avenger> can you also type where?
[09:25:48] <avenger> 'where' shows a bit more
[09:26:25] <fizzet> looking for anything specific?
[09:26:37] <fizzet> or should I just paste the whole shebang?
[09:26:37] <avenger> the callers
[09:26:44] <avenger> just paste the whole stack
[09:27:10] <avenger> this is the tile blitter part, it should work, always did
[09:27:19] <avenger> what are you are in?
[09:27:23] <avenger> area
[09:27:35] <avenger> does it have water overlays? doors?
[09:27:45] <avenger> did you see any artifacts before the crash?
[09:28:10] <fizzet> http://nopaste.me/paste/6806865350cc429acd4db
[09:28:30] <fizzet> avenger: I suspect it has something to do with bodies and or items lying around
[09:28:44] <fizzet> I've seen it a few times now
[09:29:05] <avenger> ok, it is during saving the game
[09:29:06] <avenger> haha
[09:29:13] <avenger> not area rendering, but preview rendering
[09:29:19] <fizzet> yes
[09:29:42] <avenger> well, that i wouldn't have known without the second paste :D
[09:30:00] <avenger> i guess you save the game in the top left corner?
[09:30:08] <avenger> in a small area maybe?
[09:30:12] <fizzet> of the map? no
[09:30:20] <avenger> x=-37, y=430
[09:30:29] <avenger> well, x is negative, y is ok
[09:30:35] <fizzet> I thought the x looks fishy
[09:30:51] <fizzet> I'm not even close to the left border of the area
[09:31:06] <avenger> huh
[09:31:50] <avenger> well, if it goes unsigned, then the whole stuff explodes
[09:32:16] <fizzet> the numbers still look fine in the frame above
[09:32:26] <fizzet> not sure where it goes negative
[09:32:37] <avenger> the strange thing is, it is being called: 0x00007ffff7d30ef0 in GemRB::GameControl::Draw (this=0xc55e30, x=0, y=0)
[09:32:45] <avenger> at that point everything is normal
[09:33:19] <avenger> but that is only the game control
[09:33:37] <avenger> the viewport goes off negative, iguess
[09:34:01] <avenger> do you have the left pane on or off?
[09:34:37] <fizzet> which one is that?
[09:34:44] <fizzet> I'm in the save screen
[09:35:27] <avenger> well, easier check, do you know how to step to frame #2 ?
[09:35:39] <fizzet> yes
[09:35:39] <avenger> i forgot the gdb command for that :)
[09:35:48] <avenger> go to frame 2 and print viewport
[09:36:03] <fizzet> eek
[09:36:09] <fizzet> gdb just blew up on me
[09:36:15] <avenger> damn
[09:36:34] <fizzet> I'll try to reproduce
[09:36:41] <fizzet> I have a sav just before this
[09:37:37] <fizzet> yay!
[09:37:52] <fizzet> viewport looks ok
[09:38:01] <fizzet> $23 = {x = 4472, y = 731, w = 640, h = 0}
[09:38:11] <fizzet> except for h...
[09:39:16] <avenger> h is weird
[09:39:26] <avenger> 0 height viewport to make snapshot about :D
[09:39:55] <avenger> maybe it is just to hide the window, though
[09:40:13] <avenger> if h isn't used, this isn't a problem
[09:40:18] <avenger> isn't x too large?
[09:41:14] <fizzet> don't know; is it for screen res or area size?
[09:42:04] <fizzet> I was assuming the latter
[09:43:27] <avenger> viewport is area point
[09:44:09] <avenger> x and y point in the area, that's sure
[09:44:26] <fizzet> then the numbers sound about right to me
[09:45:07] <avenger> still wonder how x goes negative
[09:45:36] <fuzzie> hi
[09:45:58] <fuzzie> BlitTile to x=-37 seems legitimate
[09:46:26] <avenger> hey fuzzie :)
[09:46:35] <fuzzie> or is it clipped before that?
[09:46:42] <fuzzie> I don't have source here, sorry, on stupid Windows machine :P
[09:47:22] <avenger> i don't know how the preview is rendered
[09:47:31] <fuzzie> so (tx + rx) must be above 0
[09:47:45] <fuzzie> and tx=-37 and rx=37
[09:48:16] <avenger> above or equal iguess ;)
[09:48:33] <fuzzie> erm, soryry, yes :P
[09:48:48] <fuzzie> ty=430 seems pretty high though?
