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[17:00:09] <brada> hey lynx
[17:00:46] <brada> I'm trying unsuccessfully to modify the Travis config to provide a backtrace in the event the test crashes
[17:00:48] <brada> https://github.com/bradallred/gemrb/blob/subviews/.travis.yml
[17:00:49] <Seniorita> gemrb/.travis.yml at subviews · bradallred/gemrb · GitHub
[17:00:51] <Seniorita> »gemrb - Game Engine Made with preRendered Background«
[17:01:10] <brada> I dont know anything about the environment this is running on so its all guesswork
[17:01:53] <brada> the "after_failure:" bit is where I am attempting this
[17:03:30] <brada> its driving me nuts being unable to reproduce this crash during plugin loading: https://travis-ci.org/bradallred/gemrb/jobs/133295270
[17:03:31] <Seniorita> Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence
[17:04:16] <brada> valgrind is unhelpfully not working on my machine, but asan does and I've fixed everything reported by it and the clang analyzer
[17:04:26] <brada> well everything that isnt also reported in main master
[17:04:50] <brada> all of it was well after plugins are loaded anyway
[17:05:17] <brada> (aside from the expected segfault on exit that is)
[17:20:09] <lynxlynxlynx> uhh, i'll have to look tomorrow, going out in a few minutes
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