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[01:02:15] <fuzzie> torgal in Avenger's save has a monhp1 item..
[01:04:25] <fuzzie> which makes me suspicious of http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=26015.new
[01:04:55] <fuzzie> but perhaps that is meant to tie into some missing script
[01:07:18] <fuzzie> apparently it's a fixpack bug, so if Avenger made that maybe it's just Avenger having a broken fixpack
[01:08:29] <fuzzie> i must sleep, anyway.
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[04:16:22] <pickle_> do any demos (free data) work with gemrb?
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[10:12:29] <CIA-31> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r7480 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/ (9 files in 2 dirs):
[10:12:29] <CIA-31> gemrb: moved the calendar to a separate class
[10:12:29] <CIA-31> gemrb: implemented Calendar* triggers
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[10:50:06] <Gekz> http://1.media.tumblr.com/7IxIhjMe0pbmq86vVtKXliRYo1_500.jpg
[11:12:13] <Maighstir> I don't know if some recent patch messed something up, but now I'm getting errors while compiling on windows/mingw; http://pastebin.com/m676de39c
[11:14:23] <lynxlynxlynx> looks like your system is broken, the error is in a system header
[11:14:32] <wjp> can you paste line 732 of C:\mingw\include\math.h?
[11:14:41] <wjp> I think a #define interfering is more likely :-)
[11:16:09] <fuzzie> (BIKPlayer is indeed new code)
[11:17:49] <Maighstir> math.h, line 732: extern double __cdecl round (double);
[11:18:54] <Maighstir> it worked before... though it could be a week ago that I compiled last it's definitely not more that that
[11:19:03] <wjp> hm, we're #defining round
[11:19:33] <wjp> (in includes/win32def.h)
[11:19:52] <fuzzie> perhaps replace the #ifdef with a MSVC one
[11:20:10] <wjp> yes, that sounds good
[11:20:54] <wjp> Maighstir: can you try if it works after replacing #ifdef WIN32 with #ifdef _MSC_VER on line 144 of includes/win32def.h ?
[11:24:11] <Maighstir> it got past that point at least
[11:24:47] <Maighstir> and another error right at the end... wait
[11:25:28] <Maighstir> CMakeFiles\TLKImporter.dir\TLKImp.obj:TLKImp.cpp:(.text+0xc4a): undefined reference to `Calendar::GetMonthName(int)'
[11:25:29] <Maighstir> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[11:25:29] <Maighstir> mingw32-make[2]: *** [gemrb/plugins/TLKImporter/libTLKImporter.dll] Error 1
[11:25:29] <Maighstir> mingw32-make[1]: *** [gemrb/plugins/TLKImporter/CMakeFiles/TLKImporter.dir/all]
[11:25:29] <Maighstir> Error 2
[11:25:30] <Maighstir> mingw32-make: *** [all] Error 2
[11:27:09] <fuzzie> did you add Calendar.cpp to your main build?
[11:27:31] <fuzzie> oh, i guess mingw would just be using the normal scripts
[11:28:06] <wjp> there's a CMake ref in that pathname
[11:28:21] <fuzzie> cmake also just bundles *.cpp for Core
[11:28:27] <wjp> hm, right
[11:28:49] <fuzzie> Calendar needs a GEM_EXPORT, i guess
[11:29:04] <fuzzie> and all the #ifdef stuff to go with it
[11:29:48] <wjp> we really need some kind of global include file to put that :-)
[11:30:13] <fuzzie> tomprince was considering something along those lines, i think
[11:31:11] <fuzzie> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2913501&group_id=10122&atid=310122
[11:31:38] <fuzzie> perhaps worth just applying that
[11:34:26] <fuzzie> it looks fine to me; i'm not in a position to apply+test right now, anyone else want to do so and add GEM_EXPORT to Calendar in process?
[11:36:27] <wjp> hm, there are three unexplained changes in it: strupr, strlwr and ResolveFilePath get a GEM_EXPORT
[11:37:07] <fuzzie> those are good
[11:37:44] <fuzzie> if you switch visibility to default-hidden (which the patch doesn't do), then those need to be visible because they're used by plugins
[11:38:08] <wjp> and MSVC didn't need it before?
[11:38:17] <fuzzie> that is for the non-win32 path
[11:38:29] <wjp> ah, I see
[11:39:08] <wjp> ok, I'll do a quick test to see if it (still) works here
[12:07:08] <wjp> all seems well
[12:07:26] <CIA-31> gemrb: 03wjpalenstijn * r7481 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/includes/win32def.h: Fix mingw build
[12:10:04] * wjp twiddles his thumbs while waiting for the files to be uploaded
[12:10:28] <fuzzie> sf's svn server is so amazingly slow
[12:11:06] <CIA-31> gemrb: 03wjpalenstijn * r7482 10/gemrb/trunk/ (109 files in 6 dirs):
[12:11:06] <CIA-31> gemrb: Add support for gcc visibility attributes.
[12:11:06] <CIA-31> gemrb: This is a slightly modified patch #2913501 by tomprince.
