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[13:36:06] <psch> with the savegames i can definitely confirm bg2 world map being broken
[13:37:13] <psch> map -> world map always jumps back centered on the current location
[13:37:38] <psch> zone transition -> world map scrolls once and then goes back into the previous zone, as if i clicked on the zone i'm in
[13:40:47] <psch> correction: i dont always go back where i was via zone transition, but i definitely don't go where i click on the world map
[13:44:51] <psch> something (i think) not directly related: http://paste.debian.net/16365/
[13:44:52] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[13:45:49] <psch> a broken actor in am0700/am1600a1 or something?
[13:46:23] <psch> the Actionoverride lines for bystand1 and bystand2 keep repeating and the game froze
[13:46:25] <fuzzie> hm, it shouldn't loop
[13:46:33] <fuzzie> it should be harmless
[13:47:12] <fuzzie> i mean, the actionoverride failures in general
[13:50:51] <fuzzie> if it's an area intro blocking then of course it can break
[13:51:30] <psch> for reference, this is with wjp's save labeled "chapter 3"
[13:51:47] <psch> i don't know which area it would be, but maybe there's something triggering on transition
[14:25:56] <psch> fwiw, traveling to an area on the world map that is visible right away works
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[15:18:47] <brada> psch: its only on android you reproduce the world map problem right?
[15:18:57] <brada> or does it affect your computer by chance?
[15:19:30] <psch> right i wanted to check that
[15:19:38] <psch> build should be done, give me 2-3 minutes
[15:20:51] <psch> no escaping for spaces in GamePath and CD1 right?
[15:31:57] <brada> no need
[15:32:06] <brada> for escaping
[15:32:11] <psch> build didnt actually finish and i can't even build
[15:32:31] <brada> whats wrong?
[15:33:11] <psch> is multithreaded building working?
[15:33:48] <psch> iwell, single thread doesnt either
[15:33:50] <psch> http://paste.debian.net/16387/
[15:33:52] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[15:34:14] <psch> probably again some oversight on my side
[15:36:02] <psch> eh, -Werror again isn't it
[15:45:56] <brada> did you build python yourself?
[15:46:10] <psch> no
[15:46:12] <brada> you could try compiling with clang
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[15:46:30] <brada> you are on some redhat derivative?
[15:46:41] <psch> no, archlinux
[15:47:56] <brada> gcc 4.8 tho
[15:48:01] <brada> http://bugs.python.org/issue17547
[15:48:02] <Pepelka> Issue 17547: "checking whether gcc supports ParseTuple __format__... " erroneously returns yes with gcc 4.8 - Python tracker
[15:48:20] <psch> oh alright
[15:50:12] <brada> fix is easy enough http://hg.python.org/cpython/rev/9d50af4c482f/
[15:50:13] <Pepelka> cpython: 9d50af4c482f
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[16:03:50] <psch> i dont get it
[16:04:02] <psch> i mean, i added -Wformat to CXXFLAGS
[16:04:08] <psch> and i get the exact same output?
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[16:04:44] <psch> oh
[16:04:59] <psch> the if test in configure.in is actually always false and not always true
[16:07:35] <psch> hm, no
[16:07:39] <psch> i have no clue
[16:09:53] <brada> if you mean gemrb configure.in you wont be able to build anyway
[16:10:15] <brada> that stuff wasnt updated to compile with the video/sprite refactor
[16:11:29] <psch> okay
[16:14:18] <brada> do you not have cmake?
[16:15:51] <psch> i have cmake
[16:16:29] <psch> im running cmake .. && make as per install
[16:16:32] <psch> err, INSTALL
[16:16:49] <brada> then why edit configure.in?
[16:17:22] <psch> so i have to edit CMakeLists.txt?
[16:18:04] <brada> to affect the cmake build yes
[16:28:58] <psch> ok, so i added -Wformat to line 138 in CMakeLists.txt and still get the same error after removing the build directory and rerunning cmake ..
[16:33:12] <fuzzie> don't you need -Wno-format?
[16:33:12] <psch> i have no clue
[16:33:35] <psch> i also just messed up my system i think
[16:34:10] <psch> not related to gemrb, in any case
[16:36:57] <psch> well, i'll take care of that first
[16:37:18] <psch> that's what i get for not updating regurlary and deciding to do it when im actually doing something else hah
[16:48:20] <lynxlynxlynx> just delete the cmake files and rerun it with -DDISABLE_WERROR=73
[16:49:08] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll check if i can still build
[16:52:14] <lynxlynxlynx> still builds fine from scratch
[16:52:24] <lynxlynxlynx> also on arch, recently updated most of the packages
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[17:36:39] <psch> yeap, system is borked
[17:37:16] <psch> well, ive gotten a new hdd recently, might as well put things on there fresh
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[18:32:04] <psch> nevermind, wasn't as broken as i feared
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[18:35:22] <hadrian_> Hello!
[18:35:54] <psch> brada: after some time i can confirm, only on android, not on my computer
[18:37:02] <brada> no suprise there
[18:37:17] <brada> tho no idea how to fix it since i have no way to reproduce it
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[18:41:36] <psch> where is world map scrolling handled?
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[18:44:23] <psch> oh that's game specific in python?
[18:49:15] <hadrian__> Hi! I have stumbled across two bugs (?) in my current install of gemrb.
[18:50:02] <hadrian__> First of all I play on Linux Mint in a VirtualBox, my install is self-compiled from git clone git://github.com/gemrb/gemrb.git
[18:50:41] <hadrian__> The first bug is that in full-screen mode (gemrb.cfg), game is not full screen but mouse sensitivity is set to infinity, so I cannot move the mouse anywhere but the 4 corners.
[18:51:18] <hadrian__> Second bug is that game crashes when I select the character screen and am protected from evil.
[18:52:06] <hadrian__> Character screen works fine before being protectet from evil (by that elven scholar in candlekeep)
[18:52:31] <hadrian__> here is a screenshot of the console output: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56427995/Fotos/bug2.jpg
[19:07:16] <psch> brada: scrolling the map with the GUI buttons doesn't jump back
[19:08:28] <brada> scrolling (or input of any kind) is not handled at all by python
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[19:09:07] <brada> hadrian: mouse sensitivity is taken from your baldur.ini file
[19:09:44] <brada> and yes we know the map bug is related to touch input
[19:11:18] <brada> hadrian__: what version of python?
[19:12:21] <brada> that might be elated to your language too
[19:33:49] <lynxlynxlynx> nobody tests how we work in virtual machines, since we should work on the host too ;)
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