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[00:12:53] <xrogaan> sup
[00:13:57] <xrogaan> is someone alive there ?
[00:15:19] <pupnik> yes
[00:15:32] <xrogaan> sweet
[00:15:47] <xrogaan> i've got some trouble building gemrb on my new quad core :p
[00:16:09] <xrogaan> maybe you can help
[00:16:21] <xrogaan> http://pastebin.com/iMdYsv2g
[00:16:52] <xrogaan> i've also got an error with python
[00:17:06] <xrogaan> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libpython2.6.so', needed by `gemrb/plugins/GUIScript.so'. Stop.
[00:17:24] <xrogaan> i've got the latest git
[00:17:42] <pupnik> hm
[00:18:30] <pupnik> what version you build there?
[00:18:57] <xrogaan> the one from the sf.net git repository
[00:19:24] <xrogaan> commit 93aee3bb76b9c4f3cf7ebe10b4dca065efbb78fd
[00:19:55] <xrogaan> i may missing a requirment
[00:19:58] <pupnik> i can try building here
[00:20:19] <xrogaan> but i've got all the stuff listed in the INSTALL file
[00:22:29] <pupnik> building..
[00:22:34] <pupnik> brb soup
[00:25:36] <xrogaan> okay; let me kno
[00:25:37] <xrogaan> w
[00:26:20] <pupnik> works here
[00:26:32] <xrogaan> weird
[00:26:45] <xrogaan> well, i'll look forward into it tomorrow
[00:26:48] <xrogaan> time to sleep
[00:27:10] <pupnik> http://pastebin.com/i9Tk0gwW
[00:27:23] <pupnik> good night. nice to chat with you :)
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[00:28:23] <xrogaan> i probably didn't have all the codec thing
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[08:05:00] <edheldil> xrogaan: it fails to build GUIScript, probably because of the missing python lib you mention. You have to have python headers and shared libs installed, e.g. on ubuntu it's st. like "sudo apt-get install python-dev"
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[10:39:16] <xrogaan> edheldil: i have them
[10:39:29] <xrogaan> but, it's lib64python2.6-devel here
[10:40:09] <fuzzie> and you're doing a 64-bit build?
[10:40:23] <xrogaan> as I said, it fail to do a job for python2.6 too
[10:41:26] <xrogaan> fuzzie: yeah
[10:41:36] <xrogaan> Am I wrong ?
[10:44:11] <fuzzie> well, i guess you are using something like mandriva and it is putting stuff in /usr/lib64
[10:44:49] <fuzzie> so it is very strange if it looks in /usr/lib
[10:56:14] <xrogaan> mh, yeah
[10:57:22] <xrogaan> but libpython is also in /usr/lib
[11:15:13] <edheldil> imo it would be good if you started with non-parallel build, at least you would see the sequence of events more cleanly
[11:16:39] <xrogaan> right away
[11:17:18] <xrogaan> next time, i'll try building in verbose
[11:18:03] <xrogaan> yeah, it fail on the python headers
[11:18:23] <xrogaan> there is no /usr/lib/libpython2.6.so but there is a /usr/lib/libpython2.6.so.1.0
[11:19:47] <edheldil> if it fails on headers, solve that first
[11:20:11] <xrogaan> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libpython2.6.so', needed by `gemrb/plugins/GUIScript.so'. Stop.
[11:20:24] <edheldil> that does not say much
[11:21:29] <edheldil> quick hack is of course to make a symlink
[11:21:58] <edheldil> ln -s libpython2.6.so.1.0 /usr/lib/libpython2.6.so
[11:22:09] <xrogaan> i try to avoid that
[11:22:14] <edheldil> sure :)
[11:22:43] <edheldil> what OS do you have, btw?
[11:22:47] <xrogaan> mandriva
[11:23:12] <xrogaan> is tehre a verbose level with make ? make verbose=yes didn't do much
[11:23:29] <edheldil> debug
[11:24:51] <edheldil> but probably if you look into GUIScript/Makefile (if there's one with cmake, I am not sure), you will see that the dependency is already there, so the culprit might be cmake
[11:25:48] <edheldil> btw, what does python-config --libs tell you?
