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[00:25:48] <traveler> if somboy would like to have a look at my "falling off the map" problem i would be happy to provide saves
[00:26:45] <traveler> gaming is unbereable if can loose area map pernamently at any moment
[00:26:50] <traveler> *you
[00:27:00] <traveler> *somebody
[00:29:05] <traveler> e.g. i have save where map is fine unless you don't move yourself- bang, few steps and map is gone(you even don't have to travel between areas)
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[10:15:02] <edheldil> btw, fuzzie, looking at the Gauss virus, it looks like not only Mac people, but 64 bit ppl as well are prone to leave debug info in :-)
[10:22:38] <fuzzie> well, oh?
[10:23:02] <fuzzie> Windows binaries in general tend to get compiled with msvc, which has carefully put the debug symbols in a separate file for a long time now.
[10:23:54] <edheldil> they are asserts, not symbols
[10:24:05] <fuzzie> ah, well, that happens an awful lot :)
[10:24:09] <fuzzie> RTTI info too, of course
[10:24:32] <fuzzie> I guess it does all boil down to the same root cause, which is people building their binaries in debug mode.
[10:25:48] <fuzzie> as DrMcCoy noted a while back, the first Linux build of Psychonauts had debug symbols. vanished in the second one :)
[10:26:02] <edheldil> :)
[10:26:36] <fuzzie> So I guess there's probably a lot of factors - people being rushed, people not having a reason to care, last-minute disasters where code turns out not to run properly in release mode, etc..
[10:26:46] <edheldil> one would think that for the ~ platform the QA would spot that, but apparently not
[10:27:22] <DrMcCoy> For Psychonauts, "rush" is a very likely candidate
[10:27:35] <fuzzie> considering the state the code was in, yes.
[10:27:35] <DrMcCoy> Especially considering the amounts of bugs
[10:27:53] <DrMcCoy> They're still not all fixed
[10:28:34] <DrMcCoy> If they would just free the source completely, I'm sure there would have been enough people interested that it would all work now
[10:28:48] <DrMcCoy> Hell, I would have tried
[10:29:02] <fuzzie> no need to preach to us :-)
[10:29:08] <DrMcCoy> Right
[10:29:09] <DrMcCoy> :P
[10:29:52] <DrMcCoy> I'm just in a very complainy mood right now, thanks to the bleh wheather :P
[10:29:59] <fuzzie> If Double Fine own the rights themselves, I guess someday it might even be possible?
[10:30:41] <DrMcCoy> I won't hold my breath
[10:31:02] <fuzzie> The trouble with the IE is that it's not just that Bioware is owned by EA (which is quite enough), but that of course Interplay (with IWD/PS:T rights) are a competitor now.
[10:31:24] <fuzzie> So even if hell froze over, I think we'd still stand no chance of getting any source, never mind the PS:T source we'd want. :P
[10:31:36] <DrMcCoy> :(
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[10:35:43] <fuzzie> and, yes, the weather is driving everyone mad.
[10:35:58] <fuzzie> It's still too hot in here for me to concentrate on code, honestly.
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[10:42:43] <traveler> same here with weather, which is strange as i though summer is over after few cold days.
[10:43:16] <DrMcCoy> I so want to be in Sweden right now
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[10:53:53] <lynxlynxlynx> we have chilly northern winds here now, meaning cold mornings and evenings and normal summer during the midday :s
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[11:42:30] <edheldil> we have nice 23 degrees here, with the help of AC :-)
[11:50:40] <traveler> i have just opened doors of balcony, because windows are not enough :(
[11:51:20] <traveler> *balcony doors sounds better
[12:20:22] <edheldil> doors of balcony sounds like "gates of suffering" or somesuch :)
[12:21:57] <DrMcCoy> Gates of Slumber :)
[12:45:34] <traveler> i've paused leonore III/beethoven to check them, and they are pretty decent actually :) but in doom/stoner i seek a little twist - like electric wizard, because without it it's pretty stale and rigid genre
[12:47:32] <DrMcCoy> Well, I really like Gates of Slumber's first album, The Awakening. The newer ones are too same-y, IMHO
[12:48:07] <traveler> that's the problem with traditional doom in general, fwiw i've only checked few songs by gofs
[12:49:36] <DrMcCoy> In general, I really like it high on the psychedelic, or high on the fuzz :P
[12:51:07] <DrMcCoy> Electric Wizard are great. As are Reverend Bizarre
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[14:16:47] <traveler__> wow. i have most curious save
[14:16:49] <traveler__> :P
[14:17:01] <traveler__> resetting map is connected iwth day/night change :P
[14:17:28] <traveler__> after you load it map is fine, then night ends and map is all black
[14:19:18] <fuzzie> intrsting
[14:19:29] <fuzzie> got an area id?
