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[00:00:35] <brada> it's a libc header file problem - the <setjmp.h> you have fails to declare that longjmp doesn't return,
[00:00:35] <brada> libpng asks for a function that won't retur
[00:00:41] <brada> I believe if you simply compile with -DPNG_PTR_NORETURN= everything will work fine, it isn't the fix but
[00:00:41] <brada> can you test this?
[00:00:47] <brada> from: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.graphics.png.devel/4343
[00:00:48] <Seniorita> Programming and implementation issues of the PNG grafics compression standard
[00:01:11] <brada> do you not have a dropbox for sharing files?
[00:02:43] <alephone> If I pass that to cmake I get this: CMake Warning: Manually-specified variables were not used by the project: PNG_PTR_NORETURN
[00:03:26] <brada> how are you passing it?
[00:03:53] <alephone> CC=clang CXX=clang++ cmake -DDISABLE_WERROR=1 -DPNG_PTR_NORETURN= ..
[00:04:18] <brada> not a big cmake guru
[00:04:28] <alephone> me neither
[00:04:53] <brada> -DPNG_PTR_NORETURN= should have a 1 after it
[00:05:09] <brada> you could try with xcode
[00:05:45] <alephone> also, I noticed make fails to build the project if I pass anything larger than -j1. I was perplexed that -j1 builds, but -j4 does not. but that might be a cmake or make problem.
[00:06:14] <brada> also if you instal the latest xcode you will get a more recent compiler that will probably just work
[00:06:34] <brada> i dont know what -j1 is....
[00:06:38] <alephone> yeah. I can try that. I have slow internet here, so Ive been putting that off
[00:06:46] <alephone> # of parallel build jobs
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[00:07:18] <alephone> so it still fails with -DPNG_PTR_NORETURN=1 on this compiler
[00:08:36] <tomprince> Passing that to cmake is different than passing it to the compiler.
[00:08:42] <brada> sure
[00:08:49] <brada> but i thought cmake would pass it along
[00:09:03] <tomprince> It wants to be in CFLAGS, or something (I can't remember what cmake variable it should be in)
[00:09:33] <brada> meh pretty moot anyway
[00:09:56] <brada> not really a problem failing to build a plugin with an old buggy compiler
[00:09:59] <tomprince> cmake also has variables that can set by -D. It doesn't just pass them all to the compiler willy-nilly.
[00:10:19] <Lightkey> alephone: imgur.com
[00:10:22] <alephone> I'll try and set CXXFLAGS or something and see if it pulls it in
[00:11:27] <brada> unless you are going to use mode that have pngs you are wasting your time
[00:11:40] <brada> the real problem is the coloring
[00:13:52] <alephone> the PNG plugin builds fine under gcc, so I'll just use that.
[00:14:36] <alephone> so this is odd. if I take a screenshot, the yellow does not show up on the captured image... guess I get to take a picture of the monitor with a camera...
[00:15:03] <brada> is it the whole image?
[00:15:12] <brada> or just buttons and other things?
[00:15:29] <alephone> its the whole window and large portions of my monitor outside of the gemrb window
[00:16:26] <brada> interesting
[00:16:35] <brada> i wonder why i have never been able to replicate
[00:16:50] <brada> i have a 10.7 mac mini that has no problem
[00:17:09] <brada> alephone: does the color issue happen with the builds from sourceforge?
[00:17:36] <alephone> I don't know. I'll pull one down
[00:17:40] <brada> thanks
[00:19:30] <brada> maybe you just have some odd settings in your baldur.ini file
[00:20:22] <brada> except we seem to try to safegaurd those already
[00:20:43] <brada> wiat
[00:20:51] <brada> we do that only when setting them via the interface
[00:21:06] <brada> looks like we do blindly set whatever is in the ini when initializing
[00:21:27] <brada> is this with the mac version of BG?
[00:26:50] <alephone> No, its the windows version from the cd
[00:29:26] <brada> undo you changes and see if its normal after tweaking the brightness in the game options
[00:30:50] <brada> did you try the sourceforge build?
[00:31:26] <alephone> not yet. still trying to get some screenshots uploaded... i cant believe there isnt an image pastebin service that seems reputable... sheesh
[00:32:57] <brada> dont worry about screenshots
[00:33:16] <brada> i know now you arent talking about inverted color channels
[00:33:49] <brada> and if its not in the screenshot that ineeed points to setting the monitor gamma
[00:33:58] <brada> so that is definately the cause
[00:34:05] <brada> i just dont know where the bug is yet
[00:34:26] <brada> it says in SetGamma: FIXME:SetGammaRamp doesn't seem to work
[00:34:39] <brada> so maybe your hardware doesnt support gamma correction?
[00:35:17] <brada> or it could be insane settings in your ini file
[00:35:33] <brada> or it could be something else :D
[00:35:41] <brada> so eliminate that by trying the SF build
[00:35:55] <brada> and try setting brightness in game to see if it fixes it
[00:36:45] <alephone> here you go. temp tumblr account for this kind of thing: http://debugbuild.tumblr.com/
[00:37:10] <alephone> top shot is before patch bottom shot is after commenting out that gamma line
[00:41:22] <alephone> you want me to grab the binaries for osx from the buildbot folder ?
[00:41:59] <brada> yes
[00:42:07] <brada> ill be back later
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[17:58:36] <brada> why does opengl es 2 require a vertex shader when opengl does not?
[18:58:30] <fuzzie> opengl es 2 has no fixed function pipeline
[18:59:15] <fuzzie> most modern stuff simulates the whole pipeline internally with shaders anyway..
[18:59:44] <fuzzie> no point in doing fixedfunc hardware nowadays, waste of die space
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[20:51:39] <fizzle> heya
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[21:18:23] <fizzle> so it looks like we don't handle EQUIPPED effects that aren't actually coming from equipping items well
[21:19:16] <fizzle> not that I know what *should* happen in that case
[21:19:46] <fizzle> but right now they're turned into permanent effects (until next load at least) and that's obviously wrong
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