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[15:06:14] <kujeger> I'm doing some stuff to improve the SDL2 version, just really simple stuff like making it windowed fullscreen, and allowing resizing and stuff.
[15:06:22] <kujeger> are there anyone else doing sdl2 stuff currently?
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[15:07:50] <kujeger> (oh, and I'm trying to have a look at the cursor-trail bug, not much success so far, but that's probably because I don't really know c++, sdl or the codebase..)
[15:08:20] <fuzzie> brada would be the one to ask
[15:09:10] <kujeger> long term I'd guess that getting rid of sdl1 completely, and rewriting a lot of stuff to better use sdl2 is the way to go
[16:18:51] <kujeger> ugh, got the cursor thing fixed with a truly ugly hack
[16:19:12] <kujeger> copying the surface before the blitting of cursors and tooltips, then copying it back after
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[16:26:49] <kujeger> also saw that the SDL1 code solves it with a slightly less ugly hack (that does not work for the SDL2 code)
[16:27:52] <kujeger> https://github.com/kujeger/gemrb/tree/sdl2-hacking
[16:27:53] <Pepelka> GitHub - kujeger/gemrb at sdl2-hacking: Engine Made with preRendered Background
[16:27:55] <Pepelka> ┬╗gemrb - Engine Made with preRendered Background┬ź
[16:29:05] <kujeger> I think this means SDL2 now provides everythin that SDL1 does, plus additional goodies for fullscreen and resizable windows
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[21:30:10] <lynxlynxlynx> we maintain sdl1 compatibility until sdl2 is everywhere
[21:30:10] <lynxlynxlynx> probably hasn't happened yet
[21:31:46] <lynxlynxlynx> brad fixed the cursor thing in his rewrite, but he estimated it will be autumn before it'll be ready
[21:31:53] <lynxlynxlynx> there's no branch to look at yet