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[17:54:06] <PFC> Does anyone have experience using Easytut and GemRB that can help me out?
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[18:02:44] <brad_a> no, but there shouldnt be a diffrence between running tutu and BG2 in GemRB
[18:02:56] <brad_a> other than having to edit a file to set starting XP
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[18:12:51] <PFC> I had BG1 going fine, decided to try with Easytutu. It runs fine on the PC but crashes on my Kindle Fire. Is there any setting different from gemRB/BG1 to gemRB/EasyTutu.
[18:13:04] <PFC> I tried modes for auto, bg1 and bg2
[18:14:44] <lynxlynxlynx> bg2 is correct
[18:15:09] <lynxlynxlynx> and it likely doesn't crash, did you check the log?
[18:15:12] <lynxlynxlynx> version info
[18:15:17] <lynxlynxlynx> blea
[18:15:22] <PFC> ok I will stick with that. I was using custom font before, just changed back to stock and still crashes.
[18:15:37] <PFC> Let me see if I can find the log
[18:17:11] <PFC> the GemRB version is
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[18:20:33] <Avenger> PFC: how much ram you got in your kindle?
[18:22:23] <PFC> I think its only 512
[18:22:44] <PFC> I had BG1 running for a couple weeks, once I changed the font it worked perfectly
[18:23:02] <Avenger> i thought you said it was still crashing
[18:23:11] <PFC> I want to see if I can use the BG2 engine though, so I did setup same as before but its not working
[18:23:15] <PFC> yeah it is
[18:23:37] <Avenger> did you use the same version?
[18:23:37] <PFC> Only thing I am doing different is Easytutu, which works on the PC
[18:23:44] <PFC> Once I copy to Kindle it doesnt run
[18:23:47] <PFC> tyes
[18:23:51] <PFC> yes on version
[18:23:52] <Avenger> easytutu might use more memory
[18:24:04] <PFC> good point
[18:24:16] <Avenger> but, probably not that much more
[18:24:34] <PFC> Maybe I should try to use vanilla BG2 and try it
[18:24:45] <Avenger> the log doesn't say much?
[18:24:52] <PFC> I havent played either game, so i need to start with 1 once I get it going
[18:25:18] <PFC> only thing is cache path so i tried chaning that
[18:25:33] <PFC> messing with that now
[18:25:39] <Avenger> cache path?
[18:25:44] <Avenger> what is the message
[18:25:49] <PFC> [Core/FATAL]: The cache path couldn't be registered, please check!
[18:26:05] <PFC> line before that: [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: (Cache)
[18:26:06] <Avenger> does it run after that?
[18:26:21] <Avenger> 'fatal' should be exactly that
[18:26:26] <PFC> it doesnt run at all, i havent got the easytutu install to load on the Fire
[18:26:48] <Avenger> well that is plain install problem then :)
[18:26:53] <PFC> I tried the cache as ./cache and ./
[18:26:59] <PFC> is it ./data?
[18:27:13] <Avenger> the cache path should be an empty directory
[18:27:32] <Avenger> a writable and empty directory, it is where gemrb puts temporary uncompressed data
[18:28:02] <PFC> changing it back and trying
[18:28:22] <Avenger> and in the config, it should be probably an absolute path (starts with / or \ )
[18:28:43] <Avenger> i'm not entirely sure why some parts of our code can't take a relative path, it is annoying
[18:29:30] <PFC> I changed the CD paths to ./data tried the cache paths at ./ and ./cache and the cache dir is empty
[18:29:52] <Avenger> can gemrb register the cd paths?
[18:30:14] <PFC> if you leave it stock the gamescreens are blue
[18:30:30] <PFC> changing it to ./data works so I have it set like that
[18:30:45] <Avenger> yes, that's probably good, if all your stuff is there
[18:30:45] <PFC> cant get gemrb to load the game so I cant get that far now
[18:31:07] <PFC> after going back to ./cache now the log is the same
[18:31:25] <Avenger> did you try to give absolute path for cache? and does it exist?
[18:31:55] <PFC> what does that mean? and yes it exists
[18:32:04] <PFC> if you mean usoing ./ I tried that
[18:32:27] <Avenger> it shouldn't start with .
[18:32:29] <PFC> maybe I will tru appdata\net.source/etc
[18:32:43] <tomprince> Did you have it working with bg1?
[18:32:49] <Avenger> it should be something like /appdata/crap/stuff/bg1/cache
[18:32:54] <tomprince> What did the config for that look like?
