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[03:30:05] <brad_a> lloyd: solve your mac problem?
[03:42:37] <lloyd> brad_a: I tried to send you an email but it got rejected!
[03:42:50] <brad_a> send it to bradallred@me.com
[03:43:04] <lloyd> cool will do now
[03:43:14] <brad_a> even if i had a sourceforge email i would never check it :)
[03:43:23] <lloyd> lol I thought so
[03:45:36] <lloyd> ok sent!
[03:46:15] <brad_a> i see one problem immidiately
[03:46:22] <brad_a> you shouldnt be using macports sdl
[03:46:34] <lloyd> oh ok?
[03:47:00] <lloyd> is there anyway to specify it to cmake or do I have to uninstall
[03:47:07] <brad_a> were you able to install using cmake with macports?
[03:47:14] <lloyd> ya
[03:47:32] <brad_a> oh. well unless you are using that sdl for something else i would remove it
[03:48:01] <brad_a> you can use this prebuilt sdl: http://www.libsdl.org/release/SDL-1.2.14.dmg
[03:48:16] <brad_a> but iirc fullscreen wont work on 1-.7 with that build
[03:48:31] <brad_a> so you would have to compile from source for fullscreen to work
[03:48:32] <lloyd> iirc?
[03:48:36] <brad_a> but that is easy to do
[03:48:44] <brad_a> iirc = if i remember correctly
[03:48:55] <lloyd> yeah I can do that -- yeah I am getting a segfault with full screen
[03:49:02] <brad_a> figured
[03:49:03] <lloyd> oh ok :P
[03:49:20] <brad_a> so in that case you will have to compile from source
[03:49:42] <brad_a> but dont download the source tarball
[03:49:51] <brad_a> you will need to pull from the repo
[03:50:05] <lloyd> git?
[03:50:10] <brad_a> no
[03:50:12] <brad_a> :(
[03:50:15] <brad_a> its mercurial
[03:50:23] <brad_a> you probably dont have that on your system
[03:50:30] <brad_a> unlike git it doesnt come standard
[03:50:35] <brad_a> http://mercurial.selenic.com/
[03:50:44] <lloyd> ok its on macports probs?
[03:50:49] <brad_a> no
[03:50:54] <brad_a> no more ma ports :)
[03:51:01] <lloyd> sifnt!?
[03:51:01] <brad_a> use the native os x version
[03:51:10] <lloyd> lol ok
[03:51:24] <brad_a> link i sent has a mac native install
[03:51:42] <brad_a> if you relally want to use mac ports for this you can :)
[03:51:51] <brad_a> just not mac ports sdl
[03:52:35] <lloyd> <brad_a> but iirc fullscreen wont work on 1-.7 with that build
[03:52:44] <lloyd> 1-.7 of what?
[03:52:59] <brad_a> i meant 10.7
[03:53:02] <brad_a> finger slip
[03:53:08] <lloyd> ohhh ok
[03:53:41] <brad_a> do you have mercurial installed now?
[03:54:00] <lloyd> just installing now :)
[03:54:23] <brad_a> you have a choice between sdl 1.2 and 1.3 1.2 will probably be less buggy and probably faster, but speed should be negligable on a 10.7 system
[03:54:42] <brad_a> 1.3 allows you to use expiramental gemrb features
[03:54:46] <lloyd> ok so to get fullscreen working I have to compile SDL from source?
[03:54:51] <lloyd> 1.3 or 1.2?
[03:54:56] <brad_a> such as kenetic scrolling for apple touchpads
[03:55:01] <lloyd> mmm
[03:55:03] <brad_a> version of sdl
[03:55:04] <lloyd> ok I'll use 1.3
[03:55:12] <brad_a> good :)
[03:55:19] <brad_a> i need somebody to report bugs
[03:55:33] <lloyd> sure np...so I have to compile 1.3 from src
[03:55:39] <lloyd> ok mec installed now
[03:55:42] <lloyd> where to get?
[03:55:54] <brad_a> ok 1.3 can be gotten using thhis command
[03:56:15] <brad_a> open terminal and cd to whatever location you want to download to
[03:56:21] <lloyd> I mean mecurial was for gemrb
[03:56:26] <lloyd> I have the 1.3 sdl link
[03:56:27] <brad_a> then: hg clone http://hg.libsdl.org/SDL
[03:56:44] <lloyd> ok ill do that
[03:56:49] <brad_a> no mecurial is to get sdl from source
[03:56:53] <lloyd> ohhhh
[03:56:53] <brad_a> gemrb uses git
[03:57:38] <brad_a> speaking of gemrb source since you are rebuilding dont forget to do a git pull on gemrb so you have the latest changes
[03:58:16] <lloyd> I pulled it yesterday... is it changing everyday?