[11:26:03] <xrogaan> $ python-config --libs
[11:26:03] <xrogaan> -ldl -lpthread -lpthread -lpthread -lpthread -lutil -lm -lpython2.6
[11:26:30] <fuzzie> the libpython2.6.so comes from the -dev package
[11:27:01] <fuzzie> and if this is mandriva, then /usr/lib is the 32-bit libs, so no surprise it's not there
[11:27:11] <fuzzie> well, maybe i misunderstand mandriva and you are just missing a package :)
[11:27:55] <fuzzie> but the 'PYTHON_LIBRARY' line of CMakeCache.txt will say where it detected python on your machine
[11:28:14] <edheldil> "<xrogaan> yeah, it fail on the python headers ". So does it fail on headers or not?
[11:29:37] <xrogaan> dunno, i can't get make say why he is stopping the build
[11:30:03] <edheldil> well, you said that :)
[11:31:59] <edheldil> what does python-config --ldflags tell?
[11:32:25] <fuzzie> none of this is using python-config
[11:32:31] <xrogaan> -ldl -lpthread -lpthread -lpthread -lpthread -lutil -lm -lpython2.6
[11:34:05] <edheldil> perhaps, but at least it shows how was the package installed
[11:34:13] <lynxlynxlynx> if you're using cmake, the way to make make verbose is VERBOSE=1 (maybe the case matters)
[11:34:51] <xrogaan> indeed
[11:35:03] <fuzzie> well, it seems like it's simply that cmake is looking in /usr/lib when it should be looking in /usr/lib64
[11:36:12] <fuzzie> mind, i don't know anything more than that about it
[11:36:13] <edheldil> is there /usr/lib64/libpython2.6.so ?
[11:36:59] <xrogaan> edheldil: yeah
[11:37:10] <fuzzie> but if that is the case, i guess either cmake is being confused or cmake is building in 32-bit mode by default?
[11:37:40] <fuzzie> i guess, a 'file gemrb/plugins/2DAImporter.so' or something will show what it's building
[11:38:08] <xrogaan> gemrb/plugins/2DAImporter.so: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, not stripped
[11:38:26] <fuzzie> but since mandriva use KDE by default, their cmake should surely be well-tested
[11:38:42] <xrogaan> so, how do I tell cmake to use /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib ?
[11:39:05] <fuzzie> did you install the python -devel package before running cmake for fhe first time?
[11:39:20] <wjp> I'd expect those paths to be something built-in to the compiler config
[11:40:11] <fuzzie> wjp: i guess cmake links against the whole path for the library, though
[11:40:14] <edheldil> the problem IMHO is not library search path, but cmake-created dependency containing wrong lib
[11:40:23] <fuzzie> yes, what edheldil said
[11:40:25] <edheldil> err, wrong path
[11:40:37] <xrogaan> mh
[11:40:50] <edheldil> I found either: export CFLAGS=-m64
[11:40:51] <fuzzie> this can happen if you install the -devel package after running cmake
[11:41:14] <fuzzie> and don't remove the CMakeCache.txt and re-run it
[11:41:15] <xrogaan> http://pastebin.com/0pBnE9yJ that ?
[11:41:19] <fuzzie> but otherwise i have no experience :)
[11:41:53] <edheldil> or (in CMakeFile?) set_target_properties(MyTarget PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS "-m64" LINK_FLAGS "-m64")
[11:41:54] <xrogaan> fuzzie: good idea
[11:42:06] <xrogaan> there
[11:42:07] <xrogaan> -- Found PythonLibs: /usr/lib64/libpython2.6.so
[11:42:11] <fuzzie> :)
[11:42:15] <edheldil> although I Think fuzzie is right
[11:42:21] <xrogaan> always cleaning stuff, naughty boy
[11:42:21] <edheldil> ah, ok :)
[11:42:28] <fuzzie> it doesn't make any sense that it would work, the first time
[11:42:45] <fuzzie> although maybe lynx or tomprince understands it better
[11:45:07] <edheldil> good guess, fuzzie :)
[11:47:55] <edheldil> do we have any FAQ page? It would be good to add it there
[11:48:27] <edheldil> or at least to the INSTALL or how is it called doc
[11:48:59] <fuzzie> i would ask lynxlynxlynx
[11:50:43] <xrogaan> well well well, it works fine
[12:00:42] <lynxlynxlynx> hmm?
