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[12:14:38] <Seniorita> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: fixed "enemy sighted" autopause to work in non-bg1 too https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/6c8253e9382ccfa094d16b9ed7f2d64adea04824
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[14:12:31] <lynxlynxlynx> anyone noticed anything wied with spellcasting?
[14:12:51] <lynxlynxlynx> in one save, aoe spells are cast only now and then for some reason
[14:13:05] <lynxlynxlynx> as if the aura cleansing was prolonged
[14:14:14] <lynxlynxlynx> wierd stuff
[14:19:19] <lynxlynxlynx> unrelated, any comments on http://sprunge.us/cARX?diff (draw piles over corpses)
[14:19:55] <lynxlynxlynx> last chunk is unrelated
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[15:50:45] <lynxlynxlynx> hmm, not perfect, sometimes piles aren't drawn anymore
[15:56:54] <fuzzie> right, you need to check the ordering somehow I think
[15:57:51] <fuzzie> maybe not. *peering*
[15:59:48] <fuzzie> don't you call DrawPile with the wrong pileidx?
[16:00:02] <fuzzie> since you increased it already in GetNextPile
[16:00:24] <fuzzie> and it would be good to assert in DrawPile :)
[16:01:13] <fuzzie> but don't you always want the highlights drawn on top?
[16:02:10] <fuzzie> and the IE_ANI_TWITCH stance thing at the bottom there is kind of crazy.. :)
[16:04:40] <fuzzie> but I mention it just in case you're thinking of committing it
[16:05:23] <lynxlynxlynx> no, i was just playing around (a month ago) with reversing the animation
[16:05:39] <fuzzie> but your patch looks fine except for the pileidx thing which is perhaps your problem
[16:05:44] <lynxlynxlynx> apparently when you wake up it should be played, but that's not that simple to do
[16:06:08] <lynxlynxlynx> yeah, good catch
[16:06:33] <lynxlynxlynx> i'm getting my bottom handed to me in tob
[16:39:49] <lynxlynxlynx> well, the spellcasting problem is definitely there, but that index fix was enough for the piles
[16:48:05] <lynxlynxlynx> no suspicious changes recently, so something for another time
[16:58:54] <Seniorita> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: draw piles after corpses, so they are harder to miss https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/703def024d61f4b069d137b9db8781dab6d755db
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