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[00:51:35] <chiv> hi
[00:54:20] <tomprince> chiv: hello
[00:56:09] <chiv> anyone here able to help with a gui code problem?
[00:57:17] <tomprince> chiv: Ask your question, most of the devs are probably asleep right now, but they will see it in your morning.
[00:57:56] <tomprince> (general point of IRC: dont ask to ask, just ask. then wait around for an answer)
[00:58:38] <chiv> fair enough - I am trying to use the createwindow function, but there are no existing examples so I don't know if im doing it right
[01:00:40] <chiv> i want an empty window with no bg, so I was guessing SpareActionsWindow = GemRB.CreateWindow(959, 148, 400,484, 42, "") would work
[01:00:40] <tomprince> I don't know if you are using right either.
[01:01:26] <chiv> anyway, ill try and investigate
[01:02:39] <tomprince> chiv: Have you tried it? Seems like it should work.
[01:03:03] <chiv> yeah just kills the gui when i try and add buttons
[01:03:13] <tomprince> Errors?
[01:03:43] <chiv> game doesnt crash, just kills the guiscripts
[01:03:51] <tomprince> And code?
[01:03:59] <chiv> im guessing its not as forgiving as i expect
[01:05:35] <tomprince> Well, the only consumer for the guiscript stuff is the included scripts, so it likely breaks when you try to do more interesting stuff. But that would be a bug.
[01:07:40] <tomprince> chiv: How are you creating buttons, and is there any output on the console?
[01:08:11] <chiv> well the create buttons works alright, have already added buttons to existing windows
[01:08:49] <chiv> but in order to avoid graphical mess, I need to have a window not attached to the existing gui bitmaps
[01:09:04] <tomprince> ... the more information you provide, the better we can help.
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[01:10:11] <chiv> unfortunately there is not much console output with these functions - and my knowledge of python is so bad I am about to have to lookup how to print to console :)
[01:10:52] <tomprince> pastebin the console output
[01:29:37] <chiv> i think I know what is wrong, behaviour is different from gemrb.loadwindow by design
[01:34:38] <tomprince> chiv: If you understand it now, we would welcom documentation updateds.
[01:36:37] <chiv> I will try, although I am not certain yet - creating a window and buttons seems to work, but I'm not sure how the other scripts access it
[01:37:09] <tomprince> I believe the functions return the buttons/windows.
[03:16:57] <chiv> i am now the proud owner of more buttons than anyone else ;) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/836/spellania.png/
[03:21:05] <chiv> now I just need to work on equipment selection from the game screen and fix some glitches...
[03:22:48] <chiv> then I might actually be able to play the game without collecting potion and scroll fluff :)
[03:33:41] <tomprince> chiv: nice. We'd definitely be interested in that.
[03:36:56] <chiv> thanks, I will eventually make a patch for other people to try, but I would like it to be quite substantial to make it worth peoples effort
[03:37:28] <chiv> and i hate bugs
[03:37:48] <tomprince> Well, as a rule, we prefer small incremental patches.
[03:38:36] <tomprince> Although, a series of such small patches is fine too. :)
[03:40:28] <chiv> good point, although my main issue is its not pretty atm. I'm not a coder by trade ...
[03:51:13] <chiv> I think I will have to get the pst gog version... I just got iwd for 5 bucks, its well worth not having to go through the install hoops to get a fully patched version
[03:54:10] <joneirik> :)
[04:03:12] <chiv> heh when i first bought torment I didn't get it at all because you couldn't create your own character. took me ages to realise just how clever the game was
[04:22:14] <joneirik> Still my favorite of the lot, still my seccond favorite game of all time, and favorite crpg.
[04:23:01] <joneirik> I'll admit though, the game itself doesn't give a good first impression for most. I don't recal why I managed to hang onto it like I did, but I'm glad that I did just that.
[04:23:31] <joneirik> Still rememeber fondly my first playthrough where I spendt one entire real time day in the smoldering corpse bar, just talking and discussing things with Dak'kon
[05:14:18] <chiv> i think it was just too easy to expect it to be like the other ie games, which are more about making a powerful character with the options. if you are in the wrong mood, you miss the actual meat of it
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[09:22:30] <edheldil> busy night ...