[12:44:05] <xrogaan> lynxlynxlynx: just, if yoy change from x86 to x86_64 and do not remove the build directory, chances that gemrb will not build...
[12:54:06] * edheldil pokes lynxlynxlynx with a pointed stick
[12:54:26] <edheldil> and if you want to know what pointed stick means ...
[12:55:22] <edheldil> http://picasaweb.google.cz/murkaeva/BilaHora2010RekonstrukceBitvy?authkey=Gv1sRgCIGBp47gxZ3uQQ#5519415678027628914 ;-)
[13:03:20] <lynxlynxlynx> well that will be a problem with anything you build
[13:04:02] <lynxlynxlynx> the idea is to abort if a mixed build is encountered?
[13:05:12] <xrogaan> lynxlynxlynx: well, it could be nice if the thing could say "you're doing it wrong"
[13:06:28] <lynxlynxlynx> but this broke during building, not during the cmake run, right?
[13:27:30] <edheldil> probably, as cmake created bad deps
[13:28:13] <edheldil> i.e. I think the cause was in cmake time, but surfaced during build
[13:28:38] <edheldil> but I do not pretend I know how cmake does things
[13:35:48] <xrogaan> well
[13:35:59] <xrogaan> i have a new system and new hardware
[13:36:13] <xrogaan> and i used a backup file to keep my home safe
[13:36:50] <xrogaan> then, after restoring the backup, i tried to rebuild gemrb (using cmake .. + make) but without removing the old build directory
[13:37:03] <xrogaan> so, the old deps were still there
[13:40:59] <edheldil> ah, that figures
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[13:42:23] <pharoah> hey, trying to get icewind dale 2 installed so I can actually see how things are supposed to work once fixed, but I'm stumped. I install it, hit the icon to start it, and it does absolutely nothing
[13:42:45] <spike411> What icon…?
[13:42:56] <pharoah> the icon to run icewind dale 2
[13:43:39] <spike411> a) What operating system. b) Where does the ‘icon’ point to? Does it by any chance run IWD2 in Wine?
[13:44:24] <spike411> Or is it ‘gemrb’ icon? Did you make GemRB.cfg for IWD2?
[13:45:07] <edheldil> quick, let's add some! Did you change your socks before clicking on it?
[13:45:12] <pharoah> I installed it in windows 7 64bit
[13:45:51] <pharoah> its just a normal install, wanting to make sure its working right before switching over to my linux partition and playing with gemrb code
[13:46:11] <spike411> I see. Have you run the configuration utility?
[13:46:15] <pharoah> yes
[13:47:20] <spike411> Install the latest IWD2 patch. Maybe try some kind of Windows XP or Vista compatibility mode.
[13:47:40] <pharoah> did both of those
[13:47:55] <spike411> You could also try running the game as Administrator.
[13:48:06] <spike411> Run program with administrator access.
[13:48:09] <pharoah> did that too, even tried installing as admin
[13:48:14] <spike411> Ah, OK. :)
[13:48:27] <edheldil> run it from cmd.exe ;-)
[13:48:38] <pharoah> let me try it
[13:50:03] <pharoah> does nothing
[13:50:19] <pharoah> just pops to another command line prompt
[13:50:44] <spike411> Boot Linux and try to run it using Wine. ;)
[13:51:07] <pharoah> yeah, I was hoping to avoid that, oh well
[13:51:37] <pharoah> i'll be back later lol, thanks for the help
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[13:51:57] <spike411> Although there are people claiming to be able to run IE-games on Windows Vista/7 x64… I couldn't find any interesting specific suggestions.
[13:52:07] <spike411> Oh well
[13:57:10] <lynxlynxlynx> hehe
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[15:16:10] <wjp> so... when people say "6 PM CET", do they mean "6 PM CET" or "6 PM in timezones that would be CET if they weren't CEST"? :-)
[15:18:25] <edheldil> hehe. Is it possible that in some country in CET zone the dst has already ended? Not probable, but ...
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[15:26:04] <pharoah> well, installing it in wine didnt work either, still doing the same thing
[15:26:18] <pharoah> icewind dale 2 that is
[15:26:34] <pharoah> try to run the program, and it doesnt do anything
[15:27:57] <pupnik> hi
[15:28:12] <pharoah> hey
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[15:29:12] <pupnik> checked winehq.org for app-specific tips pharoah ?
