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[00:02:33] <traveler> hmm new one
[00:03:12] <traveler> i'm still sick according to portrait icon and character sheet after drinking mummy tea
[00:03:24] <traveler> but no longer loosing hp
[00:05:15] <traveler> well about seeing thorough one
[00:05:26] <traveler> it was chalked up to data errors too
[00:05:38] <traveler> but now i have even more blatant example
[00:06:34] <traveler> thrugh
[00:06:36] <traveler> aargh
[00:06:51] <traveler> sorry, wrong buffer
[00:06:52] <traveler> http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/1380/201302160105461440x900s.png
[00:07:38] <traveler> skeletons are 'trap'
[00:08:04] <traveler> no way we should be seeing them
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[01:30:02] <traveler> i don't see option in .ini to enable heart of fury...
[01:31:23] <traveler> nope, only difficulty setting
[01:31:28] <traveler> whic i assume is 4 = max
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[10:03:33] <lynxlynxlynx> traveler: heart of fury is nightmare mode
[10:03:42] <lynxlynxlynx> you can't just choose that midgame
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[10:59:25] <traveler> i reckon what is heart of fury
[10:59:53] <traveler> but i think hof in iwd2 could be chosen from config.exe?
[11:00:14] <traveler> but now i'm speaking of iwd, i don;t hava an idea where it could be set
[11:27:53] <lynxlynxlynx> both were only available once you finished the normal game
[11:30:49] <traveler> ah ok, my memory must be just fuzzy
[11:31:02] <traveler> speaking of iwd2
[11:33:14] <traveler> i'm now playing iwd and from what i see, i remember quite much from it, i must have gotten further than i thought (but quite sure i dnf, i don't like mazes with one path and heaps of grunts, which iwd series seems to consist of :/)
[11:34:27] <traveler> and i'm really meaning mazes, not even dungeons, as "outdoors" in iwd are usually fenced corridors :/
[11:46:42] <lynxlynxlynx> fizzle: i can't get that paste off the site sanely
[11:47:02] <lynxlynxlynx> raw downloads html, normal download destroys tabs
[11:47:32] <fizzle> the paste was incomplete anyways
[11:47:41] <fizzle> since you can't SetFont on labels
[11:48:21] <fizzle> let me get you the full diff
[11:52:10] <fizzle> this better? http://nopaste.me/paste/1594740662511f72d9180f6
[11:52:16] <Seniorita> encumbrance colours full - Diff - NoPaste.me - Secure and Anonymous
[12:00:05] <lynxlynxlynx> it's the same service, so i doubt it
[12:01:27] <fizzle> http://paste.debian.net/hidden/095916ad/
[12:01:29] <Seniorita> Debian Pastezone
[12:09:08] <lynxlynxlynx> the patch is no good for iwd2
[12:09:40] <lynxlynxlynx> not even for the non-encumbered case
[12:13:17] <lynxlynxlynx> it's ok in bg2
[12:15:22] <lynxlynxlynx> in pst the text is behind the bag, so it's hard to tell anything (but this could easily be from before)
[12:16:25] <lynxlynxlynx> it's ok in how
[12:20:12] <fizzle> I'll just leave the old code path for iwd2 then
[12:20:18] <fizzle> thanks for checking
[12:21:57] <lynxlynxlynx> is it worth changing at all?
[12:22:24] <fizzle> well, it doesn't work currently (for bg1 at least)
[12:22:45] <fizzle> so yes
[12:42:44] <traveler> is no sounds in melee combat in iwd known problem?
[12:45:23] <lynxlynxlynx> no
[12:45:34] <fizzle> lynx: I have another one that needs verification in games other than bg1: http://paste.debian.net/hidden/2de943ac/
[12:45:36] <Seniorita> Debian Pastezone
[12:47:08] <traveler> + permanent sick icon on portrait
[12:47:34] <lynxlynxlynx> the UpdateActionsWindow bit is bad, since pst does need to exit it sooner
[12:48:03] <lynxlynxlynx> you sure you aren't sick traveler?
[12:48:35] <fizzle> ah yes
[12:53:42] <fizzle> hm, what time is hour 0?
[12:53:58] <fizzle> I probably have the offset wrong there
[12:55:46] <traveler> hmm putting mummy tea in container identifies it
[12:56:09] <traveler> moro of a autostacking autoidentification i think
[12:56:13] <traveler> *more
[13:10:46] <lynxlynxlynx> do you have guienhancements on?
[13:11:39] <lynxlynxlynx> fizzle: i think it's the same as in rl
[13:14:28] <fizzle> I was wondering because it already gets light in hour 3 and it's dark again in hour 11
[13:15:59] <lynxlynxlynx> http://gemrb.org/iesdp/files/ids/bg1/time.htm
[13:15:59] <Seniorita> BG1: TotS Identifiers : time.ids
[13:16:27] <fizzle> it appears we don't correctly track time somwhere
[13:16:48] <fizzle> with the switch to the next hour it's suddenly mid-day...