[09:48:51] <avenger> fizzet what happens if you do print *opal in frame #1
[09:49:10] <fizzet> long list of values
[09:49:11] <avenger> err i meant #0
[09:49:19] <avenger> whatever, so it is legal
[09:49:30] <avenger> then only buf can go wrong
[09:49:59] <fizzet> oooh
[09:50:08] <fizzet> (gdb) p buf
[09:50:11] <fizzet> $28 = (unsigned int *) 0x7fffe94ac410
[09:50:13] <fizzet> (gdb) p buf[0]
[09:50:15] <fizzet> Cannot access memory at address 0x7fffe94ac410
[09:50:20] <avenger> yes
[09:50:20] <fuzzie> that seems bad :P
[09:50:29] <avenger> but how did it get to that buf address
[09:50:37] <avenger> that's what we need to find out
[09:50:59] <fuzzie> so what's target->pixels?
[09:51:49] <fizzet> $29 = (void *) 0x7fffe937f010
[09:52:22] <fuzzie> and you can get target->pixels[0] fine I guess?
[09:52:41] <fizzet> nah, it's a void; gdb doesn't want me to do that to voids
[09:52:43] <avenger> fuzzie you said tx-rx , right?
[09:52:53] <fuzzie> no, plus
[09:52:55] <avenger> ah no, tx+rx
[09:53:06] <fizzet> but the address looks very close to the broken buf
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[09:53:52] <fuzzie> yeah, buf is just target->pixels plus the offset to actually render to
[09:53:58] <avenger> yes: PixelType* buf_line = (PixelType*)(target->pixels) + (ty+ry)*(target->pitch / sizeof(PixelType));
[09:54:07] <avenger> so it should be near
[09:54:10] <fuzzie> it is incremented as you render though
[09:54:33] <fizzet> anyone know how I can get gdb to deref a void *
[09:54:39] <avenger> can't you print target->pixels as PixelType ?
[09:54:39] <fuzzie> and y=430 plus h=64 gives you 494 height, which is beyond 480, if you have a 640x480 window .. ?
[09:54:50] <fuzzie> so do you have a 640x480 window? :P
[09:54:51] <avenger> p (PixelType *) target->pixels ?
[09:55:07] <avenger> or something very similar
[09:55:13] <fizzet> nope
[09:55:30] <fuzzie> nope to which of us? :P
[09:55:42] <fizzet> avenger :)
[09:56:46] <fuzzie> so answer my question :P
[09:57:01] <fizzet> oops, yes, sorry
[09:57:15] <fuzzie> the clip logic at the start of BlitTile looks really suspicious, it shouldn't be allowing clipx/clipy values less than 0, nor clipw/cliph values larger than the backBuf size
[09:57:21] <fuzzie> so that is the bug I think.
[09:57:57] <fuzzie> (since your backtrace clearly has a non-NULL clip param)
[09:59:14] <fizzet> clip is $31 = {x = 0, y = 0, w = 640, h = 544}
[09:59:29] <fuzzie> so that h seems not good:-)
[09:59:31] <fizzet> looks a bit high
[10:00:27] <avenger> but why would this happen for him
[10:00:37] <fuzzie> honestly reading this code via github is not much fun
[10:00:37] <avenger> i saved many times without problem
[10:00:42] <avenger> :P
[10:00:54] <avenger> you got no git on that machine? or no access?
[10:01:11] <fuzzie> no git etc
[10:01:40] <fuzzie> where does that clip come from?
[10:02:06] <fuzzie> I guess from GameControl's Height?
[10:03:29] <avenger> int w = video->GetWidth();
[10:03:29] <avenger> int h = video->GetHeight();
[10:03:29] <avenger> int x = (w - 640) / 2;
[10:03:29] <avenger> int y = (h - 405) / 2;
[10:03:38] <fuzzie> no, this is crashing in Draw()
[10:03:52] <fuzzie> so it's Height
[10:04:36] <avenger> there are fishy things in here
[10:04:41] <fuzzie> it's not much fun to diagnose beyond there
[10:04:49] <avenger> if !x then y=0 :)
[10:04:51] <fuzzie> but in any case BlitTile should definitely be clipping to screen
[10:04:56] <fuzzie> or at least asserting that it's within screen
[10:08:57] <fuzzie> i don't see any recent changes though
[10:09:10] <fuzzie> fizzet: so can you print Height from frame #5 (in GameControl)?
