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[00:13:48] <edheldil_> tomprince, do you have url to the AUTHORS file you posted yesterday?
[00:14:27] <tomprince> It was some pastebin url, you'd have to look in the history.
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[00:21:51] <tomprince> http://pastebin.ca/1851866
[00:25:15] <tomprince> It is fairly easy to run a git-filter-branch to fix anything up if people want stuff changed.
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[00:50:31] <Genraznx> Anyone know if you can use animated backgrounds? Like grass swaying back and forth?
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[00:53:23] <tomprince> This is all I can say: http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/file_formats/ie_formats/are_v1.htm#formAREAV1_0_Anim
[00:55:18] <Genraznx> cool
[04:46:21] <tomprince> fuzzie: Refactored KEYImporter, will have a look at SaveGameIterator next. :)
[04:46:40] <tomprince> I think I even improved that logging a bit.
[06:45:19] <Genraznx> How much cleaner has the code gotten?
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[09:13:53] <Edheldil> oi!
[09:14:07] <lynxlynxlynx> oj
[09:16:48] <fuzzie> morning
[09:18:32] <fuzzie> tomprince: i'm not so sure "standardise the coding" is an admirable goal, with all the git blame we use :)
[09:21:08] <fuzzie> maybe someone else should review that kind of thing
[09:21:22] <Edheldil> what thing?
[09:21:44] <fuzzie> Edheldil: http://repo.or.cz/w/gemrb.git/commitdiff/2cdef379a44e70998bace3f58b231fd7786f0fe0
[09:24:25] <fuzzie> (i am waiting for wjp to OK a final git repository before I commit other patches)
[09:26:37] <Edheldil> hm, the gist of the changes is that it reports less useful messages in the case of error, no?
[09:27:09] <Edheldil> it's cleaner, but for a price
[09:28:39] <fuzzie> so, as the person who argues for more debug output, i think i am not the person to review it :)
[09:29:16] <wjp> fuzzie: I think I'm ok with the latest version, but we'd need to restore tags, I think, and maybe the single commit to a tag? (r5702 to GEMRB_0_3_2)
[09:29:48] <wjp> and the openal branch
[09:33:01] <fuzzie> the same "cleaner" thing applies to tomprince's build patch which changes things like libBAMImporter.so -> BAMImporter.so, but it seems that if we do it at the moment of moving to git, it shouldn't be harmful for anyone?
[09:33:13] <fuzzie> if both wjp and Edheldil are here then maybe i should get an ACK from one of you on that :)
[09:34:36] <wjp> I think I'm missing some context
[09:35:26] <fuzzie> the patch just does s/lib(.*)/$1/ in the process of tidying up
[09:36:06] <wjp> for the plugin file names?
[09:36:14] <fuzzie> yes
[09:36:58] <wjp> hm, sounds a bit like asking for conflicts
[09:37:15] <wjp> or does the plugin manager skip lib*so ?
[09:37:25] <wjp> (I haven't looked at how it finds plugins to load in ages)
[09:37:34] <Edheldil> what's the reason for that? I guess it does not matter much as I doubt that someone will want to link them with -l flag , but ...
[09:38:00] <fuzzie> wjp: that is why i was thinking that we should apply it at the moment of moving trees.
[09:38:34] <fuzzie> Edheldil: well, people occasionally get confused when building it on strange platforms, wondering how they should link them, etc. but it is mostly a "tidy up" patch, again.
[09:40:31] <Edheldil> is it possible to link them in link time, btw?
[09:40:56] <fuzzie> no. but we could make that possible, with tomprince's changes.
[09:42:24] <fuzzie> If you look at the current (svn) tree, and look at a plugin (eg, plugins/MOSImporter/MOSImp.cpp), he has changed the actual plugin code to use macros, so now you can simply change the macros to make such things work, if you really want :)
[09:42:25] <Edheldil> (my original idea was that if someone was e.g. writing support for BAM to ImageMagick, he would link ld -lBAMImporter, but probably they are too intertwined with the rest of GemRB's core for it to be practical
[09:42:54] <fuzzie> yes, it would probably be much easier to just copy the code into a new library for that..
