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[00:00:13] <tomprince> Beholder is.
[00:00:33] <lord_jeremy> an App class would have the UI-specific hooks
[00:00:54] <lord_jeremy> a Configure() function to open a preferences window, for instance
[00:01:15] <lord_jeremy> a Report() function to display a dialog of some sort
[00:01:15] <brad_a> why not just use platform specific wrappers again?
[00:01:37] <brad_a> remember lots of platforms have diffrent UI functions. ie the apple doce etc
[00:01:43] <lord_jeremy> well this way you ensure each platform version behaves in the same way
[00:01:48] <brad_a> who cares?
[00:01:56] <tomprince> I think you are over thinking the architechture.
[00:02:01] <brad_a> i agree
[00:02:20] <brad_a> diffrent platforms have diffrent considerations etc
[00:03:10] <brad_a> it sounds like it would take longer to do the way you describe than to do them independantly. i threw together this very functional ios wrapper in 3 days
[00:03:23] <brad_a> and it works for both iphone and ipad so it was like 2
[00:03:37] <brad_a> since the interface is diffrent for iphone
[00:04:14] <lord_jeremy> you know the game BZFlag?
[00:04:23] <tomprince> I think seeing code, we could then figure out how to abstract it. But giving class and function names doesn't say anything really, without seeing what the code does, and how the code is called.
[00:04:29] <tomprince> Yep.
[00:04:36] <lord_jeremy> take a look at its source
[00:04:49] <lord_jeremy> specifically src/platform
[00:06:04] <lord_jeremy> it has separate platform-specific classes that all extend base platform classes
[00:06:33] <lord_jeremy> Display, Joystick, Media, Visual, Window
[00:06:47] <tomprince> Yes, that is reasonable. But what do the classes *do*.
[00:07:52] <lord_jeremy> the base Window class provides prototypes for functions like showWindow, getPosition, setTitle, grabMouse
[00:08:14] <lord_jeremy> things that have different implementations in each platform, but are required for many platforms
[00:09:30] <lord_jeremy> I'll try to learn more about gemrb's interface layer and see if I can come up with an example
[00:09:32] <lord_jeremy> I've got to run now
[00:09:36] <lord_jeremy> pleasure meeting you all
[00:09:44] <brad_a> yes come back sooon
[00:09:46] <brad_a> we need devs
[00:10:23] <lord_jeremy> I love infinity engine games
[00:10:37] <lord_jeremy> no I way I could not help bring them into the future :)
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[00:13:33] <brad_a> damn it. i should have asked him if he had a mac to use as a build slave
[00:14:38] <tomprince> brad_a: Have you managed to come up with a recipe for running on the slave?
[00:15:23] <tomprince> Could setup up on your laptop to test it out. And then add other slaves if and when we get people who have machines available.
[00:15:41] <brad_a> ok ill do that
[00:17:37] <tomprince> And like I said, it doesn't need to be online 24/7
[00:17:49] <brad_a> well good. but whatabout switching networks?
[00:18:05] <brad_a> i go between shool/work/home/elsewhere
[00:18:14] <tomprince> The slave connects to the master, not the other way around.
[00:18:21] <brad_a> ok good
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[04:00:50] <pugvader> ¨Drunk Me is an asshole who likes to hide my keys in his fridge" HAHAHAH
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[06:54:31] <myownlittlworld> I finally beat the entire Baldur's Gate saga. It took, and has been, a good decade.
[06:59:07] <pugvader> congrats
[06:59:31] <pugvader> what did you just complete?
[07:05:12] <myownlittlworld> TOB
[07:05:43] <myownlittlworld> A single save from BG1 -> TOB, it's kind of an epic journey.
[07:09:24] <myownlittlworld> very much a "wow, I finally did it" kinda feeling :)
[07:17:29] <pugvader> did you play it via gemrb myownlittlworld ?