[10:09:28] <avenger> oh it is already crashing in Draw(0,0)
[10:09:57] <fizzet> uh, gdb just burned again
[10:10:02] <fizzet> bbias
[10:10:31] <fuzzie> avenger: I didn't try making sense of the other logic ;)
[10:11:16] <fizzet> fuzzie: 544
[10:11:25] <avenger> maybe frame 4 could be interesting
[10:11:41] <fuzzie> so it's just Height at fault
[10:11:46] <fuzzie> gamecontrol is invalid size
[10:13:37] <fuzzie> not going to think about it any more from here :)
[10:14:53] <fizzet> fuzzie: is Height supposed to be just the height of the area display?
[10:15:03] <fizzet> or the entire screen?
[10:15:14] <fuzzie> it's the Height of the area display
[10:15:19] <lynxlynxlynx> do you use any fancy resolution?
[10:15:27] <fizzet> no, standard
[10:15:48] <fuzzie> and standard gui?
[10:15:52] <fizzet> yes
[10:16:07] <fuzzie> my guess would be that it goes wrong when gui is hidden or something
[10:16:47] <fuzzie> avenger's question about which panes you have on/off is relevant I guess :) also which game?
[10:16:54] <fizzet> bg1
[10:17:44] <fizzet> I don't even know how I'd switch panes off :)
[10:22:54] <avenger> yeah, quick save works for me, also saving from menu works
[10:23:08] <avenger> so i don't know how his gamecontrol changes to cause bug
[10:23:11] <fizzet> avenger: it mostly works for me, too
[10:23:28] <fizzet> just sometimes it doesn't
[10:23:45] <avenger> when it does, the preview is correct?
[10:23:57] <fizzet> I don't get the preview
[10:24:07] <fizzet> uh, oh, yes
[10:24:07] <avenger> it shows after save
[10:24:26] <avenger> we should probably show it before save :D
[10:24:35] <avenger> but i don't think the original does that either
[10:25:25] <fuzzie> is it with or without totsc?
[10:25:54] <fizzet> I *think* with but I'm not entirely sure
[10:25:58] <avenger> haha
[10:26:01] <avenger> i found the bug
[10:26:11] <avenger> maximized text area, quicksave
[10:26:11] <fizzet> it's a goty complete edition
[10:26:21] <avenger> the textarea showed up on the preview
[10:26:51] <fuzzie> is that necessarily the bug though?
[10:27:05] <avenger> well, i think so
[10:27:21] <avenger> the preview is ugly
[10:27:35] <avenger> the side pane shows up only in the bottom part of it
[10:27:47] <avenger> so it is not a viewport to my game screen
[10:28:04] <avenger> but half part game area, half part screenshot
[10:28:30] <fuzzie> well I think the bad area is caused by that code you pasted with the w-640 and h-405 etc code
[10:28:45] <avenger> yeah
[10:29:00] <avenger> i pasted that because it seems fishy with those contants
[10:29:12] <fuzzie> I'm surprised we don't just set the Width/Height of the GameControl to a fixed size, and then set it back once we drew something.
[10:29:27] <avenger> i agree
[10:29:43] <avenger> or just pass a region all the way down :)
[10:30:37] <fuzzie> well, yes, that would probably be more elegant :P
[10:40:55] <fizzet> is there a way to match WindowID to window?
[10:41:43] <fizzet> it seems that when saving all windows get closed (Height = 480) and then some more are closed (Height > 480)
[10:41:50] <fizzet> WindowID 12 is the first of those
[10:43:08] <fuzzie> something is doing HideGUI when it shouldn't?