[03:58:38] <brad_a> not everyday but today lynx fixed a graphical issue with text so you probably want that
[03:58:49] <lloyd> kk
[03:59:12] <brad_a> pluss its easy to just type git pull
[04:01:27] <brad_a> ok for SDL just navigate in finder to the directory you downloaded sdl to
[04:01:37] <brad_a> then insid the SDL directory there is an xcode folder
[04:01:46] <brad_a> sometimes its zipped sometimes its not
[04:01:53] <brad_a> if its zipped just unzip it
[04:02:05] <lloyd> ok its still "adding file changes"
[04:02:15] <brad_a> yeah it takes foreveer :)
[04:02:31] <lloyd> lol why is it building it or what is it doing?
[04:02:39] <lloyd> I don't have much cpu usage
[04:02:39] <brad_a> its jsut downloading
[04:02:56] <brad_a> its a 135 meg download
[04:03:02] <lloyd> but its keeping some database of stuff I downloaded...nvm I'll just google it
[04:03:05] <lloyd> oh..
[04:03:15] <brad_a> but you can delete it after you have a working framework
[04:03:24] <lloyd> ok its done
[04:03:38] <brad_a> ok so navigate to teh SDL/xcode directory
[04:03:47] <lloyd> ya
[04:03:58] <brad_a> and inside the xcode folder there is another sdl folder with an xcode project
[04:04:10] <lloyd> yup
[04:04:18] <brad_a> what version of xcode do you have
[04:04:24] <brad_a> i assume 4.1 or 4.2
[04:04:47] <lloyd> err not the newest 4.2.1
[04:04:51] <brad_a> good
[04:04:54] <lloyd> its 4.1
[04:05:01] <brad_a> thats fine
[04:05:04] <lloyd> ok
[04:05:14] <brad_a> top left next to the play/stop buttons there is a menu
[04:05:25] <lloyd> in xcode?
[04:05:31] <brad_a> yes
[04:05:38] <brad_a> you opened the project i hope :)
[04:05:54] <lloyd> lol one sec
[04:06:14] <lloyd> yep just opening now
[04:06:35] <brad_a> ok once its open next to the play/stop buttons in the top left there is a drop down
[04:06:43] <lloyd> ya
[04:06:45] <brad_a> change the target to the "framework"
[04:06:58] <brad_a> and it should be targeted for "my mac 64-bit"
[04:07:09] <lloyd> I changed the drop down to that yes
[04:07:21] <lloyd> (never used xcode b4)
[04:07:35] <brad_a> well good time to learn :)
[04:07:45] <lloyd> :D next
[04:08:06] <brad_a> ok in the left pane you should see a list of files/folders
[04:08:12] <lloyd> ya
[04:08:38] <brad_a> click on the top one that says "SDL"
[04:08:49] <lloyd> ya
[04:09:10] <brad_a> that should change the view of the main pane to show the project and targets
[04:09:16] <lloyd> nod
[04:09:43] <brad_a> that pane has a tab bar that says "info" "build settings" etc
[04:09:52] <brad_a> across the top
[04:09:56] <lloyd> ya
[04:10:17] <brad_a> make sure you have the framework target selected in the list of targets
[04:10:29] <brad_a> then click on the "build settings" tab
[04:10:41] <lloyd> <brad_a> make sure you have the framework target selected in the list of targets
[04:10:44] <lloyd> the first thing I did?
[04:11:25] <lloyd> I'm on build settings
[04:12:22] <brad_a> between the left bar with all the files and the main pane there is a list that shows the project targets
[04:12:35] <brad_a> just verify that the framework is selected in that list
[04:13:19] <lloyd> ok so Framework should be highlighted and I should be on build settings?
[04:13:24] <brad_a> yes
[04:13:25] <brad_a> :)
[04:13:29] <lloyd> done :)
[04:14:14] <brad_a> ok its been awhile since ive built sdl but i think you just need to verify that the base sdk setting is set to "current mac os"
[04:14:41] <brad_a> also make sure that "build active architecture only" is set to no
[04:15:04] <brad_a> also make sure "valid architectures" has both i386 and x86_64
[04:15:24] <lloyd> hmm I don't see those settings here
[04:15:40] <brad_a> you can use the search bar at the top if you need
[04:16:02] <brad_a> it will filter the settings by whatever you type
[04:16:31] <lloyd> mm but I don't see base sdk setting
[04:16:39] <brad_a> really?
[04:16:54] <lloyd> ya under which drop down should it be
[04:17:13] <brad_a> at the top below hte search bar you see it say "framework" right?
[04:17:21] <brad_a> dropdown?
