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[07:39:53] <fuzzie> morning
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[08:01:35] <edheldil> hi, what new with the atomic powers? :)
[08:32:13] <fuzzie> hehe
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[10:44:53] <fuzzie> dhewg: did you actually fight Gaxx in gemrb?
[10:45:05] <dhewg> yah
[10:45:26] <dhewg> but i bet its too easy with gemrb
[10:45:58] <dhewg> because there're no delays, magic casting creatures give you all they have in a short time
[10:46:07] <fuzzie> ah yes
[10:46:15] <fuzzie> i'm not quite sure how that code works, honestly
[10:46:17] <dhewg> then just stand there and wait for you to them in their faces
[10:46:24] <dhewg> +hit
[10:47:07] <dhewg> well, combine that flaw with a protection from magic and sunray and he drops dead without doing much :P
[10:47:09] <fuzzie> hm, i thought gaxx should have infinite spells :P
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[10:47:28] <fuzzie> well, protection from magic is super cheese against gaxx anyway ;p
[10:47:55] <dhewg> hehe yeah
[10:47:56] <fuzzie> daystar plus protection from magic = very dead demi-lich
[10:48:07] <dhewg> uh huh
[10:49:18] <dhewg> the no-delay is hilarious with mindflayers
[10:49:43] <dhewg> they stun/confuse/dominate you all the time
[10:49:47] <fuzzie> well, i think the idea is that it's meant to be an aura of 100 ticks plus any extra needed cast time due to effects
[10:50:06] <dhewg> its more like a horror movie. you can just watch :P
[10:50:30] <fuzzie> but i don't understand how it works
[10:52:11] <dhewg> i dont even remember how it works on the original
[10:52:27] <fuzzie> it just blocks until your aura is gone
[10:54:00] <dhewg> it looks lie there is no cast time at all for npcs
[10:54:19] <fuzzie> i mean, in original
[10:54:24] <fuzzie> i'm pretty sure we have no related code at all
[10:54:35] <dhewg> yeah i know what you mean
[10:54:52] <dhewg> just saying that gemrb seems to completely ignore that
[10:55:21] <dhewg> sometimes you enter a room, face a couple of enemies and you get stuff like instafireballs
[10:56:22] <fuzzie> it looks like you can actually abuse scripting in the original to do this
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[10:57:11] <fuzzie> the aura and attack rounds are adjusted in the 'process one action' function
[10:57:44] <fuzzie> i wonder if you can simply run 100 useless instant actions and get your aura back
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[11:02:58] <fuzzie> looks like it
[11:04:41] <fuzzie> i made an ai script with 100 SetGlobal actions, triggered by ActionListEmpty
[11:05:04] <fuzzie> and can cast Slow Poison repeatedly within ~1s of the previous cast
[11:05:56] <fuzzie> how silly
[11:28:46] <edheldil> singlplayer games are usually prone to gamer's hacking, but what would be the point? :)
[11:29:19] <fuzzie> well, it is silly, because you could do this by accident
[11:29:38] <fuzzie> if you have a complex AI script doing a bunch of stuff in between casts
[11:35:28] <fuzzie> very strange
[11:38:09] <fuzzie> "Sometimes it won't save on save button - it returns instantly to game screen with save file not updated. Usually game can be saved after moving to another location (need to switch many locations sometimes)"
[11:38:36] <fuzzie> ^- known bug? Beh0lder says it is known and reported
[11:39:37] <dhewg> known, gui issue
[11:39:54] <dhewg> on the 0.6.4 branch its related to the epic flickering
[11:40:16] <fuzzie> would be nice if someone would mention :P
[11:40:25] <fuzzie> i wonder if it's still broken on master
[11:41:39] <dhewg> i didnt get the flickering so far
[11:42:00] <dhewg> unsure if the save issue is still present
[11:42:02] <fuzzie> well, you can always restart to fix flickering anyway
[11:42:10] <fuzzie> being unable to save, that sounds like a more critical bug
[11:42:11] <dhewg> i mentioned it like 5 times :P
[11:42:35] <fuzzie> you mentioned the flickering, but the save *not working*? O.o
[11:42:38] <dhewg> i also mentioned that saving is broken then
[11:42:49] <dhewg> i was speculating about a double pause
[11:43:04] <dhewg> if the gui breaks, saving does not work when you pause via space
[11:43:10] <dhewg> if you unpause, it works
[11:43:22] <fuzzie> which is insane
[11:43:24] <dhewg> the ugly thing is, that is silently does not work
[11:43:44] <dhewg> i already look at the log everytime if there's a yellow "has been saved" line :P
[11:43:49] <fuzzie> maybe someone fiddled with the save code since we last dealt with this
[11:44:46] <dhewg> but dont you remember me mentioning that
