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[14:39:43] <Elmo__> Hey. Looking for help with ios version.
[14:41:11] <Elmo__> A lot the games directory showing up in the app, but when I hit 'install' the button lights up fir a brief second while my finger is on it, but them nothing happens after. Any help?
[14:43:18] <Elmo__> Anyone.
[14:46:17] <fuzzie> brad is our expert but haqsn't been around for a few days at least I think
[14:46:32] <fuzzie> I don't know anything at all about the ios version myself I'm afraid.
[14:50:44] <Elmo__> Drat...
[14:51:32] <lynxlynxlynx> you can wait here
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[14:51:38] <lynxlynxlynx> or wri ...
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[15:59:39] <Kliff> Just one swift question - is there a way to install GemRB on an Android tablet like, say, a Viewsonic G, without the use of Google Play?
[16:00:48] <lynxlynxlynx> sure
[16:00:55] <lynxlynxlynx> you can find apks on the download page
[16:01:08] <lynxlynxlynx> they're even a bit newer than the last market build
[16:02:17] <Kliff> Nice. I'll probably save it on my PC and transfer by USB.
[16:02:45] <Kliff> Then I'll work on getting Planescape working and everything'll be just fine.
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[16:06:00] <lynxlynxlynx> pst is not that well supported playing-wise, but we're not gonna stop you
[16:06:35] <Kliff> That's the best one I've got for initial tests, at least.
[16:06:45] <Kliff> I'll probably eventually jump to a Baldur's Gate Trilogy install.
[16:12:12] <edheldil_> heretic. PST is better ;-)
[16:12:35] <Kliff> I know it is! Eventually I want to run both on the Nexus 7 I'll likely be getting next year.
[16:12:40] <Kliff> Or try, anyway.
[16:35:29] <lynxlynxlynx> you can play bgt throughout, while nobody tried pst until the end
[16:35:57] <lynxlynxlynx> there's some major stuff missing, but nothing that would be a blocker for a testing run afaik
[16:37:13] <lynxlynxlynx> eg. there is little overhead feedback, tno likely can't change classes and there may be cutscene bugs
[16:37:24] <lynxlynxlynx> it's a hacked up engine, so it is harder to support for us
[16:42:38] <Kliff> First thing I'll do, testing-wise, is go see Mebbeth, then.
[16:58:17] <Kliff> This'll take a while. Oh well, I've got all the time in the world. Pretty much.
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[17:25:13] <Kliff> Second step, once BGT (and Planescape) are copied over - create the .cfg files.
[18:36:20] <Kliff> And... it works.
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[18:48:04] <Avenger> hi
[18:49:54] <Avenger> i see someone mentioned pst. Well, it needs bug reports too. I fixed something pst related just a week ago, or less.
[18:50:32] <Avenger> in fact, all games got something in the last week :D we won't leave alone any of them
[18:50:53] <brada> you have been a busy man :)
[18:51:57] <Kliff> I'll get to work on installing PST in a bit. Right now I'm going to have to learn to deal with the controls.
[18:54:44] <Kliff> Am I supposed to be getting huge spawns of enemies?
[18:56:09] <Avenger> what do you mean by huge?
[18:56:32] <Avenger> in pst starting area?
[18:57:05] <Kliff> Baldur's Gate Trilogy right now - haven't tried PST yet.
[18:57:35] <Kliff> I'm about... two maps or so to the east of Nashkel trying to get to the Gnoll Stronghold. Plenty of Hobgoblin Elites with additional Ghouls, Gibberlings, Doppelgangers...
[18:57:40] <Avenger> i don't think bgt changed the game, you should get the usual numbers as in bg1
[18:57:50] <Avenger> hmm
[18:58:20] <Avenger> i thought we fixed the random spawns :)
[19:00:21] <Avenger> is it the area with the river and 2 bridges?
[19:01:26] <Kliff> I believe so. I'll make one quick check, one moment.
[19:03:03] <Avenger> what is your party's level sum?
[19:03:38] <Kliff> I'm two screens east of Nashkell - it seems like the next screen to the south should be the Gnoll Stronghold.
[19:03:41] <Kliff> Sum or average?
[19:03:44] <Avenger> sum
[19:03:55] <Avenger> it is your 'cr' :D
[19:04:04] <Kliff> 11.
[19:04:22] <Avenger> hmm, that's not too much
[19:04:43] <Kliff> Main character, Minsc, Kivan, Branwen are all level 2, Imoen's level 3.
[19:05:12] <Avenger> hobelite should probably appear at level 10 first, but then it should come alone.
[19:05:48] <Kliff> Yeah.
[19:05:49] <Avenger> Your opponents should have a sum of cr 22, at most.
[19:06:04] <Avenger> and a single elite hobgoblin takes up 20
[19:06:15] <Avenger> so, i wonder why they come in heaps
[19:06:28] <Kliff> Let me go spawn a mob and see what I get.
[19:07:02] <Avenger> don't trigger more than one spawn point :)
[19:07:13] <Kliff> I'm pretty sure I've only triggered one spawn point.
[19:07:14] <Avenger> we definitely don't keep track of them, maybe the original does
[19:07:38] <Avenger> but a single point shouldn't give you more than one elite
[19:07:53] <Kliff> And I get... 9 HobElites visible, 7 Doppelgangers, and it looks like an ogrillion, too.
