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[09:07:49] <Yoshimo> which criteria is used to sort savegames? last modified date?
[09:09:13] <fuzzie> aren't they sorted by slot id?
[09:12:35] <Yoshimo> bg2 has auto and quicksave at the end gemrb at the beginning, and the scroll button also appears at diffrent places, bg2 scrolls all the way down. GemRB shows one more slot at the end, and that one has no data, its empty
[09:16:03] <fuzzie> this is in 'load' screen?
[09:20:58] <Yoshimo> yes
[09:21:15] <fuzzie> hm, we dind't use to have an extra slot
[09:21:22] <fuzzie> but auto/quicksave at start = sorted by slot id
[09:22:24] <Yoshimo> maybe they are "special" in the original engine
[09:22:30] <fuzzie> most likely.
[09:22:38] <fuzzie> i am just answering original question :)
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[09:23:15] <fuzzie> the original engine load screen is sloooow so i much prefer the gemrb one after tomprince optimised it.
[09:23:41] <fuzzie> but i imagine it is trivial to rearrange slots.
[09:23:57] <lynxlynxlynx> *dhew?
[09:24:03] <lynxlynxlynx> g
[09:24:18] <Yoshimo> i just noticed, nothing more ;) just this empty slot is a bit weird
[09:24:51] <fuzzie> no, pretty sure it was tomprince there
[09:24:54] <Yoshimo> linewrapping at vendors also is a bit unlucky, the "-" appears in the next line for some items, so you get the impression that the item gets sold for negative values
[09:24:58] <fuzzie> (on-demand loading of the save data)
[09:28:05] <lynxlynxlynx> cool, gcc got a -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant
[09:28:18] <fuzzie> oh, that will be fun
[09:29:24] <fuzzie> hehe, Firefox mentioned in the changelog :)
[09:48:24] <Yoshimo> do you have experienced that sometimes the cursor is stuck inside the gemrb windows for no apparent reason?
[11:18:12] <lloyd> hmm my BG install doens't create "CD#" folders
[11:18:17] <lloyd> is that normal?
[11:18:22] <lloyd> BG1
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[11:21:41] <lloyd> I did full custom install with everything checked
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[12:34:00] <Yoshimo> i have only one big "data" folder for that game too, so i guess its nothing special
[12:51:32] <lynxlynxlynx> Yoshimo: the cursor can be limited to the window if you press scroll lock
[12:52:22] <Yoshimo> so this key actually does something other than be bound to my screenshot program? ;)
[12:57:07] <lynxlynxlynx> of course
[12:57:26] <lynxlynxlynx> you may need to use a modifier though (alt?), i don't remember
[13:01:35] <Yoshimo> can gemrb show a real gameicon at the upper left corner of the window instead of the ugly default icon?
[13:04:46] <xrogaan> no, uglyness is just hidden beauty.
[13:28:51] <Yoshimo> TLKImporter: Custom string is not supported by this game format, when does that happen exactly?
[13:34:01] <Yoshimo> Same question for "2daImporter: Bad Signature" after searching for interact.2da
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[13:48:12] <lynxlynxlynx> 1. when you edit a biography
[13:48:26] <lynxlynxlynx> 2. when the signature is malformed or missing
[13:49:53] <Yoshimo> what is a 2da signature useful for?
[13:50:25] <lynxlynxlynx> nothing
[13:56:51] <Yoshimo> How about automatically stacking items of the same type?
[13:57:34] <Yoshimo> arrows for example arent looted in piles of 40 but less and dont get combined
[14:12:46] <lynxlynxlynx> we already do that if you use the lumping "cheat" key
[14:16:22] <Yoshimo> i mean: if your inventory has a stack of 3 arrows and a couple of others, they are merged
[14:31:35] <lynxlynxlynx> not automatically
[14:37:29] <Yoshimo> and i suggest to do exactly that
[15:01:06] <pugvader> omg, they didnt improve their procedural plants at all for skyrim?
[15:01:28] <pugvader> this looks like 5 year old speedtree stuff
[15:05:04] <_CJS_> I agree. Automatic stacking would be a great way to remove the tedium of constant BG-inventory shuffling. This addition would make playing BG so much more enjoyable.
[15:09:26] <_CJS_> Sometimes it feel like 20% of a BG run is spend juggling the inventory, and it gets old pretty fast.
[15:25:11] <tomprince> fuzzie lynxlynxlynx: it was dhewg, and commited by fuzzie (2c87aaf9a7362e986c4e89c2fa40b9870044f5b4)
[15:27:52] <fuzzie> not that one :P
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[15:37:46] <jimi1988> hello
[15:38:42] <jimi1988> anyone know a inpud addon for gemrb?
[15:39:05] <jimi1988> ore a mouse program for android tablets?
[15:39:12] <Yoshimo> pugvader, im sure the community will take care of it, they already made some other nice things
[15:39:59] <jimi1988> what kind of configuration did you use for bg 2??? laptp mode ore normal mode?
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[17:15:00] <brad_a> yoshimo: the icon on the window wil be the same as the application icon
[17:15:08] <brad_a> just change it to whatever you like
[17:18:17] <Yoshimo> so i have to do it, it cant change based on which game i loaded? ;)
[17:18:57] <fuzzie> which platform?
[17:20:03] <brad_a> is there a usable icon in the game intall data?
[17:20:07] <fuzzie> it's kinda fiddly to do it nicely at runtime
[17:20:14] <brad_a> yes
[17:20:15] <fuzzie> since the game install data will be hideous on e.g. OS X
[17:21:43] <Yoshimo> in my case windows 7 fuzzie
[17:22:57] <brad_a> whats the diffrence in the install data?
[17:23:06] <fuzzie> well, you get a 32x32 icon i guess?
[17:23:10] <brad_a> oh
[17:23:11] <brad_a> yes
[17:23:15] <brad_a> shudder
[17:23:53] <brad_a> but we could in theory change the window icon no problem
[17:23:59] <brad_a> SDL has an aapi for that
[17:24:37] <brad_a> but i dont care enough to actually do it at this time
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[19:05:09] <Yoshimo> there is a lot more important stuff than that brad, oh yes
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[20:51:10] <lord_jeremy> Any devs on?