[04:17:21] <lloyd> yup
[04:17:28] <lloyd> ahh
[04:17:31] <brad_a> under architetures
[04:17:40] <lloyd> maybe it is because it was on "basic" and not "all"
[04:17:45] <brad_a> oh yes
[04:17:48] <brad_a> :)
[04:17:49] <brad_a> my bad
[04:17:55] <lloyd> lol np
[04:18:06] <lloyd> ok verifying everything is as you said
[04:18:16] <lloyd> base sdk = currnet mac osx √
[04:18:23] <lloyd> os *
[04:18:26] <brad_a> ok now go to the "product" menu then to manages schemes
[04:18:48] <brad_a> then double click the framework target in the resulting popup
[04:18:49] <lloyd> ok everything is as you said
[04:19:36] <lloyd> hmm'
[04:19:40] <brad_a> nevermind that last part
[04:19:47] <lloyd> ok :D
[04:19:52] <brad_a> apparently they have changed things since i was in here lask
[04:19:54] <brad_a> last
[04:20:08] <lloyd> lol
[04:20:15] <brad_a> so now product -> build for -> build for running
[04:20:47] <lloyd> I get error
[04:20:49] <lloyd> The run destination My Mac 64-bit is not valid for Running the scheme 'Framework
[04:20:56] <lloyd> The scheme 'Framework' contains no buildables that can be built for the SDKs supported by the run destination My Mac 64-bit. Make sure your targets all specify SDKs that are supported by this version of Xcode.
[04:21:32] <brad_a> ok
[04:21:47] <brad_a> at the bottom of that main pane there is a button labeled "validate settings"
[04:21:51] <brad_a> click that
[04:22:03] <brad_a> and tell it to perform the changes
[04:22:14] <brad_a> but you dont need to enable snapshots
[04:22:27] <lloyd> I have "add target", "modernize project" and "add build settings" at the bottom
[04:22:40] <brad_a> ok modernize project
[04:22:49] <brad_a> diffrent label in your version
[04:23:03] <lloyd> so I should perform changes
[04:23:07] <brad_a> yes
[04:23:20] <brad_a> then just product -> build is suffitient
[04:23:39] <lloyd> same error!
[04:24:12] <brad_a> ok go to your build settings again
[04:24:19] <lloyd> yup
[04:24:32] <brad_a> expand "base sdk"
[04:24:41] <lloyd> ya
[04:24:45] <brad_a> and change anything that doesnt say "current mac os"
[04:25:20] <lloyd> yep
[04:25:46] <brad_a> and expand "architectures"
[04:25:58] <brad_a> make sure they all say standard 32/64 bit intel
[04:26:02] <lloyd> yep
[04:26:30] <brad_a> did you have to change anything?
[04:26:44] <lloyd> everything that has the option is not set to standard 32/64bit or current mac os
[04:26:56] <lloyd> in those two menus
[04:27:33] <lloyd> I mean is NOW set
[04:27:33] <lloyd> lol
[04:27:39] <brad_a> ok good
[04:27:49] <brad_a> try building again
[04:28:03] <lloyd> winning!
[04:28:20] <brad_a> so it built?
[04:28:21] <lloyd> oh no build failed >.>
[04:28:26] <brad_a> error?
[04:28:51] <lloyd> Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
[04:28:51] <lloyd> "_SDL_SendDropFile", referenced from:
[04:28:51] <lloyd> -[SDLAppDelegate application:openFile:] in SDL_cocoaevents.o
[04:28:51] <lloyd> ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
[04:28:51] <lloyd> clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
[04:29:08] <brad_a> oh no! thats from something they just added
[04:29:28] <brad_a> they probably havent finished it enough yet
[04:29:34] <lloyd> oh damn
[04:29:37] <brad_a> oh well ill give you a link to the one i just built
[04:30:18] <lloyd> ok I'll brb in 10-15 and try same thing with what you link
[04:31:46] <brad_a> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/SDL.framework.zip
[04:32:17] <brad_a> just expand that zip and move the entire sdl.framework folder to /Library/frameworks
[04:32:47] <brad_a> if /Library/Frameworks doesnt exist create it
[04:33:14] <brad_a> once thats copied and you have removed the old macports sdl
[04:33:20] <brad_a> and done git pull for gemrb
[04:33:30] <brad_a> then just dow the cmake install like you did before
[04:35:27] <brad_a> did the directions for gemrb tell you to use macports?
[04:35:35] <brad_a> if so can you tell me where so i can fix it?
[04:37:29] <brad_a> also did you know you can take screenshots on a mac with command+shift+3 for full screen or command+shift+4 for a selection or command+shift+4 then spacebar for single window capture mode :)
[04:37:41] <brad_a> much better than using a camera ;-)
[04:51:58] <lloyd> hey brad_a I'm back
[04:52:08] <lloyd> the gemrb did not tell me to use macports
[04:52:14] <brad_a> ok good
[04:52:19] <lloyd> they said i meeded libsdl
[04:52:32] <lloyd> i check macports for everything as its easier
[04:52:40] <brad_a> i see
[04:52:56] <brad_a> well gemrb for mac is a bit diffrent than for other platforms
[04:53:04] <lloyd> yeah I noticed
[04:53:31] <lloyd> also btw I couldn't take screenshots of the problem because they didn't show it!
[04:53:36] <lloyd> the screenshots looked normal!
[04:53:47] <brad_a> but on the plus side sdl is the only thing you need todownload and install cuz everything else comes standard on mac
[04:53:55] <brad_a> reall?
