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[02:42:10] <CIA-74> GemRB: 03tom.prince * r3cf382dc74c6 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/ZLibManager/CMakeLists.txt:
[02:42:10] <CIA-74> GemRB: cmake: Rename ZLibManager plugin to match autotools build.
[02:42:10] <CIA-74> GemRB: Signed-off-by: Tom Prince <tom.prince@ualberta.net>
[02:42:12] <CIA-74> GemRB: 03tom.prince * r8fb8a02a0a02 10gemrb/gemrb/ (7 files in 7 dirs):
[02:42:12] <CIA-74> GemRB: Resource: Remove redundant TypeID in plugin registration.
[02:42:12] <CIA-74> GemRB: The type of resource can be deduced from the resource
[02:42:12] <CIA-74> GemRB: class, so we don't need to specify it explicitly.
[02:42:13] <CIA-74> GemRB: Signed-off-by: Tom Prince <tom.prince@ualberta.net>
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[03:13:41] <Gekz_> hi :)
[03:14:41] <tomprince> Hello.
[03:17:37] <Gekz_> tomprince: does the vanilla git now compile on windows without issue?
[03:17:42] <Gekz_> or will I need to use your repo still
[03:27:33] <tomprince> I think it should compile without issue with mingw.
[03:28:06] <Gekz_> ah crap
[03:28:09] <Gekz_> installation of the libraries
[03:28:11] <Gekz_> :<
[03:28:14] <Gekz_> totally forgot to do that "hurr"
[03:29:09] <tomprince> And if it doesn't compile, or doesn't work, I'd like to know about it, so it can be fixed. :)
[03:29:24] <Gekz_> do you have a dump of the libraries
[03:29:28] <Gekz_> i dont feel like hunting them down
[03:29:58] <tomprince> Not really.
[03:30:35] <tomprince> python, libsdl, openal (sdk), zlib is what you *need*
[03:30:48] <Gekz_> yeah but that requires actively seeking these pieces
[03:30:49] <Gekz_> haah
[03:30:55] <Gekz_> where does cmake want them to be
[03:31:50] <tomprince> No idea.
[03:32:08] <tomprince> It finds python for me, and the others I configured manually.
[03:32:24] <Gekz_> OHNOES
[03:32:26] <Gekz_> MANUAL
[03:33:07] <tomprince> :)
[03:33:20] <tomprince> I was lazy. And I don't actually need it to run, just build. :)
[03:36:32] <Gekz_> tomprince: library = .dll or .a?
[03:36:34] <Gekz_> U gate wubdiws
[03:36:36] <Gekz_> I hate windows*
[03:37:01] <tomprince> Don't know. Don't think it matters with modern mingw.
[03:37:26] <Gekz_> what is this sdlmain nonsense
[03:37:27] <Gekz_> :o
[03:39:54] <Gekz_> LOL
[03:39:55] <Gekz_> SHIT
[03:40:00] <Gekz_> the Symbian SDK configured it haha
[03:41:09] <Gekz_> ok
[03:44:25] <Gekz_> tomprince: I wonder if this is a bug
[03:44:30] <Gekz_> or if mingw32-make just sucks ass
[03:45:26] <tomprince> Maybe...
[03:50:28] <Gekz_> it says config.h not found
[03:53:04] <Gekz_> wtf mingw
[03:53:07] <Gekz_> stop being such a tard
[03:53:10] <Gekz_> or I'll kick you in the nuts
[03:54:26] <Gekz_> tomprince:
[03:54:26] <Gekz_> C:\Users\Brendan\Documents\gemrb\build>mingw32-make
[03:54:26] <Gekz_> [ 0%] Building CXX object gemrb/plugins/Core/CMakeFiles/gemrb_core.dir/Actions.obj
[03:54:26] <Gekz_> In file included from C:\Users\Brendan\Documents\gemrb\gemrb\plugins\Core/VFS.h:52,
[03:54:26] <Gekz_> from C:\Users\Brendan\Documents\gemrb\gemrb\includes/win32def.h:82,
[03:54:26] <Gekz_> from C:\Users\Brendan\Documents\gemrb\gemrb\plugins\Core\Actions.cpp:21:
[03:54:28] <Gekz_> C:\Users\Brendan\Documents\gemrb\gemrb\includes/globals.h:32:20: error: config.h: No such file or directory
[03:54:30] <Gekz_> mingw32-make[2]: *** [gemrb/plugins/Core/CMakeFiles/gemrb_core.dir/Actions.obj]Error 1
[03:54:32] <Gekz_> mingw32-make[1]: *** [gemrb/plugins/Core/CMakeFiles/gemrb_core.dir/all] Error 2
[03:54:36] <Gekz_> mingw32-make: *** [all] Error 2
[03:55:02] <tomprince> Try mingw32-make VERBOSE=1
[03:55:07] <tomprince> And give me the command line.
