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[13:53:40] <edheldil> the promo looks tempting :)
[14:45:37] <lynxlynxlynx> which one?
[14:54:44] <Eli2_> hi, i just started playing baldurs gate 1 and i am having problems changing regions, the cardtwheel appears but most of the time clicking does not trigger the region change
[14:56:30] <Eli2_> i am using the plan game with addon from gog and the widescreen patch with gemrb latest git master
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[15:02:18] <brada> travel has always been iffy in gemrb sadly
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[15:07:15] <edheldil> lynxlynxlynx: the gog one. Is there any other?
[15:07:46] <lynxlynxlynx> dunno
[15:08:09] <lynxlynxlynx> Eli2_: do you have a party?
[15:08:45] <Eli2_> yes, i just started, 4 chars
[15:09:06] <Eli2_> now i am kinda stuck in the second city
[15:10:07] <Eli2_> in the other regions the change worked somehow after wildly clicking, but now, i can't get it to work anymore
[15:10:29] <lynxlynxlynx> try selecting only one character to move
[15:10:35] <lynxlynxlynx> once you're close enough
[15:10:58] <lynxlynxlynx> we haven't heard of travelling problems in a whil
[15:10:59] <lynxlynxlynx> e
[15:11:30] <brada> really? ive never been able to easily travel with a group
[15:11:54] <lynxlynxlynx> oh and ctrl-j helps too
[15:12:07] <lynxlynxlynx> yep, fizzle made some improvements before 0.8.0
[15:12:35] <brada> its possilbe i havent tried since
[15:12:44] <Eli2_> wow, strange worked on the first try
[15:13:06] <Eli2_> somehow it now even works with party
[15:13:41] <Eli2_> that thing made me stop playing yesterday :/
[15:15:26] <Eli2_> hmmm, something is different now, i think yesterday it looked like the whole area was moving when clicking
[15:15:38] <Eli2_> that does not seem to happen currently
[15:17:09] <Eli2_> hmm, might have been a user error on my side
[15:17:13] <Eli2_> thanks for the help
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[16:28:18] <brada> so ConvertToVideoFormat is unused?
[16:30:42] <brada> shouldnt we implicitly convert at sprite creation?
[16:33:03] <brada> and maybe this is part of the reason android is so horribly slow?
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[17:55:26] <fuzzie> do we create any 16bpp sprites?
[17:56:50] <fuzzie> i am on phone, but i thought wr only did 8bpp and 32bpp ones for anyrhing which would lead to boticeable slowdowbn
[17:59:11] <fuzzie> and neither of those shoyld be particularly relevant afaik
[17:59:30] <fuzzie> i coyld profile it once gome if i can make a build env
[18:00:07] <brada> i think it would help to have a flag on CreateSprite to call SDL_ConvertPixels
[18:00:37] <brada> because (esp in SDL2 case) we will have 32bpp sprites, but they may not be in the same format as the backbuf
[18:00:39] <fuzzie> but for which case?
[18:01:03] <fuzzie> yea but swapping is usually not mych pf a factor thats all
[18:01:08] <brada> oh
[18:01:20] <fuzzie> do you need a flag?
[18:01:41] <brada> yes
[18:01:46] <fuzzie> i wonder when it would be bad, for non-8bpp
[18:01:54] <brada> iirc there are a few cases that we want a particular format
[18:01:58] <brada> ie screenshot
[18:02:21] <fuzzie> maybe fixing thoss cases might be goid?
[18:02:23] <fuzzie> ah. hmph.
[18:02:32] <brada> either way we seem to have no need of that convert method
[18:03:00] <fuzzie> well it might be nice anyway
[18:03:01] <brada> and im not sure when we would ever want to convert other than at sprite creation
[18:03:13] <fuzzie> i assume noone profiled
[18:03:20] <fuzzie> ?
[18:03:34] <brada> i didnt profile anything
[18:04:05] <fuzzie> might be worth checking sdl2 build with shark, even
[18:04:21] <fuzzie> to see if there are obvious culprits
[18:04:35] <brada> i cant profile android specifically which may be more helpful than profiling on ios/mac
[18:05:06] <fuzzie> i have no clue about profiling android but i asdume you can do it
[18:05:09] <brada> is there anybody here that could help me with shaders in the next few weeks?
[18:05:18] <fuzzie> me
[18:05:40] <brada> hazah
[18:05:44] <lynxlynxlynx> is there something you don't know? :s
[18:05:46] <fuzzie> has been years but i have books still, cant be that hard i hope
[18:05:56] <brada> i know nothing about shaders or opengl
[18:06:36] <brada> i doubt we need anything super fancy
[18:06:57] <brada> i already have the one for paletting
[18:07:17] <fuzzie> cool
[18:07:53] <brada> you would need to make the ones for the effects
[18:07:56] <fuzzie> did you get closer to it working w/o effects?
[18:08:06] <brada> i should be able to take care of color overlays and the like
[18:08:31] <brada> define working
[18:08:57] <fuzzie> lynx: gemrb just matches well, i know so little about e.g. web coding, enterprise, etc :)
[18:09:29] <fuzzie> well, sprite refactor
[18:09:37] <brada> so far so good there
[18:10:07] <brada> i havent loaded a game with sdl2 yet, only been to main screen
[18:10:33] <fuzzie> bam seems like scary bit
[18:10:45] <brada> that is done more or less
[18:10:58] <brada> but maybe you mean something else
[18:11:06] <brada> cuz what i did wasnt painful
[18:11:11] <fuzzie> palettes etc
[18:11:47] <fuzzie> the shader idea seemed positive but snnoyong to do
[18:12:03] <brada> yeah but thats what im going with unless you have a better idea
[18:12:17] <fuzzie> and we have so many bams, so much data
[18:12:38] <fuzzie> if it works then shading soynds great
[18:12:54] <brada> well it should. i did some proof of concept forever ago
[18:13:34] <brada> im sure its far from perfect
[18:13:54] <brada> but i want to get it working before trying to refine it
[18:14:07] <fuzzie> it sounds interestung to pkay with
[18:39:59] <brada> our bmp writer doesnt seem to make any assumptions about the pxformat so we dont need a flag
[18:42:50] <brada> anywhere in the video driver where we might want a certain format we could simply directly construct the sprite without calling createSprite
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[20:07:57] <DrMcCoy> Three more hours to go: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/698883673/unrest-an-unconventional-rpg-set-in-ancient-india :P
[20:07:58] <Seniorita> Unrest : An Unconventional RPG Set in Ancient India by Pyrodactyl Games — Kickstarter
[20:08:00] <Seniorita> »Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux«
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