[15:29:40] <lynxlynxlynx> nah
[15:29:51] <lynxlynxlynx> first, did you do a full install?
[15:29:56] <pharoah> i followed their instructions for installing, and its doing the same thing it did when I installed it on windows, ie. nothing at all
[15:30:01] <pharoah> yes
[15:30:06] <lynxlynxlynx> second, run it from the game dir and run idmain.exe directly
[15:30:16] <pharoah> its icewind dale 2
[15:30:21] <pharoah> no idmain
[15:30:31] <lynxlynxlynx> fine, iwd2.exe
[15:30:37] <pharoah> have been running it from that
[15:30:59] <lynxlynxlynx> check the console for errors
[15:31:09] <lynxlynxlynx> wine spams a lot of them, maybe something useful is in there
[15:31:11] <pharoah> console?
[15:31:17] <lynxlynxlynx> and describe how it doesn't work
[15:31:27] <lynxlynxlynx> terminal emulator
[15:33:15] <pharoah> you mean command line in wine?
[15:34:04] <wjp> just a regular linux terminal
[15:35:13] <pharoah> BEGIN LOGGING SESSION wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\reg32.exe" fixme:d3d_caps:select_card_intel_mesa Card selection not handled for Mesa Intel driver fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x32a364,0x00000000), stub! fixme:dsalsa:IDsDriverBufferImpl_SetVolumePan (0x1358c0,0x1434b8): stub
[15:35:28] <pharoah> thats what i got
[15:37:27] <pharoah> as for describing how it doesnt work, as far as I could tell when running it, it didn't do anything, i might as well have been double clicking my desktop
[15:39:04] <lynxlynxlynx> sounds like you don't have your graphics set up correctly
[15:39:24] <lynxlynxlynx> do you get a window at all?
[15:39:28] <pharoah> nope
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[15:40:30] <pharoah> my graphic probably are pretty funky in ubuntu, there is no driver that allows it to handle my card properly
[15:43:00] <lynxlynxlynx> better talk to the bubuntu folks then
[15:43:25] <pharoah> that wouldnt effect my windows install though, and both installs are doing the exact same thing
[15:48:26] <lynxlynxlynx> i doubt it
[15:49:20] <pharoah> what do you mean?
[15:49:41] <lynxlynxlynx> i doubt you have the same problem on both systems
[15:50:28] <pharoah> okay, well it looks the same to an end user
[15:51:21] <pharoah> off to windows again
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[16:45:09] <wjp> gog.com will be back tomorrow, and have BG1(+TotSC)
[16:45:29] <wjp> and they're hinting at more RPGs coming soon
[16:52:28] <fuzzie> better quickly finish bg1 support? :)
[16:52:55] <fuzzie> i already had several people ask me how good gemrb's bg1 support is, after hearing this
[16:56:44] <lynxlynxlynx> doesn't sound so bad
[16:57:15] <lynxlynxlynx> the worldmap issue, if it exists is surely very annoying
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[18:23:33] <Avenger> hi
[18:23:40] <Avenger> what's wrong with the worldmap?
[18:23:53] <Avenger> ahh, the stuff San reported
[18:24:02] <fuzzie> what stuff?
[18:24:12] <fuzzie> not just ambush stuff?
[18:24:31] <Avenger> no, he went to the cloakwood
[18:24:47] <Avenger> there are some no save areas that are 'weird'
[18:25:17] <Avenger> i don't know how you get to ar6001
[18:27:27] <Avenger> ahh ar6000 is an ambush area
[18:28:27] <Avenger> i just don't know how you get to ar6001
[18:29:39] <Avenger> btw, do you know what are those north/east/south/west fields in the area? they seem to be unused even in bg1
[18:33:10] <Avenger> ahh ar6001 is an ambush area too, well...
[18:33:37] <Avenger> for example, peldvale's north link
[18:34:18] <fuzzie> i have no idea about the fields
[18:34:42] <Avenger> i think the original engine stores the target area somewhere in the .gam struct
[18:34:55] <Avenger> probably even saves it in one of those area fields
[18:35:10] <fuzzie> but did you check the exe?
[18:35:15] <Avenger> no
[18:35:17] <fuzzie> i know that the bg2 exe is missing a lot of this stuff
[18:35:37] <Avenger> what stuff?