[20:54:10] <brad_a> sure
[20:54:31] <lord_jeremy> Yo, checking out the various TODOs
[20:54:43] <lord_jeremy> Trying to determine if I can contribute
[20:54:46] <brad_a> im not sure how uptodate those are
[20:55:14] <lord_jeremy> Well one of the things noted is lack of support for a bunch of IE built-in projectile effects
[20:55:35] <lord_jeremy> bouncing lightning for one
[20:55:53] <fuzzie> i think that one is just missing the actual code now
[20:55:58] <brad_a> im not the one to ask about such things. lynxlynxlynx should be able to shed some light
[20:57:21] <lynxlynxlynx> the todos are up to date
[20:57:56] <lynxlynxlynx> we can use help in so many different areas that i doubt you couldn't find a suitable one
[20:58:11] <brad_a> for sure
[20:58:29] <lord_jeremy> glad to hear that
[20:58:49] <fuzzie> apparently the lightning projectile is meant to bounce off the impassable searchmap tiles
[20:58:54] <lord_jeremy> well if bouncing lightning needs to be written, any reason I can't go ahead and attempt that?
[20:59:42] <lynxlynxlynx> nope
[20:59:50] <fuzzie> and so basically you want to make the Projectile code check for the PEF_BOUNCE flag and then do that.
[21:00:01] <lynxlynxlynx> the lightning machine at the start of bg2 is a good testing ground
[21:00:25] <lord_jeremy> good point
[21:00:52] <lynxlynxlynx> as you can see, it is only a define now
[21:00:53] <lord_jeremy> also while I am it, would people be upset if I fixed some of the cosmetic cruft in the sources?
[21:00:57] <fuzzie> well
[21:01:00] <fuzzie> define 'cosmetic cruft' :)
[21:01:01] <lord_jeremy> things like "#define PEF_WALL 32768"
[21:01:07] <lynxlynxlynx> well
[21:01:10] <lynxlynxlynx> :)
[21:01:13] <lord_jeremy> give me pains in my soul
[21:01:22] <lynxlynxlynx> just don't do it in the same patch
[21:01:26] <lord_jeremy> of course
[21:01:31] <lynxlynxlynx> are you familiar with git?
[21:01:33] <lord_jeremy> very
[21:01:34] <lord_jeremy> <3
[21:01:38] <lynxlynxlynx> <3
[21:01:57] <lynxlynxlynx> ok, anything else?
[21:02:04] <fuzzie> the only warning to give us that you should beware that our lead dev is soldily stuck with msvc6
[21:02:21] <fuzzie> is that.
[21:02:54] <lord_jeremy> ouch
[21:03:02] <fuzzie> so we're stick with mid-90s pseudo-C++.
[21:03:04] <fuzzie> stuck with.
[21:03:05] <fuzzie> gosh, can't type.
[21:03:16] <brad_a> welcome to my world :-P
[21:04:43] <fuzzie> just be grateful you're not stucking trying to debug issues deep in obscure msvc5 code which doesn't work properly in debug mode mumble mumble mumble.
[21:05:36] <brad_a> i had a similar experience very recently ;-)
[21:10:06] <tomprince> lord_jeremy: We have a buildbot that will yell, if the msvc6 build breaks.
[21:13:39] <lord_jeremy> good to know
[21:19:53] <lord_jeremy> any of you guys build on Mac OS X?
[21:19:59] <brad_a> i do :)
[21:20:19] <lord_jeremy> do you know if macports versions of the various dependencies work?
[21:20:36] <brad_a> dont use macports if you want it to work :)
[21:20:39] <lord_jeremy> ah
[21:20:50] <brad_a> just use the python and openal that comes with the system
[21:20:51] <lord_jeremy> how do you satisfy the dependencies?
[21:20:59] <lord_jeremy> what about sdl?
[21:21:06] <brad_a> the only dependancy that doesnt come standard is SDL
[21:21:08] <brad_a> yes
[21:21:13] <brad_a> download the SDL framework
[21:21:16] <lord_jeremy> gotcha
[21:21:20] <brad_a> or compile your own SDL framework
[21:21:27] <lord_jeremy> ugh, I've done that before
[21:21:34] <brad_a> SDL has an xcode project in the source that makes it very easy to do
[21:22:15] <lord_jeremy> which version does gemrb use? the requirements doesn't specify
[21:22:20] <brad_a> lloyd has probably played gemrb on mac more than me tho
[21:22:31] <brad_a> it can use 1.2 or 1.3
[21:22:36] <brad_a> what version of os x?
[21:22:50] <lord_jeremy> Lion or Snow
[21:23:14] <brad_a> well the official 1.2 releas on lion doesnt work in fullscreen mode
[21:23:30] <brad_a> so you need to compile your own from source
[21:23:41] <brad_a> if you are going to do that i would suggest just getting 1.3
[21:23:50] <lord_jeremy> right
[21:23:56] <brad_a> 1.3 supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling
[21:24:00] <fuzzie> they didn't release a version with that fixed yet?
[21:24:08] <brad_a> its fixed in source only
[21:24:23] <brad_a> unless they slipped that passed me
[21:24:31] <fuzzie> hum.
[21:24:46] <brad_a> but 1.3 is better IMO
[21:25:54] <lynxlynxlynx> yeah, can't wait for it to get released
[21:26:13] <lord_jeremy> based on the fact that gemrb has an active iOS version I take it that SDL works on iOS again?
[21:26:25] <lynxlynxlynx> i'd like to use the mouse wheel for inc/dec on skill buttons and the like (where we do the delayed acceleration now)
[21:26:42] <brad_a> yes i just fixed that today :)
[21:26:59] <brad_a> lynx thats a fantastic idea
[21:27:09] <fuzzie> 1.3 makes a lot more sense API-wise for cross-platform, certainly
[21:28:08] <brad_a> i think there is still 1 outstanding issue with 1.3 regarding font palettes
[21:28:12] <brad_a> but i have a patch for it
[21:28:33] <brad_a> lloyd: you there?
[21:31:39] <lord_jeremy> brad_a: I take it you build you SDL using Xcode. Are there any problems "modernizing" the project on Lion? Specifically it wants to switch from GCC 4.0 to LLVM
[21:32:01] <brad_a> nope i modernize everything it asks me for
[21:32:15] <brad_a> but it should want you to use clang on lion
[21:32:31] <brad_a> or is that a diffrent name for llvm?
[21:32:34] <lord_jeremy> that's LLVM
[21:32:36] <brad_a> ah
[21:32:50] <lord_jeremy> which base SDK do you use?
[21:33:06] <lord_jeremy> it's preset to 10.4 but I don't have that of course
[21:33:07] <brad_a> well i only build for myself so i always use "current mac os"
[21:33:14] <fuzzie> it's a bit ambigious given how common llvm-gcc is for xcode
[21:33:28] <brad_a> yes
[21:35:57] <lord_jeremy> is the development config have much of a performance hit compared to the deployment? for SDL that is..