[04:53:58] <brad_a> thats so bizzare
[04:54:04] <lloyd> ya
[04:54:29] <lloyd> it like infects one monitor with the yellowness all over it
[04:54:49] <lloyd> the screenshots look yellow as well but only on the yellow monitor
[04:55:02] <lloyd> if I move them to the other monitor it looks fine!
[04:55:40] <lloyd> Also sometimes the problem fixes itself after about 10 mins
[04:55:44] <lloyd> but sometimes it doesn't
[04:55:48] <brad_a> i hope that was jsut a libsdl thing
[04:55:57] <brad_a> we shall see
[04:56:08] <lloyd> It's def a low level graphics thing
[04:56:16] <lloyd> ok!
[04:56:19] <lloyd> round 2
[04:56:48] <brad_a> yeah its definately happening between the GPU and monitor since the screenshots dont manifest it
[04:58:40] <lloyd> hmm don't happen to know how to remove macports sdl do you....
[04:58:51] <lloyd> ffmpeg and others are using
[04:59:00] <lloyd> so it wont let me uninstall
[04:59:24] <brad_a> oh well hopefully cmake will use the framework over the other?
[04:59:34] <brad_a> i dont personally use mac ports
[04:59:38] <lloyd> is there anyway to check/force it?
[04:59:43] <brad_a> probably
[05:00:21] <brad_a> but as i said i dont use mac ports i will usually compile things without a mac distribution myself so things are a propper application bundle
[05:01:12] <lloyd> ever think of releasing the app bundle on site?
[05:01:30] <brad_a> its never came up
[05:01:31] <lloyd> so newbs don't have to compile :P
[05:01:34] <brad_a> i dont handele that
[05:01:37] <Gekz> I've heard of the SDL yellow bug
[05:01:41] <Gekz> I thought it only affected PPC
[05:01:55] <lloyd> intel mac here :D
[05:02:01] <brad_a> i think the distributons are automatically built using a build bot and they dont have a mac
[05:02:27] <lloyd> but I can't find any built dists...?
[05:02:32] <brad_a> i can talk to tomprince about it next release
[05:02:35] <lloyd> is there something on a repo somewhere
[05:02:40] <brad_a> no
[05:03:14] <brad_a> you would stil have to build sdl even if we provided a compiled binary
[05:03:24] <lloyd> yeah true
[05:03:24] <brad_a> we cant distribute SDL
[05:03:37] <brad_a> and gemrb building is super easy
[05:03:39] <tomprince> The win32 build is automatically build like that. (i think, at least I build such a thing, I don't know if it gets used).
[05:03:45] <brad_a> jsut git pull cmake and make
[05:03:55] <tomprince> brad_a: Why can't we distribute SDL?
[05:04:03] <brad_a> i thought you needed a licence to do that
[05:04:38] <brad_a> I could easily be mistaken
[05:05:00] <lloyd> SDL 1.2 is on GNU LGPL
[05:05:08] <lloyd> 1.3 is on zlib
[05:05:14] <lloyd> http://www.libsdl.org/license.php
[05:05:55] <brad_a> i guess we can distribute compiled libraries then?
[05:06:01] <lloyd> looks like it!
[05:06:09] <brad_a> well thats neat
[05:06:26] <brad_a> still dont know how to go about having a macc build distributed
[05:06:47] <lloyd> mac ports? :D
[05:07:00] <brad_a> :-P
[05:07:25] <brad_a> i mean to have a way that every release it gets built and posted like windows does
[05:07:34] <brad_a> without me having to manually do it
[05:07:42] <brad_a> although i guess i am willing to do so
[05:07:57] <tomprince> brad_a: You could set up a macos build slave.
[05:08:05] <brad_a> no i cant
[05:08:08] <brad_a> i dont own a mac
[05:08:19] <brad_a> i have a mac laptop that work has provided me
[05:08:23] <brad_a> thats it
[05:09:24] <lloyd> I think you can virtualise...
[05:09:28] <brad_a> but how would i do that assuming i came across one
[05:10:09] <brad_a> lloyd: did that build work?
[05:10:22] <tomprince> Well, it doesn't need to be connected 24/7 ... it isn't as if there are lots of commits :)
[05:10:33] <lloyd> still figuring out how to remove libsdl
[05:10:43] <brad_a> you may not need to remove it
[05:10:59] <lloyd> ok ill go ahead then
[05:11:03] <brad_a> but it is installed at /usr/shared/lib or /usr/local/lib or something
[05:11:12] <lloyd> ya
[05:11:27] <brad_a> you can just remove it or move it temporarily
[05:11:32] <lloyd> ls
[05:11:38] <lloyd> woops -- ok
[05:11:56] <brad_a> tomprince: how would i set up a mac as a buildslave?
[05:12:13] <brad_a> i think i can work something out
[05:15:13] <tomprince> http://buildbot.net/buildbot/docs/current/tutorial/firstrun.html but use 'pip install' instead of 'easy_install'
[05:15:42] <tomprince> You'll also need to figure out what commands to run to build (and test?) gemrb from the command line.
[05:16:18] <tomprince> the config for the buildbot is here https://github.com/tomprince/buildbot-configs/blob/gemrb/master.cfg but if you have the commands, I can handle that part.