[07:19:31] <pugvader> i have started bg1 and bg2 too many times
[07:22:57] <myownlittlworld> I wanted to play it through the original engine first, since there are still some compatibility issues with GemRB, last I checked
[07:23:31] <myownlittlworld> (combat and spell timings, IIRC), but I haven't checked since 0.6.3 or so
[07:24:20] <myownlittlworld> i left a bunch of saves in my wake to run them through GemRB
[07:24:34] <myownlittlworld> at least, for BG2
[07:34:39] <pugvader> excellent
[07:35:02] <pugvader> myownlittlworld: if it is fresh in your memory do it - take notes, use the boards, report bugs
[07:36:46] <myownlittlworld> I'll certainly do it, but not tonight. I have to get back to everything else right now
[07:38:07] <pugvader> k
[07:41:09] <myownlittlworld> night all
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[09:45:55] <Yoshimo> when i create my character as a knight , i have 2 slots for priest spells, but my spellbook is kind of empty at level 6, shouldnt there be some spells in that book by default?
[09:47:41] <fuzzie> level *6*?
[09:49:33] <fuzzie> not awake yet. you mean paladin, or third-party kit?
[09:52:01] <Yoshimo> it is a paladin , but in bg2 you seem to ahve subsets
[09:53:09] <fuzzie> yes
[09:53:54] <fuzzie> well if it is default kit, maybe it is 'cavalier'
[09:54:02] <fuzzie> in any case, they get no spells at starting level as far as i know
[09:54:12] <fuzzie> i thought they also got no slots at starting level though.. lynxlynxlynx would know better as usual
[09:57:05] <Yoshimo> indeed they havent
[10:00:24] <pugvader> hey
[10:02:11] <pugvader> how about a gemrb anniversary party at FOSCON
[10:14:49] <Yoshimo> my journal entries miss the exact day for each entry
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[10:25:14] <lloyd> I'm always getting these: Searching for cefb1.2da...[ERROR]
[10:25:35] <lloyd> with .2da files
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[11:54:36] <Yoshimo> im exploring the nashkell mines, and the log said: "[Actor] TODO: Cannot determine 2DA rowcount for index: 66"
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[12:02:41] <Yoshimo> also this "custom strings are not supported for this gameformat" happen in nashkell mines, without me messing with the bio of my chars
[12:34:14] <Yoshimo> why does my whole group complain about being bored, when i just wander around the area with imoen trying to find all traps? they should be thankfull..
[12:35:06] <lloyd> ADD
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[13:32:26] <lord_jeremy> Hey, is there anyone here that knows much about core/Interface?
[13:39:41] <Yoshimo> at least some of the devs are logged in, if they are at the desk i dont know
[13:39:52] <lord_jeremy> yeah I recognize some of the names
[13:41:09] <wjp> just ask :-)
[13:42:02] <wjp> since I'm not sure what kind of answer you're expecting to "does anyone know much about X?" :-) )
[13:42:20] <Yoshimo> the question is not detailed enough indeed
[13:42:50] <lord_jeremy> alright, more specific… does anyone know why there's a global Interface instance core
[13:43:27] <lord_jeremy> a couple functions in Interface refer to core instead of self
[13:45:18] <wjp> if you're looking for things to clean up, there will be plenty of them in Interface
[13:47:04] <lord_jeremy> ah I see, just about all the game code refers to a global Interface instance
[13:47:10] <wjp> but if I had to guess I'd say these usages of core are just out of habit because that's how you'd refer to it from everywhere else in the code
[13:47:15] <wjp> yes
[13:51:21] <lord_jeremy> from what I'm seeing in Projectile.cpp, projectile paths are precalculated?
[13:52:24] <lloyd> do you mean Projectile.h?
[13:52:33] <lord_jeremy> uh either
[13:52:48] <lord_jeremy> I'm looking at Projectile::DoStep()
[13:54:26] <lord_jeremy> it looks like Projectile::NextTarget() sets up a line of PathNodes that DoStep runs over?
[13:55:55] <lloyd> nvm I was just looking at Porjectile.h as you mentioned
[13:56:02] <lloyd> I have no idea
[13:56:15] <lord_jeremy> yeah, the path is precalculated
[13:56:20] <lord_jeremy> and recalculated if the target moves
[13:56:44] <lloyd> that sounds right
[13:56:47] <lord_jeremy> which explains why "continuing" projectiles aren't implemented, everything is homing
[13:59:18] <lord_jeremy> does anyone know how Projectile::FakeTarget is used?
