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[00:32:05] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred pushed 4 commits to master [+0/-2/±13] https://git.io/JtCIl
[00:32:06] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred ab98263 - audio: replace SDL_mutexP and SDL_mutexV should be SDL_LockMutex and SDL_UnlockMutex
[00:32:07] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred 27d02a1 - OpenAL: update to use c++ stdlib for threading no more SDL dependency
[00:32:09] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred 8053b65 - C++11: use <cstdint> types instead
[00:32:10] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred 5eae2d3 - SDLAudio: update to use std::mutex
[02:02:51] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1] https://git.io/JtCY2
[02:02:53] <Not-77e> [gemrb] MarcelHB b83bc9c - BIKPlayer: fixes a type error over signedness After enabling C++11 and removing some subsidiary definitions, it turns out that there is a confusing piece of code in a part of the BIK decoder by FFMpeg - that now turns into a compiler error. We did not spot any obvious reasons against fixing it that way. fixes #592
[02:13:31] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred pushed 2 commits to master [+0/-0/±5] https://git.io/JtCYA
[02:13:33] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred 3ba8ff0 - BIKPlayer: use stdlib instead of defines
[02:13:34] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred bb5f978 - BIKPlayer: use <cmath> with _USE_MATH_DEFINES and then we have no need to define our own
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[04:44:02] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1] https://git.io/JtCn5
[04:44:03] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred 43c58f1 - OpenAL: fix includes meant to revert this before committing
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[14:24:12] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2] https://git.io/JtC9h
[14:24:13] <Not-77e> [gemrb] bradallred d3af32f - OpenAL: use a better type for ticks
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[17:19:15] <GemRBDiscord> <Alec> Hello. Can anyone here answer me a question about the licence?
[17:19:41] <GemRBDiscord> <Alec> Can I make a comercial game with gemrb for free?
[17:20:54] <GemRBDiscord> <Alec> I know it's GPL, but I'm still not sure about the details.
[17:26:24] <GemRBDiscord> <suy> You have to comply with the details of the GPL license, which include still making the engine that you redistribute under the GPL. The game assets can be any other license. Is like if you build a website/application using a web browser under the GPL. The site can be in anything, but the web browser, no.
[17:32:59] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> @Alec good job henchman doggo
[17:33:51] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> How is the multiplayer setup?
[17:35:15] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> hmm looks like multiplayer is not supported yet
[17:35:22] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> it can be made such....
[17:35:33] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> Is anyone working on adding multiplayer support yet?
[17:39:17] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> wait, there IS some multiplayer?!?!
[17:51:16] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> in gemrb? no
[17:53:02] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> the only way for you to be able to use it without sharing code modifications, would be to get approval from all the present and past authors to relicense it to you. Burdensome and unlikely
[17:54:49] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> I can make it happen
[17:55:26] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> or just get someone else to make the multiplayer stuff for me
[17:56:00] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> I have twenty years of autism in the infinity engine, and I print my own money. I can do this.
[17:57:20] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> 🤤 time to go get stoned and start building BG-MMO-MOBA with full party support
[18:27:19] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> 😏 and I can enforce synchronization with blockchain
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[20:33:38] <GemRBDiscord> <Ogullu> ok, this isn't going to be too tough
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