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[12:38:12] <mhroku> Hello. Can anyone help me running ICW:how+tolt on my samsung galaxy tab 10.1? When irun gemrb screen goes black and it shuts down. full installed game is copied to sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ , the paths in config are GamePath=./
[12:40:56] <mhroku> Hello. Can anyone help me running ICW:how+tolt on my samsung galaxy tab 10.1? When irun gemrb screen goes black and it shuts down. full installed game is copied to sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ , the paths in config are GamePath=./
[12:41:36] <lynxlynxlynx> check the log
[12:43:04] <mhroku> how can i do it
[12:43:15] <mhroku> im kinda noob on androidz
[12:44:02] <lynxlynxlynx> then it may be faster if you connect it to your pc
[12:44:18] <mhroku> ok but where do i check it ?
[12:44:44] <lynxlynxlynx> gamepath
[12:45:51] <mhroku> and? i cant see a "log" here ;p
[12:46:27] <lynxlynxlynx> what version are you using?
[12:46:50] <mhroku> of gemrb? its 0701
[12:46:56] <mhroku> the one from android market
[12:47:01] <lynxlynxlynx> market then, yeah
[12:47:14] <lynxlynxlynx> that one still requires alogcat
[12:47:48] <lynxlynxlynx> njeeh
[12:48:14] <mhroku> got it, how can i check gemrb log now?
[12:48:26] <lynxlynxlynx> you need to rerun it
[12:48:40] <lynxlynxlynx> but it may be a better idea to just install a more recent android build
[12:48:42] <mhroku> ngn
[12:48:45] <mhroku> mhm
[12:49:07] <mhroku> of gemrb ?
[12:50:11] <lynxlynxlynx> yes, they are available on our sourceforge site
[12:50:26] <lynxlynxlynx> you can find a link on our main site though
[12:50:27] <mhroku> mhm getting it
[12:52:36] <mhroku> Should i download gemrb on comp and just unzip it and then copy to pad?
[12:54:11] <lynxlynxlynx> oh right, there's multiple files
[12:54:34] <lynxlynxlynx> yes, unzip the override and guiscripts and copy them over where gemrb (not the game! is installed)
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[12:55:49] <lynxlynxlynx> just like the readme says
[12:57:50] <mhroku> mhm
[13:00:19] <mhroku> why isnt the newest version on market >.<
[13:02:57] <lynxlynxlynx> the packager went missing
[13:03:10] <lynxlynxlynx> even the one that did the ~weekly builds
[13:04:34] <mhroku> that's sad. Im overwriting those 2 folders atm
[13:07:55] <mhroku> ok overwrote them
[13:08:11] <mhroku> anything else or i can run gemrb now?
[13:10:25] <mhroku> hm?
[13:17:33] <mhroku> mate? ;)
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[13:33:18] <lynxlynxlynx> well install the apk too
[13:33:37] <lynxlynxlynx> you'll have to do that from the phone
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[13:45:59] <mhroku> hm
[13:46:10] <mhroku> how can i install it from phone if i cant run .exe on android
[13:46:28] <lynxlynxlynx> what exe?
[13:46:37] <mhroku> setup? :P
[13:46:56] <mhroku> how do i install gemrb 0.7.1 on phone then. is from market
[13:46:59] <lynxlynxlynx> we don't have any exe installers afaik
[13:47:09] <lynxlynxlynx> install the apk
[13:47:37] <mhroku> yrmmm i dont get it
[13:47:47] <lynxlynxlynx> it's the third thing you downloaded
[13:48:12] <mhroku> i download gemrb 0.7.1 from ur site
[13:48:17] <mhroku> and what then?
[13:48:29] <mhroku> unzip it on pc, then copy whole folder on tab?
[13:51:07] <lynxlynxlynx> you said you already did that
[13:51:46] <mhroku> ye i did. but i cant run it cuz its not installed, only files
[13:52:13] <lynxlynxlynx> look up how to install apks
[13:52:36] <mhroku> mhm
[13:57:50] <mhroku> damn this is going to take whole day for me
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[14:02:36] <mhroku> do i need .apk to install app on android?
[14:08:11] <mhroku> Can any1 share some minutes on priv and help me out with installing gemrb 0.7.1 from pc?