[14:02:51] <Yoshimo> if groupmembers are obstructing the way way dont they move away if the main character wants to move past them?
[14:04:06] <lloyd> Yoshimo: Not from what I remember
[14:04:06] <lord_jeremy> only if they're not also trying to move
[14:05:02] <lord_jeremy> creatures can be pushed out the way by other creatures as long as they are standing still
[14:09:52] <Yoshimo> i have the feeling that doesnt work that well for my party
[14:25:08] <Yoshimo> also in the nashkel mine, which has narrow caves, partymembers try to walk very long ways to reach their destination , but that might get them into combat if unlucky, i'm not sure if thats intended, that they end up in areas nearby behind walls, seperated from the rest of the crew
[14:26:01] <lloyd> sounds like BG!
[14:26:10] <lord_jeremy> bad pathing then, in IE characters seem to ignore other creatures when pathing
[14:27:44] <tomprince> Yoshimo: I don't know if that is implemented.
[14:29:13] <Yoshimo> well nashkel mine is of course a bg area, but its just an example lloyd ;)
[14:29:20] <tomprince> lord_jeremy: I don't what FakETarget is used for, but you should be able to track it down by using git grep to find where it is set.
[14:29:30] <lord_jeremy> I figured it out
[14:29:41] <lord_jeremy> tomprice: thanks though
[14:30:04] <lord_jeremy> hazards of diving into a totally new codebase
[14:32:18] <lord_jeremy> better question… what format is the Orientation parameter typically in? It's typed an int
[14:33:13] <lord_jeremy> to be specific how does Orientation relate to angle in radians or degrees?
[14:33:21] <Yoshimo> so jeremy, you have chosen to clean up the code, or what exactly are your plans if i may ask?
[14:33:40] <lord_jeremy> right now I'm implementing more flags for projectiles
[14:33:58] <lord_jeremy> e.g. bouncing
[14:34:41] <lord_jeremy> ugh actually in Projectile, Orientation is defined as an unsigned char - yay inconsistency
[14:34:49] <tomprince> Looking at the code, it looks like it is either 0..7 or 0..16
[14:36:08] <lord_jeremy> is it separate from animation angles?
[14:37:35] <tomprince> I don't know. Are there other angles?
[14:37:49] <lord_jeremy> well I mean the sprites have a limited number of angles
[14:38:34] <lord_jeremy> but that's totally separate from the angle of movement of a projectile
[14:43:51] <tomprince> Looks like it is only used for the animation, and for cones.
[14:44:32] <lord_jeremy> yeah I'm seeing that, as it is source and dest are sufficient for everything implemented so far
[14:45:09] <tomprince> (I don't actually know much about the game releated parts of the enigine, just the infrastrcutre mostly)
[14:46:10] <lord_jeremy> Area currently lacks a traceline-like function, it can only calculate lines between point and dest
[14:46:37] <lord_jeremy> but that's not enough if you want to get a line that goes through a destination until it hits a wall or somesuch
[14:47:49] <lord_jeremy> for example, lighting bolt
[14:47:55] <lord_jeremy> lightning*
[15:46:39] <pugvader> "The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world."
[15:46:43] <pugvader> http://www.aclu.org/blog/national-security/senators-demand-military-lock-american-citizens-battlefield-they-define-being
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[16:18:46] <lord_jeremy> does anyone know if the current svn revision launches properly?
[16:18:52] <lord_jeremy> git*
[16:20:57] <tomprince> The test data runs, but that doesn't test much.
[16:21:11] <lord_jeremy> the test is segfaulting gemrb for me
[16:21:37] <lord_jeremy> when CREImporter is initializing
[16:22:15] <lord_jeremy> core->HasFeature(GF_MAGICBIT)
[16:24:05] <tomprince> Working fine here.
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[16:27:07] <lord_jeremy> it's dying in the same place every time
[16:28:06] <fuzzie> did you change the settings?
[16:28:18] <lord_jeremy> to the proper directories? yes
[16:28:40] <tomprince> Is core null?