[18:33:22] <PFC> trying this now
[18:33:33] <PFC> yes
[18:33:38] <PFC> tom
[18:34:22] <Avenger> well, we should really have an installer :)
[18:34:35] <PFC> hmm still not working
[18:34:44] <Avenger> what is in the log?
[18:35:22] <PFC> same, trying slightly different
[18:35:53] <tomprince> We do, for ios. (thanks brad_a
[18:36:08] <Avenger> it it says invalid path given, then the cache dir doesn't exist.
[18:36:16] <PFC> trying with this \app-data\net.sourceforge.gemrb
[18:36:23] <PFC> I think i tried that before
[18:36:27] <Avenger> that's not enough!
[18:36:34] <Avenger> cache should be an empty directory :)
[18:36:41] <PFC> right
[18:36:42] <PFC> sec
[18:36:46] <brad_a> avenger: those errors are FATAL as a means of producing GUI errors
[18:37:03] <brad_a> kinda hackinsh i know
[18:37:51] <PFC> trying this, look right?
[18:37:53] <Avenger> well, non existing/dirty cache should always be immediately fatal.
[18:38:25] <PFC> wont paste now
[18:38:50] <Avenger> it should be something like /appdata/crap/stuff/bg1/cache where that directory exists, empty and writable
[18:38:56] <PFC> not working with /app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/cache
[18:39:13] <PFC> like i said, i have been using gemrb for weeks
[18:39:21] <PFC> Love the work put into it by the way
[18:39:40] <PFC> so /app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/cache, ./cache and ./ dont work
[18:40:04] <Avenger> well, i don't see your filesystem, so i cannot tell why the first won't work
[18:40:15] <brad_a> probably the folder doesnt exist
[18:40:20] <brad_a> or it is case sensitive
[18:40:27] <PFC> its just a kindle plugged into my pc. The "sdcard" mounts as E:/
[18:40:43] <PFC> should I leave the e:/ on? I dont think it will work
[18:40:47] <brad_a> no
[18:41:04] <Avenger> depends on where it is running :) if it is running on the kindle, then no
[18:41:04] <brad_a> you need the path for the system it runs on
[18:41:16] <Avenger> but i think it is not just /appdata/ .... on the kindle!
[18:41:28] <Avenger> isn't there something like sdcard in the path?
[18:41:40] <PFC> thats what the bar on top of the window says, also if I copy the adress as text
[18:42:22] <brad_a> bleh why not just use relative paths?
[18:42:29] <PFC> how?
[18:42:55] <PFC> Whatever i did before worked without Easytutu, I think before I used ./cache
[18:43:02] <PFC> stock is ./
[18:43:08] <brad_a> in the folder that contains gemrb make an empty read/write dir called cache
[18:43:15] <brad_a> then use ./cache/ in the config
[18:43:28] <brad_a> ./ cant be right
[18:43:31] <PFC> cache is empty but i will make a new one
[18:43:43] <PFC> no your right stock is ./cache
[18:43:46] <brad_a> it has to be truely empty
[18:44:08] <brad_a> i dont know about windows but mac os x has an annoying habbit of litering invisible files everywhere
[18:44:30] <Avenger> but then we would say it isn't empty
[18:44:32] <PFC> my fiels are not hidden
[18:44:42] <PFC> files
[18:44:56] <Avenger> i hope you always read the log, because it may be different problem
[18:45:01] <PFC> its empty now then oif not cause I deleted the old one
[18:45:24] <PFC> log is the same
[18:50:57] <PFC> so its just the damn cache folder, BG runs fine on the pc with all the Easytutu stuff
[18:51:05] <PFC> so strange
[18:56:03] <brad_a> its not strange
[18:57:08] <Avenger> maybe it is truly the case sensitivity flag?
[18:57:31] <Avenger> but i thought we set that to 1 by default
[18:57:49] <PFC> says 1 but it has a #
[18:59:44] <PFC> I am sure people have used Easytutu and gemRB, but maybe not on the Fire?
[18:59:56] <PFC> because gemRb and the Fire works great
[19:03:49] <Avenger> Of course, the # makes it ignored
[19:04:07] <Avenger> but i think it is 1 when it isn't used
[19:04:16] <tomprince> But we don't just use a random value if something isn't specified.