[14:10:05] <lynxlynxlynx> yes you need the apk
[14:10:11] <lynxlynxlynx> no other simple way
[14:11:23] <mhroku> so where do i get .apk for gem 0.7.1? when i download it from site there's only .exe lol
[14:22:05] <lynxlynxlynx> you downloaded the windows version then and no wonder there is no apk
[14:22:20] <lynxlynxlynx> download the android files
[14:23:27] <mhroku> naa downloading it from "android section" for sure, like third time
[14:25:31] <mhroku> got it from google :| getting right one now i think
[14:27:10] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe just use alogcat to get the log
[14:27:22] <mhroku> got it now, installing
[14:27:27] <lynxlynxlynx> by now it sounds easier
[14:27:38] <mhroku> i have to quit smoking
[14:27:39] <mhroku> XD
[14:38:06] <mhroku> ok moment of truth
[14:40:03] <mhroku> it says the cache patch couldnt be registered,
[14:40:12] <mhroku> and i have cachepath set to ./Cache/
[14:41:37] <mhroku> strange
[14:41:59] <lynxlynxlynx> read the other lines
[14:42:59] <mhroku> there arent any
[14:43:53] <mhroku> [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: (Cache) [Core/FATAL]: The cache path couldn't be registered, please check! [Main]: Press enter to continue...
[14:43:54] <lynxlynxlynx> is the dir empty?
[14:44:05] <mhroku> cache folder? yes
[14:44:38] <lynxlynxlynx> it sounds like it's trying to write where it can't
[14:44:51] <lynxlynxlynx> use an absolute path to make sure it's ok
[14:45:45] <mhroku> by absolute you mean sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/Cache right?
[14:46:07] <lynxlynxlynx> something that starts with /
[14:48:12] <mhroku> did /sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/Cache/ and its same
[14:50:50] <lynxlynxlynx> well, gemrb doesn't see any path
[14:51:01] <lynxlynxlynx> Invalid path given: <-- this is printing what it sees
[14:51:11] <lynxlynxlynx> what exactly did you write in the config?
[14:52:14] <mhroku> CachePath=/sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/Cache/
[14:53:17] <lynxlynxlynx> it's not commented out?
[14:53:26] <mhroku> what you mean by that
[14:54:11] <lynxlynxlynx> # comment
[14:54:41] <mhroku> nope its not
[14:54:52] <lynxlynxlynx> ok
[14:54:58] <lynxlynxlynx> any other cache messages before that?
[14:55:10] <lynxlynxlynx> and any other CachePath lines in the config?
[14:56:52] <mhroku> no cachepath lines, only those which tell how to configured but they are #'d
[14:57:27] <mhroku> configure* and in log theres only that what i copied here
[14:58:43] <lynxlynxlynx> mighty odd
[14:58:52] <mhroku> y
[14:59:34] <lynxlynxlynx> what if you just comment it out? iirc we default to the user dir
[15:00:48] <mhroku> same thing happening, black screen and it turns off, log says same, invalid path given : (Cache)
[15:00:55] <mhroku> the cache path couldnt be registered, please check!"
[15:01:19] <lynxlynxlynx> what happens if you rename the config file
[15:01:29] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe it's not even reading the one you're editing
[15:03:29] <mhroku> renamed it and it keep saying gthat cache path is invalid,lol
[15:04:03] <mhroku> but there's no other gemrb config file or any other .cfg
[15:04:52] <lynxlynxlynx> the start of the log says which one it reads
[15:05:17] <mhroku> [Core]: GemRB Core Initialization... [Core]: Initializing Video Driver... [Core]: Initializing Search Path...
[15:05:21] <mhroku> thats start of log
[15:05:30] <mhroku> and the other lines are those with invalid cache path
[15:06:20] <lynxlynxlynx> you're missing the start
[15:06:45] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe android/alogcat has a too short buffer
[15:07:31] <mhroku> so how can i fix it
[15:07:44] <lynxlynxlynx> search for any *.cfg under app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/
[15:07:54] <lynxlynxlynx> first the real config must be found
[15:08:46] <mhroku> i checked alogcat now, and it says "failed to open config file GEMRB.cfg
[15:09:16] <lynxlynxlynx> it tries some 3 places
[15:11:20] <mhroku> there arent any other .cfg files ;/
[15:18:03] <mhroku> thats so strange , lulz.