[14:20:11] <edheldil> it is clearly a pitch-black night :)
[14:20:49] <traveler__> :P
[14:21:08] <DrMcCoy> You're likely to be eating by a grue
[14:21:13] <traveler__> very funny
[14:21:15] <traveler__> http://pastebin.com/hyg9HQ5E
[14:23:36] <traveler__> full output after night-> day change
[14:23:38] <traveler__> http://pastebin.com/iweRPEeU
[14:23:57] <fuzzie> hm
[14:24:43] <traveler__> also i've lost one save for no apparent reason
[14:24:46] <fuzzie> that is o.O
[14:24:46] <traveler__> Ignoring slot /home/Kuba/BGSave/save/888888892-test because of no appropriate preview!
[14:25:12] <traveler__> and no, no fs corruption as saves and data are on different one
[14:25:35] <fuzzie> preview thing just means the baldur.bmp is bad probably?
[14:25:43] <traveler__> but why?
[14:25:58] <fuzzie> you didn't run out of disk or anything?
[14:26:03] <fuzzie> try looking at the file
[14:26:18] <traveler__> yeah
[14:26:22] <traveler__> it's emtpy directory
[14:26:56] <traveler__> so maybe i've deleted it and somehow didn't cleanu up directory
[14:27:09] <fuzzie> that's really weird though, you think it works fine during the night?
[14:27:16] <traveler__> as maybe gemrb was running with ither user
[14:27:28] <traveler__> speaking of 1 case
[14:27:33] <traveler__> yes map looks normal at nigh
[14:27:38] <traveler__> the moment it changes to day
[14:27:41] <traveler__> it's pitch black
[14:29:22] <traveler__> actually don't bother with missed save it's 100% just permissions mess
[14:29:43] <traveler__> and I know that I've caused it
[14:32:40] <traveler__> btw
[14:32:46] <traveler__> while 'load' menu is fine
[14:33:00] <traveler__> 'save' one displays garbled characters
[14:33:02] <traveler__> http://img859.imageshack.us/img859/9994/201208201631391440x900s.png
[14:33:23] <traveler__> where date shuld be
[14:33:50] <fuzzie> the night->day change output is still trying to load ar1300LN, which is night
[14:35:17] <traveler__> so corruption should be other way?
[14:42:44] <traveler__> guiwrsp.mos is cursed item sound or warning?
[14:43:45] <edheldil> mos is a bitmap
[14:45:10] <edheldil> it looks like a gui sidebar
[14:45:16] <traveler__> CGUI1280.chu ?
[14:45:27] <traveler__> becouse cursed item sound is randomly played
[14:45:35] <traveler__> but not in cursed items ;)
[14:46:04] <edheldil> could not it be an issue with WSM? e.g. Loading a save for a different resolution?
[14:48:08] <traveler__> no
[14:48:24] <traveler__> [ResourceManager/WARNING]: 'expmap.wmp' not found.. ?
[14:48:27] <traveler__> btw
[14:48:53] <traveler__> you must go to ar1300 and visit AR0813
[14:49:05] <edheldil> totsc worldmap
[14:49:06] <traveler__> only if you visit AR0813 this pitch black thing manifests itself
[14:49:22] <edheldil> misinstalled extension?
