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[02:56:56] <chiv> so I gave up on the idea of becoming a graphics programmer and fixing the animation transparency... but the clock was doing all sorts of bad things for my ocd, so I had to make this https://github.com/chilvence/gemrb/commit/364e9207eb7c44307ae15900a2b5b9fe45202538 :)
[02:56:57] <Pepelka> Torment GUI : Override the clock MOS so that the damn thing stops bug… · chilvence/gemrb@364e920 · GitHub
[02:56:58] <Pepelka> »gemrb - Engine Made with preRendered Background«
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[08:23:47] <wjp> lynxlynxlynx: you get coverity mails, right?
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[08:47:32] <edheldil> hehe: What eats you, chiv?
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[12:22:28] <chiv> edheldil, if you were asking me about what was bothering me about the clock, it takes a slice out of the button below it because it is transparent & crescent shaped. I couldn't figure out a way to simply draw the button on top of it, it always fills the transparent parts with whatever is on the MOS file below it instead of the BAM picture from the button. So I just changed the MOS file to look like the button so I can carry on without it
[12:23:33] <edheldil> chiv: Hi, yeah, now I know what you mean. But it was also a quote from PS:T :)
[12:24:41] <chiv> Oh right, as in "hey, whats eating you chief"? :)
[12:26:07] <chiv> anyway, it stops me from trying to poke around in parts of the core I don't understand...
[12:27:10] <chiv> I'm really happy today, I keep trying things out that used to break and they keep working
[12:29:26] <edheldil> yeah, I just found I misspelt it :).
[12:34:57] <chiv> sadly most of the bugs remaining are scary stuff I'm not good at :/
[12:35:14] <chiv> I'm just going to fix Nordom, I think I can do that
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[15:26:07] <edheldil> chiv: if you would like some nuts to crack, looks at char screen race.
[15:26:11] <edheldil> looks
[15:26:17] <edheldil> grrr. Look
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[17:50:12] <Pepelka> [wiki] chiv: pst_quests - [Clerk's Ward] weird segfault http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=pst_quests&rev=1442943950&do=diff
[18:11:02] <lynxlynxlynx> wjp: yes
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