[05:16:34] <tomprince> Could do iOs builds too, if you can automate it.
[05:16:54] <brad_a> i think i can
[05:17:01] <brad_a> getting the commands is easy
[05:17:13] <brad_a> i can have xcode just spit out everything its doing
[05:17:14] <tomprince> also, you don't need to install buildbot, just buildslave
[05:17:19] <brad_a> ah yes
[05:17:40] <brad_a> ios is a bit more complicated
[05:17:48] <brad_a> can build slave run an sh script?
[05:17:57] <brad_a> i assume
[05:18:03] <tomprince> yep.
[05:18:08] <brad_a> good
[05:18:13] <brad_a> then there shouldnt be a problem
[05:18:34] <tomprince> Although, depending on how complicated it is, it might make sense to run the individual steps "by hand" from the buildbot.
[05:18:47] <brad_a> well its just more stemps
[05:18:52] <brad_a> and some custom scripts
[05:18:59] <brad_a> its all automated tho
[05:22:48] <lloyd> sorry to be newb but how to use git to pull...I need a url ending in .git?
[05:23:19] <brad_a> open terminal and cd to the gemrb dir
[05:23:25] <brad_a> then just type git pull
[05:23:30] <brad_a> thats it
[05:23:45] <lloyd> how it works :P
[05:23:49] <lloyd> wow*
[05:24:11] <brad_a> yes git is wonderfull
[05:28:26] <lloyd> so fyi it uses the macports sdl over the one in /Library/Frameworks
[05:28:34] <brad_a> grr
[05:29:02] <lloyd> ill try and rename the macports one to see if it changes anyway
[05:29:07] <lloyd> anything*
[05:29:16] <brad_a> i move it
[05:29:20] <brad_a> i wuld move it
[05:29:23] <lloyd> ok
[05:29:27] <brad_a> build gemrb then move it back
[05:32:01] <tomprince> There are probably -DSDL_* optios you could pass to cmake, or use cmake-gui/ccmake
[05:32:17] <brad_a> i forget about the gui
[05:32:23] <lloyd> hmmm.....it seems to not care that I moved them...
[05:33:05] <brad_a> you can try the cmake gui
[05:33:07] <lloyd> CMakeCahe.txt still says it found them in /opt/local/lib
[05:33:21] <brad_a> i dont personally know how to operate it and get gemrb to build with it
[05:33:27] <lloyd> ok will do
[05:33:38] <brad_a> you can also manipulate PATH
[05:33:52] <brad_a> to get /opt/local/lib out
[05:33:57] <lloyd> whats the name of SDL path?
[05:34:01] <brad_a> and by path i mean something else
[05:34:12] <lloyd> ya
[05:35:43] <brad_a> i would think if you move them from that location then reboot then build bemrb then move back and reboot again
[05:35:56] <brad_a> since i cant think of a better way off the top of my head
[05:36:01] <tomprince> sdl-config may be what it is grabbing.
[05:36:08] <tomprince> is grabbing it
[05:36:35] <lloyd> mmm yes sdl-config still says 1.2
[05:37:45] <brad_a> i have to go to bed but i can help you tomorrow
[05:37:53] <brad_a> goodnight
[05:37:58] <-- brad_a has left IRC (Quit: brad_a)
[05:47:02] <-- lloyd has left IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[06:22:26] --> lloyd has joined #gemrb
[06:24:17] <lloyd> I managed to get cmake to use the sdl brad gave me but...error: SDL_sysvideo.h: No such file or directory
[06:24:33] <lloyd> when Building CXX object gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/CMakeFiles/SDLVideo.dir/SDLVideo.o
[06:26:31] <lloyd> the makefile is right -- that header isn't there with the version
[06:50:46] <-- Kiranos has left IRC (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[06:50:58] --> Kiranos has joined #gemrb
[06:51:03] <lloyd> urgh it think my mac is an iphone
[07:34:33] --> PixelScum has joined #gemrb
[07:35:10] <-- Drakkar has left IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[09:26:55] --> lynxlynxlynx has joined #gemrb
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[09:26:55] --> lynxlynxlynx has joined #gemrb
[09:26:55] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to lynxlynxlynx
[09:44:03] --> SiENcE has joined #gemrb
[10:38:22] <lynxlynxlynx> woah, shs pays 2340 for hosting??
[10:38:55] <lynxlynxlynx> sounds like someone is getting ripped
[10:52:31] <fuzzie> that's .. ~15TB of traffic?
[10:54:52] <fuzzie> i seem to remember they're using something more like 2TB, but of course it's hosted on a hefty dedicated machine
[10:58:22] <fuzzie> oh, no, ofc, that is more like monthly, so that sounds about right
[11:01:07] <edheldil> who manages our wiki server? wjp?
[11:14:59] <wjp> no
[11:17:10] <edheldil> lynx?
[11:17:59] <lynxlynxlynx> sf
[11:18:01] <lynxlynxlynx> but yes
[11:31:46] <edheldil> ah... are you able to delete e.g. images from wiki?