[14:51:02] <fuzzie> or corruption
[14:53:02] <traveler__> ..but not always
[14:53:11] <traveler__> nothing interesting in output
[14:53:32] <traveler__> to be clear, i have not installed any mods/extension etc
[14:54:39] <traveler__> [DialogHandler/WARNING]: Errors occuring while in dialog mode cannot be logged in the MessageWindow. [GameScript]: Displaying string on: nemphre
[14:54:42] <edheldil> you had installed totsc, even if it's already on the dvd you have
[14:54:47] <traveler__> this is not relevant?
[14:54:54] <traveler__> yes, that's true
[14:55:19] <traveler__> but totsc should not modify nemphre
[14:57:53] <traveler__> could cursed item sound appear when "No Other Music to play" ?
[15:03:52] <edheldil> no idea, but not on purpose, I think
[15:18:02] <traveler__> i think that curesed item sound default sound also for errors
[15:18:17] <traveler__> *is also default sound
[15:32:13] <edheldil> btw, fuzzie, I have/had similar problem to that guy at #ScummVM - when I first start BG1 under wine, it works, when I do it one more time, it hangs in blackisle video and does not work until I reboot again.
[15:40:48] <fuzzie> wine is thankfully not my problem :-p
[15:41:28] <fuzzie> I think trying to support wine would be enough to drive me over the edge into going completely mad at this point.
[15:41:46] <fuzzie> bg1 isn't using external video code, just mve, so it's kind of weird that it'd do that.
[15:48:52] <edheldil> well, I meant is only a fun fact :)
[15:49:11] <edheldil> bye, later
[15:52:21] <traveler__> whole ar1300 is broken at dawn
[15:52:31] <traveler__> you can start new game, mta do ar1300
[15:52:40] <traveler__> wait till dawn and area map is broken
[15:54:59] <traveler__> i've meant dusk
[16:16:33] <traveler__> my latest opinion on various things can be found on http://gemrb.sourceforge.net/wiki/doku.php?id=todo&#baldur_s_gate ;)
[16:16:34] <traveler__> later
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[17:07:58] <brada> :( lvl up is incredibly broken in BG2
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[17:08:16] <brada> you can accept the lvl up without actually distributing your points
[17:08:32] <brada> and the information button behaves erraticly
[17:08:46] <brada> also i could have sworn there was a way to cancel the lvl up
[17:08:56] <brada> esc key i think
[17:09:42] <brada> the accept btn is indeed in the disabled stat but you can still click it
[17:10:56] <brada> this may just apply when the character is leveling up past the normal lvl cap
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[17:34:01] <lynxlynxlynx> info button is a 3 way switch
[17:34:07] <lynxlynxlynx> you can't cancel
[17:34:31] <lynxlynxlynx> and extra high levels indeed affect the behaviour of the done/accept button
[17:34:39] <fuzzie> brada: you do have points which you can distribute?
[17:35:01] <fuzzie> but I guess lynx is exprt
[17:35:06] <lynxlynxlynx> it can't be both in the disabled state and clickable though (unless someone broke something ;))
[17:39:02] <brada> well it is greyed out but i can accept despite that fact and the fact i also have points to distribute
[17:39:31] <brada> how is the info button supposed to behave
[17:40:37] <brada> re cancel lvl up: can you not cancel in original?
[17:40:42] <fuzzie> don't think so
[17:42:20] <lynxlynxlynx> which game are you in?
[17:42:23] <brada> BG2
[17:42:48] <brada> for some reason i recall canceling with bg tutu last time i played
[17:42:55] <lynxlynxlynx> first it shows the level up info, then char stats, then goto
[17:43:30] <lynxlynxlynx> well it would be trivial to add
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[17:43:49] <fuzzie> google tells me that you can cancel bg1 level-up.
[17:43:55] <brada> yes
[17:44:05] <fuzzie> > Some people have reported that the "Allow player to choose NPC proficiencies and skills" component is a bit erratic on occasion, particularly if you do things like going to the level-up screen and then escaping out of it again.
[17:44:08] <brada> i guess tutu somehow makes it work in BG2?
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[17:44:15] <fuzzie> ^- Sword Coast Stratgems readme
[17:44:35] <lynxlynxlynx> just check a screenshot or video
[17:44:41] <lynxlynxlynx> no science there
[17:44:59] <brada> i dont think there was ever a button for it
[17:45:12] <brada> just cancel would close the window without applying anything
[17:45:19] <brada> escape!