[09:44:01] <Edheldil> ok, I have no problem with the rename then. Should he perhaps also rename FXOpcodes to IECommonOpcodes or st. like that, when we are at it? :)
[09:44:22] <fuzzie> i am mostly thinking of the possibility of porting to machines without dynamic library support, but i don't think any of them would run gemrb :)
[09:45:09] <fuzzie> Edheldil: i think i wouldn't want to rename FXOpcodes without asking Avenger..
[09:45:26] <fuzzie> it sounds like a good idea to me, though
[09:45:57] <fuzzie> (perhaps they should really be called 'IECommonEffects', 'PSTEffects', 'IWDEffects' anyway?
[09:47:41] <Edheldil> also possible. The are only names, after all nothing important (hehe, just a joke)
[09:48:13] <fuzzie> well, in the end i would much rather be working on fixing PST, rather than worrying about names..
[09:48:59] <lynxlynxlynx> effects is better than common in the name
[09:49:16] <lynxlynxlynx> opcodes apply to actions and triggers too
[09:50:45] <Edheldil> lynxlynxlynx: what do you mean?
[09:51:04] <lynxlynxlynx> IECommonEffects vs IECommonOpcodes
[09:53:30] <Edheldil> so IECommonEffects, PSTEffects ... I am ok with that
[09:55:35] <fuzzie> when i first started working on gemrb, it took weeks for me to actually understand that 'Opcodes' had the effects, not the scripting stuff. :)
[09:56:57] <Edheldil> ah, sorry for that, that is my doing :)
[09:59:52] <fuzzie> but if anyone has the time to look through tomprince's stuff in general, it would be nice to get a second view..
[10:01:23] <fuzzie> there are now 20 patches waiting there
[10:02:34] <fuzzie> many of them are simple and can be cherry-picked
[10:02:53] <fuzzie> such as http://repo.or.cz/w/gemrb.git/commitdiff/1afbe69cb0e35479b7f4ef6edcc24f256c893f7c which splits SaveDir off from PlayMode, i hope that is obviously good?
[10:03:17] <fuzzie> anyway, lecture time..
[10:10:23] <lynxlynxlynx> yes, i sign-off that one :)
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[11:15:23] <fuzzie> that was surprisingly short.
[11:27:16] <Genraznx> what hapepend?
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[12:20:11] <Ayla> hello
[12:20:18] <lynxlynxlynx> oj
[12:20:37] <Ayla> I was wondering, what's the minimum RAM required to port GemRB ?
[12:21:21] <lynxlynxlynx> i think bg1 required 64mb, but i'd say the minimum is at least double
[12:21:47] <lynxlynxlynx> to what do you want to port it?
[12:22:02] <Ayla> ok, I'll port something else
[12:22:05] <Ayla> dreamcast
[12:22:11] <Ayla> which has 16Mb RAM
[12:23:04] <wjp> there's likely a lot of room for reducing our ram requirements, but I don't think 16MB is really within reach
[12:23:53] <lynxlynxlynx> 16mb hah
[12:24:03] <Ayla> well, there's also 8Mb video RAM and 2Mb audio RAM
[12:24:11] <lynxlynxlynx> hah!
[12:24:53] <lynxlynxlynx> well, gemrb itself doesn't require that much, but if you want to play any of the games ...
[12:26:30] <Ayla> I wasn't aware that bg1 needed 64Mb… I through it was much less
[12:27:16] <lynxlynxlynx> it's 16 actually
[12:27:31] <fuzzie> The original system requirements were 16Mb, but that is with a lot of disk space.
[12:30:35] <Ayla> I'm speaking about RAM
[12:30:43] <Ayla> not disk space ;)
[12:30:53] <fuzzie> sure, but do you have disk space?
[12:31:39] <fuzzie> You need hundreds of mb of *fast* space for it to work.
[12:32:12] <Ayla> CD-Rom
[12:32:27] <fuzzie> that is far too slow, and not writable.
[12:32:50] <Ayla> why would it needs to be writable by the way ?
[12:32:55] <Edheldil> cache
[12:32:57] <fuzzie> Because it's used to store game state.
[12:33:33] <Ayla> to store game state, there's the memory card
[12:33:36] <fuzzie> gemrb keeps more things in RAM, but that means it uses more of it.