[12:11:20] <fuzzie> :-)
[12:11:27] <fuzzie> thankyou
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[12:11:36] <CIA-31> gemrb: 03wjpalenstijn * r7483 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/Calendar.h: Export Calendar class
[12:11:43] <fuzzie> Maighstir: try that?
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[12:39:14] <fuzzie> ok, that doesn't build for me
[12:39:28] <fuzzie> wjp: you forgot to add exports.h?
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[12:45:16] <wjp> where?
[12:45:19] <wjp> oh
[12:45:22] <wjp> gah
[12:46:51] <wjp> sorry, added now
[12:46:51] <CIA-31> gemrb: 03wjpalenstijn * r7484 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/includes/exports.h: Add support for gcc visibility attributes. (Add forgotten file.)
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[12:52:44] * wjp adds some entries to .git/info/exclude to prevent new files getting lost in the noise again
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[13:30:11] <fuzzie> wjp: thanks, that seems to work great now
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[14:03:44] <fuzzie> ok, i guess Avenger just has a bad fixpack, and that Torgal thing is not that..
[14:04:22] <fuzzie> so lynx is probably on the right track with immunity issues.
[14:09:50] <Maighstir> fuzzie: sorry I'm a bit late, it compiles nicely now
[14:10:19] <wjp> good to hear
[14:25:40] <Maighstir> Now for a different issue, I'd like to set up this to compile with Visual Studio 2008 (version 9) and I'm not quite sure where to begin other than installing VC and fetching the GemRB source and MSVC projects. It complains about missing project files (for zlib and libpng) when trying to open and convert the MSVC8 GemRB project.
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[14:26:33] <lynxlynxlynx> the gemrb project files are for msvc6
[14:26:50] <fuzzie> the 7/8 ones are probably unmaintained, although i haven't looked
[14:26:54] <lynxlynxlynx> there are/were some ancient patches for msvc8 on the tracker though
[14:27:04] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: there's some stuff in svn
[14:27:27] <fuzzie> in fact, i think the last person who gave me a vc++ build used the vc8 stuff in svn, but i think none of us have enough of a clue to give any advice about making them work
[14:28:11] <lynxlynxlynx> well, the first thing to do is to get the zlib and libpng headers or the whole source
[14:29:16] <lynxlynxlynx> those other project files are needed for the things we have pkg-config for?
[14:32:13] <fuzzie> peering at the project files, i would guess the MSVC8Express one is going to be less messy to fix
[14:32:26] <fuzzie> but either way you're going to have to change the paths etc
[14:33:15] <pickle_> do any demos (free data) work with gemrb?
[14:33:40] <fuzzie> that is a good question
[14:34:05] <fuzzie> i don't see why the bg2 demo wouldn't work, but i don't think anyone's tried
[14:35:45] <lynxlynxlynx> there is a demo? :)
[14:36:17] <fuzzie> the first bit of the game, from memory?
[14:36:28] <fuzzie> i am grabbing something claiming to be it
[14:36:28] <lynxlynxlynx> no idea at all
[14:37:08] <fuzzie> but, well, it's ~600mb, so it might be a bit :)
[14:38:20] <pickle_> I just need something to prove the engine works on another platform
[14:38:26] <Maighstir> yeah, the BG2 demo used about a whole CD
[14:39:11] <lynxlynxlynx> which platform pickle_?
[14:39:18] <pickle_> pandora
[14:39:38] <lynxlynxlynx> i think it does, didn't pupnik try it already?
[14:40:19] <fuzzie> i don't think so
[14:40:25] <fuzzie> it was just a in-theory thing
[14:41:02] <lynxlynxlynx> ah
[14:42:15] <pickle_> whats the min resolution of the engine?
[14:42:40] <fuzzie> the resolution depends on the game data, but 640x480 suffices for all except iwd2 (which needs 800x600)
[14:43:32] <pickle_> ok 640x480 is good
[14:44:33] <fuzzie> i don't have a better idea than the demo, i'll see if it works once i have this copy
[14:44:51] <pickle_> Im also dnwloading bg2
[14:44:51] <fuzzie> although i'm surprised no-one has minimal data lying around
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[15:14:01] <Maighstir> MSVC9 complains that the MSVC6 PROImporter.dsp is corrupt, is any of you using MSVC and can test it as well?
[15:14:30] <Maighstir> the others seem to convert nicely to the new format
[15:41:20] <fuzzie> bg2 demo seems to work fine, btw
[15:41:49] <fuzzie> at least, i went through chargen and am watching the first cutscene
[15:42:48] <pickle_> cool
[15:43:13] <fuzzie> I need you around, <CHARNAME>!
[15:43:30] <fuzzie> and, oops, segfault.
[15:46:03] <pickle_> well something loading is better than nothing
[15:46:26] <fuzzie> it should be enough to demonstrate it works, but you have to hit 'import' in character generation rather than trying to generate a character, i guess.