[09:51:56] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * rf9ba92093a52 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/pst/GUICommonWindows.py: pst: clean up my last party ai change
[09:52:01] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * raaafe9e1a6c5 10gemrb/gemrb/core/GUI/GameControl.cpp: implemented SF_ALWAYSCENTER for pst
[09:52:01] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r55e5995c8c97 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/pst/GUICommonWindows.py: pst: fixed OnLockViewPress to toggle and set the tooltip accordingly
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[10:16:25] <edheldil> chiv: I am a big fan of ps:t... I have got shivers hearing Ravel ask her question. And I was soo sad contemplating on my previous incarnations
[10:17:21] <chiv> Yeah i was just checking it out with gemrb - it doesnt like the widescreen/gui mod though
[10:18:06] <Yoshimo> bg2 has some kind of scripts that you can assign to partymembers to do some basic combat stuff. does gemrb handle them yet?
[10:18:49] <chiv> afaik the gamescript works pretty well
[10:21:59] <chiv> I was a bit bummed, because it would have been nice to play pst in a good resolution
[10:23:01] <fuzzie> the widescreen mod for pst should work fine
[10:23:17] <fuzzie> in fact i only play pst in gemrb with the widescreen mod
[10:24:26] <chiv> hmm, for me the messagewindow gets screwed up - but i am using the ui mod recommended on gogames as well so maybe thats the culprit
[10:24:52] <fuzzie> ok, i am not using the ui mod :) so i don't know about that
[10:25:41] <chiv> well there may be hope then, i would be quite happy to work on pst if I could get it working
[10:27:16] <fuzzie> fuzzie@lente:/tmp/GhostDog's-PST-UI/TPH$ grep -c WRITE_ exe_patch.tph
[10:27:16] <fuzzie> 230
[10:27:34] <fuzzie> ^- so, yeah, stuff that makes 230 changes to the original exe is not automatically supported by gemrb :)
[10:28:41] <chiv> haha
[10:30:32] <chiv> I suppose it just messes with window positions, which gemrb deals with anyway I think?
[10:33:32] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r0f64ce61a688 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/GUISTORE.py: disable dreaming in stores for now, since we can't recover the gui yet
[10:33:36] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r7b418e21e46c 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/GUICommon.py:
[10:33:36] <CIA-26> GemRB: when resting outside stores, don't do a full heal, but rest for 8h
[10:33:36] <CIA-26> GemRB: todo: full heal variant doesn't progress time properly
[10:33:37] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r65d8ec687f96 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Game.cpp: Game::RestParty: don't always rest until healed, default to 8
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[10:33:58] <Beh0lder> Hi all
[10:34:44] <lynxlynxlynx> oj
[10:35:31] <Beh0lder> lynx, I see you working on PST...
[10:36:15] <Beh0lder> please fix a journal bug
[10:38:04] <lynxlynxlynx> what bug?
[10:39:29] <Beh0lder> journal is not created after first scene in Mortuary
[10:40:15] <Beh0lder> if I run original game and create jornal there, journal works fine in gemrb
[10:40:56] <Beh0lder> but my game is not latest version
[10:41:27] <lynxlynxlynx> works for me
[10:41:36] <Beh0lder> latest is buggy with russian language
[10:41:39] <Beh0lder> hm
[10:41:58] <lynxlynxlynx> just reran the opening and i get a "day 1: i've started writing my journal ..." entry
[10:42:13] <Beh0lder> i'll try other versions
[10:44:30] <Beh0lder> your version from GoG?
[10:45:59] <lynxlynxlynx> no, 4cd
[10:46:17] <Beh0lder> hmm, what version?
[10:46:25] <lynxlynxlynx> international
[10:47:09] <fuzzie> 1.1 patch on international 4cd version was working fine for me a couple of weeks ago
[10:47:22] <fuzzie> well, the journal entry was working fine :P
[10:49:47] <Beh0lder> my version is 1.0)
[10:53:10] <chiv> gog version here, no journal talk
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[12:18:17] <Beh0lder> Not work for me
[12:18:57] <Beh0lder> gog version not work, 4cd + patch 1.1 not work
[12:20:27] <Beh0lder> (
[12:21:16] <edheldil> Beh0lder: missing your journal?
