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[08:26:11] <edheldil> btw, if you had not read it yet, the NWN forums were put offline because they were hacked into
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[11:39:56] <Gekz> edheldil: which means I lost all my CD keys :<
[11:55:49] <edheldil> Gekz: meaning what? That you don't have the strings anymore, or do you fear that LulzSec will share them?
[11:56:00] <Gekz> I dont have the strings anymore
[11:56:04] <Gekz> :<
[11:56:10] <Gekz> lol
[11:56:15] <Gekz> lost to the ether
[11:56:28] <edheldil> and bioware ha deleted them?
[11:56:31] <edheldil> has
[12:14:53] <Gekz> afaik yes
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[14:11:57] <edheldil> that sounds like a good business plan ... 1) delete all the CD keys, point to luzsec and expect many users not be able to provide the keys anymore 2) ... 3) profit!
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[16:35:58] <Avenger> hello everyone
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[16:50:48] <brad_a> hey hey
[16:52:00] <brad_a> if i needed to do a bunch of sdl 1.3 stuff would it be preferable to copy the sdlvideo driver as a new file or do the ifdef stuff in the current one?
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[17:07:38] <CIA-40> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * rc6108b3ddbb5 10gemrb/gemrb/core/ResourceManager.cpp: report AddSource failures to reveal problems earlier
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[17:14:50] <CIA-40> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r0051263e574f 10gemrb/gemrb/core/ (Interface.cpp System/VFS.cpp): windows requires path names without ending slash
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[19:25:50] <Beh0lder> נר פהה
[19:25:57] <Beh0lder> hi all
[19:28:08] <Beh0lder> what about my BG1 bug list?))) May be some issues are been fixed?
[19:34:42] <brad_a> i cant read your first message...
[19:36:09] <Beh0lder> in russian) wrong layout). see #2
[19:36:45] <brad_a> does the PNGImporter plugin provide performance benefits or what? i have no idea why it is beneficial to build it.
[19:37:17] <brad_a> ah russian. i dont speak that even if i could read it
[19:38:49] <fuzzie> it means you can use PNG portraits without having to convert them to BMP, that's all
[19:39:02] <brad_a> oh ok thanks
[19:39:15] <fuzzie> it's like the OGGImporter plugin means you can use ogg audio files from mods, without having to convert them to lower-quality formats
[19:39:25] <brad_a> makes sense
[19:40:05] <brad_a> do you know if openal audio is better than sdl? or are they practically the same
[19:40:52] <fuzzie> openal is much better
[19:41:03] <Beh0lder> it's a not russian words, only chars - wrong layout mistake
[19:41:43] <Beh0lder> but openal eats more resources
[19:43:12] <Beh0lder> btw, music still plays only once
[19:43:27] <brad_a> good to know. i havent gotten any reports about how well the ipad build runs yet but if its running out of memory then maybe i will use sdl audio
[19:43:46] <brad_a> but open al is easy since it is included in ios
[19:43:47] <Beh0lder> one time after loading map and one time in battle
[19:44:06] <brad_a> really? the audio loops for me afik
[19:44:23] <Beh0lder> hmm
[19:44:41] <brad_a> im using openal what are you using?
[19:45:15] <brad_a> i dont know that that has anything to do with it of course...
[19:45:19] <Beh0lder> I tested in windows and android. OpenAl of course
[19:45:28] <brad_a> hmmm
[19:45:37] <brad_a> latest git i assume
[19:45:56] <fuzzie> the music looping failing with an openal error seems to be caused by some alsoft issue, maybe our fault
[19:46:28] <Beh0lder> yeah, opeal errors present in log
[19:46:28] <fuzzie> presumably on iOS, you have Apple's openal instead
[19:47:25] <brad_a> yes i do
[19:51:06] <Beh0lder> and casting voices, it will be great that they will sound.
[19:52:07] <brad_a> i dont know what you mean
[19:52:58] <Beh0lder> heh, my English is bad
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[19:54:07] <brad_a> not really. until today i had no idea you weren't a native speaker.
[20:01:31] <Beh0lder> if mage or priest reads spell, he speak some words in original game. But not in gemrb.
[20:01:48] <wjp> that seems to work for me
[20:02:06] <Beh0lder> in BG1?
[20:02:16] <wjp> hm, was trying bg2
[20:03:28] <fuzzie> this is cgtable? which has no sound ids in gemrb's bg1 version
[20:04:34] <fuzzie> "except pst and bg1", says GF_CASTING_SOUNDS
[20:05:30] <brad_a> speaking of sound bugs it seems every other time trying to play a voice during character creation fails
[20:05:44] <brad_a> [OpenAL]: Error creating source for speech: 0xa003 [ERROR]
[20:09:12] <brad_a> even more bizarre is now i get that same error when it is trying to play the opening movies and menu theme.
[20:14:37] <Beh0lder> i go to sleep. bb all
[20:15:17] <brad_a> night
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[20:21:41] <lynxlynxlynx> home at last
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