[11:44:59] <dhewg> you replied with something like "but 'q' should always work"
[11:45:12] <dhewg> (which it does)
[11:45:33] <fuzzie> well, if the gui is broken entirely then i guess maybe it's just sending events into nothingness
[11:45:33] * dhewg sets mode +coffee fuzzie
[11:45:57] <fuzzie> if you want to refactor, gui code needs refactoring ;p
[11:46:15] <dhewg> if i refactor the gui code, i refactor python :P
[11:46:36] <fuzzie> well, the C++ in-game gui core
[11:46:57] <dhewg> but anyway, when its broken, you do get the save entry dialog
[11:46:59] <fuzzie> i think it just needs shoving out to python, really
[11:47:07] <dhewg> you can enter a name, hit save just fine
[11:47:16] <dhewg> just that it doesnt happen to save then
[11:47:23] <fuzzie> that's pretty disturbing
[11:47:31] <fuzzie> especially if you don't get a frantic backtrace on console
[11:47:41] <dhewg> no, nothing
[11:47:44] <fuzzie> not as disturbing as your mysteriously-vanishing charisma though
[11:47:52] <dhewg> heh
[11:47:53] <dhewg> yeah
[11:48:20] <dhewg> well, the savegame issue is definitely there on 0.6.4, even from my branch with all those fixes
[11:48:28] <dhewg> im not sure i ran into it on master
[11:49:53] <fuzzie> well, i'm pretty sure you just mismerged the savegame thing onto your branch
[11:50:45] <fuzzie> but doesn't matter now :p
[11:52:39] <dhewg> heh "mismerge"
[11:53:25] <dhewg> if we have the same commit in mind, i reverted that because it didnt apply cleanly
[11:53:38] <dhewg> the 0.6.4 branch is still there if you care enought :P
[11:53:42] <fuzzie> i'm looking at a few related commits in your branch
[11:53:50] <fuzzie> and you seem to have foolishly trusted git's merge algo
[11:53:59] <dhewg> ohnoes?
[11:56:30] <dhewg> i think i resolved a conflict on one cherry-pick
[11:56:59] <dhewg> maybe it was me messing stuff up
[11:57:07] <dhewg> whats the commit in question?
[11:57:30] <fuzzie> i think the underlying problem was that GUISAVE.py got moved+merged in the meantime
[12:01:37] <fuzzie> but e.g. b8237164 on your branch makes no sense at all
[12:01:55] <fuzzie> pretty sure i saw something crazier before but maybe only in diff
[12:04:37] <fuzzie> i still have stuff from you in my browser tabs, in fact
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[12:07:17] <dhewg> hm dunno, thats an unmodified cherry-pick
[12:07:48] <dhewg> but it merged ok afaict
[12:08:09] <fuzzie> yeah, but it was necessary for the other commit to work
[12:08:17] <fuzzie> and yet you have it merged into iwd2 only, which seems unhelpful for bg2
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[12:09:32] <dhewg> heh, ok so its useless but harmless
[12:12:45] <fuzzie> but if it did that here then i guess it isn't going to have worked out for anything else :)
[12:15:05] <dhewg> heh yeah
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[12:15:35] <fuzzie> i'm already fed up with this stuff today, anyway
[12:16:15] <fuzzie> so should probably avoid
[12:18:28] <fuzzie> instead i am learning about verification of object-orientated programs.
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[13:28:01] <fuzzie> wow, ToBEx gets more insane
[13:31:19] <fuzzie> also, wrong
[13:42:23] <fuzzie> but yes, i don't understand how this aura stuff works
[13:49:49] <fuzzie> also i'm looking at irc logs and Avenger says casting disruption isn't in damage
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[14:22:50] <dhewg> before i start something awkward over there... kirben stepped down?
[14:24:34] <wjp> it would appear so
[14:24:51] <dhewg> thats a shame :(
[14:24:53] <wjp> I don't know anything other than what Eugene said on the installer pull request
[14:25:05] <dhewg> yeah thats what i stumbled upon
[14:26:20] <dhewg> i can understand the decision to step down because of the public discussion public that could have been private
[14:26:50] <dhewg> but i still dont understand kirben's arguments about the installer and the maintainership
[14:27:15] <dhewg> there was already a weird argument about the windows builds as i set up the buildbot
[14:27:35] <wjp> I'm going to refrain from public comments on this for the moment, I think...
[14:28:07] <dhewg> heh, sorry didnt meant to start a discussion about it
[14:28:22] <dhewg> i was just kinda shocked
[14:29:20] <dhewg> anyway, lets get back to the topic of this channel
[14:29:30] <dhewg> i dont know if i ever asked
[14:29:41] <dhewg> but i got this from my first bg2 savegame:
[14:29:42] <dhewg> [TLKImporter]: Not a valid TOT file.
[14:29:42] <dhewg> [TlkImporter]: Cannot open tlk override!
