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[16:13:19] <brad_a> lynx the wiki link in the OP of the iOS thread doesn't work.
[16:13:38] <lynxlynxlynx> where does it point to?
[16:13:44] <brad_a> http
[16:13:46] <brad_a> lol
[16:15:41] <lynxlynxlynx> fixed ><
[16:15:49] <brad_a> thanks :)
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[18:18:45] <lynxlynxlynx> time to merge another annoying guiscript
[19:13:10] <Yoshimo> why annoying?
[19:17:00] <lynxlynxlynx> because they're all the same, except they're not
[19:17:29] <lynxlynxlynx> created individually, then copied around, diverging
[19:17:30] <Yoshimo> you mean, same content, diffrent name?
[19:17:43] <lynxlynxlynx> practically no thought was given to code share
[19:54:52] <lynxlynxlynx> eg. in this case there were over 80 conflicts, but only some 5 are legit (not counting some cosmetics)
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[20:53:21] <Avenger> hello
[20:54:12] <Avenger> the vongoethe won't give malla's soul stone bug seems to be because this line doesn't work in marlove.dlg: ActionOverride("amlich01",GiveItemCreate("amsoul01",Player1,1,0,0))
[21:11:09] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r3addb4a517a4 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/ (bg1/GUIREC.py bg2/GUIREC.py): homogenised bg2 and bg1 guirec
[21:13:00] <lynxlynxlynx> and now for the sweet part
[21:13:25] <CIA-26> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r6a5aee23932b 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/ (GUIREC.py bg1/GUIREC.py bg2/GUIREC.py): moved the merged guirec up, so it is shared
[21:14:08] <lynxlynxlynx> Avenger: aren't they on different maps at that point?
[21:14:22] <lynxlynxlynx> both share the master area though
[21:16:07] <lynxlynxlynx> oh wait
[21:16:30] <lynxlynxlynx> i'm not sure if marlowe is there in all circumstances
[21:16:43] <lynxlynxlynx> you can dupe him to come with you
[21:17:44] <lynxlynxlynx> this is from that betrayal? odd that they didn't just use the same object
[21:19:50] <Avenger> i think the dialog should happen when the lich and marlowe are in the same place
[21:20:14] <Avenger> otherwise the redirection shouldn't happen
[21:25:26] <Avenger> i see you managed to merge bg1 and bg2 guirec ;)
[21:25:40] <Avenger> what about iwd?
[21:31:14] <Avenger> this bug in iwd may be fixed now: agnar isn't outside the camp, so you can't talk to him to get in (ChangeCurrentScript problem?)
[21:31:21] <Avenger> changecurrentscript was fixed
[21:39:41] <lynxlynxlynx> needs testing
[21:39:53] <Avenger> yes, i marked it
[21:40:00] <lynxlynxlynx> re malla: aren't you also supposed to get it also if you just kill vg?
[21:40:08] <Avenger> no
[21:40:27] <Avenger> if you attack the lich, its first action is to set malladead global variable
[21:41:05] <Avenger> you need to bring marlowe then you can attack the lich or let him take marlowe
[21:41:05] <lynxlynxlynx> Marlowe will decide to face VanGoethe and hold up his end of the bargain. VanGoethe will give you Malla's Soul Stone for bringing Marlowe here and will then proceed to kill Marlowe. <-- apparently not :)
[21:41:33] <Avenger> apparently not?
[21:41:53] <lynxlynxlynx> that was wrt my previous replay
[21:41:55] <lynxlynxlynx> reply
[21:42:27] <Avenger> i thought the attack will happen, but you won't get the stone
[21:43:17] <Avenger> it is redirecting to marlowe's dialog, there marlowe actionoverrides the lich to give the stone to you. but the dialog also goes back to vg. and issues the combat actions
[21:43:27] <Avenger> i think this overwrites the actionoverride
[21:43:59] <Avenger> this is a nice stuff for fuzzie :D
[21:45:41] <fuzzie> i am not really understanding
[21:46:10] <fuzzie> but yes we don't handle dialog switching properly yet
[21:46:28] <fuzzie> so i will just nod in a reassuring fashion
[21:46:30] <Avenger> amlich01.dlg is the main dialog, it branches out to marlowe.dlg, that's fine
[21:47:00] <Avenger> marlowe.dlg issues actionoverride to the owner of amlich01, but then redirects back to amlich01.dlg
[21:47:07] <Avenger> and amlich01.dlg issues more actions
[21:47:21] <Avenger> so, it seems they overwrite the previous action
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[21:47:42] <Avenger> maybe actions should be executed at the time of redirection
[21:48:09] <fuzzie> nope
[21:48:12] <fuzzie> :p
[21:48:48] <fuzzie> from the way you describe it, it seems action should be overwritten
[21:48:50] <fuzzie> let me look
[21:49:01] <Avenger> but then you won't receive the soul stone
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[21:50:21] <fuzzie> yeah, i wonder if the target queue wipe happens *before* the actions on the node run or something
[21:50:51] <Avenger> also, i already said, the queue wipe is not complete
[21:51:02] <Avenger> flagged actions are spared
[21:51:02] <fuzzie> complete?