[12:33:56] <fuzzie> And you still need about 300mb of writable fast disk space.
[12:34:08] <Ayla> oh it uses disk cache ?
[12:34:56] <fuzzie> You could make gemrb work without a writable disk cache, I think.
[12:35:18] <fuzzie> But the less disk cache, the more RAM you'll need.
[12:35:24] <fuzzie> So it's not any use for the Dreamcast.
[12:35:25] <Ayla> okay
[12:36:15] <Edheldil> maybe it would be possible to use GemRB with other data than the original games
[12:36:39] <Edheldil> but that would be limiting
[12:36:40] <lynxlynxlynx> it is, there just isn't any
[12:38:13] <fuzzie> Well, my only point here is: the 16mb RAM requirement for the original bg1 engine was only so low because it used the hard drive as cache, much more of it than gemrb does.
[12:42:56] <fuzzie> I guess gemrb's RAM usage is so high because it loads the entire tilemap for every area.
[12:43:04] * Genrazn ponders why someone would want to port GemRB to the Dreamcast
[12:43:41] <fuzzie> Genrazn: well, it is cheap and you can make it portable :) but something like an N810 is more useful and already works.
[12:44:18] <wjp> speaking of porting, I wonder if it would play well on an iPad
[12:44:29] <wjp> a touch screen interface might be quite nice
[12:45:03] <Genrazn> save for pausing I suppose
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[12:45:56] <fuzzie> Well, since you wouldn't be able to distribute it in the store anyway, it would probably be quite easy to port.
[12:48:27] <fuzzie> (the maemo forums have the oddest things; there's a thread asking how to make a shortcut to run gemrb as root. i wonder why?)
[12:48:52] <lynxlynxlynx> remember the ubuntu bug
[12:49:05] <lynxlynxlynx> overzealous packaging -> cache in a system path
[12:49:41] <fuzzie> bit difficult to fix - where do you put the cache? :)
[12:50:39] <Genrazn> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibZfdMB6bAs&feature=related
[12:50:43] <Genrazn> would this work for GemRB?
[12:52:08] <fuzzie> you might as well run the original game with that :)
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[12:53:15] <Genrazn> Heh
[13:12:23] <Edheldil> what ubuntu bug?
[13:12:31] <Edheldil> with gemrb launcher?
[13:16:56] <tomprince> fuzzie: I was perhaps overzealous in my changes to Interface::Init. But, have a look at 'git gui blame gemrb/plugins/Core/Interface.cpp'.
[13:17:13] <tomprince> It actaully seems to give inteligent information after those changes.
[13:18:27] <fuzzie> Edheldil: the ubuntu package had the cache dir pointing at a non-writable path, i think in /usr/local.
[13:22:10] <tomprince> I think the only place I decreased the verbosity is not reporting the non-existance of Video, ResourceMgr, and TLKImporter.
[13:22:32] <tomprince> And I split some logging, so that it reports that is doing something before it does.
[13:23:19] <tomprince> The thing that really prompted it was that '
[13:23:21] <fuzzie> yes, the report-before-doing is obviously an improvement.
[13:23:26] <tomprince> printStatus( "OK", LIGHT_GREEN );
[13:23:47] <tomprince> was often grouped with the following block of code, with a blank line before. Hence all the braces.
[13:24:23] <tomprince> I also vaguely had the thought that we might use RAII for logging at some point, which would want the braces.
[13:24:37] <tomprince> But, if you want, I can get rid of all the braces and the indenting for now.
[13:26:20] <tomprince> I think also, part of it is just that that function is so long, that it might be good to break it up, and those are essentially the minimal chuncks.
[13:27:10] <fuzzie> i think i would only be concerned at the lack of video feedback.
[13:31:14] <fuzzie> but if you're going to break it in to chunks, it needs a bit more thought.
[13:31:30] <fuzzie> that "QuitFlag = QF_CHANGESCRIPT;" belongs with the GUIScript chun k.
[13:32:00] <fuzzie> is it okay if I glance through the rest later and see if there's anything else like that?
[13:32:22] <fuzzie> or someone else could do it. but need to run.
[13:33:17] <tomprince> Yes.
[13:33:47] <tomprince> It is.