[21:36:32] <brad_a> im not sure. i remember for ios i changed the configuration quite a bit
[21:37:59] <brad_a> seems like quite a few mac devs have flocked here recently...
[21:38:20] <lord_jeremy> gah, they need to get around to fixing the project file for Xcode 4
[21:38:36] <brad_a> whats wrong with it?
[21:38:43] <brad_a> i havent had any problems
[21:39:38] <lord_jeremy> well it's set to use 10.4 SDKs
[21:39:47] <brad_a> that will never change
[21:40:00] <brad_a> they will keep it that way as long as SDL runs on 10.4
[21:40:00] <lord_jeremy> well they don't exist anymore :P
[21:40:32] <lynxlynxlynx> fuzzie: is there anything i can do to help with the irenicus crasher?
[21:40:54] <brad_a> they should probably change it to use "current os" and use the deployment target to 10.4 i guess
[21:41:53] <lord_jeremy> Apple makes things difficult
[21:41:54] <brad_a> BTW im not sure if you will have success compiling 1.3 form source on lion currently. i think you may have to revert 61fa4f3238c5
[21:42:02] <lord_jeremy> yeah I'm realizing that
[21:42:11] <lord_jeremy> linker errors >.<
[21:42:34] <brad_a> im not familiar with macurial but it should be easy to revert that to a useable state
[21:42:35] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: i sure am spectacularly uninformative in irc logs
[21:42:45] <lord_jeremy> I have no idea how to use mercurial, anyone know how to switch revisions?
[21:43:00] <brad_a> well try hg revert 61fa4f3238c5
[21:43:48] <fuzzie> for future fuzzie reference: irenicus crasher is instant bug due to forcing action on unsuspecting actor without area
[21:44:40] <lord_jeremy> fyi: hg update -r 61fa4f3238c5
[21:44:47] <brad_a> ah :)
[21:44:53] <lord_jeremy> hg revert 61fa4f3238c5 did something
[21:44:59] <lord_jeremy> but not at all what I wanted
[21:45:05] <brad_a> :(
[21:45:20] <lynxlynxlynx> fuzzie: http://pastebin.com/iYgMbXni <-- easy to work around, but we should do the right thing
[21:49:43] <lynxlynxlynx> maybe just an extra area check in gemrb/core/Scriptable/Scriptable.cpp:440 ?
[21:50:34] <fuzzie> the right thing is complicated
[21:52:02] <lord_jeremy> does rev 61fa4f3238c5 work for you?
[21:52:19] <brad_a> i havent built SDL 1.3 from source in months
[21:53:01] <brad_a> i have a built copy thats somewhat dated tho
[21:53:09] <brad_a> if you just want to download it
[21:53:10] <lord_jeremy> would it be easy to tell me what revision your local copy is at?
[21:53:39] <brad_a> im sure its quite old but if you tell me the mecurial command to find out i can tell you
[21:54:04] <brad_a> says its from aug 23
[21:54:30] <lord_jeremy> hg identify
[21:54:38] <brad_a> and certainly this version doesnt support our font palettes
[21:55:11] <brad_a> f74f1a736dd9+ tip
[21:59:02] <lord_jeremy> just send me your build
[21:59:07] <lord_jeremy> I can't even get that revision to build
[22:00:00] <brad_a> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/SDL.framework.zip
[22:00:12] <brad_a> just unzip and install to /Library/Frameworks
[22:00:29] <lord_jeremy> yuppers
[22:01:20] <brad_a> i think i shall make it a point to update my SDL codebse soon. many iOS related fixes since i built
[22:01:52] <lord_jeremy> oh that figures
[22:02:16] <lord_jeremy> the rev you're on has build errors in 10.7
[22:02:22] <lord_jeremy> which are fixed in rev ab97e8ce122a
[22:02:33] <lord_jeremy> I gather you only build iOS versions?
[22:02:45] <lynxlynxlynx> fuzzie: well, how wrong is the workaround, eg. do you expect any damage?
[22:02:59] <brad_a> no thats the revison i used to build for 10.7
[22:03:15] <lord_jeremy> weird
[22:03:19] <brad_a> my iOS version is even older :)
[22:03:24] <lord_jeremy> ouch
[22:03:27] <brad_a> yes
[22:03:29] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: workaround is fine, 'FIXME: hack until fuzzie fixes scripts here'?
[22:03:30] <brad_a> time to update
[22:04:00] <fuzzie> or 'TODO: club fuzzie with assorted weaponary'
[22:04:03] <fuzzie> weaponery?
[22:04:06] <lynxlynxlynx> great
[22:04:21] <fuzzie> assuming it works :p
[22:04:23] <lynxlynxlynx> i give up hope on the weaponry part :P
[22:04:28] <lynxlynxlynx> it does
[22:04:48] <fuzzie> well i am really spectacularly disorganised and people bug me at the right moments to do stuff when i'm not buried in uni
[22:04:52] <brad_a> attack fuzzie with staff of coding +5
[22:05:12] <fuzzie> i think everyone in the whole world has given up on me being organised, which is stupid, because i keep screwing stuff up
[22:05:16] <lord_jeremy> can I use that to hit whoever did these constants defines in projectile.h?
[22:05:37] <fuzzie> the older ones probably date back forever and ever
[22:05:38] <lynxlynxlynx> heh, maybe you should have a public calendar
[22:05:51] <brad_a> except that was probably avenger and without him we would have nothing
[22:06:44] <fuzzie> no in fact git blame somewhat hilariously has avenger adding them in 2009, adding 16384 and 32768 in style of previous before moving on to be more inconsistent
[22:07:11] <brad_a> :-P
[22:07:48] <lord_jeremy> is avenger the one using msvc6?
[22:07:52] <fuzzie> yes
[22:07:58] <fuzzie> also the one responsible for writing 90% of the code
[22:09:34] <brad_a> fuzzie: where is that graph you were referencing yesterday?
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[22:09:51] <fuzzie> https://www.ohloh.net/p/scummvm/analyses/latest but of course that is by commit, as discussed
[22:10:02] <fuzzie> oh, except s/scummvm/gemrb/ ofc
[22:10:04] <fuzzie> tired
[22:10:11] <lord_jeremy> uh
[22:11:04] <lord_jeremy> what the graphical cmake command again?
[22:11:21] <brad_a> graphical cmake command?
[22:11:25] <brad_a> for what?