[03:55:17] <tomprince> For that compile.
[03:56:15] <Gekz_> huh?
[03:56:57] <Gekz_> http://paste2.org/p/781254
[04:00:21] <tomprince> Do you have a C:\Users\Brendan\Documents\gemrb\config.h?
[04:03:49] <Gekz_> yes
[04:03:55] <Gekz_> wait
[04:04:07] <Gekz_> no, it's in build
[04:04:24] <Gekz_> ok, copying up a directory fixed it
[04:04:29] <Gekz_> it shouldnt have generated it there
[04:04:30] <Gekz_> wtf
[04:08:26] <tomprince> Delete it, and change line 150 of CMakeList to CURRENT_BINARY_DIR.
[04:13:07] <CIA-74> GemRB: 03tom.prince * r5497cc9c26ff 10gemrb/CMakeLists.txt:
[04:13:07] <CIA-74> GemRB: cmake: Fix include paths for out-of-tree build.
[04:13:07] <CIA-74> GemRB: I broke this in the include paths patch.
[04:13:07] <CIA-74> GemRB: Signed-off-by: Tom Prince <cougar@hermes>
[04:13:10] <tomprince> Or grab that.
[04:21:38] <tomprince> Any luck?
[04:27:11] <tomprince> Gekz_: ?
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[04:41:22] <Gekz_> sorry
[04:41:24] <Gekz_> I nearly passed out
[04:41:25] <Gekz_> lol
[04:41:40] <Gekz_> brb
[05:24:50] <Gekz_> tomprince: it builds
[05:24:52] <Gekz_> but
[05:25:03] <Gekz_> libgemrb_core.dll is missing from your computer
[05:31:11] <Gekz_> oh right, I have to make install
[05:34:06] <Gekz_> tomprince: one final issue, where the hell is the python dlls
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[08:33:45] <fuzzie> tomprince: oh, the deduced ID is nice :)
[08:36:12] <fuzzie> re 'dlsym' branch: moving from a generic fix to a gcc4-specific one seems silly
[08:39:56] <Gekz> fuzzie: where are the python dlls
[08:42:28] <fuzzie> which ones?
[08:42:49] <fuzzie> just the plain python26.dll or whatever is probably in your windows system dir
[08:44:01] <fuzzie> also good morning :)
[08:46:47] <Gekz> oh right
[08:46:49] <Gekz> it's in System
[08:46:53] <Gekz> we have this conversation like 3 times a year
[08:53:36] <fuzzie> we should move a bunch of the functions in GSUtils.cpp into GameUtils.cpp or something
[08:54:09] <fuzzie> specifically, the ones which aren't about GameScript
[09:08:04] <fuzzie> we could surely come up with a better replacement for all the switch statements in CharAnimations, too. and perhaps also an automated tool to check avatars.2da?
[09:08:10] * fuzzie looks in tomprince's direction
[09:11:43] <Gekz> and I'm analysing government corruption
[09:11:44] <Gekz> o.o
[09:12:44] <fuzzie> that's bad, right?
[09:13:53] <Gekz> yes
[09:14:01] <Gekz> they want to implement three strikes in Australia
[09:14:03] <Gekz> and censorship!
[09:14:05] <Gekz> it's all fucked up
[09:14:12] <Gekz> and I dont speak Dutch so I'm screwed!
[09:14:17] <Gekz> I could move to Belgium
[09:14:18] <Gekz> :o
[09:15:38] <fuzzie> you speak French?
[09:16:31] <Gekz> yes
[09:16:43] <Gekz> good how you deduced that :P
[09:17:08] <fuzzie> hey, there are German speakers there too :)
[09:17:24] <fuzzie> and no shortage of English-only speakers in Brussels.
[09:18:11] <Gekz> fuzzie: I also speak German
[09:18:11] <Gekz> haha
[09:18:15] <Gekz> that was the point :)
[09:18:34] <fuzzie> but then you'd be surrounded by Belgians!
[09:18:50] <Gekz> if I moved to Belgium I wouldn't necessarily live in Bruxelles
[09:21:56] <fuzzie> What you need to do is move to Antwerp and go around saying lol all day.
[09:21:59] <fuzzie> This is important.
[09:22:22] <Gekz> haha
[09:22:24] <Gekz> lollig
[09:31:26] <fuzzie> I am not appreciative of how youtube is lacking in any serious PS:T runs. :|
[09:31:39] <fuzzie> There's a nice one in German, but it stops about 10 minutes before the bit I want to see.