[16:28:40] <fuzzie> i mean, the cmake ones
[16:28:40] <lord_jeremy> and its not printing errors
[16:29:10] <lord_jeremy> no
[16:29:23] <lord_jeremy> fuzzie: no
[16:29:50] <lord_jeremy> tomprince: I doubt it, it's acting like GameFeatures isn't initialized to the right size
[16:30:06] <fuzzie> it's not that 'core' is invalid?
[16:31:10] <lord_jeremy> nope, the call goes through
[16:31:21] <lord_jeremy> it's segfaulting inside the Interface function
[16:31:24] <fuzzie> you won't notice that
[16:31:35] <fuzzie> it only crashes once it tries accessing a member
[16:31:35] <lord_jeremy> what do you mean I won't notice that?
[16:32:13] <fuzzie> i mean, it will crash inside Interface whether 'core' is valid or not
[16:33:25] <tomprince> core->HasFeature is, on the asm level core::HasFeature(this = core, MAGICBIT) in psuedo C++/python syntax.
[16:33:38] <tomprince> (since HasFeature isn't virtual)
[16:34:07] <tomprince> So if HasFeature didn't touch this, the call would work fine even if core is NULL, and will only crash when this is accessed.
[16:34:19] <fuzzie> thanks :)
[16:34:21] <lord_jeremy> gotcha
[16:34:51] <tomprince> Do you have local changes?
[16:35:10] <lord_jeremy> nothing that would change the initialization process
[16:36:13] <tomprince> You sure .. that code is too subtle. ... paste them somewhere
[16:40:09] <fuzzie> i'm a bit suspicious of that bundle_loader setting which brad_a added
[16:43:22] <fuzzie> rather, *didn't* add
[16:43:55] <fuzzie> so, hmph, irrelevant
[16:45:21] <fuzzie> doesn't seem like anything significant changed in the linking since i last made it work myself
[16:48:39] <lord_jeremy> the only changes I've made are to a few functions in Area and Projectile
[16:55:23] <fuzzie> i would guess weak linking symbol issues, but then i suppose the loader would complain loudly about that
[16:56:23] <lord_jeremy> heh I can't even get debug prints to work
[16:57:24] <tomprince> gdb ?
[16:57:34] <lord_jeremy> I guess so
[16:58:27] <lord_jeremy> does the standard make process generate symbols?
[16:58:38] <lord_jeremy> or do I have to enable debug in the configure
[17:01:07] <fuzzie> it should give you them by default
[17:02:44] <lord_jeremy> oh
[17:02:48] <lord_jeremy> this is part of the problem
[17:03:02] <lord_jeremy> make install on OS X is broken
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[17:06:49] <brad_a> fuzzie: bundle_loader is just so that I can dynamically extend the wrapper object at runtime. it only needs to be set for plugins that do that.
[17:07:25] <fuzzie> see the 'so, hmph, irrelevant' :)
[17:07:48] <brad_a> ah :)
[17:08:05] <brad_a> well still maybe somebody wanted an explaination for it :)
[17:09:14] <brad_a> lord_jeremy: how is install broken on OS X?
[17:12:13] <brad_a> lloyd just installed the other day and isnt having any problems
[17:12:26] <brad_a> i admin i havent done a cmake for myself in a while
[17:12:47] <brad_a> bah how did autocorrect get turned back on?
[17:15:55] <brad_a> lord_jeremy: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/GemRB.xcodeproj.zip
[17:15:58] <brad_a> that will help you
[17:16:08] <brad_a> lloyd: you may be interested as well
[17:16:22] <brad_a> i have to go now
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[17:17:25] <brad_a> almost forgot. make an apple subdir at the root of gemrb and drop that xcode project in there
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[18:00:11] <lord_jeremy> any reason why SDL_SetVideoMode would fail?
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[18:17:00] <lord_jeremy> for future reference, the minimal cfgs don't specify the Bpp option
[18:17:08] <lord_jeremy> and SDL_SetVideoMode fails without that options
[18:18:15] <lynxlynxlynx> don't we have a default in interface?
[18:18:44] <fuzzie> it appears not.