[22:11:25] <lord_jeremy> yeah
[22:11:33] <lord_jeremy> for configuring
[22:11:48] <brad_a> um
[22:11:49] <lord_jeremy> it gives you a nice list of the configuration options
[22:12:09] <brad_a> you dont need to do setup
[22:12:16] <brad_a> cmake will find everything
[22:12:17] <lynxlynxlynx> ccmake
[22:12:29] <lord_jeremy> ah yes that one
[22:12:40] <brad_a> you may have a problem with something thinking you are an iphone tho… dont know how or when i broke that
[22:12:49] <lord_jeremy> I figured to check to make sure it wasn't looking at my /opt/local copies for a couple of the dependencies
[22:12:51] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * re485da5d9f5f 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Scriptable.cpp:
[22:12:51] <CIA-44> GemRB: added workaround for the coordinator->irenicus spellhold transition crash
[22:12:51] <CIA-44> GemRB: (triggered by cut41g forcing a NOHOLD_PARTY cast)
[22:12:54] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r96c1179cdb8c 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Scriptable.cpp:
[22:12:54] <CIA-44> GemRB: don't add the casting animation for forced instant casts
[22:12:54] <CIA-44> GemRB: fixes jarred spellhold thieves appearing to cast finger of death on
[22:12:54] <CIA-44> GemRB: themselves, rather than it being obvious all the action is from Jon
[22:13:07] --> Drakkar has joined #gemrb
[22:13:25] <lord_jeremy> yay hacks
[22:13:28] <lynxlynxlynx> well, it won't show all the vars
[22:13:48] <lynxlynxlynx> i guess only the set ones
[22:14:10] <lynxlynxlynx> but i make sure we print all the nonstandard ones as a summary after cmake is done configuring
[22:14:46] <brad_a> wow 200k loc!
[22:15:21] <lord_jeremy> wow indeed
[22:15:22] <brad_a> i gues that includes all the text files?
[22:15:30] <brad_a> ie not just code
[22:15:46] <lord_jeremy> oh crud
[22:15:56] <lord_jeremy> does it build for x86_64 by default?
[22:16:08] <lord_jeremy> because it definitely shouldn't be doing that
[22:16:12] <lord_jeremy> considering SDL is 32-bit
[22:16:14] <brad_a> why not?
[22:16:17] <brad_a> um
[22:16:18] <brad_a> no
[22:16:26] <brad_a> that one i gave you is both 32 and 64 bit
[22:16:48] <brad_a> i play gemrb 64 bit all the time
[22:17:06] <lord_jeremy> when I built SDL, it only had a i386 target
[22:17:26] <brad_a> i thought you used the one i send you
[22:17:39] <lord_jeremy> no I switched to a later rev and got it to build
[22:17:43] <brad_a> oh
[22:17:55] <brad_a> well it will build for both if you tell it to
[22:18:57] <lord_jeremy> oh there we go, I overlooked the SDK issue
[22:19:02] <brad_a> just turn build for active architecture only to "no" and make sure both i386 and x86_64 are in teh supported architectures
[22:19:32] <lord_jeremy> it wasn't building 64 because that arch was still set to a nonexistent SDK
[22:19:39] <brad_a> oh
[22:19:41] <brad_a> i hate that
[22:20:00] <lord_jeremy> curse Apple and their lack of backwards compatibility
[22:20:13] <brad_a> yeah they truely do hate backwards compatibility
[22:21:16] <lord_jeremy> on the other hand, where would the world be in the iMac G3 still had a @#$%ing parallel port
[22:21:30] <brad_a> yeah its not all bad
[22:21:46] <fuzzie> i think the scsi port was the more extreme change there, really
[22:21:59] <brad_a> i think im going to have to do some massive cleanup in gemrb obj-c coede soon. like now actually
[22:22:06] <fuzzie> in terms of "things users really hate disappearing, argh"
[22:22:21] <brad_a> soon the optical drive will be gone
[22:22:26] <brad_a> but im looking forward to that
[22:22:33] <lord_jeremy> indeed
[22:22:34] <fuzzie> i have one single optical drive left in the house
[22:22:39] <fuzzie> well, one functioning one
[22:22:43] <fuzzie> funnily enough it is in an apple machine
[22:22:48] <brad_a> lol
[22:22:55] <lord_jeremy> I used to archive all my stuff on DVDs
[22:23:01] <lord_jeremy> but now I've got a 2TB RAID
[22:23:06] <brad_a> exactly
[22:23:33] <lord_jeremy> objective-c? the OSX/iOS wrappers?
[22:23:37] <brad_a> yes
[22:23:57] <lord_jeremy> where in the source is the platform stuff?
[22:23:59] <brad_a> it started as a simple wrapper to get the mac build as a "bundle" instead of a commandline exe
[22:24:06] <lord_jeremy> right
[22:24:13] <brad_a> now it has balooned with additional platform specific features
[22:24:19] <lord_jeremy> is it just CocoaWrapper.m?
[22:24:21] <brad_a> and i need to separate that out
[22:24:31] <brad_a> most of it hasnt been commited
[22:24:43] <brad_a> but there are 2 cocoawrapper.m files
[22:24:47] <brad_a> that have been
[22:24:54] <brad_a> one in plugins/sdl/
[22:25:01] <brad_a> and the other is with gemrb.cpp
[22:25:18] <lord_jeremy> oh god, the root level one still has that really old SDL on Mac OS X stuff
[22:25:26] <brad_a> no
[22:25:28] <brad_a> its not
[22:25:32] <brad_a> it just appears that way
[22:25:41] <brad_a> its actually perfectly modern
[22:26:11] <lord_jeremy> is there an actual NSApplication subclass anywhere?
[22:26:27] <brad_a> we want to have that control ourselves instead of letting SDL 1.3 do it all
[22:26:44] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
[22:26:44] <lord_jeremy> - (void)setAppleMenu:(NSMenu *)menu;
[22:26:45] <lord_jeremy> really?
[22:26:58] <brad_a> some of that stuff may not be needed
[22:27:01] <lord_jeremy> that's what I meant by the old SDL stuff
[22:27:11] <fuzzie> can you remove it, in SDL 1.2?
[22:27:28] <lord_jeremy> I'm not sure of the differences between 1.3 and 1.2
[22:27:40] <lord_jeremy> in regard to the OS X application layer stuff
[22:27:59] <fuzzie> well my vague memory is that SDL 1.2 makes it entirely the app's problem
[22:27:59] <brad_a> well 1.3 takes waht sdlmain.m was doing instide the framework
[22:28:12] <brad_a> but that also takes control away from us
[22:28:17] <lord_jeremy> hmm yeah
[22:28:33] <brad_a> so we are keeping the 1.2 esque implementation, but it works just fine with 1.3
[22:28:44] <brad_a> so we have compatibility with both
[22:29:09] <lord_jeremy> you maintain the iOS build right?