[15:20:12] <lynxlynxlynx> try renaming it to the one from the error then
[15:23:13] <mhroku> i cant name it to gemrb.cfg
[15:23:17] <mhroku> without the . on the end
[15:23:37] <mhroku> oh it worked now, lets see if icw runs
[15:24:00] <lynxlynxlynx> android is case sensitive btw
[15:24:16] <mhroku> hm, i didn't turn off immediately
[15:24:36] <mhroku> i know
[15:24:45] <lynxlynxlynx> ohhh
[15:24:58] <mhroku> ok well, there's other fail now ;P
[15:25:00] <lynxlynxlynx> since you're using the latest version, you can just read gemrb.log in the gamedir
[15:25:30] <mhroku> im checking both all time, i but im gemrb.log it didnt say that it cant open config
[15:25:55] <mhroku> but i got it working now
[15:26:02] <mhroku> theres other prob now
[15:26:26] <lynxlynxlynx> much less severe though :)
[15:27:05] <mhroku> ow god now the .log is full of text xD
[15:27:24] <lynxlynxlynx> only the end matters
[15:27:30] <mhroku> mhm
[15:28:34] <mhroku> "couldnt assign function to trigger: 7 said" and next lines are same but ends with "85 rest / 20layhands / 37followpath / 77nidspecial8"
[15:28:44] <mhroku> "couldn't assign function" is the last one
[15:29:17] <lynxlynxlynx> that's not a problem
[15:29:32] <mhroku> these are last lines
[15:29:43] <lynxlynxlynx> what happens with the app?
[15:30:02] <mhroku> black screen but it doesnt close immediately
[15:30:10] <mhroku> like after 20sec
[15:30:41] <lynxlynxlynx> what if you click on it?
[15:31:09] <mhroku> while on blackscreen? nothing happens
[15:31:15] <lynxlynxlynx> oh, maybe the intro videos are skipped by default in that config
[15:31:29] <lynxlynxlynx> can you upload the log somewhere?
[15:31:48] <mhroku> sure
[15:32:49] <mhroku> http://www.sendspace.pl/file/2419cde87255dfa33a0d978
[15:34:57] <lynxlynxlynx> hmm, it's cut off
[15:35:24] <lynxlynxlynx> the tablet should have plenty of memory
[15:35:46] <mhroku> i run bg2 already on it so it should
[15:36:39] <lynxlynxlynx> just the demo or the whole?
[15:37:07] <mhroku> whole
[15:37:18] <mhroku> with tob
[15:37:28] <lynxlynxlynx> huh, that's wierd, why the config problems then :s
[15:37:32] <mhroku> hmm
[15:38:05] <lynxlynxlynx> well, it's a newer gemrb, but it's hard to tell what goes wrong
[15:38:07] <mhroku> i think there s problem with tthe movies
[15:38:16] <lynxlynxlynx> does alogcat mention anything more - does it get killed or something?
[15:38:29] <lynxlynxlynx> uncomment skipintrovideos=1
[15:38:37] <mhroku> it dies
[15:39:03] <mhroku> i changed resolution with wildscreen mode for 1280x752 like ppl were saying on gibberlings i think
[15:39:23] <mhroku> and in alog it says theres no res 1280x752 for vids so it might be a prolem
[15:39:45] <lynxlynxlynx> you did install widescreen for iwd too?
[15:40:16] <mhroku> only for iwd
[15:41:02] <mhroku> same thing after skipping intro
[15:43:07] <mhroku> in alogcat there are more lines after those in gemrb.log and the only erorr i see is "sdl 1.2 driver/error] no video mode large enough for 1280x752
[15:43:34] <mhroku> then everything seems okay and on the end it says "process net.sourceforge.gemrb (pid 29702) has died.
[15:45:01] <lynxlynxlynx> hmm, not sure if it's our problem then
[15:45:09] <lynxlynxlynx> this isn't just about videos
[15:47:12] <fuzzie> it's an original galaxy tab 10.1? and with android 4?