[11:33:55] <lynxlynxlynx> sure
[11:41:01] --> CJS|2 has joined #gemrb
[11:56:41] <-- SiENcE has left IRC (Quit: @all: cya)
[12:04:21] <Gekz> 2340?
[12:04:24] <Gekz> that's insanely expensive.
[12:04:59] <Gekz> colocation shouldnt cost more than $100-$200 per month for 2TB >_>
[12:05:15] <Gekz> god, I get a 1TB bandwidth VPS for $4 a month.
[12:05:17] <fuzzie> that's yearly, so $195/month
[12:05:24] <Gekz> oh, that's _yearly_ okay
[12:05:35] <Gekz> that's not unreasonable
[12:09:54] <fuzzie> well, it is definitely on the expensive side
[12:10:32] <Gekz> it is
[12:12:42] <lynxlynxlynx> they should switch to torrents for anything big
[12:13:00] <fuzzie> i did some calculations
[12:13:20] <fuzzie> and it doesn't look like anything is that big
[12:13:44] <fuzzie> it's just the "when your downloads are measured in millions" issue
[12:15:53] <lynxlynxlynx> then do it for everything
[12:16:13] <lynxlynxlynx> or maybe a bunch of smaller mirrors would be cheaper
[12:16:16] <fuzzie> but then everyone would just go and setup another hosting site which didn't make it really annoying to download stuff.
[12:16:53] <lynxlynxlynx> torrents are annoying to download? even my browser supports them by default
[12:16:56] <fuzzie> for vaguely 'open source' stuff sourceforge is a really quite wonderfully helpful mirroring service though
[12:17:14] <fuzzie> Opera user? :)
[12:17:19] <lynxlynxlynx> :)
[12:19:28] <fuzzie> but yes, I'm surprised they don't take something lower-end and try and reduce the bw costs a bit
[12:19:43] <fuzzie> but I imagine you'd still be looking at $100/month for hosting which doesn't suck
[12:22:28] <lynxlynxlynx> still sounds a lot
[12:22:59] <lynxlynxlynx> even reputable hosts here offer unlimited bandwith for about 250€/year
[12:23:13] <fuzzie> can you actually get it, though?
[12:23:54] <fuzzie> my (indirect) experience with those kind of hosts in UK/Germany is that they suddenly start becoming very unreliable if you start pushing anything near 1TB/month
[12:25:26] <fuzzie> as you said you could try hosting in a few different places, though
[12:25:38] <lynxlynxlynx> or even the fancy new cloud hosting
[12:25:52] <fuzzie> well, which cloud hosting? :)
[12:26:45] <lynxlynxlynx> i don't have any experience with that
[12:26:59] <fuzzie> Amazon want about $93/month for 1TB/month of reduced redundancy storage bandwidth
[12:27:11] <fuzzie> they are admittedly at the higher end of that market though
[12:27:39] <fuzzie> oh, no, of course that's storage, and SHS uses almost none
[12:27:43] <fuzzie> guh, numbers wrong
[12:28:04] <fuzzie> so, more like $120/month + a bit for disk
[13:19:28] --> SiENcE has joined #gemrb
[14:17:07] <edheldil> Hey, guys, I have sped up our wiki considerably. Now the gallery is finally usable :)
[14:19:18] <CJS|2> Looks good. Great work!
[14:24:01] <CJS|2> I get some broken images when clicking on the images under "Exotic platforms"
[14:25:17] <edheldil> nothing new
[14:25:31] <CJS|2> Glad to hear it :-)
[14:30:12] <edheldil> fixed the ex. platform ones, but the gallery should be revamped anyway :)
[14:35:54] <edheldil> might have been broken cache object
[14:36:18] <CJS|2> That would not surprise me on bit
[14:46:51] <lynxlynxlynx> cool, what did you do?
[14:50:05] <-- lloyd has left IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:09:21] <edheldil> set php session.save_path as per advise from Michitux at #dokuwiki, so that it's not on SF's horrible NFS
[15:10:01] <edheldil> or proxy or wherever
[15:29:59] <lynxlynxlynx> ah
[15:33:02] <edheldil> https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sourceforge/ticket/18084
[16:34:25] --> Maighstir has joined #gemrb
[17:22:20] --> brad_a has joined #gemrb
[17:45:14] --> Yoshimo has joined #gemrb
[17:49:08] <Yoshimo> Maighstir i think you should add a make uninstall before the make install in your windows gemrb batchfile, lynx ui merges left me broken without make uninstall first ;)
[17:56:56] <lynxlynxlynx> you can run gemrb without installing it too
[17:59:21] <Yoshimo> i just wanted to point out a small problem in his batchfiles
[18:11:40] <-- SiENcE has left IRC (Quit: @all: cya)
[18:21:29] <brad_a> i dont like the sound of this git "corrupt patch" message
[18:25:16] <lynxlynxlynx> Yoshimo: sure
[18:25:24] <lynxlynxlynx> i just wanted to point out the faster way
[18:41:05] --> Joshua__ has joined #gemrb
[18:43:10] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
[19:10:47] <-- Joshua__ has left IRC (Quit: Page closed)
[20:15:01] --> Yoshimo has joined #gemrb
[20:16:08] <brad_a> eureka! finally found this: "ou are not allowed (in terms of the iOS sandbox) to perform modifying ("w" in fopen())"
[20:16:30] <brad_a> i need to use a diffrent api
[20:16:33] <fuzzie> is that eureka? :P
[20:16:40] <brad_a> i assume
[20:16:51] <brad_a> because it is crashing in cachestream
[20:17:01] <brad_a> and that is trying to fopen("w")
[20:17:05] <fuzzie> so where *is* your cache directory?