[12:22:38] <Beh0lder> yes. tasks(?) section works, journal section clear
[12:24:50] <Beh0lder> if I start original game, journal created well and works in gemrb
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[12:26:39] <Beh0lder> monsters section works too
[12:26:58] <Beh0lder> problem only with journal(
[12:29:54] <edheldil> that's expected, because finding the missing journal is the quest in the first half of PS:T :-P
[12:30:12] <Beh0lder> no missing journal
[12:30:15] * edheldil nonchalantly dodges Beholder's attempts and exits
[12:32:20] <Beh0lder> Nameless One must start new journal after first talking with Morte
[12:32:21] <edheldil> what do you mean with "if I run original game and create jornal there, journal works fine in gemrb"
[12:32:22] <edheldil> ?
[12:32:48] <edheldil> that if you run under windows/wine, journal is created, but not under GemRB, right?
[12:33:10] <Beh0lder> yes, sorry for my english
[12:34:18] <edheldil> and the latest gemrb does not work with your russian language datafiles?
[12:34:53] <Beh0lder> yes
[12:35:18] <Beh0lder> gemrb works, but journal bug present
[12:35:30] <Beh0lder> in any versions of gemrb
[12:37:09] <fuzzie> are there any android-specific controls?
[12:37:27] <chiv> I think its rarther that morte doesnt talk to the nameless one after you unlock the first door - which is the conversation that starts your journal taking habit
[12:39:27] <lynxlynxlynx> i got the first entry in the initial talk
[12:40:00] <fuzzie> if you don't get a conversation after you walk through that door into the new area, yes, that is broken
[12:41:06] <fuzzie> is this all with or without the unofficial fixpack?
[12:41:49] <chiv> I'm using all the fixpacks, but only because i'm assuming everyone else does
[12:42:09] <fuzzie> well, the pst fixpack changes an awful lot of stuff
[12:42:32] <fuzzie> and the pst unfinished business thing will completely change the mortuary intro.
[12:44:11] <chiv> actually thats a gray area for me - is compatibility with the fixpacks part of the scope of gemrb?
[12:44:22] <fuzzie> well
[12:44:42] <fuzzie> we definitely support the bg1/bg2 fixpacks
[12:45:00] <fuzzie> the pst fixpack is full of non-fix changed stuff, so it's difficult to tell
[12:45:03] <Beh0lder> i do not use any fixpacks instead official patch 1.1
[12:45:15] <fuzzie> yeah, that's jsut weird
[12:45:28] <Yoshimo> shouldnt a fixpack rely on the latest official patch?
[12:45:31] <fuzzie> i guess the iwd fixpack is just fixes too, so we support that.
[12:46:38] <Beh0lder> and i use russian translation patch: http://www.2shared.com/file/96f-I8yi/PlanescapeTorment_rus.html
[12:47:31] <chiv> hmm I'm off to revert my installation
[12:47:49] <fuzzie> Beh0lder: you have a version which isn't inside an inno setup exe?
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[12:48:56] <Yoshimo> do you know the option that displays the attack rolls outcome in the chatwindow?
[12:50:09] <lynxlynxlynx> unsupported
[12:50:46] <Yoshimo> ah so for now this is only for the original exe?
[12:51:03] <Beh0lder> I think, that this patch does not modify any scripts. In zip: http://www.2shared.com/file/8C5oBjTw/rus.html
[12:53:05] <Yoshimo> doesnt look like it, dialog is patched and some bam files introduced
[12:54:02] <Beh0lder> (
[13:02:20] <Beh0lder> any chance to fix this issue?
[13:04:43] <edheldil> Yoshimo: actually the BAM files are already present in ps:t, it's only supplying cyrillic override for them
[13:05:48] <edheldil> whether it changes any script (dialog.tlk contains scripts too, sadly) is hard to tell without comparing all 90k+ of them
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[13:10:38] <chiv> is the russian version official or unofficial?
[13:11:47] <Beh0lder> unofficial. PS:T was not published in Russia officially. Original game works fine with this dialog.tlk
[13:12:17] <chiv> I wonder if the unofficial patch could be updated
[13:16:49] <chiv> in what way does it cause problems?
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[13:26:51] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * rc53f3e01e671 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Actor.cpp: hopefully fixed the wrong luck penalties / fatigue icon
[13:55:29] <chiv_> i installed the russian patch - text _seems_ alright from my limited grasp, would be curious to know where it goes wrong
[14:54:27] <chiv_> does anyone use an ide to work on gemrb?