[17:45:21] <brada> not cancel
[17:47:30] <brada> anyhow im not concerned with that a t the moment esp if the lvl up bugs are only when passing the standard cap
[17:47:44] <brada> im actually trying to fix status icons
[17:47:57] <brada> what is IE_SAVEDFACE?
[17:48:22] <brada> it prolly doesnt matter
[17:48:46] <brada> i just dont know what chr(238) is printing in GUICommonWindows.py
[17:48:53] <brada> i thought it matched with a status
[17:49:14] <brada> but it must not
[17:49:47] <brada> what is the program we can use to view BAM?
[17:49:57] <fuzzie> does NI not do it?
[17:50:05] <brada> i dont know :p
[17:50:11] <lynxlynxlynx> 238 could be blank
[17:50:12] <brada> i hve never used NI
[17:50:17] <lynxlynxlynx> it should be obvious from the code
[17:50:22] <fuzzie> yes, 238 should be bg2 blank
[17:50:29] <fuzzie> and it does say blank :P
[17:50:46] <lynxlynxlynx> gemrb/GUIScripts/GUICommonWindows.py:1179: flag = blank = chr(238)
[17:51:11] <brada> just making sure
[17:53:00] <lynxlynxlynx> IE_SAVEDFACE looks easy too, storing the orientation / facing direction
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[18:58:20] <traveler> btw lynx, i've rechecked fair chunk of npcs / bg1todo
[18:58:39] <lynxlynxlynx> i forgot to tell you something
[18:58:52] <lynxlynxlynx> you have to start from a save before you ever entered that area
[18:58:53] <traveler> ...yes?
[18:59:07] <traveler> np.i've started new game
[18:59:21] <traveler> that was thankfully obvious to me
[18:59:26] <traveler> and mta'ed
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[19:06:03] <traveler> could it also fix glued birds? because I didn't have occasion to check them in new game, and all misplaced crea. were now in correct places
[19:06:15] <traveler> *all other misplaced
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[19:08:27] <lynxlynxlynx> no
[19:08:36] <lynxlynxlynx> and good :)
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[19:14:51] <traveler> of course i've also made appropriate corrections/notes in todo
[19:15:32] <traveler> on the side note, should game end after sarevok loses only about 130hp from 285? i've summoned him from console just for kicks
[19:21:42] <lynxlynxlynx> i don't remember, but he likely has an extra step in his script
[19:21:44] <lynxlynxlynx> like any boss
[19:22:16] <traveler> maybe when summoned it's buggy
[19:22:38] <traveler> because after he loses about half of hp
[19:23:15] <traveler> appears dialogue "Sarevok- he fells, it's the end"
[19:23:40] <traveler> and you lose gui
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[19:40:42] <brada> heh
[19:41:04] <brada> look at the lvl up icon in DLTCEP and it is shifted down there too o_O
[19:50:58] <brada> all the other glyphs have a position of 0, 13
[19:51:04] <brada> but that one has 13, 0
[19:56:49] <brada> well i wish i had thought to check the BAM earlier
[19:56:56] <brada> could have saved me a bunch of time :p
[19:57:07] <brada> question is how do we address this issue?
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[20:21:51] <brada> original must do the lvl up icon separate from the others i figure
[20:27:19] <brada> lynx: btw nothing in BG2 uses anchoring
[20:27:25] <brada> i havent checked any other games
[20:54:15] <brada> this is what i came up with to solve the issue
[20:54:15] <brada> http://pastebin.com/KfZHQzWK
[20:54:38] <fuzzie> truncated again :P
[20:55:06] <brada> wtf?
[20:55:29] <brada> well you dont need to apply it
[20:55:33] <brada> just look at the diff
[20:55:35] <fuzzie> sure, but I can't read the comment
[20:56:10] <brada> apparently copying and pasting from a terminal window doesnt work like i thought
[20:56:12] <brada> :p
[20:57:40] <brada> fuzzie: http://pastebin.com/WBGgF6Lp
[20:58:26] <brada> bah
[20:58:35] <brada> that comment is incomplete, but nevermind that
[20:58:55] <fuzzie> well, if it works, it sounds good
[20:59:03] <brada> ok then
[21:00:08] <fuzzie> Not sure what the original might do.