[14:29:50] <dhewg> happens every time i load a game
[14:29:56] <dhewg> should i be worried?
[14:29:59] <fuzzie> yeah, the tlkimporter is unfinished
[14:30:40] <fuzzie> i think you commented on the code the other day and i got growly at you?
[14:30:59] <fuzzie> it needs someone who understands it, though
[14:31:02] <dhewg> i wouldnt use that word, but something like that :P
[14:31:25] <fuzzie> at a *glance* it looks like it could be massively simplified
[14:31:43] <dhewg> first step is to kill the goto!
[14:31:49] <dhewg> sry, couldnt resist :P
[14:32:04] <fuzzie> well, yes, write a patch :P
[14:32:12] <dhewg> in my branch :P
[14:32:13] <dhewg> so whats a tlk/tot/toh?
[14:32:54] <fuzzie> a TLK file contains the (translatable) strings for the game data
[14:33:03] <tomprince> Are you aware of http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/file_formats/index.htm
[14:33:16] <fuzzie> oh that is a much better response :P
[14:33:26] <dhewg> ah, sweet
[14:33:36] <fuzzie> although you can't trust anything on IESDP, unfortunately
[14:33:40] <dhewg> i think i stumbled upon that some time ago, bet let me bookmark that
[14:33:45] <dhewg> i cant?
[14:33:52] <fuzzie> i mean, no specifics
[14:35:15] <fuzzie> you have whole blocks of fields missing, etc, because no-one got around to formally documenting stuff, or just no-one knows
[14:35:49] <fuzzie> but also there's absolutely no marking of what's a random guess and what isn't..
[14:36:04] <dhewg> huh :\
[14:36:25] <dhewg> well but i should be enough to read up on what filetime contains what
[14:36:30] <fuzzie> yes, definitely
[14:36:36] <dhewg> and to prevent me from asking the most silly questions :P
[14:37:56] <dhewg> sometimes i really wonder how i manage to type different stuff than what i meant to type
[14:39:05] <fuzzie> i like linking people to http://www.simpilot.net/~sc/dltcep/index.htm also
[14:39:21] <fuzzie> just as something to read through quickly, and get an idea of how stuff works
[14:39:28] <fuzzie> but maybe you're beyond that :)
[14:40:46] <dhewg> probably not :P
[14:41:08] <tomprince> Is the source of iedsp somewhere? I wonder how much work it would be to update it to be current with current state of your knowledge.
[14:41:27] <fuzzie> well, there was a discussion about wiki-ing it
[14:42:20] <fuzzie> but it leads to all knds of difficult arguments
[14:43:07] <edheldil> i.e. the maintainer not wanting to ease the control
[14:43:44] <fuzzie> well, also no-one else willing to put the necessary time in to replace the maintainer
[14:44:23] <edheldil> I haven't seen any offer to step down in that thread :)
[14:47:02] <fuzzie> would be pretty silly of igi to step down with no alternative :P
[14:47:44] <wjp> put it in git and accept pull requests? :-)
[14:48:06] <fuzzie> devSin's comment was "Not to be an ass, but if you want a wiki, make one. Otherwise, STOP COMPLAINING."
[14:48:29] <fuzzie> and i think it just sort of derailed thereafter.
[14:49:26] <fuzzie> but as igi noted, a wiki would be an opportunity to stop having to maintain the thing, so you'd really have to find people with time to do the work
[14:57:26] <dhewg> how annoying is it to stop the scrolling when a dialog/cutscene is forced?
[14:57:47] <fuzzie> dunno, it seems trivial?
[14:58:07] <dhewg> that nice because its annoying :)
[15:03:26] <fuzzie> go fix!
[15:04:44] <dhewg> no u!
[15:10:26] <fuzzie> i don't even know what does it
[15:10:36] <fuzzie> if it's GlobalTimer then refactor the whole thing to die pls kthx
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[15:51:06] <wjp> so... template renderer rewrite or not? :-)
[15:51:33] <fuzzie> well, if you could make it work
[15:52:34] <wjp> do you see any show-stoppers, or just the overall complexity?
[15:53:14] <fuzzie> just the complexity
[15:53:59] <wjp> any other wishlist items / points of attention other than the xor and variable shifts?
[15:54:02] <fuzzie> also bearing in mind you can't partially specialise
[15:54:10] <wjp> yes
[15:54:20] <fuzzie> not sure it's relevant :)
[15:54:30] <wjp> that's where the python script and/or metaprogramming will come in :-)
[15:54:47] <wjp> or macros to call templates...
[15:54:56] <fuzzie> but it makes it tricky to replicate FLIP vs non-FLIP for example, i guess?
