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[02:31:35] <Lightkey> ah
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[08:03:33] <Avenger> hello lynx
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[08:16:29] <pupnik_> pretty rare to see the great mr Lightkey :)
[09:55:29] <xrogaan> the rain is strange
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[10:16:54] <Avenger> xroogan: frogs?
[10:31:10] <Lightkey> pupnik_: I see him every year.. but not naked
[10:50:47] <pupnik_> see solitaire on wine on n900? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfcEsJc74Qs
[11:08:38] <fuzzie> nice
[11:11:04] <fuzzie> http://ccdevnet.org/~fuzzie/putty.jpg <- 2003 :)
[11:11:25] <fuzzie> i was always surprised no-one did much with it
[11:13:59] <fuzzie> i guess by the machine name that was taken on my dad's original bondi blue iMac, scary
[11:14:45] <fuzzie> mostly i remember trying the baldur's gate 1 mac port on it, it ran amazingly badly
[11:14:57] <fuzzie> i woner if gemrb would do any better :)
[11:42:43] <pupnik_> heh why use putty?
[11:43:00] <pupnik_> i ran BG2 under wine for a while, no major issues
[11:50:48] <fuzzie> on non-x86 in 2003? :)
[11:51:22] <fuzzie> (and putty because it was the only thing which worked at the time, qemu was pretty unstable)
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[12:19:37] <Avenger> hey fuzzie, how's your throat?
[12:28:35] <fuzzie> i thought you were the one with the terrible throat :)
[12:29:08] <Avenger> nah, you said something about croaking
[12:29:21] <fuzzie> mine is 'fine, just very irritated', say the nice doctors
[12:29:28] <fuzzie> are you all better now?
[12:29:45] <Avenger> i wasn't ill for quite some time :)
[12:29:51] <Avenger> that must have been someone else
[12:30:49] <fuzzie> oh. yes. a year ago :) i look at wrong year of logs
[12:31:22] <fuzzie> just looked for last occurance of 'throat' and saw <Avenger> in middle of October, missed the '2009' :)
[12:31:33] <Avenger> hehe
[12:31:41] <Avenger> look for croak too :)
[12:34:21] <Avenger> so, you are back to normal?
[12:35:34] <fuzzie> doctor says i am now fine apart from bad coughing, which means i am not sleeping well. so maybe i have some time for gemrb soon, but first i have to do 5 weeks of UML diagrams :(
[12:36:14] <Avenger> that's absolutely no fun
[12:38:33] <fuzzie> i just want to stop coughing :) you found anything new recently? the pst stuff is new?
[12:38:50] <Avenger> i'm looking into pst with IDA
[12:39:09] <Avenger> adding the new stuff to iesdp
[12:39:42] <Avenger> interestingly enough: the pst game structure still contains the multiplayer code
[12:40:39] <Avenger> it seems they didn't really care to remove unused parts
[12:41:08] <Avenger> like, the portrait icons are not used at all, but still they initialize everything needed to render them
[12:43:54] <fuzzie> well, i was saying, the devs seemed to be getting updated engine code as they worked
[12:44:04] <fuzzie> so maybe they wanted to minimise the amount of stuff they had to merge?
[12:45:47] <Avenger> yes probably, they just commented out the absolutely necessary parts
[12:46:21] <Avenger> on the other hand, there are some nasty hacks which make our lives miserable
[12:46:30] <Avenger> like the alternative state flags
[12:47:06] <Avenger> moving the invis bit was an absolutely underhanded move
[12:47:27] <pupnik> ohhh
[12:48:00] <Avenger> hmm, fuzzie, how do you demangle function names? in IDA
[12:48:27] <Avenger> i got this as comment: ; ?nextNode@DNameNode@@QBEPAV1@XZ ; dubious name (yeah, dubious, it needs demangling)
[12:48:47] <Avenger> err it says: ; doubtful name
[12:49:53] <fuzzie> i think it demangles any local (in the .exe) symbol it understands, if you set the compiler right (i think it should autodetect it, for torment), but i'm honestly not sure
[12:51:04] <Avenger> well, it demangled some bit left this around
[12:51:22] <Avenger> bit->but
[12:51:42] <Avenger> anyway, it is 99% not a nextNode call, so i just deleted that comment
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