[15:47:27] <mhroku> "PowerManagerService( 295)releaseWakeLockLocked flags =0x0 tag=GemRB myUID=1000 myPID=295 myTId=4858" "ActivityPowerManager ( 295): Force removing ActivityRecord(41f6df60 net.sourceforge.gemrb/.Mainactivity): app died, no saved state" there are 2 last lines
[15:47:43] <mhroku> yes it is
[15:47:48] <mhroku> 4.0.4 android
[15:54:49] <fuzzie> hm, 1280x752 does still fit
[15:55:29] <mhroku> yep
[16:03:24] <mhroku> no fckin idea how to fix it lul
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[16:08:41] <brada> you need to subtract the size of some status bar or something FYI
[16:09:35] <mhroku> and how its done
[16:09:49] <brada> you choose too high of a resolution
[16:10:11] <mhroku> so should i reinstall icw with lowe resolution?
[16:10:26] <brada> no
[16:10:37] <mhroku> just change in cfg?
[16:10:45] <brada> all you need to do is take your screen resolution and subtract something from it
[16:11:00] <brada> i dont know what or how big since i dont have that device :p
[16:11:03] <lynxlynxlynx> he did, i doubt it's at x752
[16:11:05] <fuzzie> the resolution is 1280x800, the status bar is 48 pixels
[16:11:10] <brada> oh
[16:11:11] <brada> hmm
[16:11:32] <lynxlynxlynx> but yeah, you can try with a lower resolution
[16:11:44] <lynxlynxlynx> you'll have to reinstall widescreen though
[16:11:45] <mhroku> default is 800x600 right?
[16:11:48] <fuzzie> I don't have an Android 4 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to play with, but it's that way on the 8.9 and the 10.1 Android 4 screenshots match. So that's weird.
[16:12:29] <mhroku> so should i reinstall widescreen and copy icw once again
[16:12:40] <brada> all i know is that SDL error is the same for people that dont compensate for the status bar....
[16:13:01] <brada> somebody should have SDL driver print the available modes
[16:13:27] <fuzzie> that would be nice
[16:14:47] <mhroku> wohoo
[16:14:52] <mhroku> i changed resolution to 800x600
[16:14:53] <mhroku> in .cfg
[16:14:57] <mhroku> and its working
[16:15:10] <mhroku> looks like the resolution was problem, lulz
[16:15:43] <brada> well of course. that is why we are discussing resolution :p
[16:16:34] <mhroku> yea mate lynx is trying to help me with it for like 2 hours now
[16:18:00] <mhroku> omagad is so good to hear prologue
[16:19:15] <mhroku> thanks a lot for help, you all have a beer from me. have a nice evening, bye and thanks again
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[16:20:26] <lynxlynxlynx> how comes with larger resolutions too btw
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[21:09:01] <Dark-Star> I'm sure you all saw this by now, but just in case anyone missed it: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity :-)
[21:10:52] <fuzzie> well, that took longer than I expected to hit the goal
[21:11:53] <Dark-Star> well, for a project that had practically zero publicity at all until now, I think 24h for 1.1M$ is rather quick
[21:12:22] <fuzzie> well, I got linked at it by 10 or so people from all kinds of groups
[21:12:42] <fuzzie> and most more than 24h ago, too :P
[21:13:57] <Dark-Star> yeah, well, it's still probably the fastest to hit 1M on kickstarter ever :)
[21:14:45] <fuzzie> now go make them do Mac+Linux support.
[21:15:12] <Dark-Star> Why, we DO have GemRB for that, don't we? :)
[21:16:11] <Dark-Star> well, I'm *sure* they'll add it in.. There's bound to be another million or two left to spare at the end of the campaign for just that :)
[21:18:20] <lynxlynxlynx> i will write to them too, no harm
[21:18:45] <lynxlynxlynx> the game that started the madness got over 5 mio iirc
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[22:57:49] <lynxlynxlynx> coding can be so humbling
[22:58:41] <lynxlynxlynx> spent two days on less than a 100 lines of code and i'm still not sure it is perfect
[22:59:12] <lynxlynxlynx> and it's not a complex problem at all >>
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