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[20:31:44] <Jow> Hail
[20:31:54] <Jow> Anyone here?
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[20:34:53] <Lightkey> jau..
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[21:29:08] <Jow> hello guys, I am unable to compile the gemrb project with the command "make" in windows (I saw the tutorial on http://gemrb.org), I am trying to download cygwin and intalling it on windows, do you know if I will be able to use it on windows cmd, or I will have to do this on the cygwin terminal?
[21:29:43] <Jow> *on windows
[21:30:10] <Jow> will I*
[21:30:53] <wjp> I'm not sure getting cygwin for that will be a good idea
[21:31:56] <Jow> well, I am not as well, but "make" is a command from Unix systems
[21:32:05] <Jow> Any sugestions?
[21:32:36] <Jow> let me show you what I was reading
[21:33:04] <Jow> http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=install:windows]
[21:33:06] <Jow> http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=install:windows
[21:33:06] <Pepelka> install:windows [GemRB wiki]
[21:33:07] <Jow> here
[21:33:07] <Pepelka> install:windows [GemRB wiki]
[21:33:10] <Jow> yes
[21:33:33] <wjp> there's no cygwin involved in that
[21:34:06] <wjp> it seems to be using the version of make from mingw32
[21:34:32] <Jow> yep, but I did everything, and cmd gives me: " 'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
[21:34:40] <Jow> oh god
[21:34:43] <Jow> I realized now
[21:34:45] <Jow> what i did
[21:34:47] <Jow> HAHA
[21:38:24] <Jow> I am a little stupid on programing, I passed the first test (that is: include make.cmd on gemrb source)
[21:38:28] <Jow> lol
[21:39:05] <Jow> How should this be like, knowing that my MinGW is intalled on c:\MinGW
[21:39:08] <Jow> set CMAKE_C_COMPILER=%MINGW_DIR%\bin\gcc.exe
[21:39:37] <Jow> just exclude %MINGW_DIR% and include c:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe?
[21:43:38] <wjp> I think that's the SET MINGW_DIR=C:\MinGW
[21:45:04] <Jow> humm
[21:47:04] <Jow> I tried before and... the error sent was: "The path is not set" or someting like that, I tried again, and worked
[21:47:40] <Jow> Well, at last I will play BG2.
[21:48:13] <Jow> Thanks
[21:48:41] <wjp> I'm maybe asking this a bit late, but did you see the "prebuilt binares" on the first line of that page?
[21:48:51] <wjp> (should you be interested in those)
[21:49:32] <Jow> Yes, I did.
[21:49:56] <Jow> I already extracted correctly
[21:50:59] <wjp> the rest of the page is for the case you can't or don't want to use those
[21:51:17] <wjp> (i.e., building your own binaries instead of using pre-built ones)
[21:51:42] <Jow> Ah, now I see
[21:51:49] <Jow> lol
[21:52:00] <Jow> But, well..
[21:52:16] <Jow> Something was worng
[21:56:38] <Jow> sorry... Something was wrong with those binaries, or I did not do something right before.
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[22:09:00] <Jow> well
[22:09:14] <Jow> openal32.dll , know anything about this file?
[22:09:59] <Jow> openAL
[22:10:00] <Jow> got it
[22:20:16] <Jow> Can you connect to: http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/Forms/AllItems.aspx
[22:20:17] <Jow> ?
[23:19:29] <Jow> hey, another problem that I canīt solve by my own. I cannot find anywhere this openAL intall for windows, I am trying to build it from source but I am not able to do it with Cmake. it is killing me, and I canīt connect to this link I sent.
[23:21:00] <Eli2_> try this: http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html
[23:21:02] <Pepelka> OpenAL Soft - Software 3D Audio
[23:21:59] <Jow> canīt connect either.
[23:23:23] <Eli2_> works here
[23:23:40] <Jow> Ah, found it
[23:23:41] <Jow> thanks
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