[14:55:06] <lynxlynxlynx> yep
[14:56:02] <chiv_> ive been going without so far, which do you use?
[14:56:16] <lynxlynxlynx> kdevelop
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[15:00:17] <chiv_> worth a go, gemrb is quite large...
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[15:16:12] <Beholder> I forgot to log off on another pc
[15:20:28] <Beholder> boring bug still present in latest gemrb
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[15:47:38] <brad_a> wow. i updated to llvm 3 yesterday and got some scary warnings trying to compile gemrb.
[15:50:55] <Yoshimo> why llvm , why not gcc?
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[15:52:37] <brad_a> well because building for ios 5 requires llvm
[15:52:43] <brad_a> i mean to use xcode of course
[15:53:01] <brad_a> the ios 5 xcode sdk only allows llvm
[15:53:46] <brad_a> of course thats the least of my problems because im getting a nonsensical linker error that i cant figure out....
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[15:55:42] <brad_a> oh apparently i can use gcc 4.2 to compile but im forced to use llvm for preprocessing which is fine
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[16:36:26] <Kiranos> brad_a: can you build on ios5? there is no way of using ios5 on ipad2 and playgin gemrb right?
[16:36:58] <brad_a> i see no reason why the versions that run on 4.3 ont still work under 5
[16:37:12] <brad_a> i just havent been able to build using the 5 sdk
[16:37:41] <brad_a> somwbody else would have to test to tell you if it works or not as i do not have an ios device for testing
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[17:10:01] <brad_a> yay. finally got it to build :)
[17:14:27] <brad_a> now about these new warnings. actions.cpp line 1992: int delay = parameters->int1Parameter || 1;
[17:14:39] <brad_a> whats up with the || 1
[17:15:38] <brad_a> im not sure what that line is trying to do. isnt it always going to result in true? and there fore assign 1 to delay?
[17:18:53] <wjp> yes
[17:18:57] <wjp> that code is ancient, by the way
[17:19:13] <wjp> (and before that it was actually just 1 too)
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[17:25:52] <brad_a> well what should it be doing?
[17:29:16] <brad_a> there are several sizeof warnings because we are doing sizeof(variable) instead of sizeof(type)
[17:29:28] <brad_a> i assume i can and should change those
[17:30:22] <brad_a> oh good changing those cleaned up the other warnings i was about to ask about
[17:30:34] <wjp> what are those sizeof warnings?
[17:30:59] <brad_a> memcpy(sounds[arg],sound,sizeof(sound));
[17:31:17] <wjp> I have no idea what that delay should be, by the way
[17:31:32] <brad_a> produces: argument to sizeof in memcpy call is the same expression as the source blah blah blah
[17:31:48] <brad_a> i changed it to: memcpy(sounds[arg],sound,sizeof(ieResRef));
[17:32:02] <brad_a> the other sizeof warnings were my own fault in the ttf code
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[17:32:48] <brad_a> there were some warnings about function signatures not explicitly matching becasue of unsigned int vs ieDwork or some such
[17:32:52] <brad_a> i changed those as well
[17:33:02] <wjp> that sizeof change is fine
[17:33:10] <brad_a> i thought so
[17:34:06] <brad_a> then this other warning i have no idea how to fix. i have asked about it before and its probably safe to ignore
[17:34:32] <brad_a> GUIScript.cpp line 1233: PyTuple_SET_ITEM(ctrltuple, 1, PyInt_FromLong(ctrlindex));
[17:34:49] <brad_a> says array index of 1 indexes past the end of an array of size 1
[17:35:45] <brad_a> ogh i fixed it
[17:35:49] <brad_a> oh nope
[17:37:15] <brad_a> i little piece of me is wondering if this warning ist the cause of some of my random startup crashes
[17:39:08] <wjp> ctrltuple is a newly constructed tuple of size 2 there, so that seems fine
[17:40:04] <brad_a> it just occured to me that i updated python to 2.7 but still am using 2.6 headers
[17:40:08] <brad_a> that may be it
[17:40:43] <brad_a> because i never got this warning using 2.6
[17:44:10] <brad_a> nope replaced headers and clean build still produce this perplexing warning
[17:47:08] <brad_a> looks to be a confirmed false positive
[17:47:34] <brad_a> but im going to change this code to supress it anyway
[17:48:00] <wjp> it's hardly surprising that python's internals aren't 100% type safe :-)
[17:48:31] <brad_a> yeah my python for ios builds with 84 warning or so
[17:48:38] <wjp> it seems to just be how PyTupleObject is defined
[17:48:42] <brad_a> it is
[17:48:47] <brad_a> but there is a workaround
[17:48:58] <brad_a> i havent tested it yet tho
[17:49:05] <wjp> and is it clean enough to be worth it?