[15:55:52] <wjp> I'll probably get rid of FLIP in favor of an XFLIP template argument and a yflip bool
[15:56:27] <fuzzie> and obviously RLE vs non-RLE
[15:56:35] <fuzzie> but my only concern is performance
[15:56:46] <wjp> RLE is a big if in the inl currently
[15:57:24] <wjp> (outer)
[15:57:30] <fuzzie> yes
[15:58:26] <wjp> that list of effects is longer than I remembered :-)
[15:58:29] <fuzzie> so as long as it becomes a template parameter..
[15:58:30] <fuzzie> yeah :-/
[15:58:49] <wjp> RLE could just stay an outer if, couldn't it?
[15:59:03] <fuzzie> well, if you feel that's maintainable :)
[15:59:07] <wjp> or two separate functions
[15:59:19] <wjp> but it doesn't feel very templateable
[16:00:20] <fuzzie> well, as a boolean template param, you could just put 'if' statements in the right places?
[16:00:25] <fuzzie> oh, i suppose i modified this code locally
[16:00:32] <wjp> possibly
[16:00:50] <wjp> if those modifications contain any good ideas, please do share them :-)
[16:00:50] <fuzzie> i was trying to get rid of the XNEG in that while loop, made it a counter instead
[16:01:08] <fuzzie> irrelevant in the face of getting rid of it entirely
[16:01:13] <wjp> ok
[16:01:26] <wjp> (a separate var that always counts up?)
[16:01:38] <wjp> (or down, or whatever)
[16:01:40] <fuzzie> a seperate var that always counts down, but yes :)
[16:01:56] <wjp> down is indeed the more sensible choice :-)
[16:02:03] <fuzzie> didn't find time to see if it helps though.
[16:02:32] <wjp> we need an iso-standard infinity benchmark :-)
[16:03:06] <fuzzie> i capped the framerate at 30fps recently
[16:03:13] * wjp nods
[16:03:14] <fuzzie> not too helpful for others testing this i guess :P
[16:03:32] <fuzzie> but easy enough to sabotage
[16:04:26] <wjp> sabotage, benchmark, reduce blitter to its base case so I can actually understand it again, reimplement, benchmark :-)
[16:04:45] <fuzzie> and we'll see you in a few months? :)
[16:04:55] <wjp> plus or minus a few months :-)
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[16:05:18] <wjp> the interaction with the covering is the most annoying bit
[16:06:18] <wjp> are there any gotchas for non-typename template arguments in MSVC6?
[16:06:26] <fuzzie> don't think so
[16:07:39] <wjp> time to go home, then go running, then eat, and then I'll see if I still have the courage to do this :-)
[16:08:25] <fuzzie> hf
[16:08:34] <fuzzie> trying to arrange pizza, here
[16:08:38] <wjp> mmm
[16:08:51] <wjp> most avoid temptation to eat before running, or the running won't happen :-)
[16:08:59] <wjp> s/mo/mu/
[16:09:06] <fuzzie> since we seem to have accidentally run out of actual dinner ingredients :)
[16:09:15] <fuzzie> so, go run!
[16:09:30] <wjp> first bike home :-)
[16:09:35] * wjp disappears
[16:54:24] <fuzzie> oh dear lord
[16:54:31] <fuzzie> so the original engine just seems to have functions for all of this
[16:55:00] <Gekz> ahahah
[16:55:10] <Gekz> reimplementing Infinity or rewriting Infinity?
[16:55:11] <Gekz> :P
[16:55:33] <fuzzie> we are most definitely not doing many of the stupid things which Bioware did. :P
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[18:10:58] * wjp hmmms
[18:12:52] <wjp> I get speeds of over 400fps in empty scenes with only my party in BG2
[18:13:12] <wjp> between 250-300 with some effects/vvcs active
[18:13:51] <wjp> (with current git, of course; I haven't _quite_ finished this new code yet ;-) )
[18:16:29] <wjp> hm, the dream colouring is also still unknown
[18:17:43] <wjp> and there are also the IE_VVC_DARKEN and IE_VVC_GLOWING effects which are not implemented
[18:18:14] <fuzzie> I can go poke in the disasm if it's necessary.
[18:18:56] <wjp> it would certainly be useful
[18:19:30] <wjp> (no hurry, of course)
[18:20:21] <fuzzie> although the VVC stuff is well-known
[18:21:20] <dhewg> there is some sort of cansee() function, right?
[18:21:33] <fuzzie> dhewg: yes, but you probably want to be more specific
[18:21:48] <dhewg> let me finish :P
[18:21:53] <dhewg> i think that may be related to invisible chars on sequences?
[18:21:59] <wjp> fuzzie: if you have a reference that would also help
[18:22:07] <fuzzie> wjp: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=20115
[18:22:36] <dhewg> sometimes a sequence starts, an actor speaks to you, you can see how the map is centered on him/her, but you cant see him
[18:23:07] <fuzzie> hmm, what kind of sequence?