[18:35:39] <fuzzie> so i guess bg1 coud be doing almost anything
[18:35:54] <Avenger> you mean bg1 and bg2 are different here?
[18:36:02] <fuzzie> well, Taimon came up with a few examples of things which were in the bg1 world travel code and not in bg2
[18:36:12] <fuzzie> i forget what, except the obvious example of the bounty 2da or whatever
[18:36:26] <Avenger> i saw bounty code in bg2
[18:36:27] <fuzzie> (and i think that one is in the bg2 code, just unused)
[18:36:47] <fuzzie> i think the bg2 engine does all the bounty calculation and then doesn't use the result, or something?
[18:36:51] <fuzzie> but it has been a while :)
[18:36:53] <Avenger> the flaming fist stuff is also there
[18:37:13] <Avenger> well, maybe
[18:37:23] <fuzzie> but it seems like they just took the bg1 code and then changed it to whatever they wanted
[18:37:27] <Avenger> to be honest, i never seen this code even in bg1 :)
[18:37:34] <Avenger> never got a bounty ambush
[18:37:48] <fuzzie> but i have no idea what the fields would do, anyway..
[18:38:01] <fuzzie> it is not impossible that it was just used by their editing tools
[18:38:05] <fuzzie> could ask the forum :)
[18:40:02] <Avenger> i don't quite understand how gemrb handles them ;)
[18:40:23] <Avenger> i could leave some of those
[18:43:16] <Avenger> huh, this is weird, there are 5 random encounter slots. But sometimes, it isn't the first slot that has an area resref
[18:43:27] <Avenger> i wonder if it has any significance
[18:44:08] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe they just do a 1d5 roll and see if the value corresponds to a non-empty slot
[18:46:52] <fuzzie> maybe also something to do with distance?
[18:47:08] <fuzzie> i remember us discussing whether the random encounters were always in the same place on the world map, i forget the conclusion
[18:47:17] <Avenger> no idea
[18:48:52] <fuzzie> doesn't seem important, anyway..
[18:49:28] <fuzzie> if it's an ambush area, presumably we just need to store the original source/target areas for the worldmap
[18:49:43] <Avenger> yes
[18:50:24] <Avenger> i just want to do it exactly like the original, but we could always hack until it is completely discovered
[18:50:46] <lynxlynxlynx> the only sane way
[18:51:15] <Avenger> so, lets store it temporarily?
[18:51:26] <fuzzie> sounds fine
[18:51:27] <Avenger> i don't know how San managed to create a savegame
[18:51:57] <Avenger> his save is in ar6001
[18:51:58] <fuzzie> we don't handle ambush areas differently from normal areas, i think
[18:52:13] <Avenger> but ambush areas (this one for sure) has the nosave bit set
[18:52:23] <Avenger> and i thought we handle that
[18:52:29] <fuzzie> i don't think so
[18:52:33] <Avenger> meh
[18:52:39] <fuzzie> CanSave() checks store and dialog
[18:52:49] <fuzzie> but if there is a flag, hopefully that is easy to fix?
[18:53:17] <fuzzie> or maybe it's checked somewhere else which i haven't seen
[18:55:59] <Avenger> the flag is in areas
[18:56:21] <Avenger> AF_SAVE
[18:57:22] <Avenger> btw, we have two createsavegame, the first one was just left around because no one dared to delete it?
[18:58:27] <Avenger> ah no, it is called
[18:58:45] <Avenger> i wonder if they could be merged somehow
[19:00:56] <fuzzie> i think not really
[19:01:13] <fuzzie> but they are not duplicates
[19:01:31] <Avenger> their second part is duplicate
[19:01:32] <fuzzie> the second one just does some work and calls the first one
[19:01:39] <fuzzie> i thought
[19:01:41] <Avenger> no
[19:01:49] <fuzzie> hm, that didn't get merged?
[19:01:59] <fuzzie> i thought that got de-duplicated :(
[19:02:01] <fuzzie> that can surely be done
[19:02:18] <Avenger> both createsavegames has a duplicate second part, and a different first half
[19:02:45] <fuzzie> well, it is not quite a duplicate second part
[19:02:50] <Avenger> problem is: quicksaves check for area flag, autosaves don't
[19:03:12] <fuzzie> hmm
[19:03:14] <fuzzie> that is annoying
[19:03:36] <fuzzie> do we even know the quicksave slot numbers?