[13:34:01] <Genrazn> http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/202287/12-Year-Old-Faces-Life-in-Prison.html
[13:34:48] <tomprince> I don't have any plans break up the function yet. I am not sure if there is any gain.
[13:35:04] <tomprince> Maybe after Interface itself get broken up more, or as it does.
[13:35:21] <fuzzie> i would like to see that Console bit moved out. it seems too involved.
[14:02:49] <Edheldil> btw, would not it be better to replace printStatus() with st. like statusOK, statusError, without the color flags?
[14:03:34] <Edheldil> and possibly w/o the string, or with an optional one
[14:09:19] <tomprince> Yes, possibly. But that is a much larger project. It would probably make sense to have a logging object, and possibly even an object for each log message.
[14:10:20] <tomprince> That would make it easier for log message not to intertwine with one another. Since there would be enough information to see what goes with what.
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[15:34:51] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: http://linux.prinas.si/gemrb/doku.php?id=todo seems to have exploded?
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[15:36:53] <Avenger> hi
[15:37:44] <Avenger> does the git repository live?
[15:37:49] <fuzzie> Avenger: i did the magic missiles, but i think i have to add some "iteration_id" to do it properly.
[15:38:01] <Avenger> what is iteration id?
[15:38:06] <fuzzie> the missile#
[15:38:17] <Avenger> isn't the missile's own id enough?
[15:38:22] <fuzzie> i just did 'int id = type - 68;' for now, but then it only works for magic missiles :)
[15:38:32] <Avenger> why do you need it 0 based?
[15:38:40] <fuzzie> i need to know which arc it should be using.
[15:38:48] <Avenger> do you have hardcoded arcs?
[15:38:57] <fuzzie> hardcoded arc sizes, yes.
[15:39:03] <Avenger> there are 10 missiles, at most, so you can use missile id %10
[15:39:25] <fuzzie> the first two have to be central, the next two further out, the next two further out, etc.
[15:39:57] <tomprince_loki> Avenger: The repo at sf isn't live yet.
[15:40:18] <fuzzie> so i do '0.2 * (id / 2)' for the distance, and 'id % 2' for the side.
[15:40:29] <Avenger> well, i don't think you need that, fuzzie. In pst the single missile has a very eccentric path
[15:40:40] <Avenger> it is far from straight :)
[15:40:42] <fuzzie> well, i only do it for bg2, where it needs this :)
[15:40:55] <fuzzie> i didn't look at the other games.
[15:41:04] <tomprince_loki> http://repo.or.cz/w/gemrb.git has the import which will like be used.
[15:41:15] <tomprince_loki> Although there may be some changes.
[15:41:22] <Avenger> you can still have what you want if you make the 8th arc the straight one
[15:41:43] <fuzzie> Avenger: the problem is doing it right when you have, for instance, only 4 missiles.
[15:41:44] <wjp> tomprince_loki: the only missing things there I could think of are the openal branch and the release tags (including one commit to tag 0.3.2)
[15:41:53] <fuzzie> those 4 missiles have to be at the centre.
[15:42:19] <fuzzie> i mean: if we only care about magic missiles for PEF_CURVE, we can just hardcode it.
[15:43:11] <Avenger> well, we really don't have to copy the trajectory exactly. But as you wish. It is just an internal field so no problem
[15:44:07] <fuzzie> well, i don't copy it exactly :) but it looks very wrong otherwise, for low-level chars
[15:44:09] <Avenger> i just iced my svn sandbox
[15:44:13] <fuzzie> the patch is at http://fuzzie.org/nfs/gemrb/missile_arc.txt
[15:44:35] <fuzzie> i would like to know whether the pro->Setup() is ok.
[15:44:55] <fuzzie> maybe there's a better place to put it.
[15:45:16] <Gekz> ergh I'm drunk and arguing with my girlfriend
[15:45:56] <Avenger> gekz: two wrongs don't make it right
[15:46:13] <Gekz> your face
[15:47:50] <Avenger> fuzzie: dunno, if it doesn't crash, valgrind is satisfied, and the visuals are correct, then fine :)
[15:48:29] <fuzzie> it is a bit too fast but it looks good :)
[15:48:46] <fuzzie> did i promise to do anything else that i didn't do yet?