[10:46:51] <fizzet> could this be a problem:
[10:46:54] <fizzet> GemRB.HideGUI ()
[10:46:56] <fizzet> GUICommon.GameWindow.SetVisible(WINDOW_INVISIBLE)
[10:53:28] <avenger> the problem is that the normal viewport is smaller than the game preview
[10:54:02] <avenger> hidegui should actually fix that, but it doesn't
[10:54:39] <fuzzie> that doesn't explain the Height going to larger than the screen size
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[11:09:43] <fizzet> ookay
[11:09:52] <fizzet> see if you can reproduce this sequence
[11:10:10] <fizzet> after loading Height is 326
[11:10:29] <fizzet> I go pickup some stuff from the ground:
[11:11:07] <fizzet> del win 12 => 435; del win 3 => 480; add win 8 => 390
[11:11:13] <fizzet> looks ok so far
[11:11:30] <fizzet> then I enter the file menu and press save:
[11:11:49] <fizzet> del win 12 => 499; del win 3 => 544
[11:11:52] <fizzet> bam
[11:12:05] <fizzet> so two of the windows (3 and 12) get removed twice
[11:14:19] <avenger> yeah, that is bad
[11:14:23] <fizzet> instead of those two it should probably close 8
[11:15:17] <fuzzie> i thought we already had code for closing 8
[11:15:28] <fuzzie> which is the bug here I guess
[11:35:24] <fizzet> if I change HandleWindowHide to only try to handle visible windows the crash is gone
[11:35:46] <fizzet> of course, it still doesn't close window 8
[11:58:28] <fuzzie> there's CommonWindow.CloseContainerWindow()
[11:58:48] <fuzzie> which I guess should go in the window-changing common code really
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[15:41:53] <lynxlynxlynx> nice, gdb got good at printing standard objects
[16:04:05] --> brada has joined #gemrb
[16:04:27] <brada> ive always been able to get good output with gdb and the standard libs
[16:04:33] <brada> lldb is still better imo
[16:05:52] <lynxlynxlynx> before it had the python pretty-printers, it was pretty horrible
[16:06:24] <lynxlynxlynx> i'm working with a std::map<char *, std::vector<BABTable> > now and it's really helpful
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[17:39:25] <fizzet> Avenger: your fix for the token parsing is borken, I'm afraid
[17:39:37] <Avenger> how much
[17:40:13] <fizzet> the callers use the return value from mystrncpy to determine how much to advance the "source" pointer
[17:40:34] <fizzet> your patch only uses the dest advancements, however
[17:40:57] <fizzet> you need to change the return value to include the skipped chars
[17:41:54] <fuzzie> brada: lldb on OS X, or lldb elsewhere?
[17:42:17] <fuzzie> I tried getting a modern gdb running n OS X a short time ago and didn't have much luck.
[17:43:02] <brada> os x
[17:43:12] <fuzzie> so if you got a modern gdb running, please do tell
[17:43:46] <brada> ha ha i am just using lldb
[17:43:53] <brada> why is gdb better for you?
[17:43:59] <fuzzie> well, I agree that lldb is far better than a broken ancient gdb :)
[17:44:12] <brada> but modern gdb is better?
[17:44:20] <fuzzie> well, it is better than a broken ancient one
[17:44:29] <fuzzie> I can't comment otherwise since I didn't get gdb running to compare.
[17:44:43] <brada> last gdb i used was 4.2 iirc
[17:45:09] <fizzet> I'm out for today, bye
[17:45:32] <brada> er that was gcc 4.2
[17:45:37] <fuzzie> brada: apple were shipping 6.3 I think
[17:45:37] <brada> dont know what version of gdb
[17:45:41] <brada> yes
[17:45:46] <brada> that sounds right
[17:45:50] <fuzzie> which is 8 years old ;)
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[17:46:24] <fuzzie> but lldb seems to be improving v.rapidly
[17:47:07] <brada> yeah part of why i prefer it
[17:47:56] <fuzzie> but of course I was curious whether you were comparing it to something from this decade or not :)
[17:48:22] <brada> are you having difficulty building gdb or justgetting it working?
[17:48:36] <fuzzie> getting it working
[17:48:59] <brada> then i assume you are running 10.7 or higher?