[09:33:29] <Gekz> what about speedruns?
[09:34:53] <fuzzie> They rather unsurprisingly skip all of the interesting bits. :(
[09:39:15] <Gekz> I've tried getting into PS:T multiple times
[09:39:20] <Gekz> but I get bored before anything happens
[09:39:25] <Gekz> I didnt get up to a single town lol
[09:39:46] <fuzzie> It's a pity that the mortuary isn't very interesting.
[09:40:01] <fuzzie> Just rush through it, make sure you get the Raise Dead spell, leave.
[09:40:26] <Gekz> so there's more to it is there
[09:40:26] <Gekz> lol
[09:40:56] <Gekz> I hate cave crawling
[09:41:01] <Gekz> so i didnt enjoy NWN: HotU
[09:41:43] <fuzzie> Wasn't HotU the only remotely good bit of NWN?
[09:41:50] <fuzzie> (Yes.)
[09:42:23] <Gekz> yes
[09:42:28] <Gekz> but it was drow and underdark and whatnot
[09:42:32] <Gekz> and being underground makes me sad
[09:42:55] <fuzzie> But you managed in Baldur's Gate II? :)
[09:43:11] <Gekz> that was different
[09:43:15] <fuzzie> Lots of nice bright cheerful open spaces in Planescape: Torment, anyway.
[09:43:20] <Gekz> that lasted for less than an hour
[09:43:22] <Gekz> really?
[09:43:28] <Gekz> it's not all dark and dreary?
[09:46:14] <fuzzie> well, i lie, it is mostly dreary :(
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[09:46:56] <Gekz> I am not interested in dreary right now
[09:46:57] <Gekz> lol
[09:47:06] <Gekz> BG2 has a depressing ending
[09:47:13] <Gekz> and I just finished reading 1984
[09:47:16] <Gekz> I need happiness lolol
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[12:25:18] <tomprince> fuzzie: The really simple fix to the dlym thing is to drop -pedantic.
[12:26:25] <fuzzie> But then we lose some of the "you're doing something really stupid and unportable" warnings which seem quite important to everyone not bothering to test with anything except gcc 4.x on x86. :)
[12:27:05] <tomprince> :)
[12:27:13] <fuzzie> So it's a bit of an irritating problem.
[12:28:00] <fuzzie> I'm kind of disappointed the warnings are as limited as they are, I wish gcc would've caught some of the things which clang did..
[12:29:19] <tomprince> In general, I'd agree with you about a gcc specific fix, but when the specific fix is ~1 line, instead of ~8, plus an autoconf check ...
[12:31:28] <fuzzie> Well, it works right now, your patch seems to improve nothing and possibly break it. :)
[12:31:35] <fuzzie> Maybe I am missing an advantage?
[12:33:24] <tomprince> I just find the current code ugly and verbose, and the fact that we have an extra memcpy.
[12:33:32] <tomprince> That really does nothing.
[12:37:18] <fuzzie> Well, my immediate concern is that it breaks gcc 3.4, anyway.
[12:38:26] <fuzzie> I can't seem to make cmake test for linker flags, either. I don't know if you looked at that?
[12:38:45] <tomprince> No, I haven't.
[12:40:20] <Gekz> http://pirateparty.org.au/afact-3strikes
[12:40:34] <fuzzie> Your modified cmake flag checks seem like a good idea, but not much help if they don't actually work. :/
[12:41:34] <fuzzie> Gekz: At least you're a bit more coherent than the party here.
[12:41:44] <tomprince> Certainly.
[12:41:45] <Gekz> where's here?
[12:41:46] <Gekz> nl?
[12:41:48] <fuzzie> Yes.
[12:41:52] <Gekz> I wrote that release lol
[12:43:59] <Gekz> mm I have two meetings tomororw, and a seminar to go to about copyright
[12:49:51] <tomprince> fuzzie: Does the dlsym fix not work on 3.4, or is it just that we don't test it?
[12:50:17] <fuzzie> I just noticed it didn't work.
[12:51:44] <fuzzie> i'll try tweaking the ifdef later, if no-one gets to it.
[12:53:44] <tomprince> I'm installing 3.3 and 3.4 here. Although it will take a bit ... that's the one problem with gentoo. :)
[12:55:48] <Gekz> ricer!
[12:56:28] <tomprince> Nah.
[12:56:57] <tomprince> I just like being able to install everything without dependencies on gnome and kde and everything.
[12:57:29] <fuzzie> It is rather nice, especially when targetting more embedded systems.
