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[19:21:01] <kujeger> huzzah! got the double-space bug in SDL2 fixed, along with a "shift-press-is-display-as-strange-text-in-input" bug
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[21:01:01] <kujeger> did a pr
[21:01:53] <kujeger> but I think it would be a good thing to eventually get rid of SDL1 completely, and rewrite stuff with SDL2.. the SDL1+2 combination right now is weird
[21:10:25] <fuzzie> might be nicer to use 0x400000e5 (this is SDL_SCANCODE_RSHIFT | 0x40000000) for the constant there
[21:12:15] <fuzzie> oh you change it in the second commit :p I guess everything with 0x40000000 set isn't a valid text-generating character
[21:12:34] <fuzzie> but I'm a bit confused about your logic here, since the comment says that it's for ignoring keys that generate text, which this isn't
[21:12:51] <fuzzie> is the actual problem that the SDL 1 driver doesn't understand the keycode?
[21:56:09] <kujeger> I believe the root problem is probably that the SDL2 driver does things in a way that the shim/dispatcher in SDLVideo does not work well with
[21:57:06] <kujeger> so whenever one hit ctrl/shift, it generated a key_down event, which gemrb tried to "print"
[21:57:13] <kujeger> giving some garbage text
[21:58:41] <kujeger> however I really don't want to touch things outside SDL20Video just in case I unintentionally break something in SDL1
[21:59:25] <kujeger> and for now it seems to work fine -- text inputs are OK, and ingame use of ctrl/shift does not seem to be affected from what I have tested
[22:17:08] <kujeger> and now, bed..
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