[17:49:57] <fuzzie> well, it wasn't my machine, but yes, something reasonably up-to-date at least
[17:50:33] <brada> yeah. probably the fact that apple requires a trusted signature for programs like gdb
[17:50:50] <fuzzie> yeah, I found that bug report, but it was segfaulting for me before getting there
[17:50:59] <brada> hmmm
[17:51:35] <fuzzie> it was just from macports so I assume it works for others once they signed it
[17:51:40] <fuzzie> so it's weird
[17:51:55] <brada> well i think you have to add the certificate to your keychain
[17:52:29] <brada> but if that were the problem i would think if you logged in as root you could do it
[17:52:46] <brada> afik root still has permission to run "untrusted" things
[17:54:06] <fuzzie> I don't understand any of this stuff any more. :/ I'll just have to sit down and work it out if I turn out to need it, but I hope I won't.
[17:57:09] <fuzzie> if being in toolchain is enough then that sounds really trivial to solve the signing thing, which is nice
[17:59:38] <fuzzie> anyway
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[18:11:36] <Avenger> huh that commit was just worse
[18:16:29] <fuzzie> because the parameter isn't source/string
[18:16:37] <fuzzie> it's source+i+1 or string+i+1
[18:17:10] <fuzzie> I guess?
[18:28:19] <Avenger> closer
[18:29:10] --> brada has joined #gemrb
[18:29:16] <Avenger> i'm just too tired for this. But i think now i got it right
[18:30:28] <brada> fuzzie: the signing requirements are easy to solve if you know how yes. but since its crashing then that doesnt apper to be your issue
[18:30:33] <brada> tho it may be still i suppose
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[18:48:23] <fuzzie> Avenger: that looks good at a glance :)
[19:21:47] <lynxlynxlynx> hadn't had an animation crash for a while
[19:22:06] <lynxlynxlynx> this one looks like a data bug though: Couldn't find '*G11.bam'.
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[19:23:19] <lynxlynxlynx> not sure why we're trying to set an attack animation on a control >>
[19:24:35] <lynxlynxlynx> ah, our fault, of course
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[19:30:22] <lynxlynxlynx> Avenger: don't we support animation id ranges?
[19:30:32] <Avenger> we do
[19:30:52] <Avenger> probably it is a feature that needs to be turned on
[19:30:56] <lynxlynxlynx> i get an error in iwd2 due to a missing entry in avatars, so i'm wondering why it isn't picked up (it's missing)
[19:31:00] <lynxlynxlynx> ah
[19:31:17] <lynxlynxlynx> 0x6500 is there, +2 is not
[19:31:44] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
[19:33:08] <lynxlynxlynx> diffing with bg2's gemrb.ini doesn't give any likely game flags
[19:33:13] <Avenger> i don't see any gf for it
[19:34:37] <Avenger> the table is ordered?
[19:36:01] <lynxlynxlynx> yes
[19:36:18] <lynxlynxlynx> i see we only do it in core and so the guiscript side has no benefit
[19:36:24] <lynxlynxlynx> it's from 2009 btw
[20:53:11] --> rocket_hamster has joined #gemrb
[20:53:50] <-- Avenger has left IRC (Quit: bye!)
[20:58:26] <lynxlynxlynx> phew
[21:01:07] <rocket_hamster> hmm?
[21:01:12] <rocket_hamster> breakthrough?
[21:04:45] <lynxlynxlynx> no, just done with a larger code drop
[21:05:51] <lynxlynxlynx> chiv: tried your big patch
[21:05:52] <rocket_hamster> Actor.cpp ?
[21:06:04] <lynxlynxlynx> very confusing to use
[21:06:17] <lynxlynxlynx> yes, all that iwd2 stuff
[21:06:53] <lynxlynxlynx> http://www.chevalier.szm.com/screens/iwd2_4.jpg <-- far from this, but an important step nonetheless
[21:22:05] <chiv> heh, I also have one of those character sheets on the go...
[21:23:25] <chiv> how could it be improved? open to suggestion
[21:26:26] <chiv> i mean at the moment all that it really does is take over the inventory juggling that you would do anyway
[21:29:22] <lynxlynxlynx> iwd2 is a different matter, we don't populate half of the data fields yet
[21:30:30] <lynxlynxlynx> re inventory: no idea, i don't think i managed to use it properly
[21:31:06] <chiv> hmm what happened?