[22:29:10] <fuzzie> in the event of dropping 1.2 support you could indeed just replace the file with something vaguely sane, i assume
[22:29:23] <brad_a> im actually cleaning that up now
[22:29:35] <brad_a> but i plan on keeping 1.2 compatibility
[22:30:04] <brad_a> yes i maintain iOS build as best i can. i dont have an iOS device tho. all simulator.
[22:30:16] <brad_a> so its been hard. especially recently ;-)
[22:30:18] <lord_jeremy> how generous of you
[22:30:22] <lord_jeremy> yeah I'm sure
[22:30:24] <brad_a> well its good learning
[22:30:30] <lynxlynxlynx> cool, now only the one ea issue is left from the modded run :)
[22:30:50] <lord_jeremy> good god
[22:30:57] <lord_jeremy> @implementation UITextField (KeyboardAccesory)
[22:31:02] <brad_a> yeah i know
[22:31:13] <brad_a> i already admited to feeling bad about that
[22:31:26] <brad_a> like i said im claning that stuff up now
[22:32:10] <lord_jeremy> lol
[22:32:44] <brad_a> im proud of the function but not so proud of where the coe ended up
[22:33:10] <lord_jeremy> redoing it with a factory method?
[22:33:34] <brad_a> im probably not going to redo that till it breaks. but it needs to be moved
[22:33:50] <brad_a> i know overriding with a category is "bad"
[22:33:55] <lord_jeremy> well
[22:34:36] <lord_jeremy> Apple says you should be subclassing
[22:34:48] <brad_a> subclassing what?
[22:35:10] <lord_jeremy> UITextField, in this case
[22:35:14] <lord_jeremy> but that is annoying
[22:35:18] <brad_a> i have no direct access to the SDL textfield ;-)
[22:35:32] <brad_a> so this was the most painless solution
[22:36:00] <lord_jeremy> what do you mean SDL textfield?
[22:36:06] <lord_jeremy> UITextField is UIKit
[22:36:26] <brad_a> SDL is what is making the textfield
[22:36:34] <brad_a> i have no control over that
[22:36:36] <lord_jeremy> oh I get what you mean
[22:36:37] <lord_jeremy> yeah
[22:37:18] <brad_a> so this was a quick and easy way to get the keyboard to behave the way i want without hacking into SDL
[22:37:37] <brad_a> so untill it breaks it will probably stay this way
[22:37:49] <brad_a> unless somebody else wants to change it
[22:37:57] <lord_jeremy> yeah
[22:38:35] <lynxlynxlynx> fuzzie: something simpler now: http://pastebin.com/95AGa18F <-- shouldn't this always result in a call to enemy, since the actor starts off as GOODBUTBLUE
[22:39:11] <lord_jeremy> where is that called?
[22:39:19] <lynxlynxlynx> it's a script block
[22:39:32] <lord_jeremy> brad_a: where is inputAccessoryView called/
[22:39:37] <lynxlynxlynx> hehe
[22:39:42] <brad_a> now that more apple deves are flocking in i need to be more careful about cramming this code where it doesnt belong ;-)
[22:39:59] <brad_a> inputAccessoryView isnt called by gemrb
[22:40:16] <brad_a> im overriding a method that is called by uikit
[22:40:27] <lord_jeremy> you'll have to forgive me if I'm ignorant of UIKit stuff
[22:40:42] <brad_a> i dont knwo much either. gemrb for iOS is my first uikit rodeo
[22:40:48] <lord_jeremy> I was "brought up" with AppKit
[22:40:51] <brad_a> me too
[22:41:44] <lord_jeremy> oh god, you're category overriding a property?
[22:41:59] <lord_jeremy> you're going to burn in Cocoa hell
[22:42:09] <brad_a> like i said. i know its considered "bad"
[22:42:24] <fuzzie> hehe
[22:42:28] <lord_jeremy> sorry, I'm just teasing you
[22:42:28] <brad_a> but considering i cant ddo it "the right way" without hacking sdl i dont cre
[22:42:39] <lord_jeremy> yeah that's a fault of SDL
[22:43:05] <lord_jeremy> from what I've seen the UIKit APIs are usually designed so that you can subclass sensible things without these sorts of issues
[22:43:38] <lord_jeremy> but this begs the question
[22:43:43] <brad_a> you think thats a hack you should see some of the things i used to do with "poseasclass"
[22:43:49] <lord_jeremy> why can't you replace the property with the one you're generating?
[22:44:06] <brad_a> what am i "generating"
[22:44:32] <lord_jeremy> in your override method
[22:44:50] <brad_a> what property are you talking about?
[22:45:10] <lord_jeremy> inputAccessoryView
[22:45:11] <lord_jeremy> The custom accessory view to display when the text field becomes the first responder
[22:45:11] <lord_jeremy> @property (readwrite, retain) UIView *inputAccessoryView
[22:45:11] <lord_jeremy> Discussion
[22:45:11] <lord_jeremy> The default value of this property is nil. Assigning a view to this property causes that view to be displayed above the standard system keyboard (or above the custom input view if one is provided) when the text field becomes the first responder. For example, you could use this property to attach a custom toolbar to the keyboard.
[22:45:39] <lord_jeremy> the override you've written is overriding an accessor
[22:45:52] <brad_a> i know. i cant do anything better because of SDL
[22:46:01] <fuzzie> you can do that without access to the field?
[22:46:05] <lord_jeremy> but the property is readwrite
[22:46:13] <lord_jeremy> that's my point, he's ignoring the field
[22:46:23] <brad_a> i dont follow what you are saying
[22:46:24] <fuzzie> i mean, without access to the text field
[22:47:32] <lord_jeremy> can't you create the replacement "SDL_UIKIT_KBoardAccessoryView"
[22:47:48] <lord_jeremy> and then set it to the property in the UITextField?