[19:03:38] <fuzzie> i mean, in gemrb
[19:03:40] <Avenger> they could be duplicated, there is just a different text based on the index
[19:04:41] <fuzzie> i mean, i know in ToB they are 1+4 for quicksave and 0+3 for autosave
[19:04:44] <Avenger> well it thinks only index=1 is quicksave
[19:05:32] <Avenger> savegame.2da has the strings listed
[19:05:38] <Avenger> it could have a second column
[19:05:48] <Avenger> if you don't want to hardcode the text
[19:06:02] <Avenger> but i'm fine with index==1 || index==4
[19:06:31] <fuzzie> well, my other games have savegames in slot 4
[19:06:50] <fuzzie> but i guess if you only change the first createsavegame function, that is no problem
[19:07:27] <Avenger> i think i will add that column
[19:07:50] <Avenger> it would be more elegant, and the 2da is just opened in that function
[19:08:08] <fuzzie> another column for the strings seems fine
[19:08:18] <fuzzie> but you'll add yet another column for the flag?
[19:09:25] <Avenger> what strings
[19:09:38] <Avenger> i just planned to add a column for the qsave text
[19:09:52] <fuzzie> ah, okay
[19:09:53] <Avenger> so i would mark index 1 and 4 in bg2/tob
[19:09:58] <fuzzie> well, there is an existing hardcoded index==1 check there
[19:10:07] <Avenger> it is if(qsave) here :)
[19:10:08] <fuzzie> to see whether to show STR_QSAVESUCCEED or STR_SAVESUCCEED
[19:10:45] <fuzzie> so your idea is to add some 'is qsave' column?
[19:11:53] <fuzzie> that sounds fine, i am just confused
[19:14:26] <Avenger> yes
[19:17:35] --> edheldil_ has joined #GemRb
[19:50:00] <pupnik_> yeah i was confused about createsavegame also
[19:50:16] <pupnik_> back when i was checking for writeability on the drive
[20:05:08] <CIA-93> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * rcac163459617 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp: 'you have been waylaid by enemies and must defend yourself'
[20:08:52] <CIA-93> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r1342e8179a5c 10gemrb/gemrb/ (10 files in 7 dirs): hopefully fixed ambush areas
[20:09:08] --> SiENcE has joined #GemRb
[20:49:30] <lynxlynxlynx> oh, i forgot
[20:50:14] <lynxlynxlynx> Avenger: i've had this hack in my tree since the other day: http://pastebin.ca/1946836
[20:50:46] <lynxlynxlynx> the amount of pointing is probably not safe
[20:50:48] <Avenger> if it works, just commit it
[20:51:01] <lynxlynxlynx> it does, but does it look good?
[20:51:30] <Avenger> hmm GetSlotItem is probably not healthy
[20:52:20] <Avenger> ok, it is fine, i thought it would remove the item from the inventory
[20:53:33] <lynxlynxlynx> so that's it?
[20:54:41] <Avenger> well if you are sure GetSlotItem returns an item, it should work
[20:55:20] <Avenger> but why not just swap the items themselves
[20:56:57] <lynxlynxlynx> one is being dragged, so there'd have to a third place to put it for the swap
[20:57:19] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe i'm wrong; this sounded excessive
[21:02:32] <Avenger> it is safer, though i admit a bit more complicated
[21:04:17] <lynxlynxlynx> GetSlotItem shouldn't return null, since we're after a succesful addition case
[21:04:27] <lynxlynxlynx> but i can add an assert
[21:05:29] <-- Maighstir has left IRC (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
[21:06:01] <Avenger> yep, it will work
[21:06:05] <Avenger> see you later!
[21:06:08] <-- Avenger has left IRC (Quit: bye!)
[21:10:42] <CIA-93> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r8e5f9d4cf280 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:
[21:10:42] <CIA-93> GemRB: GemRB_DropDraggedItem: swap the items in partial drops, so the slot item is
[21:10:42] <CIA-93> GemRB: the one that gets refilled
[21:53:31] --> |Cable| has joined #GemRb
[21:59:43] <-- SiENcE has left IRC (Quit: cya @all)
[22:40:23] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Remote host closed the connection)