[21:51:20] <Avenger> i just don't know which actions are flagged ;)
[21:51:24] <fuzzie> does this really get flagged?
[21:51:32] <fuzzie> honestly i don't know where actionoverride runs in original
[21:51:32] <Avenger> i don't know
[21:51:43] <Avenger> yeah, me neither
[21:51:50] <fuzzie> so that could be issue
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[21:53:24] <Yoshimo> guess the original engine need more analysis
[21:53:56] <fuzzie> yes. go write us a powerpc decompiler please :P
[21:56:09] <Avenger> bye!
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[21:57:06] <Yoshimo> powerpc? i have bg on windows^^
[21:57:51] <fuzzie> only the powerpc binaries have debug info
[21:58:55] <Yoshimo> ah ok
[21:59:23] <Yoshimo> like wow, where the testrealm copy for mac was linked with full function names^^
[21:59:39] <Yoshimo> didnt know powerpc is also available for IE
[22:00:03] <Maighstir> Baldur's Gate and Baldur's gate 2 at least existed for the Mac
[22:00:08] <brad_a> IE games on mac are Powerpc only actually :(
[22:00:22] <brad_a> but long live gemrb :)
[22:01:51] <Maighstir> They were built to run natively under Mac OS 9, not OS X, if I remember correctly. Apple wouldn't do the switch to Intel until several years later
[22:02:12] <brad_a> all true except BG1 was an OS 9 game
[22:02:25] <Maighstir> BG2 was OS X?
[22:02:29] <brad_a> yup
[22:02:32] <Maighstir> ah
[22:02:49] <Yoshimo> are those binaries available somewhere?
[22:03:00] <brad_a> but powerpc only even though the intel switch happened like less than a year after TOB
[22:03:10] <Maighstir> I have.. "acquired".. them
[22:03:18] <brad_a> I have BG 2
[22:03:23] <brad_a> lol that works too
[22:03:36] <Maighstir> not like I can find it for sale in recent years
[22:03:43] <brad_a> exactly
[22:04:09] <brad_a> especially since they don't run on intel macs and apple dropped powerpc translation in the latest version of os x
[22:09:55] <lynxlynxlynx> anyone with iwd or how here?
[22:10:06] <Maighstir> sure
[22:10:17] <lynxlynxlynx> if you set the gametype to auto, does it find how or iwd?
[22:10:23] <lynxlynxlynx> if you have both, that is
[22:16:13] <Maighstir> I get a bunch of SyntaxError: invalid Syntax
[22:16:51] <Maighstir> under [GUIScipt]: Detecting Gametype
[22:17:22] <Yoshimo> i hahave bg1+bg2 and both addons, but i guess the powerpc files are not on the same disc, are they?
[22:17:50] <Maighstir> The Mac versions were separate releases
[22:18:11] <Yoshimo> sad, cu tomorrow
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[22:21:04] <lynxlynxlynx> really? pastebin them somewhere please
[22:22:07] <Maighstir> I was just trying to get everything nicely formatted like the console output... http://pastebin.com/Dfp5trfP
[22:22:24] <Maighstir> Windows isn't ideal in trying to redirect output to files
[22:22:37] <Maighstir> half of it still gets to the console
[22:23:17] <Maighstir> that's the full output though
[22:23:42] <lynxlynxlynx> wtf
[22:23:55] <Maighstir> I just pulled and built
[22:24:11] <lynxlynxlynx> it works normally if you set it to iwd or how, right?
[22:24:40] <Maighstir> yup
[22:24:44] <Maighstir> it loads nicely
[22:26:47] <lynxlynxlynx> :s
[22:31:13] <lynxlynxlynx> the error makes no sense
[22:31:24] <lynxlynxlynx> does it work for bg2?
[22:31:40] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll read up once i'm awake again
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[22:32:35] <Maighstir> same error in bg2
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