[18:23:08] <dhewg> i got that when irenicus appears in the madhouse
[18:23:14] <fuzzie> that is usually handled by a 'cutspy'
[18:23:25] <dhewg> ive seen it a few times
[18:23:31] <fuzzie> but i've only seen those bugs where the map is centered on the party by mistake
[18:23:36] <dhewg> but now he's arround the corner
[18:24:23] <fuzzie> oh
[18:24:35] <fuzzie> is this where he goes around a corner and then short-circuits the whole sequence by turning into Jon?
[18:24:56] <dhewg> doesnt sound like im at that spot yet
[18:25:07] <dhewg> its where you imprison yourself and find imoen
[18:25:14] <fuzzie> yes
[18:25:26] <fuzzie> do you get the tour that way? i forget
[18:25:36] <dhewg> tour?
[18:25:43] <fuzzie> evidently not :P
[18:25:56] <dhewg> apparently not :)
[18:26:12] <fuzzie> when you just waltz into spellhold on your own, the coordinator meets you at the door
[18:26:13] <dhewg> how do i get the tour?
[18:26:31] <dhewg> oh that seems to be the alternative route
[18:26:33] <fuzzie> and then you follow him around and you get a tour where he shows you the other inhabitants, and then eventually end up at imoen
[18:26:53] <dhewg> i found acting like a manic funnier than getting the stone
[18:27:00] <fuzzie> and there's a gemrb bug in that path, where the coordinator prematurely reveals himself as Jon because he thinks you attacked him
[18:27:06] <fuzzie> i forget how the other route works, honestly
[18:27:40] <dhewg> you talk to this pirate dude and convince him to imprison your gang
[18:27:52] <dhewg> some funny dialog options
[18:28:16] <dhewg> and then yoshimo steps in to get you in there
[18:28:38] <dhewg> and then it cuts away and you're in a cell
[18:29:04] <dhewg> that looked at fine
[18:29:09] <fuzzie> betrayal :(
[18:29:25] <dhewg> what? :P
[18:29:34] <fuzzie> the disasm of CGameArea::GetTintColor is delightfully unreadable
[18:29:55] <fuzzie> dhewg: so what goes wrong?
[18:30:19] <dhewg> well you walk around there and trigger jon's appearance
[18:30:27] <dhewg> like with an attack at someone
[18:30:43] <dhewg> he appears and starts talking
[18:30:49] <dhewg> but i cant see him
[18:30:58] <dhewg> dialog is opening fine
[18:31:07] <fuzzie> i'm not sure that's actually a bug
[18:31:19] <dhewg> or wait
[18:31:34] <dhewg> maybe he's at a different position, just that it centered somewhere else
[18:31:46] <dhewg> i cant tell because there's nothing to see and i cant scroll :P
[18:32:33] <dhewg> heh, i can scroll via the map
[18:32:42] <fuzzie> you shouldn't be able to use the map :<
[18:32:54] <dhewg> i know, but even then i cant find him :P
[18:33:29] <dhewg> anyway, i've seen a lot of npc initialized dialogs where ppl are invisible
[18:33:45] <dhewg> since the map was centered somewhere i assume jon is there
[18:33:57] <dhewg> and the corner made me think of cansee()
[18:34:13] <fuzzie> what's the text?
[18:34:19] <fuzzie> "I see you have made yourself at home."?
[18:34:40] <dhewg> i think, i already clicked through
[18:35:01] <dhewg> it continues with "Do not look so surprised"
[18:37:11] <fuzzie> yes, then
[18:37:22] <fuzzie> means AsylumPlot is >17 and <20
[18:38:37] <dhewg> 12
[18:38:55] <dhewg> no wait, thats before the dlg
[18:41:04] <fuzzie> yeah
[18:41:09] <fuzzie> if you attack someone
[18:41:28] <fuzzie> then it sets AsylumPlot to 19 and tries to trigger a cutscene
[18:41:32] <dhewg> yeah, im my case: beating the stupidity out of imoen :P
[18:42:33] <fuzzie> if you attack imoen then i think you get a dialog instead
[18:43:11] <dhewg> afaict its the same
[18:43:26] <fuzzie> well, simple check, do you move to a new area? :)
[18:43:28] <dhewg> a failed pickpocket at that cell keeper dude results in the same
[18:43:50] <dhewg> no, camera warps and i hear jon appear with his leet doors
[18:43:54] <fuzzie> if not, the bug is our CreateCreatureObjectDoor
[18:43:59] <dhewg> i neither cant see that door nor him
[18:44:20] <fuzzie> it should use CC_OBJECT and it uses CC_OFFSET instead
[18:44:24] <fuzzie> GameScript/Actions.cpp
[18:44:33] <dhewg> trying, thx
[18:44:44] <dhewg> how do i print a global via ctrl+space again?