[17:49:31] <brad_a> yeah just use a variable for the index
[17:49:48] <wjp> that doesn't sound so clean
[17:50:06] <brad_a> its not?
[17:50:14] <brad_a> it does work btw
[17:50:32] <brad_a> i can ifdef it so it is only there with clang
[17:50:49] <brad_a> if you wish
[17:51:52] <wjp> that is _even_ less clean :-)
[17:52:30] <brad_a> :-P
[17:52:53] <wjp> anyway, I don't care all that much. I just don't like making code less readable.
[17:53:08] <brad_a> well i attached a note :)
[17:55:46] <brad_a> that just leaves the first warning and obviously i can change it to 1, but im skeptical thats what was intended :)
[17:56:00] <brad_a> perhapps it was intended to use a bitwise or?
[17:56:51] <wjp> could be: "something to do with parameter1 but I don't know what exactly so I'll just leave it 1" :-)
[17:56:58] <wjp> but I have really no idea
[17:57:24] <wjp> or maybe "parameter1 ? parameter1 : 1"
[17:57:37] <brad_a> could be
[17:57:40] <wjp> probably best to ask Avenger
[17:57:41] <brad_a> thats sounds good
[17:57:56] <wjp> you can add a FIXME or TODO, but don't change it if you don't know :-)
[17:58:14] <brad_a> lynxlynxlynx: do you have any idea?
[18:01:34] <lynxlynxlynx> let's see
[18:13:23] <lynxlynxlynx> i don't see any bad uses, it really should be int1param
[18:17:30] <brad_a> so just cahnge the like to delay = int1parameter?
[18:18:32] <brad_a> or what wjp said with the ?:
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[18:27:53] <lynxlynxlynx> no, just the param
[18:31:10] <brad_a> ok
[18:35:50] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03bradallred * r196878b2ea33 10gemrb/gemrb/ (4 files in 3 dirs): fix some llvm/clang warnings
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[19:15:40] <tomprince> I don't like that PyTuple_SET_ITEM change
[19:17:07] <brad_a> well what would you have me do?
[19:17:23] <tomprince> Just ignore it.
[19:17:47] <tomprince> You could probably change it to SetItem, but that would be slower.
[19:18:01] <tomprince> Probably not enough slower to be noticeable.
[19:18:12] <brad_a> well how about we change it back and add an option to cmake to ignore array index warnings?
[19:19:03] <tomprince> I'd say live with the warning, because outside of python macros, we do want that warning.
[19:20:42] <fuzzie> is this clang?
[19:20:48] <fuzzie> i thought it supported warning pragmas
[19:20:51] <brad_a> well we need to at least add a note or something because building with cmake on mac os 10.7 or later will error out because of that warning
[19:21:10] <brad_a> well im a noob so teach me what that is and how to use it :)
[19:21:20] <tomprince> That is what -DDISABLE_WERROR is for.
[19:21:36] <brad_a> i know but your average mac user isnt going to knw that
[19:22:00] <brad_a> and they will just complain about not being able to build it
[19:22:04] <tomprince> I think for the release, we twiddle the default.
[19:22:25] <lynxlynxlynx> yes
[19:23:18] <brad_a> i think fuzzie was onto something with the pragma stuff
[19:27:04] <brad_a> if i can disable that warning before that line and reenable after is that fine?
[19:27:20] <fuzzie> the pragma push/pop stuff is finally in gcc too, it makes me happy
[19:27:41] <tomprince> Yep.
[19:30:09] <brad_a> ok when i have a spare min i will do that
[20:07:08] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03bradallred * r00c3f358e4b2 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp: better fix for clang compiler warning.
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[21:56:09] <lynxlynxlynx> hah
[21:56:33] <lynxlynxlynx> GUIScript.cpp:1233:0: error: ignoring #pragma clang diagnostic [-Werror=unknown-pragmas]
[22:03:25] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r53004daa26c0 10gemrb/CMakeLists.txt: don't treat unknown pragmas as errors
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