[19:08:01] <Avenger> wonderful
[19:08:01] <Kliff> Wait, no.
[19:08:17] <Kliff> Four Hobs.
[19:08:29] <Kliff> 5 HobElites.
[19:08:43] <Kliff> 6 Doppels and a Greater Doppel.
[19:08:59] <Avenger> doppels?
[19:09:01] <Kliff> And an Ogrillion to top it off.
[19:09:11] <Kliff> Doppelgangers. I KNOW they shouldn't spawn this early.
[19:09:50] <Avenger> wait a bit, is this an ambush? or just the regular ar4600 (river with 2 bridges)
[19:10:01] <Avenger> because that area doesn't have ANY doppels as spawn
[19:10:02] <Avenger> in bg1
[19:11:08] <Avenger> i wonder if bgt buffed the areas somehow :0
[19:11:33] <Kliff> Doubt it.
[19:11:42] <Kliff> This happens to be the area with Neville the Bandit.
[19:11:55] <Avenger> yes, i see neville as named spawn
[19:12:00] <Avenger> so this is the same area
[19:12:12] <Avenger> but there is no doppleganger in this area, shouldn't be
[19:12:34] <Kliff> I'll load the same save normally on my PC and see if it's BGT or if GemRB's got the spawns screwed up.
[19:13:04] <Avenger> the number of spawns is likely our fault, but the type isn't
[19:14:55] <Avenger> can you use an area editor? like ni or dltcep?
[19:15:13] <Avenger> if yes, you could try to look at the spawn points
[19:17:25] <Kliff> Strange.
[19:17:43] <Kliff> I didn't even get a spawn on my PC where it spawned on the Viewsonic.
[19:19:26] <Avenger> do you know the approximate location?
[19:20:51] <Kliff> South of Neville, just a little to the east of a bear spawn, just before the river.
[19:25:01] <Avenger> i think pressing x or something like that gives a better location :)
[19:25:32] <Avenger> anyway, i don't know what ever could spawn a doppleganger in that area
[19:25:43] <Kliff> Well, I'd need to bring up the onscreen keyboard AND activate cheatkeys, so... Hm.
[19:25:57] <Kliff> Well, wait.
[19:26:09] <Avenger> no need of cheatkeys
[19:26:16] <Avenger> x works without cheats, i think
[19:27:06] <Kliff> Oh, yeah. Hmm.
[19:27:44] <Kliff> Okay, strange. It's AR3499, but heck, it could be due to it being BGT or something else.
[19:28:00] <Avenger> sorry, not x in gemrb, but l
[19:28:13] <Avenger> ar3499, huh
[19:28:20] <Kliff> That's on the PC, though.
[19:28:26] <Kliff> Still need to do it on GemRB.
[19:28:57] <Avenger> well i started a bg1 game in gemrb and went there
[19:29:27] <Avenger> west or east side of the river?
[19:30:25] <Kliff> Crap.
[19:30:31] <Avenger> there is a bear spawn under the lake, that spawned 3 bears :D
[19:30:33] <Kliff> I'm getting my directions mixed up. East side of river.
[19:30:58] <Kliff> Still south of Neville and to the west of a single bear spawn.
[19:31:31] <Avenger> i don't think there is a second bear spawn
[19:33:02] <Kliff> Other thing I'll eventually do is run GemRB on my PC and see if THAT does the same thing.
[19:35:09] <Kliff> Anyway, it's directly west (and just a little to the south) from...
[19:35:10] <Avenger> ok, i found an ogrillon, a hobgoblin and and elite hob south of neville
[19:35:25] <Kliff> Okay, the normal spawn should probably just be the ogrillion, hob, and elite hob.
[19:35:51] <Avenger> my level is also a bit higher
[19:36:01] <Avenger> team of 5, all level 4 or 5
[19:36:14] <Kliff> There it is.
[19:36:32] <Kliff> On my PC, that's the exact spawn I got, Ogrillion, Hob, Elite Hob.
[19:36:53] <Kliff> So either the ViewSonic is messing with it, or it's GemRB combined with BGT.
[19:37:52] <Avenger> the dopplegangers are definitely shouldn't be there, i don't know how that happens
[19:38:55] <Kliff> 1062, 1622 is the coordinates.
[19:39:19] <Kliff> Two things I'll try - fresh, new game, and GemRB on the PC.
[20:02:07] <Kliff> Oh, there was another spawn point further south that spawned the same general horde of hobgoblins with at the very least a wild dog or two, gibberlings, and a ghoul.
[20:02:45] <Kliff> So I think there's just something messed with GemRB somewhere - either interaction with Baldur's Gate Trilogy, the installation of it to the ViewSonic tab, or something dependant on the newest build or something.
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[20:29:35] <Kliff> Anyway, thanks for putting up with me as I... well, "flail about".
[20:53:47] <Avenger> so you use the same dataset (bifs/etc) on your viewsonic and pc?
[20:55:27] <Kliff> Yeah.
[20:58:07] <Avenger> the newest build shouldn't have messed up anything, but there is some change that copying the data to the device was not perfect
[20:58:21] <Avenger> *chance
[20:58:35] <Kliff> That is possible. Okay, technically.
[20:59:00] <Kliff> I have the font mod installed on my PC, but deleted those files from /override on the ViewSonic. That shouldn't have changed anything but I'll see what happens.
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