[15:48:58] <Avenger> our missiles are too fast maybe?
[15:49:36] <fuzzie> i have some PST fixes to merge, and the messaging/scripting to work on.
[15:49:56] <Avenger> someone wanted to make the pst floating text outputs
[15:51:08] <tomprince_loki> wjp: The tags are easy enough.
[15:51:10] <fuzzie> that is harder than it seems! but i hope to work on all the pst things i can.
[15:51:39] <Avenger> ok, i will look back later, see you
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[15:51:58] <tomprince_loki> Does that OpenAL branch want to show in git as a merge?
[15:53:12] <tomprince_loki> I don't have access right now to the machine where I did the import (sshd died :( ), so I don't know if it imported, or not.
[15:56:32] <wjp> this is the 'merge back' commit, but it only has a single parent: http://repo.or.cz/w/gemrb.git/commit/51c2dd15eb60a0769ea1b3dda3724ff4e19ffdc7
[15:58:43] <tomprince_loki> When I get home tonight, I will make sure the OpenAL branch is imported, and change that into a merge then?
[15:58:55] <wjp> if you can, that would be great
[15:59:26] <tomprince_loki> I can.
[16:02:20] <wjp> I couldn't find a clean way to turn a manual svn merge into a git merge. Last time I did it I hacked git-svn to add an extra hardcoded parent when it reached a hardcoded svn revision
[16:03:47] <tomprince_loki> The easiest way is to add a graft, and then run git-filter-branch.
[16:04:44] * wjp googles
[16:05:03] <wjp> ah, interesting
[16:05:14] <wjp> thanks for the pointer
[16:16:13] <lynxlynxlynx> bah! missed him again
[16:16:27] <fuzzie> did you want something asked in particular?
[16:16:35] <fuzzie> he does read his email :)
[16:16:54] <lynxlynxlynx> just an ok on the logo
[16:17:44] <lynxlynxlynx> and you wouldn't guess where i was - on a short fashion show :)
[16:20:17] <lynxlynxlynx> re wiki: wrong url
[16:20:32] <fuzzie> ah!
[16:20:56] <fuzzie> thankyou
[16:21:16] <lynxlynxlynx> http://gemrb.sourceforge.net/wiki/doku.php?id=todo
[17:11:19] <tomprince_loki> wjp: Have a look at the svn-import-with-openal branch.
[17:13:27] <tomprince_loki> Open it up in gitk, and find v0.3.0
[17:17:19] <tomprince_loki> And tag v0.3.2
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[18:50:05] <lynxlynxlynx> opera switched to git too; from cvs
[19:56:14] <fuzzie> poor souls.
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[20:36:18] <Edheldil_> ehlo! Anyone interested in the LuaScript plugin? Can't do anything except of 1+1, mind you
[20:44:51] --> tomprince_loki has joined #GemRb
[20:44:55] <tomprince_loki> Yes.
[20:50:37] <Lightkey> the Yes
[20:50:45] <Lightkey> Men to the rescue
[20:52:57] <tomprince_loki> lua.
[20:54:00] <fuzzie> would certainly be nice to have a patch.
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[23:11:49] <cfchris6> observation: when I rest in an inn, dead characters also regain HP
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[23:29:45] <fuzzie> cfchris6: hehe, oops!
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[23:30:56] <cfchris6> could someone give me a pointer where to look for the code concerning the possible selection of characters in the trade menu, or more specific the "priest service" menu?
[23:31:45] <cfchris6> (I have a dead char here which I can't resurrect as I can't select him in that menu. Another thing: cost for resurrection says 750Gold, but when selecting it, it's only 100)
[23:31:51] <fuzzie> bg1?
[23:32:02] <cfchris6> yea
[23:32:17] <fuzzie> the basic code for all of that is in gemrb/GUIScripts/bg1.
[23:32:31] <fuzzie> the trade menu is GUISTORE.py.
[23:34:13] <fuzzie> but it's a bit complicated :) it looks like the problem with the gold amount might be the scrolling - does it happen if you don't scroll?
[23:34:44] <cfchris6> hm, I can't click on it without scrolling, or am I getting you wrong there?
