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[02:08:13] <gusio> grrrr
[02:08:15] <gusio> doesnt work
[02:08:59] <gusio> its a mess please help somebody - what paths should i set in gemrb.cfg for tutu ?
[02:10:13] <gusio> the ones from bg2 original installation ? if so why does easytutu even bothers to spend 15 minutes copying all these files to its own directory (normal install mode - not the space saver)
[02:12:08] <tomprince> You can probably put them as CDx=
[02:12:21] <tomprince> x in 1..6
[02:13:43] <gusio> yes im doing it like this first path is the general tutu path and then i put cd1-6 entries for bg2 dir
[02:13:56] <gusio> but even though why is there CD6 in bg2 ?
[02:18:26] <gusio> i mean i run the game but each time something is wrong - usually its just one thing at a time 1) videos but loading of areas fails or 2) no videos and areas load somehow
[02:21:17] <gusio> the problem is that tutu has videos in bg1mov, areas in bg1data, some other bifs (spells, npcs, sounds) in /data and the bloody Movies.bif in /CD2/Movies
[02:23:25] <gusio> in wine everithing is fine but in baldurs .ini under tutu the paths are set this way : HD0:=d:\tutu\
[02:23:25] <gusio> CD1:=D:\bg2\CD1\
[02:23:25] <gusio> CD2:=D:\bg2\CD2\;d:\tutu\CD2\
[02:23:25] <gusio> CD3:=D:\bg2\CD3\
[02:23:25] <gusio> CD4:=D:\bg2\CD4\
[02:23:25] <gusio> CD5:=D:\bg2\CD5\
[02:24:24] <gusio> is there a way to assign each CD to 2 different directories ?
[02:24:28] <gusio> madness !!! :)
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[03:01:00] <joneirik> <gusio> but even though why is there CD6 in bg2 ? <--- old rest from BG1, not used.
[03:01:13] <joneirik> Sorry, can't help with the rest.
[03:01:31] <gusio> ok
[03:01:35] <joneirik> Well, yes you can assingly multiple paths in the ini file.
[03:01:36] <gusio> thanks
[03:02:13] <joneirik> Handy if you have multiple cdroms, or in my case now multiple virtual drives and keep assigning them to random ones because I don't recal which is which.
[03:02:19] <gusio> CD3:=D:\bg2\bg1mov CD3:=D:\bg2\bg1data\ ?
[03:03:19] <joneirik> CD2:=D:\CD2\;E:\CD2\;F:\CD2\
[03:03:36] <joneirik> iirc, but it has beena couple of years since I used that stuff.
[03:03:48] <gusio> well yes but why the hell then tutu copies all the file to its directory if at the end i have to point him to bg2 or mounted isos ?
[03:03:50] <joneirik> To be honest, I have no idea how this works in the gemrb.ini
[03:04:23] <gusio> yes that way was the baldur.ini and with wine it runs well
[03:04:35] <gusio> but bemrb wont
[03:04:44] <gusio> nevermind ill keep trying thx
[03:06:37] <joneirik> I've only barely tried GemRB a couple of times just to see how far they have gotten. I'm mostly waiting for when the project is far enough along that I can use it to alter the game rules, and get rid of D&D, so I can finally play these games with other rules.
[03:06:59] <joneirik> If I'm playing the games, I just play with the originals for now.
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[03:39:08] <brad_a> gusio: tomprice provided you the answer already
[03:39:20] <brad_a> simply add CDX="path you want to search"
[03:39:32] <brad_a> where x = a number from 1-6
[03:39:46] <brad_a> in gemrb.cfg
[03:39:59] <brad_a> paths in baldur.ini are ignored as i said earlier
[03:40:21] <brad_a> and dont touch gemrb.ini
[03:41:17] <gusio> but do i put paths from bg2 or tutu folder (tutu has the files in 4 different folders - not all data an movie in one plce)
[03:42:10] <brad_a> some data is the BG1 and some is the BG2
[03:42:22] <brad_a> so if you are playing BG1 use the patsh for the BG1 data
[03:42:45] <gusio> i want to force gemrb to search in bg1mov/ and bg1data and /data and /CD@ which are paths inside tutu
[03:42:58] <gusio> hmm
[03:43:00] <gusio> ok
[03:43:38] <gusio> but i repeat the question - why the hassle of copying all of these into tutu folder (tutu folder is 3,4 GB)
[03:44:19] <gusio> do you know some easututu irc channel ?
[03:44:24] <gusio> or bgtutu ?
[03:45:11] <brad_a> i dont. i have an easy tutu install working with gemrb
[03:45:26] <brad_a> iirc all i had to do was set the GamePath option
[03:45:37] <brad_a> and set the type to BG2
[03:46:29] <gusio> ok. ill try it
[03:46:34] <gusio> thanks for the help man
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