[12:58:23] <Gekz> tomprince: heard of Arch Linux?
[12:58:31] <tomprince> Yes.
[12:58:39] <Gekz> and I've never understood the gnome dependency fallacy
[12:58:41] <Gekz> nor the kde one
[12:59:11] <tomprince> Fallacy?
[12:59:13] <Gekz> it's very easy to install a debian system without ever coming across a gnome or kde dependency for instance.
[12:59:21] <Gekz> and that's often called 'bloat'
[12:59:35] <fuzzie> what on earth is Actor.cpp:5376 trying to do?
[13:04:25] <tomprince> No idea.
[13:08:28] <fuzzie> No, the dlsym fix does not work on 3.4.
[13:08:51] <fuzzie> No complaints about the __extension__ stuff, though.
[13:10:59] <fuzzie> Why on earth do Button and Control have different alignment requirements?
[13:16:56] <fuzzie> Meh. No new portability issues in HEAD, anyway.
[13:17:13] <fuzzie> A couple of old ones that I'd forgotten about which explain some weird bugs.
[13:17:54] <Gekz> such as?
[13:18:30] <tomprince> The manpage suggests writting it as *(void**)&func = dlsym(...)
[13:19:00] <fuzzie> The memcpy thing is the 'standard' universal way of getting around the cast, the copy in HEAD is just copied from somewher eelse.
[13:19:12] <Gekz> tomprince: wtf does *(void**)&func even mean!
[13:19:41] <fuzzie> Something like "sensible function return types are hard, let's go shopping".
[13:20:08] <tomprince> Takes the address of the pointer, casts it from a (pointer to a pointer to a function) to a (pointer to a pointer to void), the derefences it.
[13:20:20] <Gekz> WHY
[13:20:24] <tomprince> s/the/then/
[13:20:51] <tomprince> Since that cast is legal, since it is a cast between pointers to data,
[13:21:11] <fuzzie> Does the cast *work*?
[13:21:32] <tomprince> but a cast from a (pointer to function) to (pointer to void) isn't.
[13:24:05] <tomprince> Haven't tried it. :)
[13:24:36] <fuzzie> I can't get the warning to trigger, compiled independently. Odd.
[13:26:07] <Gekz> -pedantic -ansi
[13:27:21] <fuzzie> also cmake seems to be building with no optimisations?
[13:28:43] <tomprince> Yes.
[13:29:00] <tomprince> It doesn't. :)
[13:30:10] <tomprince> Apparently the warning is only triggerd with ansi+pedantic.
[13:30:32] <tomprince> Or, at least that is what it seems here.
[13:31:02] <tomprince> No, I lied.
[13:31:06] <Gekz> ansi and pedantic are pointless arent they
[13:31:41] <fuzzie> I am doing "g++ -Wall -Werror -W -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -pedantic -Wno-format-y2k -Wno-long-long -fno-strict-aliasing -O2 -ansi test.cpp -ldl".
[13:32:24] <tomprince> With 3.4.6?
[13:32:51] <fuzzie> With 3.4 and 4.1. They complain compiling PluginMgr.h, so I am doing something stupid.
[13:36:07] <fuzzie> Oh, 3.4 is fine with the direct cast..
[13:37:04] <fuzzie> But it wasn't happy on ppc earlier, but that is likely irrelevant.
[13:38:38] <fuzzie> ok, that is just weird
[13:39:28] <fuzzie> 3.4 on ppc doesn't like either version, 3.4 on mips is happy with the direct cast but not the reinterpret_cast.
[13:42:14] <tomprince> Annoyingly stupid standard.
[13:43:41] <tomprince> I suspect we could actually get by without dlsym at all.
[13:44:07] <fuzzie> While not breaking the plugins system?
[13:45:09] <fuzzie> "what happens when a required shared library is missing" being the appropriate test, I guess.
[13:47:21] <tomprince> http://wanderinghorse.net/computing/papers/classloading_cpp.html is something I happend upon a while back.
[13:47:48] <tomprince> Anyway, I'll keep the dlsym patch around for awhile, until something better comes along.
[13:48:56] <fuzzie> Oh, that is clever.
[13:49:23] <fuzzie> (Having skipped to the end.)
[13:51:43] <tomprince> If we did something like that, we could even have the option of compiling everything into the binary, and not exposing any plugins. :)
[13:52:14] <fuzzie> Someone here did want that option.. edheldil perhaps.
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[13:52:42] <tomprince> avenger expressed a dislike of the plugins, as I recall.
[13:53:51] <fuzzie> Well, I think he dislikes the whole resource design, in the sense that it would be easier to have everything highly intermixed.