[13:17:15] <lynxlynxlynx> are you doing any computing? don't forget there are only 5 minutes in an hour
[13:17:59] <fizzle> the only computing I do is to determine the current hour
[13:18:14] <fizzle> and that's consistent with the daylight changes
[13:18:41] <fizzle> but those apparently sometimes jump from middle-of-night to middle-of-day or the like
[13:22:23] <fuzzie> by daylight changes you mean the ones with movies?
[13:22:45] <fizzle> no I mean the tint overlays
[13:23:01] <fuzzie> GetGameTime returns the pre-divided time
[13:23:06] <fuzzie> so %7200/300 seems correct
[13:24:10] <fuzzie> the tint overlays are a bit different in terms of time, but hour 11 is way off
[13:26:48] <fuzzie> the tint code looks right though .. night if <2 or >22, dusk if <4 or >20
[13:27:01] <fizzle> I get the dusk (or dawn) overlay at 0h
[13:27:25] <fuzzie> you're sure it's not just the rain tint or something?
[13:28:03] <fizzle> there's no rain, and it's lighter than night
[13:28:39] <fuzzie> and ctrl-m gives you the right hour count?
[13:29:21] <fizzle> where does ctrl-m have hours?
[13:29:23] <traveler> hmm in iwd you only need to have various weapons in quickslot to have their special effects stacked
[13:29:29] <fuzzie> in the 'Game time:' bit
[13:29:41] <fuzzie> (you have to ctrl-m when over the game area itself ofc)
[13:29:47] <traveler> as INT bonus, permanently under luck spell etc
[13:30:08] <fuzzie> oh no, drat, that is sabotaged
[13:30:11] <fuzzie> umm
[13:30:21] <fizzle> yeah, I get the area dump
[13:30:29] <fuzzie> ctrl-g apparently.
[13:30:35] <fuzzie> sorry.
[13:30:49] <fizzle> 136 days, 0 hours
[13:32:13] <fuzzie> weird
[13:33:53] <fizzle> but at least that means my clock turns correctly :P
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[13:38:08] <fizzle> hm, the area has extended_night set
[13:38:32] <fuzzie> you shouldn't get any tint if extended_night is set, right?
[13:38:40] <fuzzie> except rain/fog tints
[13:39:17] <fizzle> I guess so, but I do
[13:45:06] <fizzle> GetGlobalTint indeed return NULL
[13:51:00] <fizzle> it does seem to work correctly in another area
[14:08:31] <fizzle> anyway, this seems to work fine for bg1: http://paste.debian.net/hidden/f479543e/
[14:08:32] <Seniorita> Debian Pastezone
[14:08:44] <fizzle> should work for bg2 as well from what I can see
[14:08:52] <fizzle> not sure about iwd
[14:10:12] <Seniorita> [wiki] todo - [Planescape: Torment] http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=todo&rev=1361023540&do=diff
[14:13:13] <traveler> what? i didn't touch pst
[14:24:37] <fizzle> ah, I know what that tint was
[14:25:44] <fizzle> even though extended_night doesn't actually have a night tint (what does extended_night mean anyway?) infravision still activates during night hours
[14:30:29] <fuzzie> extended_night means different graphics for day/night
[14:42:38] <lynxlynxlynx> and infravision only affects actors, does it not?
[14:42:45] <lynxlynxlynx> you know, bodies with heat
[14:42:54] <fizzle> I think so, yes
[14:43:02] <lynxlynxlynx> at least that's how we implemented it for bg2
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[17:21:02] <traveler> i don't know if this is the same as wiki
[17:21:09] <traveler> but iwd helemts are really ugly
[17:21:12] <traveler> *helmets
[17:21:35] <traveler> in-game that is on paperdoll if i understand vocabulary right
[17:22:42] <traveler> apparently that's why remove helmet bit was introduced in tweak pack
[17:22:58] <chiv> only to be really pedantic... I think you mean avatar, paperdoll is just the silly inventory puppet thing
[17:23:14] <traveler> ah
[17:23:20] <traveler> important info
[17:23:29] <traveler> paper doll is really fine
[17:23:51] <traveler> avatar is ugly and it's helmets doesn't even resemble what paper doll uses
[17:24:17] <chiv> i think it may be because of the import of bg2 avatars after release
[17:24:27] <traveler> i don't know how ie could overlook that
[17:24:32] <traveler> *ie devs
[17:24:57] <chiv> it ships with bg1 avatars, then was patched in how with bg2 avatars
[17:25:33] <traveler> so you mean without how i would have bg1 avatars?