[20:17:14] <brad_a> its in the sandbox
[20:17:18] <fuzzie> but where?
[20:18:13] <brad_a> its /sandbox/Library/Caches/gametype
[20:18:34] <fuzzie> and the sandbox does let you write to there with high-level APIs?
[20:19:01] <brad_a> well it let me crate that directory :-P
[20:20:01] <brad_a> i dont understand why it throws a sigsegv and not a sigabrt or why it doesnt log something about me violating the sandbox
[20:20:19] <fuzzie> if that is the problem, it is presumably a bug
[20:21:01] <brad_a> but i tried copying that cache file code directly into the calling function and now it crashes when calling the original caller at the first line
[20:21:25] <brad_a> even though before that it would run up to the point of the call
[20:21:38] <brad_a> i know its really crashing there too because the fflush never gets called
[20:23:14] <fuzzie> i think you really want to be writing to /sandbox/tmp/ anyway
[20:23:19] <brad_a> it says i can fopen("w" to files located in the sandbox documents folder so i can try that first
[20:23:25] <brad_a> i tried that too ;-)
[20:23:38] <brad_a> that was the first place i tried actually
[20:24:18] <brad_a> but then i saw something that said i needed to use some higer level function to get a tmp file
[20:24:29] <fuzzie> i mean, fopen("w") *definitely* works
[20:24:42] <fuzzie> as a perhaps useful data point for you
[20:25:00] <brad_a> ?
[20:25:07] <fuzzie> it's not broken in the sandbox or anything
[20:25:18] <fuzzie> as long as you can actually write to the target
[20:25:21] <brad_a> its not?
[20:25:45] <fuzzie> i've never seen it hardcoded to use a fixed path like /sandbox/ though, but i am unfamiliar with how this works
[20:26:13] <brad_a> well by /sandbox/ i mean /path/to/sandbox
[20:26:21] <fuzzie> ah
[20:26:24] <fuzzie> so path from the ObjC APIs?
[20:26:26] <brad_a> i also tried ../tmp
[20:26:35] <brad_a> and ../Library/Caches/..
[20:27:02] <brad_a> i have been using the objective-c apis from the cocoa wrapper without problem
[20:27:08] <fuzzie> i mean, the path comes from that?
[20:27:17] <brad_a> yes
[20:27:26] <brad_a> i ask for my documents path
[20:27:54] <brad_a> and it returns something like /var/mobile/applications/some sandbox id/Documents/
[20:27:59] <fuzzie> the sandbox manager seems to checking by path, that's why i ask
[20:28:23] <brad_a> and i have had gemrb dump [paths before accessing them
[20:28:38] <brad_a> example: FileStream: opening /var/mobile/Applications/561D0C3B-418B-44FB-8744-D66E1FD8F772/Library/bg2/BGII - SoA/data/Default.bif
[20:29:06] <fuzzie> so what does it dump for the cache path?
[20:29:26] <brad_a> FileStream: opening /var/mobile/Applications/561D0C3B-418B-44FB-8744-D66E1FD8F772/Library/Caches/bg2/Default.bif
[20:30:27] <fuzzie> so that's really weird
[20:30:51] <brad_a> what?
[20:30:59] <fuzzie> that it wouldn't work
[20:31:05] <brad_a> i agree
[20:31:21] <fuzzie> the sandbox enforcement is done at the kernel level
[20:31:28] <fuzzie> and it all boils down to posix apis
[20:31:35] <brad_a> but i assume not many iOS programmers are using fopen directly
[20:31:42] <fuzzie> a lot of code uses fopen indirectly
[20:32:13] <brad_a> yeah but i think maybe the nsfilemanager has to do some witchcraft first
[20:32:18] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[20:32:25] <fuzzie> but what kind of witchcraft?
[20:32:47] --> lynxlynxlynx has joined #gemrb
[20:32:48] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to lynxlynxlynx
[20:33:16] <brad_a> well i have no idea :-p im only supposeing because it seems to work where fopen does not. i will have josua run some expiraments so i can find out for sure
[20:33:30] <fuzzie> i think more likely there is another bug here
[20:33:38] <brad_a> :( but what?