[22:48:00] <brad_a> I have NO access to the UITExtField
[22:48:15] <brad_a> thats why this hack exists ;-)
[22:48:43] <lord_jeremy> oh, I had thought you meant you didn't have access to its creation
[22:48:51] <brad_a> SDL creates a hidden and private textfield
[22:49:21] <brad_a> i have no access to it at all
[22:49:24] <lord_jeremy> yeah, then the only other way would be to usurp SDL
[22:50:03] <brad_a> of course i could get a hold of it if i really wanted by walink the view hierarchy, but thats jsut as much a hack IMO and my way is cleaner and easy to read
[22:50:21] <brad_a> ^walking
[22:50:24] <lord_jeremy> well
[22:50:33] <lord_jeremy> I would suggest you also override setInputAccessoryView
[22:50:40] <lord_jeremy> it is a readwrite property
[22:50:54] <brad_a> yes
[22:50:57] <brad_a> you are right
[22:51:11] <brad_a> i will do that in the cleanup im doing right now
[22:51:18] <lord_jeremy> too bad SDL doesn't have classes to override
[22:51:57] <brad_a> objective-c is such a hack friendly language it makes it hard to resist :-P
[22:52:06] <lord_jeremy> indeed
[22:52:45] <brad_a> when presented with a choice of writting 10 lines of simple easy to read "hack" code vs writting 3x the # of "correct" code
[22:53:21] <lord_jeremy> ah crap
[22:53:34] <lord_jeremy> I just noticed my build of gemrb choked on SDL headers
[22:54:15] <brad_a> yes
[22:54:21] <brad_a> because it thinks you are an iphone
[22:54:35] <brad_a> still dont know why or when that happened
[22:54:46] <lord_jeremy> "SDL_sysvideo.h"
[22:54:49] <brad_a> yes
[22:54:51] <brad_a> i know
[22:54:56] <lord_jeremy> ok
[22:55:01] <brad_a> lloyd had the same issue
[22:55:06] <brad_a> thats how i learned about it
[22:55:27] <lord_jeremy> well the obvious culprit would be a bad define guard
[22:55:46] <brad_a> he has the exact workaround but it involves undef-ing TARGET_OS_IPHONE is 2 or 3 places
[22:55:55] <lord_jeremy> yeah
[22:56:05] <lord_jeremy> better idea is to just see where TARGET_OS_IPHONE got enabled
[22:56:25] <brad_a> if i follow that it is enabled in an apple header
[22:56:47] <lord_jeremy> which one?
[22:56:50] <brad_a> if i look at the documentation for that header it says it check some variable somewhere
[22:57:41] <brad_a> targetconditionals.h
[22:57:54] <brad_a> clearly shows it is set to "1"
[22:58:30] <lord_jeremy> where is TargetConditionals.h included?
[22:58:36] <brad_a> i have no idea
[22:58:48] <brad_a> try removing #import accessibility.h
[22:58:51] <brad_a> in cocoawrapper
[22:59:07] <lord_jeremy> no here's the problem
[22:59:12] <lord_jeremy> you can do #ifdef TARGET_OS_IPHONE
[22:59:18] <lord_jeremy> you have to do #if TARGET_OS_IPHONE > 0
[22:59:29] <brad_a> well jsut #if TARGET_OS_IPHONE
[22:59:45] <lord_jeremy> ideally you'd want #if defined(TARGET_OS_IPHONE) && TARGET_OS_IPHONE
[23:00:01] <lord_jeremy> TARGET_OS_IPHONE is #defined to 0 on Mac platforms
[23:00:07] <brad_a> where is that at? my codebase doesnt have #ifdef TARGET_OS_IPHONE anywhere
[23:00:16] <lord_jeremy> SDLVideo.cpp
[23:00:29] <lord_jeremy> an #ifdef TARGET_OS_IPHONE guards the problematic SDL includes
[23:01:04] <lord_jeremy> you want to patch this or should I?
[23:01:16] <lord_jeremy> you said you were already working on these files right?
[23:01:29] <brad_a> i will. i have write access to git. i apparently already fxed it in my branch
[23:01:39] <lord_jeremy> alright
[23:01:54] <lord_jeremy> I see the problem in SDLVideo.cpp only
[23:02:06] <lord_jeremy> it's done properly in CocoaWrapper
[23:02:57] <lord_jeremy> though in SDLVideo
[23:03:08] <lord_jeremy> you'd have to do an #if defined(TARGET_OS_IPHONE) && TARGET_OS_IPHONE
[23:03:27] <lord_jeremy> because I'm assuming TARGET_OS_IPHONE isn't defined at all on non-Apple platforms
[23:04:44] <lord_jeremy> I'm still getting warnings in SDLVideo
[23:05:17] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[23:06:42] <tomprince> You could probably just do '#if TARGET_OS_IPHONE'
[23:08:33] <brad_a> thats what i already did in my branch
[23:09:27] <lord_jeremy> brad_a: did you write the function void SDLVideoDriver::MouseClickEvent in SDLVideo?
[23:09:44] <brad_a> no but the fix for theat it a simple type change
[23:09:54] <brad_a> change the type parameter to a short
[23:09:58] <lord_jeremy> yeah just making sure you guys saw that
[23:10:14] <brad_a> yes. thats another thing fixed in my branch but not in master
[23:10:33] <brad_a> mostly because i didnt know if it was a 1.3 issue vs 1.2 or if i should change it for both or what
[23:12:56] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03bradallred * r411561934ed3 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/SDLVideo.cpp: SDLVideo: correct usage of TARGET_OS_IPHONE
[23:13:06] <lord_jeremy> yay!
[23:14:08] <brad_a> tomprince: does that type change work for SDL 1.2 also?
[23:14:19] <brad_a> or fuzzie or lynx or anybody that has 1.2
[23:14:48] <lord_jeremy> I'm currently looking at the 1.2 documentation
[23:15:49] --> lynxlynxlynx has joined #gemrb
[23:15:49] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Changing host)
[23:15:49] --> lynxlynxlynx has joined #gemrb
[23:15:49] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to lynxlynxlynx
[23:16:04] <lynxlynxlynx> http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=3649 <-- heh, it's an original issue
[23:16:18] <lynxlynxlynx> i thought we needed to add ea checks to shout
[23:16:48] <lynxlynxlynx> need to check if the fixpack still has this code, since it clearly didn't help
[23:16:52] <lord_jeremy> ok so the values passed in the parameters are enums in SDL_events.h
[23:17:57] <lord_jeremy> in 1.2 the values don't exceed 8 bits and in 1.3 the values don't exceed 16
[23:18:11] <brad_a> well it should be fine
[23:18:14] <lord_jeremy> but they're both defined by enums so it should be safe for the parameter to be 16 bits
[23:18:18] <brad_a> then since 8 < 16 ;-)
[23:18:25] <brad_a> i guess that wa obvious
[23:18:35] <brad_a> ill go ahead and commit it
[23:18:40] <lord_jeremy> wait a sec
[23:18:42] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Client Quit)
[23:18:43] <brad_a> k
[23:18:48] <lord_jeremy> event->button.type = type;
[23:18:56] <lord_jeremy> where type is the problematic parameter
[23:19:10] <brad_a> oh
[23:19:33] <lord_jeremy> gotta look at the struct
[23:19:34] <tomprince> brad_: The type should probably be SDL_EventType
[23:19:35] <lord_jeremy> oh futz
[23:19:42] <brad_a> yeay
[23:19:45] <brad_a> lets do that
[23:20:14] <lord_jeremy> yeah that's the only safe thing
[23:20:43] <lord_jeremy> considering the event structs define it as Uint8 in 1.2 and Uint32 in 1.3
[23:20:58] <brad_a> yup
[23:23:44] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03bradallred * r699271890864 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/ (SDLVideo.cpp SDLVideo.h): SDLVideo: use an SDL event type for compatibility between SDL versions.
