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[00:00:51] <brada> not null terminated? what is causing that?
[00:05:03] <lynxlynxlynx> no idea
[00:05:15] <lynxlynxlynx> could also be a gdb thing, it's a bit late/early to say
[00:05:27] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll try your suggestion after some zzz
[00:05:36] <lynxlynxlynx> valgrind found nothing interesting
[00:10:38] <lynxlynxlynx> DEBUG_FONT didn't add any prints before the crash, but it did crash elsewhere now - StringSize
[00:10:40] <lynxlynxlynx> retrying
[00:12:29] <lynxlynxlynx> ah, it's only enabled then; stop->w is 0 there
[00:14:43] <brada> there is a debug flag for the textcontainers too, tho the two flags are somewhat mutually exclusive since their drawing obviously conflicts
[00:15:54] <lynxlynxlynx> last nextLine is crazy, so sublen is crazy, so boom
[00:16:11] <lynxlynxlynx> GemRB::TextSpan::LayoutForPointInRegion
[00:17:12] <lynxlynxlynx> looks like the/a npos check should happen earlier
[00:18:22] <lynxlynxlynx> actually substr doesn't care :)
[00:19:32] <lynxlynxlynx> yeh it's layout
[00:19:36] <lynxlynxlynx> i better stop though
[00:21:46] <lynxlynxlynx> there's a chance it's related to weapons that deal also elemental damage
[00:23:35] <lynxlynxlynx> yep!
[00:23:38] <lynxlynxlynx> you can try 00swdl93
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[04:24:25] <brada> lynx: that item causes no trouble at all for me
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[07:17:16] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: Button: animationPictures aren't opaque https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/fd017766139753f2b7c95f65bc85271996d684a9
[07:17:17] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: removing leftover and unneeded SetText https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/76548f11db80ed6b21845ad3ce1e2e71d3349422
[07:17:18] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: FloatingWindow: restore redraw hack previously from Control https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/1ed2443d44aca337977fe7baf1f4a0ca61ec84e5
[07:17:19] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: Button: commenting on outdated comment https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/f5712f957925fc14830ced431281d1c3ee315d84
[10:08:49] <Pepelka> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: fixed iwd2 crash on extra weapon damage header stats display https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/88c8d56b0b0f8a96c4804edc22290ce7f3fcf412
[10:08:50] <Pepelka> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: iwd2: titlecase the header damage type https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/012d71d26721faa4268db45c4afe9352552df84f
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