[20:34:18] <brad_a> its totally bizzare to me im getting a seg fault at the beginning of any function that is calling str->OpenNew
[20:35:02] <fuzzie> well, it seems like the kind of thing which is only likely to happen if there is some nasty memory corruption, or incorrect linkage
[20:35:20] <fuzzie> i'm still suspicious of the maximum path length thing being an issue somewhere, somehow
[20:35:53] <brad_a> i have assert(_MAX_PATH == 1024)
[20:35:57] <brad_a> it passees
[20:36:59] <fuzzie> is gemrb fine with that in the simulator if you use similarly-long paths?
[20:37:06] <brad_a> yes
[20:37:15] <brad_a> the path is even longer in the simulator
[20:37:18] <fuzzie> nice
[20:38:46] <fuzzie> that's just very very crazy.
[20:38:59] <brad_a> i know! ive never seen or heard of anything like this
[20:40:56] <brad_a> well i should be able to widdle this down tomorrow when joshua is back
[20:41:12] <brad_a> i can first try putting the cache in the documents directory
[21:13:14] --> Joshua__ has joined #gemrb
[21:33:17] --> Avenger has joined #gemrb
[21:33:33] <Avenger> hello
[21:33:43] <brad_a> hello
[21:34:30] <Avenger> lynx: why did you need to add more safeguards to the donation window? The edit field should accept only numbers by design
[21:35:10] <lynxlynxlynx> it doesn't
[21:35:28] <Avenger> but it should :)
[21:35:31] <lynxlynxlynx> i could insert stuff that triggered conversion errors
[21:35:50] <lynxlynxlynx> why? the one for the char name for example needs nonnumerics too
[21:36:20] <Avenger> this code is buggy, but it is showing clear intentions --> Field.SetStatus (IE_GUI_EDIT_NUMBER|IE_GUI_CONTROL_FOCUSED)
[21:36:30] <Avenger> i guess it should be a flag not status, though
[21:36:40] <lynxlynxlynx> oh, didn't see that
[21:37:03] <Avenger> yep, the code was supposed to handle number only fields
[21:38:39] --> SiENcE has joined #gemrb
[21:38:54] <Avenger> it seems to be unfinished, though
[21:41:56] <Avenger> hmm, looks like it is stored in status. An odd hack that was never implemented?
[21:44:59] <Avenger> the code in void TextEdit::OnKeyPress(unsigned char Key, unsigned short /*Mod*/) was supposed to handle this
[21:45:07] <Avenger> if (Value && ( (Key<'0') || (Key>'9') ) )
[21:45:21] <Avenger> i guess this didn't work ?
[21:46:42] <lynxlynxlynx> you added it in 2b8667a1584cd (2005)
[21:47:20] <Avenger> well, it is definitely ugly, but it worked for some time
[21:47:26] <Avenger> at least, i think so
[21:47:46] <lynxlynxlynx> what does that if check? it looks inverted
[21:47:54] <Avenger> SetCcontrolStatus sets the 'value' in control class
[21:47:56] <lynxlynxlynx> err, what does it do later
[21:48:03] <Avenger> returns without change
[21:48:13] <Avenger> if value is 1 (numeric only field)
[21:48:20] <Avenger> it should just return
[21:48:42] <Avenger> SetControlStatus would set it to 1
[21:52:08] <Avenger> so, how would this break?
[21:54:13] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
[21:54:48] <lynxlynxlynx> i don't know, revert and retry
[21:54:59] <lynxlynxlynx> i'm in the middle of a debuggin session already
[21:55:36] <Avenger> yeah, i did that, and it is really buggy, i will check
[22:03:59] <Avenger> ok, now i just have to find out, why IE_GUI_CONTROL_FOCUSED = 0x7f000080 has the 0x7f in it
[22:11:50] <-- SiENcE has left IRC (Quit: cya)
[22:14:47] <-- Joshua__ has left IRC (Quit: Page closed)
[22:19:26] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r36cae5c0d620 10gemrb/gemrb/ (core/Interface.cpp plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp): fixed numeric only edit fields, this obsoletes script level hacks to implement the same functionality
[22:20:06] <Avenger> see you later!
[22:20:11] <-- Avenger has left IRC (Quit: bye!)
[22:22:19] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r45e9484928fc 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/GUISTORE.py: reverted r9c21a30e536c
[22:25:17] --> brad_a_ has joined #gemrb
[22:25:24] <-- brad_a_ has left IRC (Client Quit)
[22:29:04] <-- brad_a has left IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[22:35:26] <-- duckpunch has left IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[22:48:55] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r5e271a0f6516 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/iwd2/GUIINV.py: iwd2: added OpenInventoryWindowClick, so inventory access can be quicker
[22:48:55] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * rd89f53db4061 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/iwd2/GUICommonWindows.py: removed now unneeded iwd2/GUICommonWindows.py
[22:48:56] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r1573557e04d9 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/GUICommonWindows.py: GUICommonWindows: merged in iwd2 support
[22:54:19] <lynxlynxlynx> but i found out something is wrong with clerics :|
[23:01:51] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:33:39] <-- Maighstir has left IRC (Quit: .)