[15:49:54] <fuzzie> i guess a bunch of the string numbers are different. different dialog, too
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[16:50:41] <Avenger> hey, did i break something ? ;)
[16:50:54] <fuzzie> all fixed now
[16:51:06] <fuzzie> you should really get a less broken bg2 install though :p
[16:51:07] <Avenger> you talked about some segfault
[16:51:15] <Avenger> less broken?
[16:51:17] <Avenger> i use fixpack
[16:51:25] <Avenger> they break it, meh
[16:51:27] <fuzzie> you use an old, broken fixpack, apparently :)
[16:51:34] <Avenger> but it works in the original game!
[16:51:37] <fuzzie> assuming that torgal game came from your install, anyway
[16:51:38] <Avenger> i killed torgal
[16:51:42] <Avenger> yes
[16:51:46] <Avenger> but it works in my game
[16:51:53] <fuzzie> you can only kill torgal with a bug, if torgal has the monhp1
[16:51:59] <Avenger> no
[16:52:04] <fuzzie> how did you kill him?
[16:52:05] <Avenger> there is a script
[16:52:18] <fuzzie> the lens thing?
[16:52:19] <Avenger> it checks if he got near zero, speaks his stuff, and then poof
[16:52:30] <Avenger> no, i guess torgal has script in itself
[16:52:33] <fuzzie> i don't get that in my real bg2 install
[16:52:36] <Avenger> the lens is diffrent
[16:52:41] <fuzzie> and the area has no relevant scripting and torgal has no script
[16:52:43] <Avenger> the lens is for the lanthorn quest
[16:52:53] <fuzzie> and the monhp1 is definitely a buggy mod
[16:53:03] <fuzzie> maybe you have another mod on top, though?
[16:53:09] <Avenger> no
[16:53:11] <Avenger> just fixpack
[16:53:25] <Avenger> but i kknow i killed torgal
[16:53:34] <Avenger> my next save is named 'after torgal' :)
[16:54:01] <fuzzie> well, in my original bg2, the torgal is unkillable in that save
[16:54:04] <Avenger> see torgal2.bcs
[16:54:27] <fuzzie> there is no torgal2.bcs
[16:54:47] <Avenger> ok, then obviously my save doesn't work with your install
[16:55:01] <Avenger> but that doesn't mean mine or yours are broken
[16:55:12] <Avenger> it simply contains a different dataset
[16:55:18] <fuzzie> well, if you have a torgal2.bcs, then i guess yours is a different dataset entirely
[16:55:39] <fuzzie> from google, it looks like it's in some g3 fixpacks
[16:55:48] <Avenger> yes, it is
[16:56:09] <Avenger> i could kill torgal in the original game with the original engine
[16:56:11] <fuzzie> "Files added: torgal2.bcs, torgal2.cre"
[16:56:35] <Avenger> i mean, i can kill him with the g3 data in the original engine
[16:56:41] <Avenger> i don't know how it works with gemrb
[16:56:47] <fuzzie> yes
[16:56:52] <fuzzie> sorry, i guess i was trusting old fixpack notes
[16:56:56] <fuzzie> which say that the monhp1 thing is a bug
[16:57:00] <Avenger> but what's more important, i should know what data was used by the bug reporter
[16:57:02] <fuzzie> where i guess they mean they had to add a script
[16:57:09] <fuzzie> the bug reporter is using the original data
[16:57:13] <fuzzie> so i don't know what their bug is.
[16:57:34] <fuzzie> i would guess lynx is right, and it is an immunity thing.
[16:57:47] <Avenger> well, the guy wrote he could wound torgal
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[16:57:56] <Avenger> but he regenerates in a round
[16:57:59] <fuzzie> but maybe not fast enough
[16:58:11] <fuzzie> the effect is 2 HP regenerated every second, i think?
[16:58:17] <Avenger> yes
[16:58:17] <fuzzie> so if most of your damage is resisted..
[16:58:52] <Avenger> well, we should see if it works the same speed as in the original
[16:59:06] <fuzzie> i thought it might be the RPD_PERCENT bug, but that is not used at all
[16:59:27] <fuzzie> anyway, sorry for assuming broken fixpack
[16:59:36] <fuzzie> i have to go cook now
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[20:10:59] <tomprince> wjp: 'git apply --index' is your friend.
[20:12:49] <wjp> actually --reject looks like the option I wanted
[20:14:29] <tomprince> That too perhaps. The --index option would have add exports.h to the index for you.
[20:16:47] <wjp> yeah; it didn't cleanly apply though, so it didn't :-)
[20:17:11] <wjp> I guess I should have figured out how to do it instead of directly falling back to plain patch :-)
[20:19:46] <tomprince> :)
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[21:07:50] <barra_desktop> belligerent ghouls, run Manchester schools
[21:16:09] <Nomad010> hey everyone
[21:16:58] <wjp> hi
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[21:20:28] <tomprince> Hello.
[21:21:43] <barra_desktop> hola!
[21:21:54] <Nomad010> yo
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[21:58:38] <CIA-31> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r7485 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/ (Actions.cpp GameScript.cpp GameScript.h): implemented SetTokenObject action
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