[13:54:26] <fuzzie> But just because it's been a bit of a pain in the past, when trying to do some things.
[13:55:18] <tomprince> About CharAnimations ... is all the info in the switch statements in the avatars.2da or ...
[13:55:30] <tomprince> I looked at it, and can see why you don't like it.
[13:55:37] <tomprince> But no solution jumps out at me.
[13:56:03] <fuzzie> The avatars.2da only specifies the animation 'type', which specifies which function to call into.
[13:56:20] <fuzzie> I was thinking that we could perhaps have a lookup table which maps each type onto details of how to handle that type.
[13:56:42] <fuzzie> Unfortunately, the *reason* I want that is because it's not working properly right now, which doesn't make it very easy to work out how viable such an idea would be.
[13:58:09] <edheldil> fuzzie: not me, but I guess a possible game developer might like it
[13:58:57] <fuzzie> I think our avatars.2da is still full of mistakes anyway. There's got to be a better way to handle the whole lot.
[14:00:02] <fuzzie> The original game just crashes when it hits an unhandled animation, which doesn't really help. :(
[14:00:02] <tomprince> (plugins) Well, I'll code something up, sometime. It only touches PluginMgr and plugindefs now, so not very disruptive.
[14:00:36] <fuzzie> But the animations are rather game-breaking in a lot of places, since you end up fighting invisible enemies, etc.
[14:02:05] <fuzzie> Meh. Anyway, thanks for bearing with my rambling. :) Will be back later.
[14:04:57] <tomprince> Although, I think the classloading trick won't work on msvc6 :)
[14:05:10] <tomprince> The or.cz/templates doesn't, which makes me sad.
[14:07:23] <edheldil> msvc6 is the doom for any semi advanced c++ features, get used to it :(
[14:09:29] <tomprince> nah.
[14:09:31] <edheldil> the dlsym cast was added when a new version of gcc started to complain about void* var = dlsym(...) ; back then, the gcc stance was that the Posix is broken at this point and there's no really sensible way about tit, except of hacks, iirc
[14:12:58] <Gekz> I hate java ;<
[14:17:43] <edheldil> yes, and australia too ;-)
[14:17:47] <Gekz> ?
[14:18:03] <edheldil> just joking :-P
[14:25:49] <tomprince> fuzzie: gcc 4.4 accepts __extension__ ((void(*)(void)) as well.
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[16:13:31] <edheldil> the classloading paper was interesting even with the constant bragging. It basically implements through some C++ work what is very natural in Python :)
[16:14:50] <edheldil> anyway, interesting
[16:17:40] <Gekz> ergh
[16:17:44] <Gekz> I just finished a Java assignment
[16:17:53] <Gekz> went to submit it, and it says "you cant use inheritance"
[16:18:04] <Gekz> nowhere in the actual assignment sheet does it say that
[16:18:19] <Gekz> I hate automated marking bots
[16:18:21] <Gekz> they fucking suck
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[19:00:00] <lynxlynxlynx> tomprince: the core change looks fine, i'll go try it
[19:23:03] <lynxlynxlynx> it builds and runs, so i ok it
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[21:53:53] <fuzzie> i don't suppose anyone knows what crazy thing is going on with the CHR file name field?
[22:00:19] <fuzzie> Taimon's NI doesn't seem to have it
[22:02:14] <CIA-74> GemRB: 03tom.prince * r1bf515e63364 10gemrb/ (444 files in 5 dirs):
[22:02:14] <CIA-74> GemRB: Core: Move gemrb/plugins/Core to gemrb/core.
[22:02:14] <CIA-74> GemRB: Signed-off-by: Tom Prince <tom.prince@ualberta.net>
[22:10:01] <fuzzie> ah hooray, sourceforge has taken the top google result for 'gemrb'
[22:11:45] <fuzzie> anyway, if cmake is going to build without optimisations, we should put a big warning sign somewhere
[22:12:13] <fuzzie> and if it builds with optimisations, it would be nice if it'd say
[22:24:46] <tomprince_loki> I'd be fine with adding optimzations. I just never bothered, or noticed, since I pass them to cmake anyway.
[22:26:41] <fuzzie> the top of http://github.com/ccdevnet/openc2e/blob/master/CMakeLists.txt has the solution someone added for another of my projects
[22:35:30] <-- |Cable| has left IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[22:35:39] --> |Cable| has joined #GemRb
[22:36:17] <tomprince_loki> The PROJECT line?
[22:36:39] <fuzzie> the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE bits
[22:37:07] <fuzzie> i have no idea if it's a good solution. it is years old.