[18:44:49] <fuzzie> CheckVariable
[18:45:00] <fuzzie> i dunno the params but it'll give you help if you pass it none
[18:46:11] <fuzzie> that CreateCreature code is all broken
[18:46:13] <dhewg> NameError: name 'CheckVariable' is not defined
[18:46:25] <dhewg> but thats while a dlg is open
[18:46:32] <fuzzie> maybe not that then :P
[18:46:48] <dhewg> almost looks like it, doesnt it? ;)
[18:46:52] <fuzzie> ah, 'CheckVar' for some reason..
[18:48:20] <dhewg> ah, now he's right next to me
[18:48:23] <dhewg> and visible!
[18:48:48] <fuzzie> excellent
[18:48:54] <dhewg> love the comments
[18:48:57] <dhewg> //another highly redundant action
[18:49:08] <dhewg> whats with CreateCreatureAtFeet?
[18:49:10] <dhewg> same bug?
[18:49:15] <fuzzie> i don't know
[18:49:58] <fuzzie> i mean, it shouldn't be CC_OBJECT
[18:50:16] <dhewg> door or feet now?
[18:50:18] <fuzzie> so i'm guessing it's ok as-is
[18:50:22] <fuzzie> the feet one :P
[18:50:25] <dhewg> k
[18:50:29] <fuzzie> it is planescape: torment anyway, so you don't have to care
[18:50:58] <fuzzie> so patch pls
[18:51:23] <dhewg> is that really faster then you changing it? :P
[18:51:24] <fuzzie> or i guess i can just do it, pick one
[18:51:48] <dhewg> if its about which name appears in the git log, i couldnt care less :D
[18:52:16] --> test32894789234u has joined #gemrb
[18:52:21] <dhewg> but uhm
[18:52:51] <dhewg> is it ok that its fully paused?
[18:53:00] <dhewg> i see the 1st frame of his magic door
[18:53:04] <fuzzie> how do you mean?
[18:53:05] <fuzzie> oh
[18:53:07] <dhewg> but he's already there and talking to me
[18:53:16] <fuzzie> i don't know
[18:54:26] <-- test32894789234u has left #gemrb
[18:54:35] <fuzzie> it could be ok or it could be not
[18:54:47] <fuzzie> lemme go try it in original
[18:55:15] <dhewg> heh
[18:55:36] <dhewg> when the dlg is done you see this dust so all chars disappear for the next sequence
[18:55:51] <fuzzie> the original is pretty bad with the dialog pausing ruining anims
[18:55:54] <dhewg> that dust vanishes before the door is finished
[18:57:13] <dhewg> also, in that followup scene
[18:57:21] <dhewg> am i supposed to be in that tube?
[18:57:34] <dhewg> because my avatar is standing right in front of it
[18:57:35] <fuzzie> well
[18:57:41] <fuzzie> as i thought, if i attack someone, i don't get dialog
[19:01:00] <fuzzie> but yes, if i attack imoen, the whole anim is meant to play out
[19:01:00] <fuzzie> sucks
[19:03:41] <fuzzie> can be done, but it's annoying and i hate it
[19:03:50] <dhewg> hehe
[19:03:51] <dhewg> sorry!
[19:03:59] <fuzzie> save pls
[19:04:05] <dhewg> muh
[19:05:16] <fuzzie> or do't bother, also ok
[19:05:17] <dhewg> static.hackmii.com/dhewg/muh.tgz
[19:05:34] <fuzzie> thanks
[19:05:54] <dhewg> if you continue in the original, is your char in that ugly tube?
[19:06:13] <fuzzie> that is a known bug
[19:06:19] <dhewg> ok
[19:06:24] <fuzzie> > when your soul is being stolen, you're not in your glass jar
[19:06:40] <dhewg> because in a sequence before all this, same happend with imoen, and she was in there
[19:07:17] <fuzzie> i think the problem is that it teleports you slightly wrong
[19:07:27] <fuzzie> and we resolve that incorrectly
[19:07:43] <fuzzie> again, dim memories of stupid code
[19:07:45] <dhewg> or maybe its map related?
[19:08:02] <dhewg> like that tube in not walkable and gemrb tries to be too smart?
[19:09:40] <fuzzie> well you can check that with whatever combo gives you the overlay
[19:09:44] <fuzzie> but i think it's the first.
