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[14:53:11] <brad_a> the font stonsml is marked as not requiring a palette in fonts.2da, but if it doesnt have a palette the button constructor causes as assertion when it asks for the palette.
[15:04:10] <fuzzie> you could rename the column CAN_USE_FOR_BUTTON :p
[15:05:37] <brad_a> well i just changed it from 0 to 1...
[15:06:06] <brad_a> fixed that right up. :-p
[15:06:19] <brad_a> but i dont knwo if thats what i SHOULD do
[15:06:27] <fuzzie> well, what are you trying to do exactly?
[15:06:35] <brad_a> ttf fonts :-p
[15:06:59] <fuzzie> sure, but does that involve using stonsml for buttons?
[15:07:24] <brad_a> that one was crashing because it didnt have a palette, but the bam version gets a palette when the font is constructed regardless of what need_palette is set to
[15:07:40] <brad_a> thats what the button constructor was asking for
[15:08:14] <brad_a> and on line 221 of interface.cpp is this line: strncpy( ButtonFont, "STONESML", sizeof(ButtonFont) );
[15:08:15] <fuzzie> i mean, need_palette means 'this needs a special two-colour palette', right?
[15:08:29] <fuzzie> so your problem is that your ttf code is failing to provide *any* palette?
[15:08:30] <brad_a> i have no idea at all TBH
[15:08:39] <brad_a> well i already knew that
[15:09:14] <brad_a> but there is an if when interface is loading the fonts that checks that need_palette and sets one if it is 1
[15:09:36] <brad_a> so no my ttf code doesnt set a palette (yet) but the interface does if that is set
[15:09:53] <fuzzie> Well, it overwrites the old palette with an alpha-shaded blend.
[15:10:38] <fuzzie> Does your TTF backend produce output which uses that?
[15:10:53] <brad_a> ok so that need_palette means that it needs a special palette?
[15:11:12] <fuzzie> well, it means to overwrite the palette with a special one, but yes
[15:12:21] <brad_a> that makes sense
[15:12:32] <fuzzie> but why don't your TTF fonts have a palette?
[15:12:41] <brad_a> i just havent gotten that far
[15:12:44] <fuzzie> okay
[15:12:54] <fuzzie> i'm just wondering if you wanted advice on how to get rid of the palette requirement
[15:13:25] <brad_a> i was mostly concerned with my ability to switch between plugins and getting the right resource loaded and constructed etc
[15:13:35] <brad_a> i havent written any ttf code yet really
[15:13:39] <fuzzie> but i think changing the .2da is absolutely fine for debugging
[15:13:46] <brad_a> sure
[15:13:51] <fuzzie> it's just that i guess you're going to want to render the ttf in Shaded mode
[15:13:58] <brad_a> i just wanted clarification on what was going on with that flag
[15:14:01] <fuzzie> so you are actually going to want to take a copy of the resulting palette and store it
[15:14:12] <fuzzie> well I guess you heard my best-guess now :-)
[15:14:19] <fuzzie> it is a bit confusingly named
[15:14:24] <brad_a> yeah you have hellped much
[15:14:39] <fuzzie> force_own_palette or something may have been more appropriate
[15:15:25] <fuzzie> good luck again
[15:15:36] <brad_a> thank you again :)
[15:16:01] <fuzzie> i have a new computer which should be able to compile gemrb at reasonable speeds
[15:16:19] <fuzzie> all i have to do now is get someone to help me put all the bits together!
[15:16:43] <brad_a> help you? you are one of the experts!
[15:16:53] <fuzzie> the computer bits :-p
[15:17:51] <brad_a> oh! lol
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[15:28:45] <edheldil> fuzzie: too bad we live so far apart, I would help you. But if you have the parts, assembling a computer is a snap anyway
[15:30:27] <fuzzie> well of course I also *ordered* the parts, so who knows if I have the right ones :-)
[15:31:00] <fuzzie> but shouldn't be any trouble getting it put together later.
[15:32:14] <edheldil> :)
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[15:32:27] <fuzzie> are you in .nl much?
[15:33:11] <fuzzie> I dimly remember you being around for conferences or something.
[15:33:55] <fuzzie> anyway I should go be social, bbiab.
[15:36:13] <wjp> fuzzie: I'm around Thu-Sat if I can help :-)
[15:36:35] <wjp> (but I expect you and bz2 will be able to manage :-) )
[15:37:05] <fuzzie> he has cleverly managed to only have enough time to grab pizza before rushing off elsewhere today
[15:37:40] <fuzzie> but yes :-) thanks for the offer though.