[17:25:41] <chiv> and of course, they decided to get 'creative' since they re-rendered the avatars
[17:25:43] <chiv> I think so
[17:26:01] <chiv> if you can install the very first release of iwd1
[17:26:14] <traveler> interestingly, even iwd fixpack offered me no helmets option, regardless that only tweakpack has it listed as component O_o
[17:26:39] <chiv> I think that some people just really don't like them for some reason....
[17:26:54] <traveler> wel i have two casues
[17:27:17] <chiv> but they resent having to wear a helmet anyway for the critical hit protection
[17:27:35] <traveler> a) you got helmet with horns on paper doll on nothing resembling it on avatar
[17:28:03] <traveler> b) all helmets on avatar looks like pancakes in iwd
[17:28:22] <chiv> pancakes?
[17:29:49] <chiv> well pancakes probably would not infer much armor bonus, I'll have to check my 2e manual...
[17:31:50] <traveler> well metal pancakes that is
[17:32:53] <traveler> maybe there is some fancy magic at work or something
[17:33:50] <traveler> interestingly, only helmet which looks half decent on avatar, has crest which doesn't appear whatsoever on paper doll...
[17:47:20] <lynxlynxlynx> you do realise those two have nothing in common data-wise?
[17:49:00] <traveler> why should i believe otherwise?
[17:49:44] <traveler> it's just breaking suspension of belief for a lack of a better description
[17:50:17] <traveler> *dis
[17:53:32] <lynxlynxlynx> it wasn't clear from the conversation
[17:54:16] <chiv> i am still not sure how to imagine the pancake thing, but then my iwd install seems to be broken...
[17:59:58] <traveler> well i just wished for more consistency, that all. bg2 avatars were imho mistake from devs. + iwd seems so half-baked in comparison to bg... arundel: i need you to clean out this dungeon/crypt from TEH evil! oh, nothing there? try this one next...
[18:01:26] <traveler> pancake=non specified, amorphous form
[18:03:49] <chiv> Well, it is more of a straight dungeon crawl, I agree its no bg1, does have its own charm though
[18:05:40] <traveler> well durlag's tower was over the top with it's puzzles, but i still think this is peak of ie games...
[18:06:00] <traveler> iwd2 had some nice puzzles in later part iirc but nothing hard
[18:06:34] <chiv> it really gives you a chance to play with assembling the perfect team, so unless you are into that, then the charm is probably less...
[18:06:54] <traveler> i think i only like dungeons if confronting with relatively high level enemies not heaps of minons/ speed bumps
[18:06:58] <traveler> ah
[18:07:06] <traveler> i'm soloing
[18:07:19] <traveler> i don't have attention span for perfect team
[18:07:21] <traveler> ;)
[18:07:54] <chiv> oh well, at least you'll hit lvl 20 pretty soon...
[18:08:20] <chiv> you can't resurrect yourself though, so thats a minus :)
[18:09:01] <traveler> given that i've effectively recreated my endgame character from bg1 (14lvl)
[18:09:08] <traveler> that's not a problem
[18:09:35] <traveler> that's why i asked about activating hof mody before endgame
[18:09:42] <traveler> but maybe it was bad idea
[18:09:57] <traveler> but if not it, dungeon speed bumps would be even slower
[18:10:11] <chiv> well, its defintely destroying the challenge a bit...
[18:16:08] <traveler> well, it certainly makes game unbalanced. iirc from iwd2 solo run from llevel one 1, half way through game you get negligible amounts of xp, yet when you are cornered things can get hard.
[18:19:25] <lynxlynxlynx> all the games make the same mistake, high level enemies can hit you all the time
[18:19:58] <lynxlynxlynx> mages/combos with their special defenses rule them all
[18:20:34] <lynxlynxlynx> in iwd2 it is slightly better with the new ruleset and stoneskin nerfing, but you still get hit all the time :)
[18:21:30] <chiv> yeah but its your job to hit more painfully :)
[18:22:35] <traveler> i remember some boss fight in iwd2, when i was running from constantly and firing magic arrows one by one for puny damage, because getting near would kill me instantly, yet i got downscaled xp because i was high level :)
[18:22:58] <traveler> my pc was paladin
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[18:23:45] <traveler> this boss was intended to by killable only by magic damage i think if it makes sense
[18:24:04] <chiv> i dunno, I never tried solo so I didnt realise there was a level ceiling
[18:24:14] <chiv> or xp ceiling rather
[18:24:24] <traveler> well i uncapped game
[18:24:36] <traveler> but in 3ed xp is downscaled severely
[18:24:42] <traveler> if you are high level
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[18:24:51] <lynxlynxlynx> it goes both ways
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[23:06:44] <Seniorita> [wiki] developers:lynx http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=developers:lynx&rev=1361055777&do=diff
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