[18:19:17] <lynxlynxlynx> indeed
[18:19:24] <fuzzie> ouch.
[18:22:47] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r15a8db84d775 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/include.py: include.py: added a checkvar shorthand
[18:22:57] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * rc7520b918ac3 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Interface.cpp: Interface: added a default value for bpp
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[19:46:41] <lynxlynxlynx> cool
[19:46:49] <lynxlynxlynx> looks like there is no shout bug
[19:47:03] <lynxlynxlynx> visiting that area afresh, the elves don't have that script assigned
[19:47:13] <lynxlynxlynx> seems i was there before the last ordering change
[19:49:18] --> lord_jeremy has joined #gemrb
[19:52:02] <lynxlynxlynx> that's all that remained
[19:52:43] <lynxlynxlynx> now it is just a matter of proving the bg saga is completable by example :)
[19:53:44] <lynxlynxlynx> and a new release for christmas
[20:03:32] <Yoshimo> im on that task lynx :)
[20:04:06] <lynxlynxlynx> cool
[20:04:11] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll do a runthrough too
[20:04:23] <lynxlynxlynx> creating a sorcerer/monk/cleric mod now
[20:17:18] <lord_jeremy> assertion failure when cast Magic Missile
[20:18:28] <fuzzie> if you changed Projectile, that is likely responsible?
[20:19:53] <Yoshimo> me chevalier, jaheira, khalid imoen, breagar and edwin, melee focused but no issues so far
[20:19:58] <fuzzie> certainly the sole assert in projectile is only going to fail if you're taking invalid paths
[20:20:04] <Yoshimo> except the pathing a bit ;)
[20:20:53] <lynxlynxlynx> use ctrl-j when in trouble
[20:21:13] <lynxlynxlynx> or if you can't get through a door, select just one actor
[20:25:49] <lord_jeremy> could be my changes, have to do lots more testing
[20:28:48] --> SiENcE has joined #gemrb
[20:37:28] <lynxlynxlynx> hmpf, some of the override tables don't have consistent formatting between bg1 and bg2
[20:37:33] <lynxlynxlynx> nasty modwise
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[21:26:50] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r9dc90f3da7a5 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/Spellbook.py:
[21:26:50] <CIA-44> GemRB: Spellbook: just import all the stats, so we don't need to mention them separately
[21:26:50] <CIA-44> GemRB: (one was missing)
[21:41:45] <lynxlynxlynx> huh
[21:42:18] <lynxlynxlynx> problems in bg1 and they smell of npc levels :|
[21:51:49] <gembot> build #273 of cmake clang++ is complete: Failure [failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/cmake%20clang%2B%2B/builds/273 blamelist: lynxlupodian@users.sourceforge.net
[21:53:22] <lynxlynxlynx> clang segfault
[22:09:01] <Yoshimo> what kind of bg1 problem lynx?
[22:09:36] <lynxlynxlynx> after gorion was killed, imoen didn't show up
[22:09:46] <lynxlynxlynx> xzar was missing too, only montaron was there
[22:09:57] <lynxlynxlynx> they're either gone or dead
[22:10:06] <lynxlynxlynx> no time to check in depth today
[22:11:42] <Yoshimo> i somehow managed to get to lvl 6 in beregost, isnt that a bit early? ;)
[22:12:15] <fuzzie> how big a party?
[22:13:45] <Yoshimo> i had maincharacter, khalid &jaheira, imoen and breagar up to that point
[22:14:03] <Yoshimo> i think i missed the xp balancer in my install, still a bit weird, havent done much
[22:15:34] <lynxlynxlynx> depends on how much of the wildlife areas you did
[22:15:59] <lynxlynxlynx> and remember, with gemrb you get to kill a lot more and tougher random spawns, so you get more xp
[22:19:59] <Yoshimo> so i can blame gemrb for those frost beasts when i camped in front of the nashkel mine? they were really nasty :P
[22:22:04] <Yoshimo> i still wait for feedback on dark horizonts, people shouldnt be able to pick 20k in cash from a single person (with 50% reduce on gold already) and +3 weapons in the friendly arm, breaks balance
[22:22:12] <Yoshimo> oh well, fun though^^
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