[23:25:08] <lord_jeremy> did you leave the button parameter as a Uint8?
[23:25:29] <brad_a> yes
[23:25:38] <lord_jeremy> good
[23:26:01] <brad_a> if i changed it i would have changed it to SDL_button or whatever
[23:26:26] <lord_jeremy> there is no such thing as SDL_button
[23:26:40] <brad_a> im pretty sure there is something along those lines
[23:26:51] <lord_jeremy> as far as I can tell that parameter refers to say mouse button 1 or mouse button 2
[23:27:09] <lord_jeremy> it's an index
[23:27:11] <lord_jeremy> not a lookup
[23:27:28] <brad_a> well i didnt change it :)
[23:27:41] <lord_jeremy> hopefully we'll never have to deal with more than a 255 button mouse :P
[23:27:57] <brad_a> nope :)
[23:28:09] <brad_a> well 256 i gues
[23:28:18] <lord_jeremy> ah yes, clean build
[23:28:25] <brad_a> good
[23:28:42] <lord_jeremy> oh
[23:28:56] <lord_jeremy> the app doesn't complain with dialog boxes if it can't find a config file
[23:29:01] <lord_jeremy> it just appears to not launch
[23:29:43] <brad_a> there are no dialoges for any platform except iOS afik
[23:29:50] <brad_a> check the console
[23:29:51] <lord_jeremy> good to know
[23:29:53] <lord_jeremy> yeah I did
[23:30:04] <lord_jeremy> although it does have color output
[23:30:06] <lord_jeremy> fancy
[23:30:07] <brad_a> i will add that to mac build eventually
[23:30:17] <brad_a> but it want a priority since you have good console access
[23:30:18] <lord_jeremy> where is that implemented for iOS?
[23:30:20] <brad_a> unlike on iphone
[23:30:32] <brad_a> it probably isnt commited to the master branch
[23:30:40] <lord_jeremy> ah
[23:31:38] <brad_a> most of the iOS wrapper is not commited
[23:31:39] <fuzzie> did you try hooking it up to error() instead yet?
[23:31:45] <brad_a> not yes
[23:31:47] <brad_a> not yet
[23:32:07] <brad_a> i wanted to get a working ios build to the masses first
[23:32:26] <brad_a> now that thats out of the way i will do that. im sure it will work
[23:33:06] <lord_jeremy> where is the global error handling in gemrb?
[23:34:02] <fuzzie> Logging.cpp has an error() which we are plotting to use more but have yet to do
[23:34:40] <lord_jeremy> uh so are things like "[Core]: Could not load config file [ERROR]" being thrown out by random printfs?
[23:34:53] <fuzzie> that is printMessage() i think
[23:35:29] <lord_jeremy> is there a roadmap for error reporting with dialog boxes?
[23:35:31] <fuzzie> a good example of one which should be moved to error()
[23:35:38] <fuzzie> well, we can't do it on all platforms
[23:35:46] <lord_jeremy> why not?
[23:35:50] <brad_a> it is on my todo for mac an ios
[23:35:53] <fuzzie> because how would you do a dialog box on linux?
[23:36:23] <fuzzie> but otherwise the plan is to just make everything call error() and override it there, as discussed on IRC sometime v.recently, i think yesterday
[23:36:43] <lord_jeremy> well if you were acting like most multi platform game engines you draw your own dialogs
[23:36:44] <brad_a> it was thursday
[23:36:51] <fuzzie> lord_jeremy: without any data, though?
[23:36:56] <tomprince> And some people (me) would be annoyed with dialog boxes.
[23:37:01] <fuzzie> that is the usual cause of startup errors
[23:37:12] <fuzzie> also yes we would be mobbed by our userbase i guess
[23:37:58] <brad_a> lord_jeremy: if you wait till i clean up this wrapper code you are more than welcome to add the mac dialog
[23:38:00] <fuzzie> i think by the time you get to the point where you can actually draw graphics and text and everything to the screen, you've already made it past most of the usual errors
[23:38:01] <brad_a> handling
[23:38:21] <lord_jeremy> well the other multi platform solution is simply have multiple implementations
[23:38:37] <fuzzie> yes, but you can't implement anything on linux that anyone'd actually use
[23:39:10] <lord_jeremy> well for linux it would depend what window manager they're using
[23:39:32] <fuzzie> but it's trivial on Win32 and OS X so it'd perhaps be worth adding at least for release builds or something
[23:39:37] <lord_jeremy> hell even xmessage would work no?
[23:39:43] <fuzzie> if people *have* xmessage
[23:39:52] <brad_a> well its jsut not useful on linux
[23:40:21] <fuzzie> all the little bits like x11-utils are becoming less and less standard
[23:40:37] <lord_jeremy> alright well if running on a platform that has no supported dialog message then presumably we're still logging to console anyway
[23:40:47] <fuzzie> well, also if you launch from the menu then you don't get a console
[23:40:54] <fuzzie> so everything is awful.
[23:40:58] <lord_jeremy> and hell on the flip side what about a platform like iOS that effectively doesn't have a console for end users?
[23:41:10] <lord_jeremy> true but you're still logging to system console no?
[23:41:10] <brad_a> i have a debug mode to log to file
[23:41:23] <tomprince> Certainly, we can be better about handling errors.
[23:41:24] <lord_jeremy> yeah but if someone just downloaded/installed the IPA
[23:41:36] <lord_jeremy> and tried to launch it, it wouldn't launch and they wouldn't know why
[23:41:36] <brad_a> ios does automatic configuration
[23:41:45] <tomprince> That is why I tried to centralize all the log writting to a single file.