[21:04:48] <brada> yeah it seems like this should be messed up in the original too
[21:05:43] <lynxlynxlynx> gdup () { local a=$(git diff "$@" |curl -s -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us | sed 's,$,?diff,');
[21:05:43] <lynxlynxlynx> echo $a; opera -newtab $a; }
[21:05:43] <fuzzie> I expect it doesn't use the font drawing codepath here.
[21:06:02] <brada> clearly it must not
[21:06:14] <fuzzie> well I wouldn't be so sure of that :)
[21:06:18] <brada> heh
[21:06:25] <fuzzie> let me look
[21:06:31] <brada> well i dont really care how the original does it per se
[21:06:37] <brada> curious tho :)
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[21:08:35] <brada> CIA bot broken?
[21:08:59] <fuzzie> yeah
[21:09:19] <fuzzie> gah I broke it again
[21:09:26] <fuzzie> oh, wrong window :P
[21:14:05] <brada> im trying also to center the status icons
[21:14:12] <brada> not sure which aproach to use
[21:14:46] <brada> i tried setting the alignment to centered and adding blanks to compensate for incomplete rows
[21:15:19] <brada> cant say for sure why that didnt work. it seems like not all the glyphs are the same size or something
[21:16:53] <fuzzie> which icons?
[21:17:10] <brada> specifically i dont know. ill post a screenshot
[21:19:33] <traveler> http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/7659/201208202318151440x900s.png
[21:19:36] <traveler> last commit made it
[21:20:55] <brada> heh
[21:21:03] <brada> guess it doesnt work across al languages
[21:21:08] <brada> that answers that
[21:21:12] <brada> now i dont know what to do
[21:22:13] <brada> i guess i could check a specific frame count?
[21:22:34] <brada> except that probably varies from game to game
[21:23:47] <traveler> btw, all dialogue texts are like that
[21:24:15] <brada> yes i know obviously
[21:25:08] <traveler> is language relevant? text looks just pushed/aligned to top of glyph
[21:25:15] <brada> yes language is relavant
[21:25:21] <brada> did you even look at the last commit?
[21:25:28] <brada> http://gemrb.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=gemrb/gemrb;a=commitdiff;h=6426089e8b2613e48fe861871881b8eda068c3fa
[21:25:35] <traveler> no :P
[21:27:32] <brada> well since different games have a different number of states maybe check the resref?
[21:27:41] <fuzzie> this is beginning to sound horrible :)
[21:27:53] <brada> fuzzie: yes, but what would you do?
[21:28:38] <fuzzie> I have no idea.
[21:28:49] <fuzzie> If you want a serious review then try catching me tomorrow when I can think..
[21:29:01] <brada> sure
[21:29:19] <brada> i just dont know how else to work around bad data :p
[21:31:50] <brada> i dont have the time/will/patience to do any refactoring of code that works great everywhere except this one case
[21:32:06] <gembot> build #448 of nmake-msvc++10 is complete: Exception [6exception setproperty] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B10/builds/448 blamelist: brad_a
[21:32:09] <brada> nor do i have any idea how a refactor would work here anyway
[21:39:51] <traveler> ok, i do not want to sound needy, but for now we only know that
[21:39:59] <traveler> a) with english it's ok
[21:40:08] <traveler> b) not so with polish
[21:40:55] <traveler> Is saying that it works great except one case really justified?
[21:42:35] <fuzzie> no, you misunderstand
[21:42:39] <traveler> yes
[21:42:48] <fuzzie> it works for everything but one case
[21:42:50] <traveler> that was my second theory :)
[21:42:59] <fuzzie> and brad's attempt to fix that one case, breaks polish :)
[21:43:00] <traveler> i'm glad i got it wrong
[21:43:10] <fuzzie> so, we need a different fix for the one case.