[19:13:25] <dhewg> no, there's hole for it in there
[19:15:03] <dhewg> another thing: there seems to be leftovers from cutscenes
[19:15:23] <dhewg> in that tube sequence where he kills those shadow dudes
[19:15:38] <dhewg> the cam warps from one to the next, and finally a dream sequence starts
[19:15:42] <dhewg> interactive
[19:15:59] <dhewg> i still get "casts rapture of the father" entries in my log
[19:16:11] <dhewg> and the cam warps to a nonsense position
[19:16:22] <fuzzie> they're meant to also say 'Death' after
[19:16:35] <fuzzie> and those vvcs are in the wrong place and it drives me mad every time and wah
[19:16:43] <dhewg> hehe
[19:16:58] <dhewg> well now the log is too long, dunno if there was 'death'
[19:17:03] <fuzzie> there wasn't
[19:17:10] <fuzzie> i test that little spellhold sequence quite obsessively
[19:17:20] <fuzzie> and it's full of bugs
[19:17:27] <dhewg> but every 2s there's that spell
[19:17:32] <dhewg> and on every one i get that map warp
[19:17:36] <fuzzie> i hate it very much
[19:17:39] <dhewg> and i see [Movable]: Stance overridden by death
[19:17:43] <fuzzie> i think if you save/load then it's all better
[19:17:46] <dhewg> 3 times in a row
[19:17:57] <fuzzie> plus as a bonus, the follow bit actually works
[19:18:01] <dhewg> yeah, and i doesnt happen everytime
[19:32:56] --> barra_away has joined #gemrb
[19:36:09] <-- barraAway has left IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[20:06:30] <dhewg> aerie's chr drain happened again
[20:06:44] <dhewg> but it seems to be one point at a time
[20:16:59] <fuzzie> still no clue as to what's cauisng it?
[20:17:14] <dhewg> nope
[20:17:38] <dhewg> there were a few level ups compared to the last known good save
[20:17:49] <dhewg> but i cant reproduce with just doing that
[20:49:10] <fuzzie> so is the source for the android gemrb port around somewhere?
[20:51:50] <dhewg> aaaand it happened again
[20:51:53] <fuzzie> oh, right, it's in pelya's libSDL repository
[20:52:40] <fuzzie> dhewg: pleeeease work out what on earth :-p
[20:54:08] <dhewg> thats easy to say :P
[20:54:20] <fuzzie> disease is a vaguely not-at-all-possible culprit
[20:54:30] <dhewg> no
[20:54:35] <fuzzie> but, well, also the charisma modifier
[20:55:11] <fuzzie> wow, there really is a complete copy of gemrb in pelya's libSDL repos
[20:56:59] <fuzzie> dhewg: you're also not using sequencer/contingency?
[20:57:08] <dhewg> no
[20:57:22] <dhewg> after that whole cutsequence stuff in spellhold
[20:57:36] <dhewg> that kind vampire lady leaves you there
[20:57:45] <dhewg> thats when i noticed that it was drained
[20:57:48] <dhewg> i fixed it, saved
[20:57:58] <dhewg> and just did some puzzles and killes the golem
[20:58:07] <dhewg> thats all it took to go down by one again
[20:58:09] <fuzzie> fx_puppet_master seems also a bad idea
[20:58:15] <fuzzie> which is project image
[21:01:54] <fuzzie> but i still can't think of any actual candidates for causing the crazy
[21:02:26] <dhewg> got it
[21:02:39] <dhewg> yuan-ti
[21:03:33] <fuzzie> o.O
[21:04:32] <dhewg> uhm no, not now
[21:04:42] <dhewg> worked 2 times, not the 3rd
[21:04:57] <dhewg> wtf
[21:09:48] <fuzzie> ok, where on earth are all the Yuan-Ti in my gemrb games
[21:09:54] <fuzzie> there's meant to be hordes of them, not one on the whole map
[21:10:21] <dhewg> no its not them, but it happend just twice on that encounter
[21:10:24] <dhewg> i dunno :\
[21:10:49] <fuzzie> i was just thinking i could get hints from the effects
[21:10:58] <fuzzie> since there's meant to be a mage among them
[21:11:04] <fuzzie> but i can't find a mage to look at the scripts!
[21:11:56] <wjp> the d'Arnise keep should also have Yuan-Ti, if it helps
[21:15:25] <fuzzie> i should really get a more complete set of saves
[21:17:11] <fuzzie> also argh world map bad clicky
[21:18:41] <fuzzie> and i have been waylaid by bandits and must curse gemrb
[21:21:19] <fuzzie> [DLGImporter]: Can't compile action: global("naliagravecomplain","global",2)
[21:21:22] <fuzzie> ^- that's a weird one
[21:24:36] <fuzzie> finally found one in the keep :-)
[21:27:37] <fuzzie> first thought: WIZARD_SECRET_WORD calls fx_dispel_secondary_type_one with level=8, match=1
[21:28:48] <fuzzie> don't suppose you have any idea if such a cast could be responsible, dhewg?
[21:29:06] <dhewg> i have really no clue
[21:29:13] <dhewg> i cant reproduce now
[21:29:31] <fuzzie> the Yuan-Ti Mage script will try casting it at the first mage it sees
[21:47:56] <dhewg> http://static.hackmii.com/dhewg/prio.png
[21:48:04] <dhewg> you see that sword there?