[19:05:38] <Avenger> we might still use a wrong value :)
[19:06:46] <PFC> found something on steam saying to use /mnt/sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb so i added /cache still no joy
[19:06:49] <PFC> checking log
[19:06:54] <brad_a> tomprince needs to finish his configuration work
[19:06:57] <brad_a> :)
[19:07:27] <PFC> same error
[19:07:28] <brad_a> then android needs to take advantage of it :-/
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[19:11:03] <Avenger> you might as well try /sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/cache
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[19:11:38] <Avenger> you might as well try /sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/cache
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[19:11:55] <PFC_> funny you say that i just did\
[19:12:18] <PFC_> then the Kindle crashed and bluescreens my comp (unrelated i think)
[19:12:28] <Avenger> lol
[19:12:36] <PFC_> I tried both mnt/sdcard and just /sdcard
[19:12:55] <PFC_> I swear last time I didnt have this problem, wish i saved the cfg
[19:13:12] <Avenger> yeah
[19:14:58] <PFC_> found a cfg in the recycle bin, it says ./cache/ - doesnt work
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[19:20:03] <PFC_> thanks for the help everyone, not much else I can think of to try at this point
[19:20:11] <PFC_> have to ditch easytutu I guess
[19:22:46] <brad_a> but this problem has absolutely nothing to do with easy tutu
[19:23:32] <PFC_> i wouldn't think so, but stock works, Easytutu doesn't. I don't know what else to blame
[19:23:48] <PFC_> obviously I am missing some step that I did in the past
[19:25:01] <PFC_> going to start form scratch one more time
[19:25:08] <brad_a> you think stock works because "stock" for you is BG1
[19:25:19] <brad_a> "stock" for easy tutu is BG2
[19:25:31] <brad_a> so if you had a working BG2...
[19:25:48] <PFC_> it works on the PC, you mean works on android?
[19:25:59] <PFC_> so i should try BG2 and Easytutu forst?
[19:26:09] <PFC_> I dont see the point of that
[19:27:31] <brad_a> i have no idea what you just said
[19:27:58] <Avenger> easytutu uses the bg2 engine
[19:28:34] <Avenger> if you got a working bg2, then you must be successful with easytutu with the very same config
[19:29:14] <brad_a> ^ this
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[19:34:59] <brad_a> guess BGEE is gonna be on iPad...
[19:37:00] <brad_a> hope that bodes well for a mac version
[19:37:28] <brad_a> looks like we will loose all our iOS users :p
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[21:02:14] <CIA-28> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r59788f9fb3d1 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Interface.cpp: fixed a typo
[21:18:39] <gembot> build #248 of osx-xcode-binary is complete: Failure [4failed] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/osx-xcode-binary/builds/248 blamelist: Avenger
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[21:30:13] <xrogaan> mmh
[21:30:18] <xrogaan> http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/116475-Enhanced-Baldurs-Gate-Headed-to-iPad
[21:30:36] <xrogaan> are you certain they didn't pick an eye into your codebase ?
[21:31:07] <brad_a> unless they are going to use SDL i dont see how our ipad code applies
[21:31:24] <brad_a> i imagine they are going to be doing a lot to transform the interface...
[21:32:02] <fuzzie> presumably the sensible approach for them would be to take the bg2 opengl renderer and port that
[21:33:23] <brad_a> yes. im more interested in the interface myself tho
[21:33:29] <fuzzie> but are those not just widescreen modded screenshots being displayed on an iPad screen? :P
[21:33:41] <brad_a> i hadnt looked...
[21:33:43] <brad_a> let me see
[21:34:44] <brad_a> those arent even widescreen moded
[21:34:51] <brad_a> ipad is 1024x768
[21:35:32] <brad_a> so far those screens do look like jsut the standard game which is disapointing
[21:35:43] <brad_a> surely they will have to do something more
[21:35:52] <brad_a> bigger font for one
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[21:40:20] <PFC> Just wanted to let the people that helped me earlier know that I got Easytutu working on my Kindle Fire.
[21:40:32] <brad_a> good
[21:40:53] <PFC> Just did a total reinstall and messed with the game and cache path.
[21:41:11] <brad_a> yeah it was the cache path
[21:41:26] <PFC> Haven't played beyond creation though, dont know if the map works, etc.
[21:41:53] <PFC> I think the gamepath, i had to use mnt/sdcard/etc
[21:42:35] <PFC> Got the font how I like it very easily as well, good job on the font support
[21:42:47] <brad_a> on the plus side it would be silly of them to make BGEE for ipad and not mac
[21:43:32] <PFC> thanks for the help brad, tom and the others
[21:43:43] <brad_a> no prob
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