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[17:55:31] <MaximB> hi people
[17:55:45] <MaximB> is there a .deb package for the latest GemRB ?
[17:56:37] <MaximB> or is there a way for me to add it into the repros ?
[17:56:47] <lynxlynxlynx> i think nobody uses debian here
[17:56:55] <MaximB> I use Ubuntu
[17:57:01] <lynxlynxlynx> there are bubuntu packages, yes
[17:57:10] <MaximB> I can't find them....
[17:57:21] <fuzzie> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gemrb
[17:57:30] <lynxlynxlynx> check launchpad, it's not officia ... there you go
[17:58:42] <MaximB> is it a source code ? I don't see any .debs here
[17:59:05] <fuzzie> i guess https://launchpad.net/~sao/+archive/ppa would be the easiest way to get the deb
[17:59:51] <MaximB> how well does this engine works with Planescape: Torment ?
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[18:02:01] <fuzzie> not well.
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[18:03:12] <MaximB> it's a shame...
[18:04:26] <fuzzie> yes. it is difficult, because it is quite different from the other games.
[18:05:11] <MaximB> maximb@MaximB-HQ:~/Games/gemrb-0.6.0-source$ gemrb
[18:05:11] <MaximB> GemRB Core Version v0.6.0 Loading...
[18:05:11] <MaximB> [Core]: Initializing the Event Manager...[Core]: Initializing Variables Dictionary...[OK]
[18:05:11] <MaximB> [Config]: Trying to open GemRB.cfg [NOT FOUND]
[18:05:11] <MaximB> [Config]: Trying to open /home/maximb/.gemrb/gemrb.cfg [NOT FOUND]
[18:05:12] <MaximB> [Config]: Trying to open /etc/gemrb/gemrb.cfg [NOT FOUND]
[18:05:12] <MaximB> Press enter to continue...
[18:06:14] <fuzzie> you need to make a GemRB.cfg pointing to a game; there should be an example included with both the deb and the source
[18:06:41] <MaximB> o...
[18:06:54] <fuzzie> oh, scient is back..
[18:06:57] <MaximB> but does Planescape: Torment works in wine ?
[18:07:13] <fuzzie> yes
[18:08:12] <MaximB> because it refuses to run in my resolution and puts me to 800x640, then asks for disk 2
[18:08:33] <MaximB> 640x480 I think
[18:09:42] <fuzzie> you have the DVD version?
[18:10:20] <MaximB> I'll download it, but the 4 CD version seems bigger
[18:10:27] <fuzzie> and the original game only supported 640x480. there are community patches for it - look for the 'widescreen mod'.
[18:12:04] <MaximB> cool
[18:12:23] <MaximB> I've never played this game and heard it was still very good
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[18:39:56] <MaximB> no piracy - sorry
[18:40:48] <MaximB> I do buy (pay for) game legally - when they have a Linux port, and I bought quite a lot of Linux game
[18:40:51] <MaximB> *s
[18:45:12] <Dark-Star> well you said "I'll download it but the 4CD version seems bigger" which strongly suggests so. and hey, PS:T is only like 10 bucks right now (I got mine from a magazine cover DVD for even less)
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[18:55:41] <Avenger> ahoy matey
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[18:59:47] <gpslord> ahoy there, ye scurvy dog
[19:01:43] <Avenger> it looks like http://linux.prinas.si/gemrb/doku.php works again, somewhat
[19:02:44] <Avenger> still didn't decide how to move it to sf?
[19:03:01] <gpslord> it is simple, i just need to get to it
[19:03:12] <Avenger> then get to it lazy bastard!
[19:03:32] <gpslord> i've got tons of other work with higher priority
[19:03:45] <Avenger> well, who isn't, yeah :)
[19:03:49] <gpslord> but calling me names definitely helps :I
[19:04:01] <Avenger> yeah, it could be a motivator
[19:04:01] <gpslord> i meant free-time work
[19:04:34] <gpslord> a nation-wide initiative :)
[19:06:06] <gpslord> oh
[19:06:19] <gpslord> what kind of motivation do you need? :P
[19:06:58] <gpslord> hmm, the todo on the site is not available, more motivation for me :)
[19:06:59] <Avenger> well, i could use more people to actually work, that's the biggest motivator
[19:07:16] <Avenger> if i work alone, i lose focus, and doze away
[19:07:36] <gpslord> i know
[19:08:03] <Avenger> i think the todo is there, but the site is off and on intermittently
[19:08:17] <gpslord> you can help fuzzie review and commit tomprince's work
[19:08:42] <gpslord> the server is fine, it just suddenly lacks memory, so I can't even ssh to it reliably
[19:09:01] <fuzzie> scient seems to be back on the SHS forums, if there is any PS:T information you can think to ask him
[19:09:16] <gpslord> apache and mysql take most of it, but even if i stop them, simple processes still complain about memory
[19:09:56] <gpslord> it's a virtual machine, so I doubt a reboot would do any good
[19:10:49] <Avenger> well, the best would be to move the info back to sf, no?
[19:11:13] <gpslord> yep, that's the plan
[19:11:16] <Avenger> do you have some backup locally?
[19:11:28] <gpslord> yes and remote
[19:11:43] <gpslord> i take Beshaba pretty seriously
[19:12:11] <Avenger> huh, interesting, i see file release changes by 'balrog'
[19:12:35] <gpslord> i'll just go do it now
[19:23:51] <gpslord> hmm, the backup is only of the data and conf, i'll need to reinstall the wiki
[19:23:54] <gpslord> but that's trivial
[19:32:46] <Lightkey> fuzzie: what distro do you use again?
[19:33:38] <fuzzie> it depends where I am
[19:34:39] <fuzzie> Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE, pick one..
[19:36:14] <fuzzie> why? :)
[19:36:24] <Lightkey> nah, that's no fun
[19:39:26] <fuzzie> messing with distributions stopped being fun a while ago, so every time a new install happens, i get someone else to do it, they usually choose :)
[19:40:53] <Avenger> i agree, i liked recompiling and manually editing kernel source some years ago, not anymore
[19:41:39] <Avenger> well, 'liked' is an exagerration. I had to do it so i get a working system
[19:42:05] <Lightkey> and who is scient?
[19:42:30] <Avenger> someone who knows more than me about the inner workings of the pst branch of IE :)
[19:42:31] <fuzzie> scient (I hope I spell it right) is the engine reverse-engineer/hacking person for the PS:T fixpack
[19:44:56] <Avenger> see you later!
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[20:20:29] <gpslord> the wiki is up, but the permissions need to be updated
[20:20:39] <gpslord> i hope they have a cron for that
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[20:31:41] <gpslord> ah, figured it out, it's a different path, the default is always readonly
[20:44:34] <gpslord> it's back up
[20:44:45] <gpslord> feels even more sluggish though
[20:45:24] <gpslord> not anymore, i guess it needed time to sync
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[22:05:20] <Edheldil_> hello guys, nice to see you are alive :)
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[23:38:47] <tomprince> Hello.
[23:42:36] <barraAway> heya tomprince
[23:44:44] <tomprince> It seems like there might actually be some activity around here again. :)
[23:46:14] <barraAway> I'm just a lurker :-)