[21:49:09] <fuzzie> hmph
[21:49:56] <dhewg> that looks good
[21:50:10] <dhewg> it looks like that when you reenter that map or reload
[21:50:18] <dhewg> but if you kill a monster there, you wont see it
[21:50:33] <fuzzie> i don't think they're meant to be visible there
[21:50:36] <dhewg> its there, but you can only notice by the cursor
[21:51:00] <dhewg> if its not its really annoying :P
[21:51:10] <fuzzie> in original you can hold down alt to see them
[21:51:15] <fuzzie> i thought that worked in gemrb also
[21:51:22] <dhewg> well even that wont work in that situation
[21:51:28] <dhewg> it does with reenter
[21:51:52] <fuzzie> i would be suspicious that the bug is with reenter :P looking in original
[21:52:01] <dhewg> i forgot some item because of that in the planar sphere
[21:52:07] <dhewg> dropped by some wacko
[21:52:09] <fuzzie> yeah, it's meant to be like that
[21:52:21] <dhewg> so i had to go hunt for pick-up-cursors :P
[21:52:26] <fuzzie> raised to front while alt is held down.
[21:52:46] <fuzzie> or, tab, ratgher.
[21:57:01] <dhewg> that portal there, with the 3 gems
[21:57:18] <dhewg> it reads a rjinni should appear
[21:57:33] <dhewg> *djinni
[21:57:36] <dhewg> but it doesnt
[21:57:43] <fuzzie> nothing happens, but you lose the gem?
[21:57:48] <dhewg> yeah
[21:58:01] <fuzzie> what's the portal's script?
[22:00:44] <dhewg> ppportal
[22:01:18] <fuzzie> ForceSpellPoint([236.494],SUMMON_DJINN_TRAP)
[22:02:52] <fuzzie> btw, unfixpacked script decompile for iwd2/bg1/bg2/pst is at http://fuzzie.org/nfs/gemrb/baf.tar.bz2
[22:04:08] <dhewg> that point is just in front of the portal
[22:04:20] <fuzzie> that spell does fx_apply_effect on spdjinn.eff
[22:04:32] <fuzzie> do you get that on console?
[22:06:20] <dhewg> Displaying string on: ppportal
[22:06:20] <dhewg> targetless opcode without EFFECT_NO_ACTOR: 177, skipping
[22:07:10] <fuzzie> that's precious
[22:07:41] <fuzzie> it does, of course, have a target
[22:08:02] <fuzzie> but not one which this insane gemrb system accepts
[22:08:35] <dhewg> but those djinns are awesome!!1
[22:08:55] <fuzzie> that's really annoying
[22:09:47] <fuzzie> sometimes i am tempted to just quietly change this stuff to a system that isn't so flaky
[22:12:05] <dhewg> i suggest to hide it in a "whitespace fix" commit
[22:12:25] <fuzzie> "fix formatting (also rewrite entire codebase)"
[22:13:46] <fuzzie> so anyway, the *first effect* to be handled in the relevant function is 177
[22:14:16] <dhewg> the portal does 3 things
[22:14:30] <dhewg> i get 3 different texts, but always the 177 msg
[22:14:40] <fuzzie> and the fail, right?
[22:14:55] <dhewg> yeah, 3 times the 2 lines i pasted
[22:15:06] <fuzzie> lynx doesn't blame me in the commit msgs so, win
[22:15:16] <fuzzie> officially not my faultâ„¢
[22:18:34] <fuzzie> also handled is 269 (fx_screenshake), 150 (fx_find_traps), 100 (fx_generic_effect), 146 (fx_cast_spell), 127 (fx_monster_summoning), 67 (fx_summon_creature), 273 (fx_remove_projectile)
[22:19:41] --> SiENcE has joined #gemrb
[22:19:46] <-- SiENcE has left IRC (Client Quit)
[22:20:01] <fuzzie> we handle fx_find_traps by means of super hackery
[22:20:07] <fuzzie> but maybe should think about the rest.
[22:36:14] <dhewg> the effect where you regain control over certain party members doesnt work
[22:36:41] <dhewg> the phase where the hilightling circle is purple
[22:37:30] <dhewg> it was the case when the spellhold cutscenes are over. one has only control of the main char and imoen
[22:37:36] <dhewg> the others just stand there
[22:38:35] <dhewg> same effect just now where you turn into that bhaal evil thingy
[22:42:32] <lynxlynxlynx> that used to work the last time around
[22:42:56] <lynxlynxlynx> but zzz
[22:43:23] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:05:12] <fuzzie> oh, oops
[23:05:21] <fuzzie> i forgot to commit the fix for unselectable stuff :P
[23:05:42] <fuzzie> bug me about it in morning, i have all other fixes too