[21:43:28] <brada> yes
[21:43:37] <traveler> i get it, 'works great' was about code, not hack :P
[21:43:52] <brada> and the only think i can think of that doesnt involve copious amounts of labor is to examine resref
[21:50:57] --> Textmode has joined #gemrb
[21:56:31] <brada> traveler: should be fixed now
[21:59:58] <traveler> thanks
[22:00:03] <traveler> i will check in a moment
[22:00:10] <brada> thanks fo r testing the other languages :p
[22:00:16] <traveler> when i untangle my local rep.
[22:10:10] * Textmode huggles traveler and brada :3
[22:10:26] <brada> o_O
[22:11:11] <Textmode> ^_^
[22:16:08] --> edheldil_ has joined #gemrb
[22:19:13] <edheldil_> traveler: what's wrong at the last screenshot?
[22:19:36] <traveler> save names glyphs
[22:19:39] <traveler> all aligned to top
[22:20:38] <traveler> it's actually a lot worse when more text is present e.g. in dialogue
[22:20:47] <-- DrMcCoy has left IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:21:00] <traveler> here it's at least readable
[22:21:04] --> DrMcCoy has joined #gemrb
[22:22:06] <edheldil_> ah. That actually looks interesting :-D
[22:22:20] <brada> fixed tho :p
[22:25:49] <traveler> good that nobody asked what i have exactly done to my local repo, that would be embarrassing :P
[22:26:02] <brada> been there :D
[22:31:15] <traveler> http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/23/201208210028321440x900s.png correct screenshot for the edheldil and for sake the of completeness
[22:32:23] <edheldil_> btw I am working on the polish case patch :)
[22:34:10] <traveler> polish as in exactly what problem?
[22:34:25] <traveler> or polish as diff between stock/en?
[22:35:53] <edheldil_> yes, the button case. I just need to fix my bam viewer
[22:36:01] <traveler> ahh
[22:36:16] <traveler> for me, apart from lack of polish input
[22:36:40] <traveler> there are no glaring problems average user would see now
[22:39:31] <traveler> http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/2788/201208210037451440x900s.png anybody knows
[22:39:45] <traveler> if somehow whole text should be visible?
[22:39:48] <traveler> or first line?
[22:40:22] <traveler> (trying to take thay amulet from edwin, string is correct)
[22:41:23] <brada> there is only room in that box for 2 lines
[22:41:39] <brada> i dont remember what goes in that box tho
[22:41:48] <brada> i dont speak polish ;)
[22:42:28] <brada> my guess is that the text wasnt meant to be longrer than 2 lines
[22:42:46] <brada> what happens in the original for you using the same font mod?
[22:43:15] <traveler> i would like to know
[22:43:58] <traveler> but maybe somebody would try to take amulet from edwin and say if it fits in 2 lines
[22:55:26] <edheldil_> it's probably enough to compare len of the polish and english string
[22:56:34] <brada> hes using a larger font mod too
[23:05:16] <gembot> build #449 of nmake-msvc++10 is complete: Exception [6exception setproperty] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B10/builds/449 blamelist: brad_a
[23:07:30] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
[23:14:28] <traveler> honestly, i don't think this text could fit with any font in 2 lines- it's about 120 characters long
[23:15:21] <brada> thats why i asked what it looks like if you run it in the original
[23:15:38] <brada> if it doesnt fit there what does it do?
[23:16:25] <traveler> well that's precisely why i picked up this topic
[23:16:49] <traveler> i don't have access to original engine
[23:17:01] <traveler> fwif, minsc string about boo is a bit longer still
[23:17:12] <traveler> *fwiw
[23:32:23] <brada> fuzzie: i have the icons centered now
[23:32:32] <brada> but does it matter what order they are printed?
[23:33:15] <brada> also without doing 2 separate labels now they are a bit too high instead of too low
[23:33:22] <brada> which IMO is an improvement
[23:33:41] <brada> but maybe we should just increase the line spacing for this font?
[23:35:04] <brada> line spacing of 2px looks about perfect to me
[23:35:49] <brada> ill post a screenshot of it
[23:39:24] <brada> as soon as i get home anyway
[23:39:28] <-- brada has left IRC (Quit: brada)
[23:46:40] <-- traveler has left IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[23:56:21] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Remote host closed the connection)