[21:33:51] <chiv> what should have happened is being able to freely configure the weapon quick slots from the game screen, if that didnt happen then the patch is broke...
[21:43:07] <lynxlynxlynx> it worked only to some extent
[21:44:22] <lynxlynxlynx> anyway, to me it is more interesting if you fix up that button grid patch
[21:46:25] <chiv> ah, for that I have to make the internal action bar setup not choke on the new window, i havent looked at that yet
[21:47:17] <lynxlynxlynx> i also started a github repo for gemrb mods, so that would be a nice ending place for what will not get included
[21:47:28] <lynxlynxlynx> it'll be tricky for users though
[21:50:21] <chiv> well, it would be useful as a backup location, i doubt many users could be bothered to mess around with git though
[21:52:08] <chiv> i see enough people just asking for help with gemrb.ini :)
[21:52:17] <lynxlynxlynx> *cfg
[21:52:26] <chiv> doh
[21:52:41] <chiv> despite the fact that its commented like a novel
[21:53:48] <chiv> besides I would much rather continue working on stuff until it meets par
[22:02:28] <lynxlynxlynx> in the end it might be easiest if you got your own gametype and people would just switch in the config
[22:02:47] <lynxlynxlynx> too soon for that now though
[22:13:30] <chiv> what actually happened that was unexpected anyway?
[22:17:28] <lynxlynxlynx> weapon combo switching was flaky, i maybe got an item copied, ammo wasn't remembered, no empty set handling and sometimes wrong choices
[22:18:20] --> chiv_ has joined #gemrb
[22:19:42] <chiv_> hmm it seemed to be working fine when i merged it..
[22:19:57] <chiv_> i thought i had banished all that
[22:20:03] <-- chiv has left IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[22:20:27] --- chiv_ is now known as chiv
[22:25:04] <chiv> although there was no weapon combo handling in there btw
[22:25:59] <chiv> the only fundamental difference is instead of nagging you that you have eg a shield equipped, it tries to dump it in inventory first
[22:28:57] <lynxlynxlynx> well, you were talking about a lot of that stuff, so i didn't know what to expect
[22:32:46] <chiv> i have a long list of stuff, im just trying to offer a feature at a time, cos you said you didnt like big patches
[22:37:44] <lynxlynxlynx> that is still true
[23:00:05] <-- rocket_hamster has left IRC (Quit: BuhBye!)
[23:01:51] <chiv> doh, checking out the record screen in bg2 bombed the game with an iwd2 bab check
[23:04:56] <lynxlynxlynx> uf, indeed
[23:05:15] <lynxlynxlynx> that code shouldn't get reached at all
[23:06:36] <chiv> nice though :)
[23:08:54] <lynxlynxlynx> forgot i added another entry point at the end
[23:08:57] <lynxlynxlynx> fixed now
[23:25:26] <chiv> going back to what you said earlier, I would be able to maintain a mod parallel to gemrb and it would be more fun for reasons of flexibility, but if I had to use a different gametype how would that affect the internal checks for each game (eg the one above...)
[23:26:36] <lynxlynxlynx> we would need to add a mechanism; for all intents and purposes it would be like bg2, just with a different guiscript dir
[23:27:33] <chiv> that is essentially how I am testing anyway, just have the gemrb.cfg guiscript entry pointing to my mods
[23:28:03] <chiv> then I can quickly go back to the clean version when I cant tell why something doesnt work
[23:28:20] <lynxlynxlynx> doesn't that point to the parent dir?
[23:29:08] <chiv> yeah, so i have it set as /home/chiv/code/gemrb/gemrb
[23:29:46] <chiv> but the installed version is always the github copy
[23:31:16] <lynxlynxlynx> ah, two trees
[23:32:07] <chiv> yeah, plus some spare copies for other reasons
[23:35:09] <lynxlynxlynx> not optimal
[23:35:20] <lynxlynxlynx> but the same approach could be used in a single tree
[23:35:47] <lynxlynxlynx> just put bg2 somewhere and point that path there
[23:36:09] <lynxlynxlynx> ok, copy all the shared ones too
[23:36:22] <lynxlynxlynx> could be done on install
[23:45:16] --> rocket_hamster has joined #gemrb