[23:35:19] <fuzzie> well, i was wondering if you could try with spells that you don't have to scroll for :) but i don't know if there are any
[23:35:55] <cfchris6> one moment, I'll try
[23:36:41] <fuzzie> but UpdateStoreHealWindow uses 'TopIndex+i' for getting the cure and assigns 'i' to the button which is then used by InfoHealWindow without adjustment, so i would look there :)
[23:37:53] <cfchris6> concerning portrait selection, I imagine in IE BG1 I could heal characters by applying the spell to the portrait
[23:38:02] <fuzzie> oh dear, it works in bg2.
[23:38:15] <cfchris6> fun
[23:38:46] <tomprince> fuzzie: What uses SaveGameIterator. It looks like just the quicksave/autosave, and GUILOAD/GUISAVE.
[23:39:04] <fuzzie> tomprince: That sounds right.
[23:39:16] <tomprince> Also, JavaScript would be a good language for scripting, probably. :)
[23:39:17] <cfchris6> if I select spell 4 "heal heavy wounds" it is the right price. when I scroll down one spell, the next spell is selected (i.e. has that red box around it), but the description and price is that of the old spell :>
[23:39:25] <fuzzie> It is a flawed design, is my concern with it.
[23:39:38] <cfchris6> so basically it seems scrolling is not working at all
[23:39:55] <cfchris6> at least at the logical level, at optical, it does.
[23:40:11] <wjp> tomprince: thanks! I'll do the import tomorrow morning/afternoon
[23:40:36] <wjp> sleep now; good night
[23:40:57] <tomprince> wjp: Using the most recent one?
[23:41:11] <tomprince> If so, I'll update master and plugins to that one.
[23:42:01] <wjp> I just got home, and haven't had a chance to take a look yet, but I expect so
[23:43:28] <fuzzie> that scrolling bug was introduced in a commit called "fixed temple spells" :)
[23:44:39] <fuzzie> it is line 1094 of bg1/GUISTORE.py, the 'i' for SetVarAssoc in the 'UpdateStoreHealWindow' function should be 'TopIndex+i'.
[23:45:02] <fuzzie> tomprince: i think the trouble with javascript is that it is difficult to find a portable library.
[23:45:11] <wjp> one minor thing: the 0.3.2 commit has a strange svn-id: line
[23:47:08] <fuzzie> i wonder what GNOME are using?
[23:47:32] <tomprince> I thought I fixed that. Anyway, fixed now.
[23:47:34] <wjp> I see you noticed the broken 0.2.4 tag too, nice :-)
[23:47:59] <fuzzie> Ah, SpiderMonkey. Neat, I hadn't realised it was usable seperately!
[23:48:12] <tomprince> What, that it was several commits to far ahead?
[23:48:29] <wjp> yeah
[23:48:30] <cfchris6> fuzzie: thanks so far, now scrolling is working fine.
[23:48:45] <cfchris6> however the problem remains I cannot select the dead character there
[23:49:43] <fuzzie> that is a bit too complicated for me to find at a glance :) the UpdatePortraitWindow() is in bg1/GUICommonWindows.py
[23:50:16] <tomprince> fuzzie: The reason it occured to me, is the dehydra gcc plugin. It exposes the ast from gcc to JavaScript.
[23:50:24] <tomprince> My obession with automatic bindings. :)
[23:50:48] <fuzzie> well, i would imagine there could be no problem with dependencies for a new engine
[23:51:07] <fuzzie> we are definitely only worried about the required bits for the original games!
[23:51:38] <fuzzie> and moving the 'work' out of GUIScript and into the core is surely a good thing either way
[23:54:15] <wjp> tomprince: looks perfect now
[23:55:26] <fuzzie> cfchris6: that selection bug is unfortunately in the core, I think; SelectPCSingle rejects invalid 'targets', which is obviously incorrect.
[23:56:05] <wjp> if the others don't have any last-minute objections, I'll upload your svn-import-with-openal branch tomorrow after breakfast
[23:56:07] <fuzzie> tomprince: btw, you had a patch in the tracker for a dialog bug? maybe also put that in git
[23:56:23] * wjp really disappears now
[23:56:24] <fuzzie> i know Avenger was unhappy, but i would not like a bugfix to be lost
[23:56:30] <fuzzie> i will find a place to put it :)