[23:41:45] <lord_jeremy> eh you get my point
[23:42:11] <brad_a> ios has a user interface before actually launching gemrb
[23:42:28] <fuzzie> yes, android is logging to the android system log, and that works fine
[23:42:37] <tomprince> It would be good, once the game is loaded to be able to access the output of the console.
[23:43:04] <lord_jeremy> in the context of error reporting, I believe it would make sense to have more than just a global error printing function
[23:43:37] <lord_jeremy> there can be multiple kinds of conditions called "errors" and they could probably be handled in different ways
[23:43:47] <fuzzie> it quickly becomes a pipe dream though
[23:43:59] <brad_a> almost all of them require config edits which cant be doe at runtime so
[23:44:00] <tomprince> Well, we used to have printfs scattered everywhere, and we still have a bunch of print (which just wraps printf but is overrideable)
[23:44:04] <fuzzie> at least error() can be quickly dealt with.
[23:44:16] <brad_a> there is no point in doing more than poping up an alert to say waht went wrong etc
[23:44:28] <lord_jeremy> yeah but what about non-fatal warnings
[23:44:31] <tomprince> lord_jeremy: Certainly, something better would be good. Just nobody has taken the time to implement it yet.
[23:44:45] <lord_jeremy> alright, I have an idea
[23:44:47] <fuzzie> non-fatal warnings get logged because at the moment we have way too many of them and it's a nightmare.
[23:44:55] <brad_a> yes
[23:45:05] <brad_a> the are usually nothing you can do anyway
[23:45:12] <brad_a> things like 2da signature etc
[23:45:35] <lord_jeremy> something like error(owner, message, level)
[23:45:51] <fuzzie> do we have a warning()? that is equivalent
[23:46:00] <fuzzie> anyway i should sleep before i fall over
[23:46:02] <fuzzie> good luck all
[23:46:22] <lord_jeremy> right now I see print() and error()
[23:46:27] <lord_jeremy> good night
[23:46:44] <brad_a> night
[23:47:02] <brad_a> well you would need to change that to owner, level, message
[23:47:08] <brad_a> since message is a ...
[23:47:19] <tomprince> lord_jeremy: We have printMessage which is (owner, message, color)
[23:47:25] <brad_a> or it makes more since in that order
[23:47:47] <lord_jeremy> I can imagine warnings that don't need to be reported to the user immediately (log to console only), warnings that should be dialog reported, fatal errors that should be dialog reported...
[23:48:06] <brad_a> i think the point is things should all get filtered though one function so that platform specific code can tap into that one place
[23:48:12] <lord_jeremy> exactly
[23:48:40] <lord_jeremy> and that different levels of severity are understood to trigger a different general response
[23:48:47] <tomprince> That is why we have System/Logging
[23:49:08] <brad_a> ?
[23:49:13] <tomprince> But nobody has got any further. You are welcome and encouraged to provide something better.
[23:49:26] <lord_jeremy> alright, I'll see what I can come up with
[23:49:29] <brad_a> it is on th eTODO ;-)
[23:49:39] <lord_jeremy> someone said that it's not possible to do runtime config changes?
[23:49:45] <brad_a> i said that
[23:49:59] <brad_a> it semi true i guess
[23:50:08] <lord_jeremy> so there's little to nothing that can be done to recover from otherwise fatal errors?
[23:50:42] <brad_a> whats the point
[23:50:44] <lord_jeremy> e.g. gemrb reports config file not found, you can't then be prompted to select a config file?
[23:50:57] <brad_a> if the error is due to a config issue you will at somepoint want to alter the config anyway
[23:50:57] <lord_jeremy> or even generate one within gemrb?
[23:51:08] <brad_a> may as well just die, fix it, and relaunch
[23:51:18] <lord_jeremy> sure from the engine standpoint
[23:51:21] <brad_a> ios does that
[23:51:32] <tomprince> Well, we semi-recently added auto gametype detection.
[23:51:37] <lord_jeremy> but I mean ideally you want to be able to create a config file with user input in the program
[23:51:44] <brad_a> the problem is thing like that are platform specific
[23:51:53] <tomprince> And being able to config stuff from within gemrb would be nice.
[23:51:58] <lord_jeremy> yeah, it is a user interface problem
[23:52:06] <lord_jeremy> preferences/config window
[23:52:10] <tomprince> I don't know if the code is currently structured to make that easy.
[23:52:16] <brad_a> if you have an ipad or iphone you can see what i did there
[23:52:44] <lord_jeremy> it sounds like gemrb is pretty much "open up -> launch engine"
[23:52:51] <brad_a> not on ios
[23:53:02] <brad_a> hang on ill show you
[23:53:25] <brad_a> http://gemrb.sourceforge.net/wiki/lib/exe/detail.php?id=install%3Aios&media=install:ios-gem-cfg.png
[23:53:46] <brad_a> that config file was automatically genereated by gemrb
[23:53:56] <lord_jeremy> it'd be nice if there was a pre-game layer for all platforms no?
[23:54:05] <lord_jeremy> and it could be pretty platform-generic
[23:54:14] <brad_a> be our guest :)
[23:54:22] <lord_jeremy> I've got ideas
[23:54:27] <lord_jeremy> but I have to learn more about gemrb
[23:54:28] <brad_a> but i dont see how to do a platform agnostic one easily
[23:54:36] <lord_jeremy> I'd love to see your iOS code
[23:54:51] <lord_jeremy> well I would think that you'd need a generic Application class
[23:54:53] <brad_a> well it will be commited to master soon enough
[23:55:11] <lord_jeremy> that has hooks effectively
[23:55:35] <brad_a> i think platform specific interfaces are nicer
[23:55:44] <brad_a> they feel more native
[23:55:56] <brad_a> i would encourage any agnostic one to be optional
[23:56:00] <lord_jeremy> well each platform would have their own extension of the Application class
[23:56:45] <brad_a> mixing c++ with other languages like that is tricky
[23:57:02] <lord_jeremy> not really
[23:57:05] <brad_a> it is
[23:57:15] --> SiENcE has joined #gemrb
[23:57:27] <lord_jeremy> for OS X, iOS, Linux, and Windows it's definitely feaible
[23:57:34] <lord_jeremy> feasible*
[23:57:51] <brad_a> well id like to think iOS is already covered with a decent interface ;-)
[23:57:53] <lord_jeremy> I know nothing about Android, but I doubt it's a problem on that platform
[23:58:06] <brad_a> *shudder at thought of java*
[23:58:42] <tomprince> What would this Application class *do*?
[23:58:46] <brad_a> android cant even get the multitouch working :(
[23:59:14] <brad_a> im not sure if gemrb has any actual android devs