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[03:38:19] <darklust> Does gemrb modify save files in such a way that you can't cast spells if loaded back into the original game?
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[18:02:31] <lynxlynxlynx> darklust: hopefully not
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[19:47:52] <darklust> It seems so, I've tested on 5 different saves for Icewind Dale with the Heart of Winter expansion applied. I used both Linux and Android versions of the most recent git source
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[20:42:31] <lynxlynxlynx> in what way are they disabled?
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[22:14:56] <hadrian_> @fizzle the spawn point at 1780×1475 is always 3 mummies and 2 {STREF 9348} OR 5 Yuan-Ti and 1 Yuan-Ti mage. To me, that seems to be random. I have not encountered any other combination of enemies. HOWEVER, I just noticed that there is another spawn in the room below which is dependent on level. I have met a group of shadows (low levels), 2 warrior skeleton plus two shadows (medium levels), or two warrior skeleton plus two shadows
[22:15:23] <hadrian_> Medium levels are about 160–400k XP
[22:15:36] <hadrian_> I have not tested the range above that very extensively.
[22:15:55] <hadrian_> so high levels is a 50m XP party
[22:16:39] <hadrian_> hope that helps if you want more tests on any of that just reply
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