[15:38:27] * wjp will now proceed to rush off elsewhere too :-)
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[16:16:49] <edheldil> only about each odd year or so for Slag om Grolle and then not able to move much anyway
[16:16:58] <edheldil> later
[17:58:54] <fuzzie> now i am waiting for debian-installer.
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[19:07:06] <Mataniko2> hey, how well does gemrb runs on ios?
[19:07:33] <fuzzie> brad_a: your cue I think
[19:07:43] <Mataniko2> heh fuzzie
[19:07:44] <brad_a> ah
[19:07:45] <brad_a> yes
[19:07:48] <fuzzie> also yes hello :p
[19:07:49] <brad_a> very well actually
[19:07:59] <brad_a> :-P
[19:08:06] <Mataniko2> i feel like the same people are in all the channels i go to
[19:08:30] <fuzzie> well there is a fair amount of overlap between game engine reimplementation projects :)
[19:08:44] * wjp whistles innocently
[19:08:56] <brad_a> the biggest headache with running on ios is the install, but if somebody in the know would package it as an ipa then install would be easy as pie...
[19:09:04] <Mataniko2> i don't know where you find the time
[19:09:30] <Mataniko2> thats awesome to know brad
[19:09:40] <Mataniko2> im sure it will be a better fit on the ipad
[19:09:51] <Mataniko2> but taking bg2 in my pocket makes me gigglish
[19:10:07] <brad_a> yes i dont have an ios device so i havent cared to look into it. as far as i can tell to have xcode doit automatically you need a dev certificate or a hacked sdk
[19:10:25] <brad_a> it ran swimmingly on my gfs iphone 4
[19:10:28] <Mataniko2> i have a dev cert, but no mac
[19:10:34] <brad_a> so i imagine no problem on ipad
[19:10:45] <brad_a> whats the point of a cert without a mac?
[19:11:09] <Mataniko2> had a mac temporary
[19:11:12] <brad_a> oh
[19:11:14] <Mataniko2> on loan
[19:11:17] <brad_a> i see
[19:12:37] <brad_a> http://gemrb.sourceforge.net/wiki/doku.php?id=install:ios
[19:13:01] <Mataniko2> yeah im there, i was wondering if it's worth doing due to playability
[19:13:02] <brad_a> that has everything you should need to know about using the iOS build and how to install
[19:13:16] <brad_a> oh its just as playable as on any other platform
[19:13:37] <brad_a> except possibly a few problems noted under "known issues"
[19:14:04] <fuzzie> very frustrating at times but still fun
[19:14:10] <brad_a> but touch input works very well and scrolling textareas works very smoothly
[19:14:35] <brad_a> jsut read the touch input section if you havent
[19:15:21] <Mataniko2> will do, thanks
[19:18:31] <brad_a> will you be using an iphoe 4 or an ipad?
[19:18:58] <Mataniko2> iphone 4
[19:19:11] <brad_a> then you will probably want to install the widescreen mod
[19:19:22] <brad_a> otherwise you will have wasted screen space
[19:20:03] <brad_a> i think i left a note in the config for what resolution to use
[19:21:26] <brad_a> you may also want to install the large font mod or be patient while i finish TTF implementation
[19:22:19] <Mataniko2> i don't need a large font mod to see Noober say Heya!
[19:22:21] <Mataniko2> :)
[19:23:41] <brad_a> well i hear that its pretty hard to select the correct dialogue option with such small fonts on a small screen
[19:23:50] <brad_a> not so much for reading
[19:23:54] <Mataniko2> my concern is combat
[19:24:14] <Mataniko2> i feel like the ipad will be a much better platform
[19:24:51] <brad_a> it would but thats true of any small screen
[19:25:07] <brad_a> other than the screen size the play on ipad vs iphone is identical
[19:25:29] <brad_a> it will even autopause gameplay if you get a phone call or something 8)
[19:25:32] <Mataniko2> right but just the way the IE UI elements/design
[19:26:18] <brad_a> well the smallest haredst to use ui element is the scrollbar and you dont need that to scroll text on ios
[19:26:31] <brad_a> jsut drag one finger up/down over the text
[19:26:45] <brad_a> just like a regular ios text area but no kenetic scrolling
[19:27:02] <brad_a> tho i may one day implement that
[19:27:29] <Mataniko2> yeah i have to see what it's like later when i get home
[19:27:33] <Mataniko2> in between playing d3
[19:27:45] <brad_a> i think even the savegames list and the like can be scrolled by dragging 2 fingers up/down but i havent tried it
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